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Question answer. For those who do not understand anything at all in electronics, who have come to ask one or two questions and want to get a quick answer. Registration is not required, but is desirable. removed a number of restrictions for guests. Be sure to follow the rules of the forum. Crashart a clickable chitart. ? Give the scheme! <p> Search and request circuits for amateur radio devices, home television and radio equipment, appliances, etc. A special section for schematav - people who do not know how or do not want to use the search on the forum, the site Soldering iron or in Yandex / Google. </ p> <img src = Connection diagram K155IE5 Schoolchildren and students

Assistance in solving problems and control. Topics for diplomas and coursework. Physics and electrical engineering. vg155 Help with the stabilizer scheme ... Beginner

Forum for beginners radio amateurs. Theoretical questions. Rede RED RS-trigger and the need ... Soldering iron TV

Announcements of new videos and their discussion from the channel Soldering iron TV. The largest channel in radio electronics! Hundreds of videos and tens of thousands of subscribers. Sukhanov Designer Adjustable ... Discussion of materials from the site

Discussion of articles and schemes published on the site Soldering. Anyone can post their article on the site. lukinov Component Tester Overview ... Light Effects and LED

Flashing lights, strobe lights, laser effects, Christmas tree lights, color music, etc. special effects. LED and LEDs. Nutrition. noise Heat dissipation from LED. Nestan ... Robots and models on remote control

Simulation and design of robots, machines on the remote control (by radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IR and other communication channels), airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc. Quadcopters. olegtur77 rev control knob… Automatics

Automation in everyday life. All that makes life and work easier for us. Smart House. KomSoft light switch with delay ... Homemade light switch with delay ...

Devices for PC with their own hands, interfaces, modding, etc. In addition to software and repair! Repair in the appropriate section. Vslz Manage your computer ... Software

Software for electronics. Use, configuration, work with programs for electronics. Development and programming for PC. CAD (CAD) system. Arn Faq According to the Altium De Program ... Car Electronics

Discussion of issues related to automotive electronics, injectors, electronic ignition, etc. Alarms and anti-theft devices. hc13nx2 Injector According to Carbureto Price ... Security and surveillance systems. Personal safety

Audio and video surveillance devices. Security and fire alarm systems. GSM alarm system. Personal security Denis Denisov Prompt Pinouts Infinity, editors, 10755a98.png

Power supplies, power supplies, voltage regulators, power regulators, chargers, power protection. irokess How to connect to aluminum ... Electrics

Electricity supply, energy accounting, wiring, electric lighting, automatic protection and RCD, regulations and documents. Audio FAQ, Technologies and components

Questions on the nuances of assembling electronic audio hardware. The forum discusses not "what" to collect, but "how" to collect. Alexander2 Help Identify Fake For Beginners

Section for teapots in audio technology. Questions on the theory of audio technology from beginners. fant Frequently Asked Questions (... Sound Sources

DAC, ADC, CD players, vinyl. eugene. Coil Union MK-110 C-1 Preamps, timbres, filters

Sound processing before ULF: pre-amplifiers, filters, equalizers, tone controls, balance, volume, etc. Active filters. mihelson Active Processing Unit C ... Powering audio equipment (99,549 clicks on the link)

Power supplies, transformers, converters and voltage regulators for audio equipment. In addition to the power tube and auto-audio equipment! Power Amplifiers

Low-frequency power amplifiers (ULF): transistor, on-chip, tube, automotive. Theory and practice. HAKAS Professional UMZCH own ... Speakers

Questions on the speakers, subwoofers, acoustics. Repair, rewind, revision, independent production, protection, etc. Passive filters: LPF, HPF, etc. Azaza09 Speaker Repair Auto-Audio

Car audio. Discussion ULF, subwoofers, acoustics and other audio equipment only for cars! ME] [ANIK Resistive control input ... Lamp technology

Tube sound equipment: tube power amplifiers and preamps. All about the lamp. Hi end. Alex-007 Phono equalizer From Vasilich Guitar equipment

Gadgets for electric guitar, kombik, preamps, effects. steeler1889 Combi From Radiola "record ... Other

All that was not included in the previous sections on audio technology. dyno Triggering Relay When Appearing ... MK for beginners

