Banzai with their hands

Bonsai - the art of growing dwarf trees on trays, in pots or just in the garden - is gaining more and more fans. This can be judged even by the number of sites that have recently appeared in the Russian-speaking part of the Internet. So there is a demand. Only one thing is distressing that the lion’s share of these “sites” is a simple reprint of books by famous foreign bonsai masters along with their illustrations.

I will not repeat on this site all that can be gathered from other places. I will not talk about the roots of this art, about the styles of bonsai, about the rules of tree formation. For me, Cassins, Bush and Kelhepp made it, multiplied by many hundreds of copies on the network. Here you will not see galleries rewritten from other sites. My goal will be simply to tell and show how my, if not a large, collection of miniature trees is being formed. In the section "My Bonsai" you will find her photos and descriptions of the work done, the difficulties encountered and the ways in which these difficulties are presented. I will try to place there as many images as possible of different stages of bonsai formation.

The “Gallery” will be replenished, as it is ready, with photographs of the graceful forms of trees encountered in the forests, in the mountains, or simply in the city. There you can also look at the beautiful landscapes that may inspire you to give your pet some form or another.

My always open for your wishes, questions and suggestions.

Sergey Surovtsev


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