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About Biem Sprayer

Biem Sprayer claims to be a butter sprayer and storage that converts a butter stick into spray in seconds. Biem Sprayer proclaims to melt butter just enough to spray out of nozzle to spray on a toast or for cooking. The sprayer assures to be cool to touch.


How does Biem Sprayer work?

Inserting the butter stick in the Biem Sprayer promises to liquefy the butter so that you can spray only as much butter as you really need instead of wasting the whole stick. The accelerometer of Biem Sprayer senses when you pick it up to use and turns the smart on/off automatically to melt the butter for spraying.


The most efficient butter sprayer
Butter that’s stored in the fridge is hard and cold, difficult to spread, and tears the toast. Melting it on a pan usually burns it. But, the butter storage and sprayer Biem Sprayer convinces that whether you want to spread it on a toast or cook, it helps you use butter as much as you need without wasting. The sprayer emphasizes that it doesn’t overheat or melt the butter but just heats it to 95 degrees. Let’s analyze Biem Sprayer user reviews to know more. Biem Sprayer maintains that you can use it for buttering breads, rolls, cheese toast, vegetables, and popcorn without drenching and making them soggy, baste turkeys or roast chicken, butter steak, pasta, pancakes, or muffin pans with it. Apart from butter stick, Biem Sprayer asserts to be usable with cooking oil, including coconut oil. Is the sprayer that versatile? Biem Sprayer user reviews will tell us more.


Easy and safe
You can store Biem Sprayer in a kitchen cabinet, countertop and also refrigerator, as the creators of Biem Sprayer maintain. Biem Sprayer guarantees to only use heat and air to work and involves no chemical propellants, artificial ingredients, or sprays with inflammable, making it safe to use. The patent pending nozzle of Biem Sprayer declares that it never clogs and it’s a breeze to clean with water and a drop of liquid soap. Is Biem Sprayer that efficient and convenient? Send us your reviews.

Biem Sprayer REVIEW

Annette Martin says in her review-“Biem Butter Dispenser is worthless. I sent it back and they indicated they would send me a new one but after several months they have not. DO NOT BUY THIS WORTHLESS GADGET.

Jessica Maldonado complains in her review – “Worthless. After the first use, it no longer worked. I requested a refund or a new one but they didn’t send me one. I’m still waiting several months later. DO NOT BUY IT”.

Lillian Watson who reviewed the product says – “I received mine in July. The Biem spray was not consistent and was very wide; it coated my counter in butter. It only worked randomly at first and then it didn’t work at all. I returned it within 14 days and have yet to receive my refund”.

Courtney Pearson writes in her review – “It took several months for me to receive the Biem butter sprayer and it worked great for the first stick of butter. After that it would not stop spraying when I reloaded it with another stick of butter. I did a clean cycle as per the service department’s recommendation and that didn’t fix anything. I have been waiting for 3 months and the emails I get from them are that they are waiting on the engineering department to come biem up with a solution before they replace my unit. I asked for my money back and have yet to hear back from them”.
Meredith Salazar says in her review- “I had the same problem as others have indicated. Only air will come out. It sputtered out a little bit of butter the first time I tried to use it only. I’ve tried to contact customer service using address and received no response.”

Tami Simmons who used the Biem Sprayer, writes in her review – “My butter Biem butter sprayer also took many months to arrive (maybe 9 months). It is the crappiest product ever. It starts spraying on its own. And leaks all over the counter!! I cannot stop it from spraying. I have been trying to get a refund for more than two months, but they won’t do it. I have been told that returns and exchanges are on hold until their engineers can figure out the problem”.

Jeannette Morales claims in her review – “Mine was blowing air not butter. Customer service asked me to hold the top and cover the hole for 1 second. The butter started coming out. Only now it melts all the butter stick and says I’m out of butter”.

Della Haynes says in her review – “Just received my Biem sprayer after almost 7 months. My husband ordered it for me for Christmas, after seeing it on Shark Tank. I was excited, as I thought the concept was ingenious! I followed the instructions to the letter. Cleaned it and placed in the cube of butter. I couldn’t wait to spray it on my fresh corn on the cob. The ready light came on and I was finally ready to reap the benefits of my long awaited gift! It began to spray, and spray and spray! I put it down, and it continued to spray and spray and spray. I had butter on my wall, counter top, etc. The butter began to pool around the base. I put it in the sink and it continued to spray on its own! It finally quit after making an enormous mess, and using up most of the cube of butter. Now I’ll have to go through the joy of attempting to get my husband’s money back! Let’s hope that’s not a hassle as well”.
Lila Hart complains in her review – “Nice concept but what they didn’t tell you is that you must hold the sprayer completely upright or you get a stream instead of a spray. Therefore your Kitchen gets the background spray not your food. I’m kind of disappointed in this 150.00 butter sprayer”


What do I get?
Biēm biem fashion store Butter Sprayer – Standard just for 9. and
It includes:1 complete Biēm Butter Sprayer with 1- Biēm Rechargeable battery pack & 1- charger
Official Website:

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