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Celebrities Commonly Mistaken as Being Jewish who are NOT JEWISH

Dan Ackroyd (French/British descent from Canada)

Alan Alda (Italian-American star of MASH born Alfonso Joseph D'Abruzzo)

Tim Allen (born in Colorado, real surname is Dick...step-father was an Episcopalian deacon)

Pamela Anderson (internet rumor, Canadian of Finnish descent)

Jennifer Aniston (Greek-American star of Friends)

Jello Biafra (Eric Boucher, French-American singer of Dead Kennedys)

Cate Blanchett (Australian actress, father was an American from Texas)

Orlando Bloom (adopted by Jewish step-father, not an ethnic Jew)

Ernest Borgnine Listed as a jew at jewish websites ({Jewish}Italian-American star of McHale's Navy/Escape from New York)

Charles Bronson (ex-coal miner from Pennsylvania, Ukrainian/Lithuanian descent)

Sandra Bullock (father American serviceman, mother German, speaks fluent German and is not Jewish)

Charlie Chaplin (not Jewish, had Jewish step-father and 1/2 brother who was half Jewish)

Chevy Chase (not Jewish, 14th generation New Yorker of Anglo/Dutch stock, comes from the Crane family known for producing public toilets)

Alice Cooper (big nose but French-American, real name Vincent Furnier, son of Protestant minister)

Adam CorollaJEW (Italian American comedian, tv personality) update: he recently said some family came from Hungary which could indicate possible Jewish blood Confirmed-JEW)

Richard Dawson (actor/host of Family Feud...born in England as Colin Emm, ran away from home at age 14 to join Merchant Marines...ended up in Los Angeles and was a boxer for a while before finding fame)

Robert DeNiro (old rumor that he's 1/2 Jewish, he's actually a quarter Italian and 3/4ths Irish)claimed to be a jew at several jewish sites----where's there's smoke...

C.C. DeVille (guitarist for Poison...Scandinavian-American born Bruce Johannesson)

Ronnie James Dio (singer from Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Dio...born Ronald Padrevano in 1940, Italian-American from upstate New York)

Eminem (Marshall Mathers III (when did trailer trash start getting such regal sounding names?!??!?) is not Jewish)

Dani Filth (Dan Davies, singer of Cradle of Filth...internet rumor that he's 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Ethiopian, anyone that believes such is a complete retard and needs to be exterminated from the genepool, he's as white Caucasian as you get)

Bobby Flay (TV chef, Irish-American)

Larry Flynt (publisher of Hustler, born in West Virginia...about as Jewish as a ham sandwich)

Judy Garland (actress, great-grand-daughter of President Ulysses S. Grant)

Richard Gere (Irish American from Pennsylvania)

Mel Gibson (just kidding...though eventually some idiot on one of the WN bulletin boards will come up with a theory of Gibson's Jewish origins)

Al Gore (Vice President/Presidential candidate...Anglo from if)

Lou Gramm (Italian-American singer of Foreigner...real name Lou Grammatico)

Kathy Griffin (butt-ugly, but not Jewish, Irish-American)

Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons)

Natalee Halloway (missing/presumedly murdered American teen in Aruba...Anglo-American from Alabama)

Jeff Hannemann & Kerry King (guitarists for Slayer, internet rumor...neither Jewish, the former is Nordic/Germanic and collector of "nazi" memoribilia)

Hugh Hefner (Playboy founder...his hook nose and his Ashkenazi looks betray him, despite all the efforts of his fellow jews not to "out" him and avoid the subject entirely....Hefner is a fucking jew!)

Benny Hill (born Alfred Hawthorne-Hill in Southhampton, England...Church of England member, took mother's surname as he didn't get along with his father and Benny came from his "idol" Jack Benny)

Paris Hilton (the Hilton hotel chain was the brainchild of a Norwegian immigrant, the family is largely Norwegian and German descent)

Jenny Jones (American talk show host, born Janina Stranski to Polish Roman Catholic parents employed in Bethlehem while it was still the British mandate of Palestine (now Israel) later relocated to Canada and then the U.S.)

Jimmy Kimmel---update! he's gotta be a jew (late night personality/talk show host, German-American...boyfriend of Jewish comidienne Sarah Silverman)

Sam Kinison (deceased comedian, former Protestant minister)

David Letterman (German-American host of The Late Show)

Till Lindemann (singer of German band Rammstein, internet rumor...Rammstein guitarist Richard Krupps is married to a Jewish model from New York City)

Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner is Irish/German American)

Sophie Marceau (French non-Jew and not related to Jewish mime Marcel Marceau)

Penny & Garry Marshall (Italian-American siblings, real name Marshelli, both famed directors...the former starred in sitcom Laverne & Shirley and was married to Jew Rob Reiner)

Steve Martin (comedian/actor/musician, Anglo from Texas, also an accomplished bluegrass musician though not known for it by most)

Liza Minelli (daughter of non-Jewish actress/singer Judy Garland and Italian father)

Gorilla Monsoon (Italian-American wrestling legend/commentator, real name Gino Morella)

Joe Namath (legendary NY Jets quarterback, Catholic Slovakian-American)

Steve Perry (singer of Journey...Portugese-American born Steven Pereira)

Elvis Presley (internet rumor that he had a Jewish grandmother, never been proven much less believable)

Artimis Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer who was charged with molesting children and fled to Israel, he's not Jewish but served in Vietnam with Jewish man who helped arrange his fugitive status)

Michael Richards (plays "Kramer" on Seinfeld, is not Jewish but no one knows what his exact ethnicity is)

Alan Rickman (British actor, son of Irish Catholic immigrants)

Tim Roth (British actor, star of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, others...real surname Smith, despite big nose and surname which can be either German or Jewish, Roth is not ethnically or religiously Jewish...his father was a journalist who worked mostly after WWII in countries that were hostile to the British and he changed the name...another source says he got name Roth from a Jewish friend who like him was ultra-left politically)

John Saxon (Italian-American star of Enter The Dragon)

Martin Short (often mis-identified as being Jewish, Short is actually of Irish descent and Roman Catholic)

Bruce Springsteen (Irish-Italian American singer)

Ringo Starr (born in Liverpool as Richard Starkey, he's not Jewish and even laughs about people saying he is in the Beatles DVD anthology, he is however married to half-Jew Barbara Bach)

Martha Stewart (Polish-American from the state of New Jersey (which has a heavy Polish presence), has dated several Jewish men however)

Alex Trebek (host of Jeopardy!, Canadian born son of Ukrainian immigrants)

Pete Townsend (singer/guitarist from The Who, born in England of Irish Catholic immigrants)

Liv Tyler (daughter of Italian-American Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler and Playboy playmate Bebe Buell)

Steven Tyler (Italian-American singer of Aerosmith)

Charlie Watts (drummer of Rolling Stones, very ugly but not Jewish)

Robin Williamslisted as a jew at jewish sites (comedian/actor, son of Ford executive Robert Fitzgerald Williams of Scottish/Welsh background, mother French descent from Louisiana)

Bruce Willis (born in Germany to non-Jewish American serviceman and German mother, speaks fluent German and also Lutheran)

Elijah Wood (Frodo from the Lord of the Rings, weird looking but not Jewish)

James Woods (Irish-American from Utah, played being Jewish in Once Upon A Time in America)

Weird Al Yankovic (Serbian/Italian known for song parodies)

The Non-Jewish Members of Kiss (the rock band Kiss was started in NYC by Jews Paul Stanley (Stan Eisen) and Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz), not all the members were Jews though some think everybody that has been in that band were. Ace Frehley (Paul Frehley) is German-American, Peter Criss (Criscuola), Vinnie Vincent (Cusano), and the late Eric Carr (Carravello) were Italian-Americans. The ethnicity of Michael St. John (Norton) is not known).

Arab-American & Lebanese-American Celebrities, NOT JEWS! denotes Lebanese Catholic (if known)


F. Murray Abraham (actor from Amadeus & Scarface)

Rene Angelil (Lebanese/Quebecois husband/manager of Celine Dion)

Paul Anka (singer)

Yamila Diaz-Rahi (Lebanese/Argentine model)

Shannon Elizabeth (TV star)

John Elway (football quarterback)

Emilio & Gloria Estefan (producer/singer husband & wife - Cubans of Lebanese descent)

Charla Faddoul (reality TV star)

Jamie Farr (star of Mash)

Doug Flutie (football quarterback)

Jeff George (football quarterback)

Sammy Hagar (singer/guitarist, ex-Montrose & Van Halen vocalist)

Khrystine Haje (star of Head of the Class)

Mark Hamill ("Luke Skywalker" from Star Wars films)

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf (midget star of Howard Stern Show)

Jack Hannah (zoo keeper/tv personality)

Salma Hayek (movie star)

Mirna Hindovan (reality TV star)

Benny Hinn (TV evangelist, born in Israel (Palestinian) but not Jewish)

Dom Joly (stand-up comic)

Casey Kasem (famous DJ)

Kerri Kasem (model/daughter of Casey)

Andy Kim (70s pop star, singer of The Archies in the 60s)

Rich Kotite (former NY Jets coach)

Krista McAuliffe (teacher/astronaut killed in Challenger explosion)

Kristy McNichol (actress/tv star, Scottish father, Palestinian mother)

Ralph Nader (politician/Green party)

Kathy Najimy (actress of Sister Act/The Fisher King/Hope Floats)

George Noory (radio host of Coast to Coast AM)

Michael Nouri (movie/tv actor)

Diane Rehm (public radio host, Turkish father, Egyptian mother, Christian)

Rony Seikaly (basketball player)

Shakira (Colombian singer, Lebanese father)

Donna Shalala (political figure, head of University of Miami)

Tony Shalhoub (star of Monk)

Omar Shariff (Egyptian star of Dr. Zhivago & The 13th Warrior)

G.E. Smith (real name Haddad, session guitarist...Hall & Oates, Saturday Night Live, etc.)