Forum for beginners in microcontrollers. Studying MK, video course, simple schemes for repetition, where to start, simple questions from beginners Wawchuk Newbie simple questions. AVR

Microcontrollers firm Atmel. GOGA Riga How to read the EEPROM on a computer ... PIC

Microchip PIC Microchip. MegaVoltFS Beginners From Zero (STM32)

STM32 family of microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics based on ARM Cortex cores BARS _ 30kHz PWM generation on STM ... Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi minicomputers and platforms for rapid development of electronic devices: Arduino, Freeduino, Seeeduino, Netduino, FEZ Panda, etc. Discussion circuit design, programming, shield (shield) and peripherals. AronIIStone Use Arduino as ... FPGA

Programmable logic integrated circuits (FPGA or PLD) - design, programming, operation. Language talk Verilog, VHDL. ART_ME educational program on Actel A42MX16 Other microcontrollers and family x51 NEC < img src = "" alt = "Dmitry Mamediev"> Msp430 Algorithms

Discussion of algorithms for MK BonTens86 Connecting a clock button ... Programmers and debug modules

Discussion programmers for all types of MK and memory modules, both industrial and self-made, as well as software for them. solar Error during programming ... Peripherals and external devices

Work MK with external devices: DAC / ADC, indicators and displays, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SPI and I2C devices, encoders, external memory, input devices, etc. svd ADS1115. Application, nuance ... Other

The, that not included in other sections on MK Rozetochka really hot TL431 Commercial offers

The sub-forum publishes commercial offers from organizations, online stores, companies, firms, etc. The creation and maintenance of the theme is carried out on a paid subscription (see rules). cafago CAFAGO is a unique website E ... Sell-Give, Services

Sale of radio components, equipment, components, etc. Exchange, donation. Services for the manufacture of devices, PCB, enclosures. Only private ads allowed! Read the rules
You can also place your ad on the exDIY radio amateur board and in VK and OK groups Messing Automation devices and not that… Buy

Purchase of equipment, components, radio components, printed circuit boards, etc. You can also place your ad on the exDIY radio amateur board and in VK and OK groups RM136346 2P904A 2-3pcs. with shipping ... Consumer Corner

Household appliances and finished products. Selection, operating experience, complaints, deception of buyers, shops. What is worth buying and what is not worth it. gioz Purchasing radio components on Al ... Jobs and one-time work

Job offers. Jobs in electronics. Development of devices to order. Shabashka
You can also place your ad on the exDIY radio amateur board and in VK and OK groups Ivanovich Rewrite the firmware and measurements ... Our reviews and reviews

Reviews of various equipment from our users. Suggestions for reviews for forum participants, requests for equipment reviews.
Attention! allowed to post only unique, nowhere else unpublished content! mefi73 We give a review with CAFAGO Site contests with prizes

Discussion of ongoing competitions on the site. Selection of winners, voting. Ideas and proposals for competitions. Sponsorship contests.
Archive past competitions. admin Summer Competition 2017 Site Soldering Iron and Forum

Everything related to the website and forum. Questions, comments, suggestions, glitches on the site and forum, etc. Organizational issues. admin Forum issues Smoking issue

A place to talk on a variety of topics. Dr. West. Interesting incidents, with ... Technical English (English )

Assistance in translating technical terms from English, documentation, etc. ustek Learning technical English ... Our projects for Android and Web

Topics of support for Soldering Iron projects in software development. Android Applications, web applications, etc. beshenyi Elcalc - Amateur Radio ... FAQ (Archive) Black-mur Faq By Amplifier Vega 10U ... Personal blogs

Old blogs of our members of the forum. Any topics other than politics and commerce are allowed. Now the blogs are here. malenich To Help Head Circle… Basket

All topics that do not comply with the rules of the forum or just topics that are of no interest to the forum (usually not relevant to the topic) fall here. Topics open to further discussion.
If you have created a topic in violation of the rules, then put it in order and notify the moderator via the "complaint" button. If the comments are eliminated, the topic will be restored. andrey_dmitrievich Managing the PWM channel on ... Questions with VK

Automatic import of messages from VK group MaxX Sgu at 80 watts. Who knows ...

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