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How to insulate a balcony with his hands

People to seek out the space. Achieving this goal is possible with the living rooms. Furthermore, the performance of such work can significantly reduce heat loss. High quality heat insulation of the room. Content for insulation balconies:

There is a must for any ideas. Unable to provide comfort while on the balcony. Thermal insulation should not be carried out from outside. It is possible to penetrate through the insulation and the discharged outside. The finished sandwich construction ensure optimum performance of thermal insulation.

As the practice shows, it becomes the case for the external insulation. The cold season. To prevent possible problems with the device, an additional vapor barrier. Dew point is located inside the premises. For external insulation "dew point" is located outside, which prevents the formation of condensate. The latter method is recommended for use. Materials for insulation balconies

To decide how to insulatebalcony, you must first select the materials used. The modern market offers a wide range of building materials necessary for insulating buildings. The most common are: polyethylene foam, mineral wool.

Foamed polyethylene - one of the modern speciesinsulation, different unique characteristics. The structure of this material contains a foil. When using polyethylene foam, it prevents air condensation.

Polystyrene foam retains heat very well, havingbetter thermal insulation properties compared to other materials. It is convenient to carry and use, no breaks, easy to cut with a knife. The polystyrene of the rigidity of the polystyrene. Sheet thickness is 5 centimeters, saving the usable area.

It is a mineral wool coat. Very often the use of such material is not viewed. How to insulate a balcony with his hands: Stages

It allows you to consider a balcony: The first step of the balcony glazing; The second stage - directly glazing; The third stage - warming; The fourth stage - the final finish balcony.

Very often, a balcony iron walls. Of course, it is impossible to achieve a comfortable indoor climate. Do you need to insulate a balcony inside mandatory. Concrete slabs. It is a person with no experience.  Preparation of the balcony glazing

Glazing turns balcony shielded from negative atmospheric loggia

After preparing it you can start itglazing. Widespread PVC windows, but in recent years become increasingly popular wooden structures. It is not necessary to note that it is not a problem.

Lifeline quality materials are dead with PVC windows. After you install double-glazed windows are almost always gaps which need to be addressed. It is convenient to use. Encapsulation reduces heat loss. There is a transformation in the glassed-in balcony.  Glazing of balconies

balcony glazing

It is important to avoid it. It has been set up for a "warm floor". This will make it possible to achieve significant challenges. In the case of heat recovery, it is important to reduce heat loss from the apartment.

Important! Heating codes for heating balcony.

The next step is to insulate the balconies - walls, floor, ceiling and parapet. It is important to choose the following properties: The use of thinner material has been reduced in the useful space. Thermal insulation of the device.

Standard balcony floor has a small biasside of the street. Therefore, it is necessary to align the surface with a self-leveling cement-sand mixtures. If necessary, fill the void. Avoids subsidence coverage. Waterproofing layer is laid.

Let us consider the balcony floor with insulation extruded polystyrene foam. And to provide a vapor barrier. Then the bars are fixed in wood 40x40mm on a level every 50 cm. After the installation of the polystyrene, it should be noted that it should not be covered.  <p> Wooden logs stacked on top penofol </ p> <p> This is the second layer of wooden bars. This technology makes it possible for you to create a cushion of air. It is a water-resistant plywood, tile or laminate. </ p> <img title =

The heat cushion

The floor is cleaned from the bottom.

Fasten polystyrene plates in two ways: using glue and dowels. When it is used, it is compatibility with the material. It is a spatula that moves to the bottom of the joints of the plates. There are 5-10 glue dots. You need to buy special dowels, which have a large hat. In general, for the attachment of 1 sq.m. insulation should be used 5-7 fixing points.

It should be noted that in practice, use of a combination of two methods of attachment. First, using the adhesive tape is adhered to the surface, and then fixed.

Important! Do not develop fungus and mold.

It is important that it is important. In order to carefully arrange the vapor barrier. In addition, mineral wool is shaken over time.

By lateral insulation walls, ceilings balcony. Execution of works at this stage is less difficulty. There are glued polystyrene plates that are glued to the ceiling, distributed evenly over 25% of the board space. This method allows you to save the useful terrace area.

The final stage consists of warming up the balcony. As the material for the wall linings are often used, moisture-resistant drywall or wood paneling. It is not necessary to create a crate. Heat resistant insulating material.  Wall insulation balcony

Heat insulation and heat insulation

It can be used for all the wiring.

Note that the insulating layerperforms of heat production, but not its production. It is important to ensure that it is comfortable. Heater, floor heating, air conditioning.  Ready-functional solution for balcony

Ready-functional solution for balcony

In the conclusion, it should be noted that the insulation of the balcony, of course, requires significant financial and labor costs. But the result will be more than one year. This is a fun way to make sure that you’ve been living with your house. It can be turned into a balcony.

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