Noel Stookey (member of Peter, Paul & Mary)

Vic Tayback ("Mel" from Alice)

Danny & Marlo Thomas (father & daughter actors/entertainers)

Tiffany (80s teen pop star)

Jane Wiedlinlisted as a jew, looks like one too (guitarist from Go-Gos, animal rights activist)

Amy Yasbeck (sitcom star, widow of John Ritter)

Frank Zappa & his children (musicians)

Armenian celebs, NOT JEWS!


Andre Agassi (tennis pro)

Charles Aznavour (singer)

Adrienne Barbeau (actress...half French)

Eric Bogosian (stand up comic/actor/director/commentator)

Cher (singer/actress)

Mike Connors (actor)

David Dickinson (British TV personality)

Atom Egoyan (director)

Arlene Francis (actress)

Alexander Haig (U.S. General)

Sid Haig (character actor from 70s B movies, recently Rob Zombie's films and Kill Bill Vol. II)

Linda Kasabian (member of the Charles Manson family)

Gary Kasparov (chess champion)

Armen Keteyian (sports commentator)

Dr. Jack Kevorkian (controversial "doctor of death" euthanasia supporter)

Maddox (web master)

Andrea Martin (comedienne)

Alain Prost (race car driver)

Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (actress, married to Kevin Smith)

David Seville (creator of Alvin & The Chimpmunks)

System Of A Down (metal band)

Jerry Tarkanian (basketball coach)

Michael Vartan (actor)

Albanian celebs, NOT JEWS!

John & James Belushi (comedians)

Eliza Dushku (actress)

Regis Philbin (TV host...1/2 Irish)

Married to Jews and/or Converted

Gracie Allen (married to George Burns, devout Catholic, Burns wasn't religious)

Tom Arnold (Roseanne Barr's ex-husband, converted)

Edie Brickell (married Paul Simon)

Kate Capshaw (married to Steven Speilberg)

Nell Carter (Gimme A Break star, married and converted)

Max Cavalera (singer/guitarist of Sepultura/Soulfly...married the band's Jewish manager)

Connie Chung (news personality, married to Maury Povich)

Sammy Davis Jr. (converted)

Isla Fisher (model, married to Ali G. (Sascha Baron Cohen)

Bridgette Fonda (actress, niece of Jane and grand-daughter of Henry Fonda...married to composer Danny Elfman)

Henry Hill (mob informer, subject of film Goodfellas)

Liam Howlett (member of The Prodigy, married All Saints member Natalie Appleton who is Jewish)

Shirley Jones (married Marty Ingels, converted)

Liam Gallagher (Oasis singer, married to All Saints member Nicole Appleton who is Jewish)

Whoopi Goldberg (actress/comedienne)

Yaphet Kotto (black actor...convert)

Richard Krupps-Bernstein (guitarist for German band Rammstein, converted and took wife's surname as own, since divorced)

Peter Lawford (converted)

Madonna (Italian/French American, follower of Kabbalah)

Paul McCartney (widow of Jewish Linda (Eastman) McCartney, did not convert, Linda McCartney (Eastman) contrary to popular rumor was not a member of the non-Jewish Kodak-Eastman family)

Richard Moll ("Bull" from Night Court, converted)

Marilyn Monroe (married Jewish playright Arthur Miller, Jewish ceremony)

Mike Myers (actor/comedian from the Austin Powers series/Saturday Night Live, etc., biologically he's not Jewish though many think he is, he is married to a Jewish woman though...update: they recently divorced)

Chris Robinson (Black Crowes singer, married quarter Jew Kate Hudson)

Kurt Russell (actor, married Goldie Hawn)

Suzanne Somers (actress/tv personality, converted)

Sharon Stone (married Jewish man...since divorced)

Elizabeth Taylor (converted)

James Taylor (Carly Simon's ex-husband)

Jackie Wilson (soul singer, converted)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (married 1/2 Jew Michael Douglas)

Nikki Ziering (Ian Ziering's ex-wife, converted)


HUGE list of American Jews from Wikipedia online Encyclopedia, Senators, Congressmen, Jurists, etc

Retrieved from ""


Arlen Specter, senator (R-PA: 1981-)
Frank Lautenberg, senator (D-NJ: 1982-01, 2003-)
Jacob Hecht, senator (R-NV: 1983-89)
Herb Kohl, senator (D-WI: 1989-)
Joseph Lieberman, senator (D-CT: 1989-)
Paul Wellstone, senator (D-MN: 1991-02)
Dianne Feinstein, senator (D-CA: 1992-)
Barbara Boxer, senator (D-CA: 1992-)
Russ Feingold, senator (D-WI: 1993-)
Ron Wyden, senator (D-OR: 1996-)
Charles Schumer, senator (D-NY: 1999-)
Norm Coleman, senator (R-MN: 2003-)


Fox, Jon



Rothman, Steven R.



Sherman, Brad



Wexler, Robert



Berkeley, Shelley



Schakowsky, Jan



Weiner, Anthony



Cantor, Eric



Davis, Susan



Israel, Steve



Schiff, Adam



Rahm Emanuel



List of Jewish Americans
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List of Jews by

Sub-Saharan Africa

Arab World | Israel

South-East Europe

Austria | Hungary

Poland | East Europe

Russia | North Europe

UK | Germany | Italy

France | West Europe

Iberia | Latin America

Caribbean | Canada

US | Asia | Oceania

(most are Jewish)

List of

by U.S. state

by ethnicity:

Black | Arab

Filipino | Greek

Indian | Iranian

Irish| Italian

Japanese | Jewish

Korean| Native

Norwegian| Polish

Vietnamese| Chinese


At about 6 million, the Jewish population of the United States is currently the largest Jewish population in the world. Judaism is the second most populous religion in the US after Christianity, comprising about 1.3% of the population. Here is a list of some prominent Jewish Americans, arranged by field of activity.



1 Baseball
2 Basketball
3 Boxing
4 Chess
5 Football
6 Golf
7 Hockey
8 Mind sports
9 Miscellaneous
10 Motor sports
11 Poker
12 Power sports
13 Skating sports
14 Soccer
15 Swimming
16 Tennis and racquet sports
17 Track and Field
18 Finance
19 Retail and rental
20 Toys
21 Confectionery
22 Electronics
23 Software and Internet
24 Media
25 Publishing
26 Advertising
27 Visual artists
28 Architects
29 Photographers
30 Fashion designers
31 Cartoonists, animators, and comics writers
32 Authors
33 Poets
34 Playwrights
35 Journalists
36 Solo musicians
37 Band musicians
38 Jazz musicans
39 Classical
40 Producers etc.
41 Songwriters
42 Musicals writers
43 Classical composers
44 Film composers
45 Film directors
46 Film actors
47 Television actors
48 TV and radio presenters
49 Producers and creators
50 Comedians
51 Theatre
52 Magicians
53 Dance
54 Models
55 Philosophers
56 Social and Political Scientists
57 Linguists
58 Psychologists
59 Economists
60 Historians
61 Physicists
62 Chemists
63 Biologists and physicians
64 Mathematicians
65 Computer scientists
66 Inventors
o 66.1 Presidential candidates
o 66.2 Cabinet members
o 66.3 Senators
o 66.4 Representatives
o 66.5 Governors
o 66.6 Mayors
67 Jurists, economists and military people
o 67.1 Supreme Court
o 67.2 Lawyers
o 67.3 Economists
o 67.4 Military
68 Activists
o 68.1 Social leaders
o 68.2 Political and civil rights activists
o 68.3 Anti-racism
o 68.4 Feminism and gay rights
o 68.5 Health and environment
69 Controversial
o 69.1 Criminals
o 69.2 Other


Brad Ausmus, baseball player (Jewish mother)
Bo Belinsky, baseball player (Jewish mother)
Moe Berg, baseball player & spy
Ron Blomberg, baseball player, MLB's first designated hitter
Lou Boudreau, baseball player, MVP 1948, HoF (Jewish mother)
Barney Dreyfuss, co-founder of the World Series
Shawn Green, baseball player
Hank Greenberg, baseball player, MVP 1935/1940, HoF
Ken Holtzman, baseball player
Gabe Kapler, baseball player
Sandy Koufax, baseball player, MVP 1963, HoF
Mike Lieberthal, baseball player (Jewish father)
Levi Meyerle, credited with first double and triple (1876)
Marvin Miller, first director of the MLBPA
Buddy Myer, baseball player
Lip Pike, 19th century player
Al Rosen, baseball player, MVP 1953
Bud Selig, baseball commissioner
Steve Stone, baseball player
Kevin Youkilis, baseball player


Red Auerbach, basketball coach, HoF
Senda Berenson, educator & sportswoman, HoF
Sue Bird, basketball player (Jewish father)
Larry Brown, basketball coach
Marty Friedman, basketball player, HoF
Eddie Gottlieb, NBA co-founder, HoF
Nat Holman, basketball player & coach, HoF
Red Holzman, basketball coach, HoF
Nancy Lieberman, basketball player, HoF
Harry Litwack, basketball coach, HoF
Maurice Podoloff, basketball commissioner, HoF
Abe Saperstein, creator of the Harlem Globetrotters, HoF
Dolph Schayes, basketball player, HoF
Ossie Schectman, scored first basket of NBA (1946)
Barney Sedran, basketball player, HoF
David Stern, basketball commissioner


Ray Arcel, boxing trainer, HoF
Bob Arum, boxing promoter, HoF
Abe Attell, world featherweight champion, HoF
Benny Bass, world featherweight champion, HoF
Samuel Berger, first Olympic heavyweight champion
Joe Choynski, heavyweight fighter, HoF
Charley Goldman, boxing trainer, HoF
Mike Jacobs, boxing promoter, HoF
Jackie Kallen, boxing promoter
Louis Kid Kaplan, world featherweight champion, HoF
Benny Leonard, world lightweight champion, HoF
Battling Levinsky, world light-heavyweight champion, HoF
Jill Matthews, world junior-flyweight champion
Dana Rosenblatt, world middleweight champion
Maxie Rosenbloom, world light-heavyweight champion, HoF
Barney Ross, world lightweight and welterweight champion, HoF
Mike Rossman, world light-heavyweight champion (Jewish mother)
Lew Tendler, the "greatest southpaw in ring history", HoF


