Bait for roach with his hands

Due to the widespread distribution of crucian carp is the most popular goal of many anglers. However, it is not always possible to see the biting of capricious fish. In such cases, bait comes to the rescue. Shopping bait vs. homemade mix

When choosing a bait for catching a crucian, the angler must take into account the characteristics of the reservoir. It is advisable to consult with a person who has experience of catching a crucian in a given pond or lake.

Crucian carp is the most common fish of Russian ponds, but at the same time one of the most fastidious

When preparing for fishing in an unfamiliar body of water, preference should be given to the purchase mix. The bait, manufactured industrially, for carp fishing has several advantages. When developing a formulation, manufacturers take into account the recommendations of ichthyologists and famous anglers. Therefore, for the average crucian, the industrial composition is the most balanced and attractive. Store bait perfectly moistened, which allows for an optimal consistency. Prikormlivanie such a mixture allows you to create an attractive spot, both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane. Ready-made mixture significantly saves the precious time of the angler, minimizing the presence of a cooker.

But with all the versatility of the shop bait, it can not take into account the nutritional characteristics of fish in a particular pond. This is especially typical of small ponds and lakes located near villages and villages.

This is where traditional porridges of local anglers help out. Over the years, carp is taught to those crops grown annually in the region. Therefore, in some areas the basis of bait becomes millet, and in others - corn grits or flour. Ingredients bait

The composition of the prikormochnaya mixture for crucian is largely identical to the bait for other species of fish of the carp family.

It is necessary to remember only one feature of the crucian, it is never too hungry. And if you overdo it with the amount of feed, the fish will refuse to take the bait.

Unfamiliar flavors will scare off the fish rather than attract them. Therefore, it is necessary to apply fragrances carefully, in small portions. To create an effective bait, you must include the following crushed components: semolina; millet; cereals.

The smaller the bait fraction, the better for attracting fish.

Adding egg powder and milk powder to the bait is justified only if there is no annoying small roach in the pond.

Additional ingredients are bait flavors. It can be natural for fish "smell", which includes the seeds and roots of plants, as well as artificial flavors. Each of them has the right to life, because the priorities of crucian in different regions are changing dramatically. Cooking bait do it yourself

Experienced, many anglers have found working options for homemade bait. Some are simple and straightforward, others require more time to prepare, as well as the acquisition of exotic ingredients. Recipe number 1

For the preparation of bait mixture will need: crushed wheat - 1 kg; crushed barley - 1 kg; corn grits - 0.5 kg; semolina - 0.2 kg; corn flour - 0.2 kg; sunflower cake - 0.2 kg.

Dry components are thoroughly mixed at home and packaged in 1-2 kg in plastic bags. On the pond, the mixture is moistened for 20 minutes, 10-20 drops of Corvalol are added and balls the size of an orange are molded.

Wheat bran is often used in carp bait. Recipe number 2 sunflower seeds fried - 0.5 kg; crushed bread crumbs - 0.5 kg; wheat bran - 0.5 kg; granulated sugar - 5 teaspoons; Vanillin - 30-40 crystals.

As baking powder used river sand. Vanillin can be replaced with garlic or cumin and dill seeds.

Bait for carp - 2 recipes, as well as a list of the best ingredients and flavors for catching large carp and carp.

Read more about fishing on the nipple in the next article.

Baits on carp depending on the method of fishing, recommendations for use in the spring, summer and autumn. Feeding bait on feeder

In the fishing stores a wide choice of bait for angling for feeding on a feeder. But just pick an effective composition of their own.

For feeder bait on crucian need: breadcrumbs - 1 kg; bran or feed - 0.4 kg; sunflower meal - 0.3 kg; crushed rolled oats - 0.2 kg; semolina - 0.2 kg; grits and corn flour - 0.2 kg; purchased bait - 0.2 kg.

Or buy a feeder bait of dark color in the store. Our preferences: Sensas and Dunaev.

The flavoring is chosen for a specific body of water. This may be the roots of aquatic plants, honey, anise, coffee, etc. flavors for bait

Be careful when using exotic ingredients such as powder. Coffee, for example, fish refuses to use the role of bait.

To give the bait smell, attracting a crucian, you can use a wide range of flavors. Good results are given supplements based on the roots of aquatic vegetation.

These plants include: nugget; cattail; cane; AIR

Common supplements to make bait irresistible odor are: cocoa powder; vanillin; garlic; grated dill seeds; anise (seeds and extract).

It is more important to speak not about the miraculous and magical aroma, but about the amount of it in the bait. And here the anglers observe the unity of opinions: it is better to underfill than to overdo it.

Even such exotic supplements as kerosene and Vietnamese asterisk activate fish in low concentrations. And the excess vanillin or anise only scare the fish with a rich smell. At each reservoir you should look for your magic supplements.

The use of flavors is limited to the season of warm water, when the fish is active and constantly looking for food. In cold water (spring and autumn) the use of flavoring additives often harm the biting crucian than it helps.

In each reservoir a crucian has its own preferences that must be considered. In some cases, he is accustomed to cereals and is not suitable for store mixes, in other places the fish reacts only to fragrant complex compositions. You can learn about the tastes of fish empirically or use the help of experienced anglers.

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