Antenna with their hands

Today, the stores are flooded with all sorts of television antennas, so that buying the desired antenna is not difficult. But it happens that it is not possible to buy an antenna, for example, in the country. It is to help in this situation, we will tell you how to make an antenna for the TV with your own hands. Antenna from beer cans

It is the most popular homemade antenna. It is popular because it is easy to manufacture and materials are available for it. Such an antenna is made in 10 minutes, and it works even better than a fixed one.

To make such an antenna you have to use: cable; a pair of tin cans; two screws; plug; insulating or adhesive tape; screwdriver; stick.

Manufacturing process:

To begin with, we fasten the jars and the stick with an insulating tape. One can should be taped at a distance of about 7 cm. From another. If banks have rings, then the cable is attached to them.

Antenna from beer cans photo

Now we twist the screws into the jars, we clean the ends in the antenna cable and attach it to the screws.

Antenna from beer cans photo

Adhesive tape fasten the cable and stick, it is necessary that the receiver was resistant.

Antenna from beer cans photo

An alternative to a wooden stick can be a hanger.

To keep the antenna from losing its working properties under the influence of atmospheric factors, banks should be covered with a plastic bottle of two to three liters, with a cut off bottom and neck. In the center of the bottle should make a hole through which you need to pull cable. When the connection is completed, this place is boiled over. High temperatures will cause a change in the shape of the plastic and ensure the tightness of the hole.

Antenna from beer cans photo

The antenna of cans can be considered ready, it remains only to make its connection and configuration. The design can be improved and supplemented with several more sections. Antenna for TV with normal signal reception

If you do not think that you are a great master, but still want to make the antenna for your TV yourself, then try the following steps:

Antenna for TV photo

Collect one and the options shown in the figures (they are almost the same in power, differ only in design).

Antenna for TV photo

Powerful home-made photo antenna

Antenna for TV photo

The installation of this circuit is carried out on a plastic or wooden base, and the circuit itself is mounted on a TV or balcony. The connection between the TV and the antenna is made with a plug with a cable, on which insulation is cut at a length of about 5 cm. The opened winding should be split in two and unbent. The internal winding is also cut at the same length and the core of the wire is exposed. To the plug, the core and the winding are fastened with screws. If your plug is not equipped with a place for winding fasteners, the winding is cut off. The other edge of the cable is attached to the contour. Previously, the end of the cable must be stripped and twisted into a ring. Joints are wrapped with insulating tape to ensure reliability. To improve the signal from such an antenna, you can use electronic amplifiers. High Power TV Antenna

How to make a TV antenna with your own hands, so that it is not inferior in terms of the purchased options, and even surpasses them?

The answer is simple - you need improve the receiving circuit.

Powerful homemade antenna photo

To begin with, you should connect the signal amplifier to the antenna, and carefully insulate the cable so that no interference will enter the signal.

For high-quality reception, you will need to manufacture the screen - isolated from the TV and installed behind the receiver. The screen can be used conventional food falga, which is used in the kitchen.

Powerful homemade antenna photo

It makes no sense to put such an antenna at home, most often it is installed on the roof, and turns to where the nearest TV tower stands.

114587995122144 An economical antenna with a minimum of material

It is necessary to take the simplest wire, but not aluminum, since aluminum is rapidly oxidized. The ideal option is copper or brass wire. The wire should be stripped from the insulation on both sides, after which the wire is inserted into the television at one end and the other end mounted on the battery or pipe. You will see that the antenna will catch the signal, as the pipe passes through the house to the roof, and plays the role of an amplifier of the required frequency. This method really catch about five channels.

antenna on the balcony photo

For the implementation of the second option, the apartment must have a balcony. Here you need a wire of the same length, or even longer, to connect the TV and the balcony zone. The wire is stripped from two sides, and one end is inserted into the TV, and the other is attached to the tensioned strings for linen. Due to this method, not only the channels will be added, but also the image will become much better. Homemade antenna for T2 video

Now you know how to make an antenna for the TV with your own hands, it remains only to attach it and send it to the signal emitter.

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