Lev Alburt, US Chess Champion, HoF
Joel Benjamin, US Chess Champion
Hans Berliner, World Postal Chess Champion, HoF
Arthur Bisguier, US Chess Champion, HoF
Arnold Denker, US Chess Champion, HoF
Roman Dzindzichashvili, US Chess Champion
Esther Epstein, US Women's Chess Champion
Larry Evans, US Chess Champion, HoF
Reuben Fine, chess grandmaster, HoF
Bobby Fischer, US & World Chess Champion, HoF (Jewish mother & alleged Jewish father; does not identify, and is in fact an outspoken anti-Semite)
Gisela Gresser, US Women's Chess Champion, HoF
Boris Gulko, US Chess Champion
Israel Horowitz, chess player, HoF
Isaac Kashdan, chess grandmaster, HoF
George Koltanowski, chess grandmaster, HoF
Irina Levitina, US Women's Chess Champion & bridge champion
Fred Reinfeld, chess writer, HoF
Samuel Reshevsky, US Chess Champion, HoF
Herman Steiner, US Chess Champion
Wilhelm Steinitz, World Chess Champion, HoF
Michael Wilder, US Chess Champion


Lyle Alzado, football player
Harris Barton, football player
Al Davis, football coach, PFHoF
Jay Fiedler, football player
Benny Friedman, football player, PFHoF, CFHoF
Sid Gillman, football coach, PFHoF, CFHoF
Marshall Goldberg, football player, CFHoF
Marv Levy, footbal coach, PFHoF
Benny Lom, football player
Sid Luckman, football player, PFHoF, CFHoF
Ron Mix, football player, PFHoF
Igor Olshansky, football player


Amy Alcott, golfer
Bruce Fleisher, golfer
Jonathan Kaye, golfer
Cristie Kerr, golfer (Jewish father)
Morgan Pressel, golfer


Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner
Sara DeCosta, hockey player
Jeff Halpern, hockey player
Mathieu Schneider, hockey player

Mind sports

Billy Eisenberg, bridge & backgammon champion
Charles Goren, bridge player & writer
Oswald Jacoby, bridge & backgammon champion
Joel Sherman, scrabble champion


Alan Gelfand, skateboarder, Ollie inventor
Albert Axelrod, fencer
Gary Auerbach, frisbee champion
Sidney Franklin, bullfighter
Vic Hershkowitz, handball champion
Marshall Holman, bowling champion
Jimmy Jacobs, handball champion, boxing coach
Sada Jacobson, fencer
Mark Roth, bowling champion
Kerri Strug, gymnast

Motor sports

Kenny Bernstein, drag racer
Paul Newman, auto racer & team owner (Jewish father)
Peter Revson, F1 racer
Mauri Rose, Indy 500 racer


Mickey Appleman, poker champion (4 WSOP bracelets)
Lyle Berman, poker player & business executive (3 WSOP bracelets)
Barry Greenstein, poker player & philanthropist (1 WSOP braclet)
Perry Green, poker player (3 WSOP bracelets)
Jay Heimowitz, poker player (6 WSOP bracelets)
Howard Lederer & Annie Duke, poker players (2 & 1 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed)
Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets)
David Sklansky, poker player & author (3 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed)
Jack Straus, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets, 1 championship)
Stu Ungar, poker player (5 WSOP bracelets, 3 championships)

Power sports

Isaac Berger, Olympic weightlifter (1g2s)
Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler
Scott Levy, professional wrestler (Raven)
Dean Malenko, professional wrestler
Amy Weisberger, powerlifter
Henry Wittenberg, Olympic wrestler (1g1s)

Skating sports

Sasha Cohen, figure skater
Scott Cohen, free skating champion
Aaron Feinberg, rollerblading champion
Sarah Hughes, figure skating champion (Jewish mother)
Irving Jaffee, speed skating champion


Yari Allnut, soccer player
Jeff Agoos, soccer player
Dan Calichman, soccer player
Don Garber, soccer comissioner
Shep Messing, soccer player
Sara Whalen, soccer player
Ethan Zohn, soccer player


Tiffany Cohen, Olympic swimmer (2g)
Anthony Ervin, Olympic swimmer (1g1s) (Jewish mother)
Lenny Krayzelburg, Olympic swimmer (3g)
Jason Lezak, Olympic swimmer (2g1s1b)
Keena Rothhammer, Olympic swimmer (1g1s)
Mark Spitz, Olympic swimmer (9g1s1b)
Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer (4g1s4b) (Jewish father)

Tennis and racquet sports

Joey Cornblit, jai-alai player
Brad Gilbert, tennis player & coach
Brian Gottfried, tennis player
Marty Hogan, racquetball player
Aaron Krickstein, tennis player
Victor Niederhoffer, squash player
Dr. Ren�e Richards, tennis player
Dick Savitt, tennis player
Mike Yellen, racquetball player

Track and Field

Lillian Copeland, Olympic field athlete (2g1s)
Doug Heir, Paralympic athlete (6g2s2b)
Deena Kastor, long-distance runner
Abel Kiviat, middle-distance runner
Lon Myers, 19th century running champion
Myer Prinstein, Olympic jumper (4g1s)


Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg, mayor of New York, philanthropist
Eli & Edythe Broad, business leader & philanthropists
Marcus Goldman & Samuel Sachs, founders of Goldman Sachs
Guggenheim family, business leaders, philanthropists & art patrons
Alexandre, Simon & Elie Lazard, founders of Lazard
Henry, Emanuel & Henry Lehman, founders of Lehman Brothers
Michael Milken, junk bond king, fraudster & philanthropist
Roy Neuberger, financier & art dealer
Jacob Schiff, financier & philanthropist
Muriel Siebert, first woman to purchase a seat on NYSE
George Soros, financier & philanthropist
Sandy Weill, ex-CEO of Citigroup, philanthropist

Retail and rental

Max Azria, founder of BCBG
Arthur Blank & Bernie Marcus, founders of Home Depot, philanthropists
Nehemiah Cohen & Samuel Lehrman, founders of Giant Food
Isaac & Bernard Gimbel, founders of Gimbel's, Saks Fifth Avenue
John Hertz, founder of Yellow Cab, owner of The Hertz Corporation (unconfirmed)
Sidney Kimmel, retailer & philanthropist
Ralph Lauren, founder of Polo Ralph Lauren, acquired Club Monaco May 1999
Paul, Georges, Maurice & Armand Marciano, founders of Marciano and GUESS
Morris Markin, founder of Checker Cabs
David May, founder of May Department Stores
Joe, Ralph & Avi Nakash, founders of Jordache
Al Neiman, Carrie Neiman & Herbert Marcus, founders of Neiman-Marcus
Julius Rosenwald, head of Sears & Roebuck, philanthropist
Isador Straus, head of Macy's, Titanic victim
Nathan Swartz, founder of Timberland
Leslie Wexner, founder of Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret
Mel Ziegler, Pat Ziegler & Bill Rosenzweig, founders of Banana Republic


Beatrice Alexander, founder of the Alexander Doll Company
Ralph Baer, inventor of the games console
Joshua Lionel Cowen, toy train manufacturer, founder of Lionel Corporation
Maurice Greenberg, founder of Coleco
Nathan Greenman, toy manufacturer
Ruth Handler, inventor of Barbie, founder of Mattel
Henry & Helal Hassenfeld, founders of Hasbro
Charles Lazarus, founder of Toys R Us
Rose & Morris Michtom, inventors of the teddy bear
David Rosen, founder of SEGA (unconfirmed)


Louis Auster, inventor of egg cream
Burton Baskin & Irving Robbins, founders of Baskin Robbins
Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry's
Joseph Friedman, inventor of the flexistraw
Hyman Golden, Arnold Greenberg & Leonard Marsh, founders of Snapple
Herb Hyman, founder of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Charles Lubin, founder of Sara Lee
Reuben Mattus, founder of H�agen-Dazs
Bill Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin' Donuts
Howard Schultz, head of Starbucks


Beny Alagem, founder of Packard Bell
Michael Dell, founder of Dell, philanthropist
Donna Dubinsky, co-founder of Palm Computing
Lee Felsenstein, moderator of the Homebrew Computer Club
Andrew Grove, co-founder of Intel
Eugene Kleiner, co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor, venture capitalist
Jaron Lanier, virtual reality products
Arthur Rock, hi-tech venture capitalist (Intel, Apple)
Ben Rosen, hi-tech venture capitalist (Compaq, Lotus)
Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International
Andrew Viterbi & Irwin Jacobs, founders of Qualcomm

Software and Internet

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft (Jewish mother)
Dan Bernstein, creator of qmail (unconfirmed)
Dan Bricklin & Bob Frankston, creators of Visicalc
Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google
Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent (unconfirmed)
Mark Cuban, founder of, owner of the Dallas Mavericks
Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle
Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks
Andy Hertzfeld, programmer on Mac OS
Larry Kaplan, co-founder of Activision
Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Software, co-founder of EFF
Raymond Kurzweil, artificial intelligence software
Phil Katz, creator of PKZip
Leslie Lamport, initial developer of LaTeX
Max Levchin, founder of PayPal
Elias Levy (aka Aleph One), long-time moderator of Bugtraq
Jef Raskin, interface designer for Apple Macintosh
Seymour I. Rubinstein, creator of WordStar (unconfirmed)
Jonathan Sachs, chief programmer on Lotus
Joshua Schachter, creator of
Richard Stallman, programmer of Emacs, founder of GNU
Larry Tesler, creator of Gypsy
Dave Winer, content management, XML-RPC


