A flight of stairs with his hands

“Cole could you please turn off the lights already” her husband whined. It can be a tenth time. Only five more minutes, ”she persisted. Her husband rolled over and covered his head with a pillow. “…” It was a time when the book whitened. Struggled to get some sleep. The cries were subtle but not enough to get your mother's attention.

“Don’t worry; I’ll go get it this time. ”She assured her husband.

Cole headed to the hallway that led to the stairway. It was her time to go. She walked away in the hallway and flipped it. Artificial light over to the stairway. She could be crying from all the way upstairs. Cole began to head down the stairs groggily. Being a school teacher had taken it a toll on her. She spent her time on the road. She looked at her baby’s room. It was not possible to reach the hallway.

Suddenly, a loud crash came from the stairs. She stood on the glass and a half broken window. She stood as a line from the hole. The man came into view of the dim light. Shirts of a green sweater. It was a fact that he had a sack on his face. He couldn’t even breathe or even speak out of; there is a minuscule stitched heart shaped mouth. She stood there frozen back.

It was silent. Cold sweat She darted her eyes, and glanced at the doorway from the couple of seconds. She turned back to the man in horror, hoping he wouldn’t catch on. She was horrified when she turned into a door. This is a nightmare; that everything that had transpired would only be a fantasy of her over active imagination. She still has her eyes on her eyes. She was going to go to her room.

“Rick! Rick! Hurry up and come! ”She cried as she desperately ran down the stairs.

The baby’s room turned on. She seemed to be able to fall into her deaf ears.

From the room downstairs, it was anguish. This is a dreadful struggle. It was chocked by his frantic mother. Wrap up on the stairs once in a while. Every passing second built her unbearable suffering. “Leave him alone you bastard!” She cried with a quivering voice. The cries that sprung from the room became more violent. Cole sobbed at the thought of the atrocities that were happening to her baby. She was kept running down. It is a little bit more than a little bit more than a little bit more than a little backwards instead of onwards. She then heard a distorted shriek come from the room and then ...


Cole felt her body go limp. She reached the bottom of the stairway. She kneeled and pounded her fist on the ground, not daring to even look into the room beside her. It was not a caring for her. She was smiling at the doorway, she was smiling at the doorway. His own She then heard a familiar voice say “Cole! Cole! ”She was too numb. She kept herself staring into her eyes. “Cole! Cole! ”...

Cole woke up “Cole honey, are you ok? You were having a nightmare. You were screaming and sweating ... ”As he said, Without hesitation, cole sprung from her bed, into the hallway She swiftly ran down the stairs; He was in the middle of a crib. It has been shown. Her husband followed suit and appeared in the hallway worried for his wife. “Are you ok Cole?”

“I’m ok, I’m just… reminded of my past.”

“You don’t need anything honey?”

“No, I am alright. I thought I had forgotten. ”

“Don’t worry, you’re a victim of a bad nightmare is all.”

The baby is in a state of disarray.

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