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This medical international internship in Madrid program will provide the candidate the opportunity to shadow a nurse, doctor or surgeon, visiting patients in a major medical center in Madrid. Initially, the candidate may do minor tasks associated with patients and patient care, and will be given more responsibility once his/her capacity is determined. For some, this will be mostly observation. For others, this can be realization of medical duties. Logically, much depends on the candidate, their level of Spanish, past internships, etc. This is an amazing opportunity to experience first-hand how the medical profession operates in a foreign country, and to appreciate how the policies and procedures differ in Europe as compared to the United States. A minimum of low-intermediate to intermediate Spanish is required for this sector.

Read a review from a candidate:

I shadowed a surgical team in the orthopedics, sports medicine, and trauma department. It was a bit difficult to adapt because my lacking Spanish skills (this will happen with ANY internship abroad program), but it was an absolutely amazing experience. I felt like I was immersed in real Spanish life–culture, food, work. I came into the clinic and literally sat in the operating rooms while I watched back-to-back surgeries. I saw total knee replacements, rotator cuff repair surgeries, ACL reconstructions, meniscectomies, and much more. Whenever I had questions, the surgeon was willing and ready to answer. The surgeons really made me feel welcome, even including me for a team dinner during my first week!

Shadow a Surgeon: 

Shadow a Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at Hospital 12 de Octubrein Madrid, a prestigious research facility and state of the art surgery center. This is a skilled doctor who feels it is a big part of his work to mentor, so come on over to Madrid, nursing, medical and surgical interns! At least low-intermediate Spanish required, especially for shorter programs. 2 month minimum.

Read what our candidate wrote:

I had an amazing internship experience! I had specialized my internship through a connection with a maxillofacial surgeon in Madrid. I spent three weeks in the maxillofacial department and three weeks in the gynecology department. In the maxillofacial department, I was able to examine patients during consultations and observe consultations, department-wide conferences and surgeries. I learned a lot about the specialty and about new ways doctors are treating head and neck cancers. The most interesting thing I saw was a free-flap surgery. The patient had mandibular cancer, so he/she needed to have a whole section of mandible removed. The doctors then took out most of his/her fibula and reconstructed it into a mandible. Using microsurgery techniques, the surgeons attached this new “mandible” to the existing jaw. In the gynecology department, I was given the opportunity to complete a medical school student rotation. I spent one week in the paritorio (delivery ward), one week in consultas (consultations), and one week in urgencias de maternidad (maternity emergency ward). I saw over 10 live births (cesarean, vaginal, and forceps deliveries), a laparoscopic hysterectomy, and various gynecological/obstetric issues. Not only did I learn about the specialties in which I worked, but I got to learn everything in Spanish, which enhanced my vocabulary and speaking skills. I went into the program understanding 60-70% of Spanish and speaking about 30% and left the program understanding almost 100% of Spanish and being able to Speak 60-70% of the time. Who knows how much I would have improved if I got to stay longer! So, I would highly recommend staying for more than two months if you have the chance.

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