Jack & Harry Cohn, co-founders of Columbia Pictures
Michael Eisner, head of The Walt Disney Company
William Fox, Joseph Schenk, co-founders of 20th Century Fox
Leonard Goldenson, head of ABC
Irving Kahn, co-founder of TelePrompTer
Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios
Marcus Loew, Samuel Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer, co-founders of MGM
William S. Paley, head of CBS
Sumner Redstone, head of Viacom
Ralph Roberts, Daniel Aaron, Julian Brodsky, founders of Comcast
David Sarnoff, head of RCA
Robert Shaye, founder of New Line Cinema
Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, founders of Dreamworks SKG
Harry, Albert, Sam & Jack Warner, founders of Warner Brothers
Bob & Harvey Weinstein, founders of Miramax
Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount Pictures


Walter Annenberg, publisher & philanthropist
Bennett Cerf, founder of Random House (unconfirmed)
Hugo Gernsback, founder of Amazing Stories (unconfirmed)
Katharine Graham, former head of the Washington Post (Jewish father)
Alfred & Blanche Knopf, founders of Knopf Publishing
Samuel Irving Newhouse, founder of Advance Publications
Adolph Ochs, former head of the New York Times
Joseph Pulitzer, publisher (Jewish father)
Barney Rossett, founder of Grove Press (Jewish father)
Richard L. Simon & Max Schuster, founders of Simon and Schuster
Roger W. Straus, Jr., co-founder of Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Edward Bernays, father of public relations
Bill Bernbach, advertising pioneer
Jay Chiat, advertiser
Stan Freberg, advertiser & radio personality
Oscar Goldstein, creator of Ronald McDonald
Albert Lasker, advertising pioneer, founder of the Lasker Award
Shirley Polykoff, advertiser
Ron Popeil, inventor & father of infomercials
Jay Schulberg, creator of Got Milk?

List of Jewish American artists.

Visual artists

Leonard Baskin, sculptor & graphic artist
Bernard Berenson, art critic
Wallace Berman, assemblage artist
Ross Bleckner, painter
Victor David Brenner, designer of the US penny
Judy Chicago, feminist painter
Jo Davidson, sculptor
Jim Dine, pop artist
Henry Dreyfuss, industrial designer
Jacob Epstein, UK-based sculptor
Helen Frankenthaler, abstract expressionist
Milton Glaser, graphic designer
Jack Goldstein, multi media
Leon Golub, political painter
Adolph Gottlieb, abstract exppresionist
Clement Greenberg, art critic
Philip Guston, abstract expressionist
Eva Hesse, minimalist sculptor
R.B. Kitaj, UK-based painter
Lee Krasner, abstract expressionist
Tamara de Lempicka, art deco painter (half Jewish)
Sol LeWitt, sculptor
Roy Lichtenstein, pop artist
Jacques Lipchitz, cubist sculptor
Morris Louis, abstract expressionist
Herb Lubalin, graphic designer
Peter Max, pop artist
Louise Nevelson, abstract expressionist sculptor
Barnett Newman, abstract expressionist
Paul Rand, graphic designer
Larry Rivers, pop artist
Susan Rothenberg, painter
Mark Rothko, abstract expressionist
Julian Schnabel, neo-expressionist
George Segal, pop art sculptor
Richard Serra, minimalist sculptor (half Jewish)
Ben Shahn, social realist painter
Nancy Spero, painter, collage artist
Max Weber, cubist painter


Dankmar Adler, architect
Marcel Breuer, architect
Arnold Brunner, architect
Gordon Bunshaft, architect
Peter Eisenman, deconstructionist architect
Frank Gehry, architect, Pritzker Prize (1989)
Victor Gruen, father of the shopping mall
Frank Israel, architect
Albert Kahn, industrial architect
Louis I. Kahn, architect
Morris Lapidus, architect
Daniel Libeskind, architect
Richard Meier, architect, Pritzker Prize (1984)
Robert Moses, urban planner
Richard Neutra, modernist architect
Robert A. M. Stern, architect


Diane Arbus, photographer
Eve Arnold, photojournalist
Richard Avedon, photographer
Margaret Bourke-White, photojournalist (half Jewish)
Robert Capa, war photographer
Alfred Eisenstaedt, photographer
Elliott Erwitt, photographer (half Jewish)
Robert Frank, photographer
Lee Friedlander, photographer
Nan Goldin, photographer
Philippe Halsman, photographer
Andr� Kert�sz, photographer
William Klein, photographer
Annie Leibovitz, photographer
Helen Levitt, photographer
Linda McCartney, photographer
Lisette Model, photographer (half Jewish)
Arnold Newman, photographer
Irving Penn, photographer
Man Ray, dadaist photographer
Herb Ritts, photographer
Joe Rosenthal, war photographer
Arthur Rothstein, photographer
David Seymour, photojournalist
Cindy Sherman, photographer
Aaron Siskind, photographer
Alfred Stieglitz, photographer
Paul Strand, photographer
Doris Ulmann, photographer
Weegee, photojournalist
Garry Winogrand, photographer

Fashion designers

Gilbert Adrian, Hollywood fashion designer
Hattie Carnegie, fashion designer
Kenneth Cole, fashion designer
Pamela Dennis, fashion designer
Marc Ecko, fashion designer
Rudi Gernreich, fashion designer
Marc Jacobs, fashion designer
Alexander Julian, fashion designer (half Jewish)
Donna Karan, fashion designer
Calvin Klein, fashion designer
Michael Kors, fashion designer (half Jewish)
Est�e Lauder, cosmeticist
Ralph Lauren, fashion designer, founder of Polo Ralph Lauren
Hinda Miller, inventor of the sports bra
Isaac Mizrahi, fashion designer
Robert Lee Morris, jewelry designer (half Jewish)
Norman Norell, fashion designer
Zac Posen, fashion designer
Charles Revson, cosmeticist
Ida Rosenthal, founder of Maidenform Brassieres
Helena Rubinstein, cosmeticist
Levi Strauss, clothing manufacturer
Pauline Trig�re, fashion designer
Diane Von Furstenberg, fashion designer

Cartoonists, animators, and comics writers

Ralph Bakshi, animator (Fritz the Cat, Lord of the Rings)
Brian Michael Bendis, comics book writer
Dave Berg, cartoonist
Al Capp, cartoonist (Li'l Abner)
Roz Chast, cartoonist (New Yorker)
Daniel Clowes, alternative comics writer (Ghost World)
Peter David, comics writer & "writer of stuff"
Will Eisner, comics artist (The Spirit)
Jules Feiffer, cartoonist
Bill Finger, comics artist (Batman)
Max Fleischer, animator (Popeye, Betty Boop)
Fritz Freleng, animator (Looney Tunes)
William Gaines, comics artist and MAD founder
Rube Goldberg, cartoonist
Al Hirschfeld, caricaturist
Nicole Hollander, cartoonist (Sylvia)
Bob Kane, comics artist (Batman)
Gil Kane, comics artist (Green Lantern)
Ben Katchor, comics writer (Julius Knipl)
Jack Kirby, comics artist (Captain America, Hulk)
Joe Kubert, comics artist
Harvey Kurtzman, comics artist and MAD editor
Stan Lee, comics artist (Spiderman, X-Men)
Martin Nodell, comics artist (Green Lantern)
Harvey Pekar, comix writer (American Splendor)
Trina Robbins, comix writer
Julius Schwartz, comic book and magazine editor
Joe Shuster, comics artist (Superman)
Jerome Siegel, comics artist (Superman)
Joe Simon, comics artist (Captain America)
Art Spiegelman, comix writer (Maus)
William Steig, cartoonist & children's writer
Saul Steinberg, cartoonist & illustrator
Mort Weisinger, comic book and magazine editor
Marv Wolfman, comic book writer


Jessica Abel, comic book writer & artist
Kathy Acker, writer
Forrest J. Ackerman, science fiction author & fan
Nelson Algren, novelist
Jonathan Ames, author
Sholem Asch, Yiddish writer
Isaac Asimov, science fiction author
Paul Auster, author
Peter S. Beagle, novelist
Saul Bellow, writer, Nobel Prize (1976)
Robert Bloch, science fiction author
Harold Bloom, literary critic
Judy Blume, children's author
Jane Bowles, writer & playwright
David Brin, science fiction author
Michael Chabon, novelist
Howard Chaykin, comic book writer
Peter David, comic book writer
E. L. Doctorow, writer
Harlan Ellison, 'speculative fiction' writer
Howard Fast, novelist
Raymond Federman, postmodernist writer
Edna Ferber, author
Jonathan Safran Foer, writer
Betty Friedan, writer
Kinky Friedman, crime writer & singer/songwriter
Neil Gaiman, science-fiction author & comic book writer
Natalie Goldberg, author & teacher
William Goldman, novelist & screenwriter
Joe Haldeman, science fiction author
Daniel Handler, writer
Joseph Heller, novelist
Mark Helprin, novelist
Erica Jong, author
Jonathan Kellerman, crime novelist
Cyril M. Kornbluth, science fiction writer
Jerzy Kosinski, writer
Jonathan Kozol, writer & educator
Edward E. Kramer, writer & editor
Judith Krantz, romance writer
James Howard Kunstler, novelist and New Urbanist author
Fran Lebowitz, essayist & humorist
Julius Lester, children's writer (convert)
Ira Levin, author
Norman Mailer, writer
Bernard Malamud, writer
James McBride, author (Jewish mother)
Walter Mosley, murder-mystery novelist (Jewish mother)
Cynthia Ozick, novelist
Grace Paley, short story writer & poet
Dorothy Parker, writer, poet & wit (Jewish father)
S. J. Perelman, humorist
Marge Piercy, novelist, poet
Rachel Pollack, science-fiction author
Chaim Potok, author & rabbi
Ayn Rand, writer (atheist)
H.A. & Margret Rey, children's writers
Harold Robbins, author
Philip Roth, novelist
Louis Sachar, children's writer
J. D. Salinger, author (Jewish father)
Budd Schulberg, novelist & screenwriter
Maurice Sendak, children's author
Sidney Sheldon, novelist & screenwriter
Robert Silverberg, science fiction author
Shel Silverstein, children's writer, poet & musician
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Yiddish writer, Nobel Prize (1978)
Susan Sontag, essayist & novelist
Danielle Steele, romance novelist (Jewish father)
Gertrude Stein, writer, poet & playwright
George Steiner, literary critic
Jacqueline Susann, novelist
Studs Terkel, author & oral historian
David Tischman, comic book writer
Alice B. Toklas, literary figure
Lionel Trilling, literary critic
Scott Turow, mystery writer
Harry Turtledove, science fiction writer
Leon Uris, novelist
Chris Van Allsburg, children's writer (converted)
Irving Wallace, novelist
Nathanael West, writer
Elie Wiesel, writer & Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize (1986)
Herman Wouk, author
Elizabeth Wurtzel, author


Charles Bernstein, poet
Joseph Brodsky, poet, Nobel Prize (1987)
Allen Ginsberg, beat poet
Louise Gl�ck, poet
Jorie Graham, poet
Marilyn Hacker, poet
Anthony Hecht, poet
Richard Howard, poet, translator
Chester Kallman, poet, librettist
Bob Kaufman, beat poet (half Jewish)
Kenneth Koch, poet
Maxine Kumin, poet
Stanley Kunitz, poet
Emma Lazarus, poet
Philip Levine, poet
Howard Nemerov, poet
George Oppen, Objectivist poet
Alicia Ostriker, poet
Carl Rakosi, Objectivist poet
Charles Reznikoff, Objectivist poet
Adrienne Rich, poet
Jerome Rothenberg, poet
Muriel Rukeyser, poet
Delmore Schwartz, poet
Karl Shapiro, poet
Louis Simpson, poet
Gerald Stern, poet
Mark Strand, poet
Louis Zukofsky, Objectivist poet


Eve Ensler, playwright (half Jewish)
Herb Gardner, playwright & cartoonist
James Goldman, playwright & screenwriter
Moss Hart, playwright & librettist
Lillian Hellman, playwright
George S. Kaufman, playwright
Sidney Kingsley, playwright
Arthur Kopit, playwright
Tony Kushner, playwright
Arthur Laurents, playwright & librettist
Jerome Lawrence, playwright
Craig Lucas, playwright
David Mamet, playwright
Donald Margulies, playwright
Arthur Miller, playwright
Clifford Odets, playwright
Elmer Rice, playwright
Martin Sherman, playwright
Neil Simon, playwright
Alfred Uhry, playwright
Wendy Wasserstein, playwright


Carl Bernstein, Watergate reporter
Dan Daniel, sports writer
Barbara Ehrenreich, journalist
Charles Flato, American writer and Soviet agent
Pauline & Esther Friedman, advice columnists (Dear Abby and Ann Landers)
Thomas Friedman, columnist
Jonah Goldberg, commentator
David Halberstam, Vietnam reporter
Seymour Hersh, My Lai reporter
Michael Kinsley, journalist & commentator
Samuel Krafsur, TASS journalist and Soviet agent
Paul Krassner, satirist
Charles Krauthammer, columnist
A. J. Liebling, journalist
Walter Lippmann, journalist & writer
Joshua Micah Marshall, political blogger
Shirley Povich, sports columnist
William Safire, columnist
George Seldes, investigative journalist
Gloria Steinem, journalist & feminist activist
I. F. Stone, investigative journalist
Walter Winchell, gossip columnist

Solo musicians

Paula Abdul, pop singer, dancer
Herb Alpert, leader of Tijuana Brass
Beck, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)
Dan Bern, singer/songwriter
Theodore Bikel, singer/songwriter
Hal Blaine, session drummer
Michael Bolton, singer/songwriter
Shlomo Carlebach, singer
Vanessa Carlton, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)
Eric Carmen, singer/songwriter
Marc Cohn, singer/songwriter
Joe Dassin, French-based singer
Sammy Davis Jr, singer, entertainer (convert)
Taylor Dayne, dance-pop singer
Neil Diamond, singer/songwriter
Ani DiFranco, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother) (unconfirmed)
King Django, ska artist
Alix Dobkin, folk singer
Bob Dylan, singer/songwriter
Kenny G, pop saxophonist
Marvin Goldstein, pianist
Nina Gordon, singer
Lesley Gore, pop singer
Eydie Gorme, pop singer
Josh Groban, pop singer (Jewish father)
Stefan Grossman, guitarist, educator
Arlo Guthrie, folk singer (Jewish mother)
Larry Harlow, salsa musician
Janis Ian, singer/songwriter
Billy Joel, singer/songwriter
Lucy Kaplansky, folk singer
Carol Kaye, bass player
Carole King, singer/songwriter
Lenny Kravitz, rock musician (Jewish father)
Ben Kweller, singer/songwriter
Tony Levin, bass player
Lisa Loeb, singer/songwriter
Barry Manilow, singer/songwriter
Bette Midler, singer, actress
Meredith Monk, vocalist, composer
Laura Nyro, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)
Phil Ochs, protest singer
Glen Phillips, singer/songwriter
Phranc, folk singer
Elvis Presley, rock&roll musician (Jewish great-great-grandmother)
Lou Reed, singer/songwriter
Jonathan Richman, proto-punk singer
Rachael Sage, singer/songwriter
Neil Sedaka, singer/songwriter
Lhasa de Sela, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)
Dinah Shore, singer, actress
Carly Simon, singer/songwriter (Jewish father)
Paul Simon, singer/songwriter
Jill Sobule, singer/songwriter
Regina Spektor, singer/songwriter
Brenda K. Starr, salsa singer (Jewish father)
Barbra Streisand, singer, actress, director
Princess Superstar, rapper
Tiny Tim, singer (Jewish mother)
Sophie Tucker, singer, entertainer
Scott Walker, singer/songwriter (unconfirmed)
Jackie Wilson, soul singer (convert)
Steve Wynn, singer/songwriter
Warren Zevon, singer/songwriter

Band musicians

Arranged by band name:

3rd Bass - MC Serch
Aerosmith - Joey Kramer
The Angry Samoans - Todd Homer, Gregg Turner, Bill Vockeroth
Anthrax - Scott Ian, Dan Lilker
Asleep at the Wheel - Ray Benson, Lucky Oceans
Backstreet Boys - Nick Carter (unconfirmed Jewish father)
Bad Religion - Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson
The Bangles - Susanna Hoffs
The Beach Boys - David Marks (half Jewish)
Beastie Boys - Michael Diamond, Adam Yauch, Adam Horovitz (Horovitz half Jewish)
The Black Crowes - Chris & Rich Robinson (both half Jewish)
Blondie - Chris Stein (half Jewish)
Blood, Sweat & Tears - Al Kooper, Fred Lipsius, Randy Brecker, Jerry Weiss, Steve Katz, Bobby Colomby
Blue Fringe - the whole band
Blue �yster Cult - Eric Bloom, Donald Roeser
Bon Jovi - David Bryan
The Calling - Alex Band, Aaron Kamin
Cannibal Corpse - Paul Mazurkiewicz
The Cars - Elliot Easton
The Circle Jerks - Keith Clark, Greg Hetson, Lu cky Lehrer, Keith Morris (half-Jewish), Zander Schloss
Counting Crows - Adam Duritz
Country Joe and the Fish - Joe McDonald, Barry Melton (both half Jewish)
The Dictators - Andy Shernoff, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross Friedman, Scott Kempner
Death - Chuck Schuldiner
Disturbed - David Draiman
Dixie Dregs - Rod Morgenstein
The Doors - Robbie Krieger
Dream Syndicate - Steve Wynn
Dream Theater - Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess
The E Street Band - Max Weinberg, Roy Bittan
Elastica - Abby Travis
Fates Warning - Mark Zonder
Foo Fighters - Pat Smear (Jewish father)
Fountains of Wayne - Adam Schlesinger
The Fugs - Tuli Kupferberg
Grateful Dead - Mickey Hart
Guns N' Roses - Steven Adler, Slash (a.k.a. Saul Hudson) (half-Jewish)
Guster - Ryan Miller, Adam Gardner, Brian Rosenworcel
Heartbreakers - Richard Hell
The Hooters - Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian
Incubus - Mike Einziger
J. Geils Band - Peter Wolf, Stephen Bladd, Magic Dick, Seth Justman, Danny Klein
Jane's Addiction - Eric Avery, Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins
Jefferson Airplane - Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen (both half Jewish) Paul Kantner < /SPAN>
KISS - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick
The Last - Dave Nazworthy
Letters to Cleo - Michael Eisenstein
Linkin Park - Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon
Liquid Tension Experiment - Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess
Los Lobos - Steve Berlin
The Mamas & the Papas - Cass Elliot
Maroon 5 - Adam Levine
Matchbox Twenty - Brian Yale, Adam Gaynor
Megadeth - Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Joe Gittleman
The Modern Lovers - Jonathan Richman
Moldy Peaches - Adam Green
Morphine - Mark Sandman
Mothers of Invention - Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman (Volman half Jewish)
Mountain - Leslie West (also Canadian Corky Laing)
New York Dolls - David Johansen (Jewish mother), Arthur Kane, Sylvain Sylvain
NOFX - Fat Mike, Eric Melvin
Patti Smith group - Lenny Kaye, Richard Sohl
Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Mike Bloomfield
Peter, Paul and Mary - Peter Yarrow
Phish - Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon
Porno for Pyros - Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins
Quicksilver Messenger Service - David Freiberg
Rage Against the Machine - Brad Wilk
The Ramones - Joey Ramone, Tommy Ramone
The Raspberries - Eric Carmen
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Hillel Slovak
Scissor Sisters - Babydaddy
The Shangri-Las - Mary Weiss, Elizabeth "Betty" Weiss, Marguerite "Marge" Ganser, Mary Ann Ganser
Simon and Garfunkel - Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel
Sleater-Kinney - Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss
Soul Coughing - Yuval Gabay
Sparks - Ron Mael, Russell Mael
Spin Doctors - Chris Barron, Eric Schenkman, Aaron Comess
Steely Dan - Donald Fagen
The Strokes - Nick Valensi
Television - Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine (Verlaine half-Jewish)
Tenacious D - Jack Black
Toad the Wet Sprocket - Glen Phillips
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Howie Epstein, Sam Lynch
The Turtles - Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman (Volman half Jewish)
Twisted Sister - Dee Snider, Jay Jay French (Snider Jewish father)
The United States of America - Dorothy Moskowitz
Van Halen - David Lee Roth
Velvet Underground - Lou Reed
Veruca Salt - Nina Gordon, Jim Shapiro
The Voidoids - Richard Hell
The Wallflowers - Jakob Dylan, Rami Jaffe, Greg R ichling
Was (Not Was) - David Was, Don Was
The Weavers - Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hellerman
Ween - Gene Ween
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Brian Chase
Yo La Tengo - Ira Kaplan
Youth Brigade - Adam Stern, Mark Stern, Shawn Stern< /SPAN>

Jazz musicans

Joey Baron, jazz drummer
Jay Beckenstein, Dave Samuels, members of Spyro Gyra
Bob Berg, jazz saxophonist
Jane Ira Bloom, jazz saxophonist
Michael Brecker, jazz saxophonist
Randy Brecker, jazz trumpeter
Bob Brozman, blues musician
Uri Caine, jazz pianist
Popa Chubby, blues singer
Peter Cincotti, jazz pianist, singer (Jewish mother)
Harry Connick, Jr., jazz pianist, singer (Jewish mother)
Eddie Daniels, jazz clarinetist
Bela Fleck, bluegrass musician
Dave Frishberg, jazz pianist, singer/songwriter
Stan Getz, jazz saxophonist
Benny Goodman, jazz clarinetist
David Grisman, bluegrass musician
Fred Hersch, jazz pianist
Lee Konitz, jazz saxophonist
Steve Lacy, jazz saxophonist
Mark Levine, jazz pianist, valve trombonist, teacher
Mike Mainieri, jazz vibraphonist
Herbie Mann, jazz flautist
Shelly Manne, jazz drummer
Mezz Mezzrow, jazz clarinetist
Alan Paul, Janis Siegel, members of The Manhattan Transfer
Joshua Redman, jazz saxophonist (Jewish mother)
Buddy Rich, jazz drummer (Jewish father)
Red Rodney, jazz trumpeter
Raymond Scott, jazz musician & inventor
Willie "The Lion" Smith, jazz pianist
Artie Shaw, jazz clarinetist
Ben Sidran, jazz pianist & producer
Mel Torme, jazz singer
John Zorn, jazz saxophonist


Larry Adler, harmonica player
Vladimir Ashkenazi, pianist (Jewish father)
Joshua Bell, violinist (Jewish mother)
Leon Botstein, conductor, academic
Yefim Bronfman, pianist
Sergiu Comissiona, conductor
Antal Dorati, conductor
Mischa Elman, violinist
Arthur Fiedler, conductor
Leon Fleisher, pianist
Richard Goode, pianist
Gary Graffman, pianist
Jascha Heifetz, violinist
Vladimir Horowitz, pianist
Eugene Istomin, pianist (Jewish mother)
Byron Janis, pianist
Otto Klemperer, conductor
Fritz Kreisler, violinist (Jewish father)
Wanda Landowska, harpsichordist
James Levine, conductor
George London, baritone
William Kapell, pianist
Lorin Maazel, conductor
Yehudi Menuhin, violinist
Nathan Milstein, violinist
Pierre Monteux, conductor
Eugene Ormandy, conductor
Jan Peerce, tenor
Murray Perahia, pianist
Andr� Previn, conductor
Fritz Reiner, conductor
Leonard Rose, cellist
Arthur Rubinstein, pianist
Peter Serkin, pianist (Jewish father)
Rudolf Serkin, pianist
Beverly Sills, soprano
Leonard Slatkin, conductor
Georg Solti, conductor
Janos Starker, cellist
Isaac Stern, violinist
George Szell, conductor
Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor
Rosalyn Tureck, harpsichordist
Bertram Turetzky, contrabassist
Bruno Walter, conductor
Paul Wittgenstein, pianist
David Zinman, conductor

Producers etc.

Herb Alpert, co-founder of A&M Records
Ralph Bass, R&B producer
Brian Brater & Jarret Meyer, founders of Rawkus Records
Leonard & Phil Chess, founders of Chess Records
Hilly Crystal, founder of CBGB's
Clive Davis, founder of Arista Records
Richard Foos, founder of Rhino Records
Alan Freed, DJ & music promoter
Milt Gabler, founder of Commodore Records
David Geffen, founder of Geffen Records
Danny Goldberg, founder of Artemis Records
Bill Graham, concert promoter
Norman Granz, founder of Verve Records
Brett Gurewitz, founder of Epitaph Records
Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records
Alfred Lion & Frank Wolff, founders of Blue Note Records
Richard Meltzer, rock critic
Eddie, Leo & Ira Messner, founders of Aladdin Records
Irving Mills, producer, manager & writer
Syd Nathan, founder of King Records
Mo Ostin, record executive
Sandy Pearlman, producer, manager & writer
Hilary Rosen, head of the RIAA
Rick Rubin, founder of Def Jam
Art Rupe, founder of Specialty Records
Mickey Ruskin, founder of Max's Kansas City
Phil Spector, producer, writer & murder suspect
Scott Storch, hip hop producer
Jerry Wexler, partner in Atlantic Records
Max Yasgur, owner of the Woodstock farm


Burt Bacharach & Hal David, songwriters
Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich, songwriters
Alan & Marilyn Bergman, songwriters
Bert Berns, songwriter
Linda Creed, songwriter
Sammy Fain & Paul Francis Webster, songwriters
Norman Gimbel, songwriter
Gerry Goffin & Carole King, songwriters
Joel Hirschhorn & Al Kasha, songwriters
Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, songwriters
Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, songwriters
Johnny Mandel, songwriter
Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, songwriters
Johnny Marks, songwriter
Abel Meeropol, composer of Strange Fruit
Randy Newman, songwriter, singer
Mitchell Parish, lyricist
Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman, songwriters
David Rose, pop composer
Carole Bayer Sager, lyricist
P.F. Sloan, songwriter, singer
Billy Steinberg, songwriter
Jim Steinman, songwriter
Albert Von Tilzer, songwriter
Diane Warren, songwriter
George David Weiss, songwriter

Musicals writers

Richard Adler & Jerry Ross, composer & lyricist
Lynn Ahrens, lyricist
Harold Arlen, composer
Irving Berlin, composer & lyricist
Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick, composer & lyricist
Jason Robert Brown, composer & lyricist
Sammy Cahn, lyricist
Cy Coleman, composer
Betty Comden & Adolph Green, lyricists
Dorothy Fields, composer
William Finn, composer & lyricist
Rudolf Friml, operetta composer
George & Ira Gershwin, composer & lyricist
Adam Guettel, composer & lyricist
Marvin Hamlisch, composer
Oscar Hammerstein, lyricist (Jewish father)
Yip Harburg, lyricist
Lorenz Hart, lyricist
Jerry Herman, composer & lyricist
Jerome Kern, composer
John Kander & Fred Ebb, composer & lyricist
Burton Lane, composer
Jonathan Larson, composer & lyricist
Carolyn Leigh, lyricist
Mitch Leigh, composer
Alan Jay Lerner, lyricist
Frank Loesser, composer & lyricist
Frederick Loewe, composer (half Jewish)
Alan Menken & Howard Ashman, composer & lyricist
Bob Merrill, composer & lyricist
Sigmund Romberg, composer
Mary Rodgers, composer
Richard Rodgers, composer
Stephen Schwartz, composer & lyricist
Robert & Richard Sherman, composers &lyricists
Stephen Sondheim, composer & lyricist
Charles Strouse & Lee Adams, composer & lyricist
Jule Styne, composer
Kurt Weill, composer
Maury Yeston, composer & lyricist

Classical composers

David Amram, composer
Milton Babbitt, composer
Arthur Berger, composer
Leonard Bernstein, composer
Marc Blitzstein, composer
Ernest Bloch, composer
Henry Brant, composer
Aaron Copland, composer
Richard Danielpour, composer
Mario Davidovsky, composer
David Diamond, composer
Jacob Druckman, composer
Morton Feldman, composer
Lukas Foss, composer
George Gershwin, composer
Philip Glass, composer
Louis Moreau Gottschalk, composer (Jewish father)
Morton Gould, composer
Aaron Jay Kernis, composer
Leon Kirchner, composer
Leo Ornstein, composer
George Perle, composer
Shulamit Ran, composer
Steve Reich, composer
George Rochberg, composer
Arnold Schoenberg, composer
William Schuman, composer
Ernst Toch, composer

Film composers

Elmer Bernstein, film composer
Danny Elfman, film composer
Elliot Goldenthal, film composer
Jerry Goldsmith, film composer
Bernard Herrmann, film composer
James Horner, film composer
Michael Kamen, film composer
Erich Wolfgang Korngold, film composer
Alfred Newman, film composer
Thomas Newman, film composer (Jewish father)
Alex North, film composer
David Raksin, film composer
Leonard Rosenman, film composer
Marc Shaiman, film composer
Max Steiner, film composer
Dimitri Tiomkin, film composer
Franz Waxman, film composer
Victor Young, film composer

Film directors

Woody Allen, Oscar-winning director, actor
Jack Arnold, director
Darren Aronofsky, director (Jewish father)
Peter Bogdanovich, director (Jewish mother)
James L. Brooks, Oscar-winning director, producer
Mel Brooks, director
Richard Brooks, director
William Castle, director
Coen Brothers, directors
Rob Cohen, director, producer
George Cukor, Oscar-winning director
Michael Curtiz, Oscar-winning director
Jules Dassin, director
Cecil B. DeMille, director (Jewish mother, raised Episcopalian)
Maya Deren, director
Stanley Donen, director, choreographer
Nora Ephron, director
Milos Forman, Oscar-winning director (Jewish father)
John Frankenheimer, director
William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director
Samuel Fuller, director
Charles Guggenheim, Oscar-winning documentary director
Todd Haynes, director (Jewish mother)
Amy Heckerling, director
Peter Hyams, director
Spike Jonze, director (Jewish father)
Philip Kaufman, director, screenwriter
Irvin Kershner, director
Harmony Korine, director, screenwriter
Stanley Kubrick, director
John Landis, director
Fritz Lang, director (Jewish mother)
Barry Levinson, Oscar-winning director
Ernst Lubitsch, director
Sidney Lumet, director
Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Oscar-winning director
Nancy Meyers, director, screenwriter
Lewis Milestone, Oscar-winning director
Mike Nichols, Oscar-winning director
Frank Oz, director (Jewish father)
Roman Polanski, Oscar-winning director (Jewish father)
Sydney Pollack, Oscar-winning director, actor, producer
Otto Preminger, director
Harold Ramis, director
Brett Ratner, director
Rob Reiner, director
Martin Ritt, director
Jay Roach, director
Jerome Robbins, Oscar-winning director, choreographer
Herbert Ross, director
Robert Rossen, director, screenwriter
David O. Russell, director, screenwriter (Jewish father)
John Schlesinger, director
Don Siegel, director
Bryan Singer, director
Robert Siodmak, director
Todd Solondz, director
Barry Sonnenfeld, director
Steven Spielberg, Oscar-winning director, producer
Josef von Sternberg, director
Oliver Stone, Oscar-winning director (Jewish father)
Edgar G. Ulmer, director
Paul & Chris Weitz, directors
Billy Wilder, Oscar-winning director
Frederick Wiseman, documentary director
William Wyler, Oscar-winning director
Boaz Yakin, director
Fred Zinnemann, Oscar-winning director
Zucker, Zucker & Abrahams, directors
Edward Zwick, director
Terry Zwigoff, director

Film actors

Jack Albertson, Oscar-winning actor
Woody Allen, actor, director
Alan Arkin, actor
David, Patricia & Rosanna Arquette, actors (Jewish mother)
Lauren Bacall, actress
Barbara Bach, actress, model (Jewish father)
Martin Balsam, Oscar-winning actor
Theda Bara, actress, vamp
Ellen Barkin, actress
Joey Bishop, actor, member of the Rat Pack
Jack Black, actor, rock musician
Mel Blanc, cartoon voice actor
Selma Blair, actress
Matthew Broderick actor (Jewish mother)
Adrien Brody, Oscar-winning actor
George Burns, Oscar-winning actor, comedian
Red Buttons, Oscar-winning actor
Seymore Butts, erotic actor
Amanda Bynes, actress (Jewish mother)
James Caan, actor
Dyan Cannon, actress (Jewish mother)
Kate Capshaw, actress (converted)
Phoebe Cates, actress
Jill Clayburgh, actress
Jennifer Connelly, Oscar-winning actress (Jewish mother)
Billy Crystal, actor
Jamie Lee Curtis, actress (Jewish father)
Tony Curtis, actor
Sammy Davis Jr., all-around entertainer (converted)
Kirk Douglas, actor
Melvyn Douglas, Oscar-winning actor
Michael Douglas, Oscar-winning actor (Jewish father)
Richard Dreyfuss, Oscar-winning actor
Jon Favreau, actor, director (Jewish mother)
Fyvush Finkel, actor
Carrie Fisher, actress (Jewish father)
Harrison Ford, actor (Jewish mother)
James Franco, actor (Jewish mother)
Paul Frees, cartoon voice actor
Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress
Gina Gershon, actress
Jeff Goldblum, actor
Christopher Guest, actor (Jewish mother)
Lee Grant, Oscar-winning actress
Seth Green, actor
Jennifer Grey, actress
Joel Grey, Oscar-winning actor
Steve Guttenberg, actor
Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal, actors (Jewish mother)
Alyson Hannigan, actress (Jewish mother)
Nina Hartley, erotic actress
Goldie Hawn, Oscar-winning actress (Jewish mother)
Barbara Hershey, actress (Jewish father)
Dustin Hoffman, Oscar-winning actor
Judy Holliday, Oscar-winning actress
John Houseman, Oscar-winning actor
Helen Hunt, Oscar-winning actress (Jewish paternal grandparent)
Tab Hunter, actor (Jewish father)
Amy Irving, actress (Jewish father)
Ron Jeremy, erotic actor
Scarlett Johansson, actress (Jewish mother)
Al Jolson, singer, actor, early sound film star
Madeline Kahn, actress
Harvey Keitel, actor
Chris Klein, actor (Jewish father)
Kevin Kline, Oscar-winning actor (Jewish father)
Hedy Lamarr, actress, inventor
Martin Landau, Oscar-winning actor
Piper Laurie, actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress
Gloria Leonard, erotic actress
Peter Lorre, actor
Paul Lukas, Oscar-winning actor
Natasha Lyonne, actress
Peter MacNicol, actor
Marx Brothers, actors
Marlee Matlin, Oscar-winning actress
Walter Matthau, Oscar-winning actor
Anne Meara, actress, comedian
Marilyn Monroe, actress (converted)
Paul Muni, Oscar-winning actor
Judd Nelson, actor, member of the Brat Pack
Paul Newman, Oscar-winning actor (Jewish father)
Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar-winning actress (Jewish father, raised Jewish)
Estelle Parsons, Oscar-winning actress
Amanda Peet, actress
Sean Penn, Oscar-winning actor (Jewish father)
Joaquin, River & Summer Phoenix, actors (Jewish mother)
Jeremy Piven, actor
Kevin Pollak, actor
Natalie Portman, actress
Freddie Prinze, Jr., actor (Jewish grandfather)
Luise Rainer, Oscar-winning actress
Nikki Reed, actress (Jewish father)
Edward G. Robinson, actor
Emmy Rossum, actress
Winona Ryder, actress (Jewish father)
Adam Sandler, actor, comedian
Joseph Schildkraut, Oscar-winning actor
Liev Schreiber, actor
Jason Schwartzman, actor (Jewish father)
David Schwimmer, actor
George Segal, actor
Peter Sellers, actor
Norma Shearer, Oscar-winning actress (converted)
Ally Sheedy, actress (Jewish mother)
Alicia Silverstone, actress
Tori Spelling, actress
Annie Sprinkle, erotic actress
Ben Stiller, actor
Jerry Stiller, actor and father of Ben Stiller
Jill St. John, actress
Barbra Streisand, Oscar-winning actress, singer, director
Elizabeth Taylor, Oscar-winning actress (converted)
Michelle Trachtenberg, teen actress (Jewish father)
Michael Vartan US actor (Jewish mother)
Eli Wallach, actor
Cornel Wilde, actor
Gene Wilder, actor
Debra Winger, actress
Shelley Winters, Oscar-winning actress
Evan Rachel Wood, actress

Television actors

Arranged by television show:

24 - Jonathan Ahdout, Sara Gilbert, Mia Kirshner
The Addams Family - Carolyn Jones (converted)
Alice - Linda Lavin
Arrested Development - Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, David Cross
Babylon 5 - Mira Furlan, Stephen Furst
Battlestar Galactica - Lorne Greene (Canadian but US-based)
Baywatch - Yasmine Bleeth (Jewish father)
Beverly Hills 90210 - Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green (Jewish Father)
The Bob Newhart Show - Suzanne Pleshette
Bonanza - Lorne Greene, Michael Landon (Landon Jewish father; Greene Canadian but US-based)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Benson (Benson & Trachtenberg Jewish father; Hannigan Jewish mother), Juliet Landau,
Charlie's Angels - Tanya Roberts, Jaclyn Smith (both Jewish mother)
Cheers - Rhea Perlman, Bebe Neuwirth
Columbo - Peter Falk
The Cosby Show - Lisa Bonet (Jewish mother)
The Critic - Jon Lovitz
Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry David
Dukes of Hazzard - Sorrell Booke
ER - Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies (Margulies Jewish father)
Even Stevens - Shia LaBeouf (Jewish mother)
Everybody Loves Raymond - Doris Roberts, Brad Garrett
The Facts of Life - Charlotte Rae, Mindy Cohn
Family Guy - Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green
Friends - Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer
Full House - Bob Saget, Scott Weinger, Marla Sokoloff
Futurama - Katey Sagal (Jewish father)
Get Smart - Don Adams, Bernie Kopell (Adams Jewish mother)
Gilligan's Island - Tina Louise, Natalie Schafer
Gimme a Break! - Nell Carter (converted)
The Golden Girls - Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty
The Goon Show - Peter Sellers
Happy Days - Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley
Homicide: Life on the Street - Yaphet Kotto, Richard Belzer
Hogan's Heroes - Leon Askin, Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Robert Clary (Klemperer Jewish father)
The Larry Sanders Show - Garry Shandling, Jeffrey Tambor
Law & Order - Jerry Orbach, Steven Hill (Orbach Jewish father)
Little House on the Prairie - Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert (Landon Jewish father)
Lost In Space - Jonathan Harris
Lou Grant - Ed Asner
Mad About You - Paul Reiser
Married with Children - Katey Sagal (Jewish father)
Maude - Bea Arthur, Bill Macy
Mission Impossible - Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Steven Hill
The Munsters - Al Lewis
The Nanny - Fran Drescher
Northern Exposure - Rob Morrow
The O.C. - Adam Brody
One Day at a Time - Bonnie Franklin
Party of Five - Scott Wolf (Jewish father)
The Phil Silvers Show - Phil Silvers
Roseanne - Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Sara Gilbert, Tom Arnold (Arnold converted)
Roswell - Shiri Appleby, Brendan Fehr
Saved by the Bell - Elizabeth Berkley, Dustin Diamond
Scrubs - Zach Braff
Seinfeld - Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander,Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Sex and the City - Sarah Jessica Parker (Jewish mother)
The Simpsons - Hank Azaria, Julie Kavner, Harry Shearer
The Sopranos - Jamie-Lynn DiScala
South Park - Matt Stone, Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider (Stone Jewish mother)
Space: 1999 - Martin Landau, Barbara Bain
Starsky and Hutch - Paul Michael Glaser
Star Trek: The Original Series - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Brent Spiner
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - Armin Shimerman
Taxi - Judd Hirsch, Carol Kane, Andy Kaufman
That '70s Show - Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, Tanya Roberts
thirtysomething - Ken Olin, Melanie Mayron
The West Wing - Richard Schiff, Joshua Malina
Who's the Boss? - Judith Light
Will & Grace - Debra Messing
The Wonder Years - Fred Savage
The X-Files - David Duchovny (Jewish father)
Zoey 101 - Sean Flynn-Amir

TV and radio presenters

Dan Abrams, MSNBC anchor
Marv Albert, sportscaster
Mel Allen, radio sportscaster
Chuck Barris, presenter of Dating Game, Gong Show
Wolf Blitzer, CNN reporter
Kitty Carlisle, panelist on To Tell the Truth, arts advocate
Connie Chung, news anchor (converted)
Liz Claman, host of CNBC Morning Call
Howard Cosell, sportscaster
Katie Couric, presenter of The Today Show (Jewish mother)
Don Francisco, presenter of Sabado Gigante
Allen Funt, presenter of Candid Camera
Ira Glass, presenter of This American Life
Amy Goodman, presenter of Democracy Now
Daryn Kagan, host of CNN Live Today
Larry King, CNN reporter, host of Larry King Live
Ted Koppel, presenter of Nightline
Ricki Lake, presenter of Ricki
Bill Maher, ex-presenter of Politically Incorrect (Jewish mother)
Al Michaels, sportscaster
Geraldo Rivera, news reporter (Jewish mother)
Laura Schlessinger, radio talk-show host of Dr. Laura
Daniel Schorr, tv reporter
Dinah Shore, television host, singer
Herb Stempel, quiz show contestant
Bill Stern, radio sportscaster
Howard Stern, radio shock jock
Jon Stewart, comedian, presenter of The Daily Show
Mike Wallace, correspondent for 60 Minutes
Barbara Walters, presenter of Today Show, 20/20

Producers and creators

Irwin Allen, producer & director
George Axelrod, screenwriter
Steven Bochco, creator of LA Law, Murder One
Jerry Bruckheimer, producer
Paddy Chayefsky, screenwriter
Norman Corwin, radio writer, producer
David Crane, screenwriter, producer, co-creator of Friends
Robert Evans, producer, studio executive
Akiva Goldsman, Oscar-winning screenwriter, producer
Ben Hecht, screenwriter
Lawrence Kasdan, screenwriter
Marta Kauffman, producer, screenwriter, co-creator of Friends
Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter
David Kohan, executive prodoucer of Will & Grace and Good Morning Miami, screenwriter of The Wonder Years
Ernest Lehman, screenwriter
Marc Platt, producer
Carl Reiner, comedian, creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show
Leon Schlesinger, producer
Josh Schwartz, screenwriter, creator of The OC
Sherwood Schwartz, creator of Gilligan's Island, Brady Bunch
Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone
Joel Silver, producer and co-inventor of Ultimate Frisbee
Aaron Sorkin, creator of West Wing
Aaron Spelling, producer
Darren Star, creator of Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Sex and the City
Matt Stone, creator of South Park (Jewish mother)


Bud Abbott, half of Abbott & Costello (Jewish mother)
Woody Allen, comedian, director, actor
Dave Attell, comedian
Roseanne Barr, comedian
Jack Benny, entertainer
Milton Berle, entertainer, actor
Shelley Berman, comedian
Sandra Bernhard, comedian
Lewis Black, comedian
Victor Borge, comedian, pianist
Fanny Brice, entertainer
Albert Brooks, comedian, actor
Lenny Bruce, comedian
George Burns, entertainer, actor
Eddie Cantor, entertainer, actor
Sid Caesar, actor, writer
Andrew Dice Clay, comedian
David Cross, comedian, actor
Rodney Dangerfield, comedian
Larry Fine, the Three Stooges
Al Franken, comedian, activist
Gilbert Gottfried, comedian, actor
Buddy Hackett, comedian
Moe, Shemp & Curly Howard, the Three Stooges
Andy Kaufman, comedian, actor
Danny Kaye, entertainer, actor
Alan King, comedian
Robert Klein, comedian
Tom Lehrer, satirist, musician
Jerry Lewis, comedian, actor
Richard Lewis, comedian
Jackie Mason, comedian
Lorne Michaels, creator of Saturday Night Live
Freddie Prinze, comedian, actor (Jewish father)
Gilda Radner, comic actress
Don Rickles, comedian, actor
Joan Rivers, comedienne
Rita Rudner, comedian
Robert Schimmel, comedian
Jerry Seinfeld, comedian, actor
Allan Sherman, satirist, musician
Pauly Shore, comedian
Sarah Silverman, comic
Jon Stewart, comic, TV host
Rich Vos, Comic
Henny Youngman, comedian


Stella Adler, acting teacher
Julian Beck & Judith Malina, founders of Living Theatre
Joseph Chaikin & Peter Feldman, founders of Open Theatre
Anna Held, stage performer
Judy Kaye, actress & singer
Larry Kert, actor & singer
Judy Kuhn, actress & singer
James Lapine, director & librettist
Sanford Meisner, founder of Neighbourhood Playhouse
Idina Menzel, actress, singer and songwriter
David Merrick, producer & director
Zero Mostel, actor
Alla Nazimova, actress
Bebe Neuwirth, actress
Mandy Patinkin, actor & singer
Harold Prince, director
Tony Randall, actor, founder of National Actors Theatre
Max Reinhardt, director
Frank Silvera, founder of Theatre of Being (Jewish father)
Lee Strasberg & Harold Clurman, co-founders of Group Theatre
Julie Taymor, director


David Blaine, stunt performer (Jewish single mother)
David Copperfield, illusionist
Horace Goldin, illusionist
Harry Houdini, escape artist
Max Maven, mentalist
Ricky Jay, card tricks
Shari Lewis, ventriloquist
Raymond Teller, half of Penn and Teller (Jewish father)


Michael Bennett, choreographer (Jewish mother)
Eliot Feld, dancer & choreographer
Ron Field, director & choreographer
Anna Halprin, dancer, choreographer & teacher
Michael Kidd, choreographer
Lincoln Kirstein, dance impressario
Liz Lerman, choreographer & activist
Arthur Murray, dance instructor
Jerome Robbins, director & choreographer
Anna Sokolow, dancer & choreographer


Barbi Benton, model, actress
Caprice Bourret, model
Brooke Burke, model (Jewish mother, identifies)
Cindy Margolis, model
Bess Myerson, Miss America
Simon Rex, model, actor, MTV VJ
Lindsey Vuolo, model
Nikki Schieler Ziering, model (converted)


Mortimer Adler, philosopher
Paul Benacerraf, philosopher
Max Black, analytic philosopher
Ned Block, philosopher of mind
George Boolos, logician
Stanley Cavell, philosopher
Morris Raphael Cohen, philosopher
Arthur Danto, philosophy of aesthetics
Hubert Dreyfus, critic of cognitivism
Ronald Dworkin, legal philosopher
Herbert Feigl, philosopher of science
Solomon Feferman, logician
Stanley Fish, literary theorist
Jerry Fodor, philosopher of mind
Philipp Frank, logical positivist
Nelson Goodman, new riddle of induction
Sidney Hook, philosopher
Hans Jonas, philosopher
Walter Kaufmann, philosopher
Saul Kripke, logician
Thomas Kuhn, philosopher of science
Ruth Barcan Marcus, logician
Ernest Nagel, philosopher of science
Thomas Nagel, philosophy of mind
Robert Nozick, libertarianism
Martha Nussbaum, ethics (converted)
Hilary Putnam, functionalism
Ayn Rand, objectivism
Michael Sandel, communitarianism
Leo Strauss, political philosopher
Judith Jarvis Thomson, moral philosopher

Social and Political Scientists

Theodor Adorno, sociologist & philosopher (Jewish father)
Hannah Arendt, political theorist
Daniel Bell, sociologist
Reinhard Bendix, sociologist
Sanford Berman, radical librarian
Peter Blau, sociologist
Franz Boas, cultural anthropologist
Kate Bornstein, gender theorist
Judith Butler, queer theorist
Lewis A. Coser, sociologist
Amitai Etzioni, sociologist
Norman Finkelstein, political theorist
Mark Granovetter, sociologist
Marvin Harris, anthropologist
Melville J. Herskovits, anthropologist
Lenore Jacobson, experimental sociologist
Evelyn Fox Keller, science & gender theorist
Irving Kristol, neoconservative
Paul Lazarsfeld, sociologist
Seymour Martin Lipset, political sociologist
Robert Lowie, anthropologist
Herbert Marcuse, sociologist, New Left figurehead
Robert King Merton, sociologist
Ashley Montagu, anthropologist
Paul Radin, anthropologist
David Riesman, sociologist
Robert Rosenthal, experimental sociologist
Marshall Sahlins, anthropologist
David Schneider, cultural anthropologist
Alfred Sch�tz, sociologist & philosopher
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, queer theorist
Louis Wirth, sociologist
Eric Wolf, anthropologist
Milford H. Wolpoff, physical anthropologist


Leonard Bloomfield, linguist
Noam Chomsky, linguist & activist
Joshua Fishman, sociolinguist
Joseph Greenberg, language classification
Morris Halle, linguist
Zellig Harris, structural linguist
Ray Jackendoff, linguist
Roman Jakobson, Prague School of linguistics
Jay Jasanoff, historical linguist
William Labov, sociolinguist
George Lakoff, sociolinguist
Fred Lukoff, linguist
Edward Sapir, anthropologist-linguist
Morris Swadesh, linguist
Deborah Tannen, sociolinguist
Michael Thomas, language teacher
Max & Uriel Weinreich, linguists


Solomon Asch, Gestalt psychologist
Aaron Beck, cognitive behavior theory
Bruno Bettelheim, child psychologist
Susan Block, sex therapist
Jerome Bruner, cognitive learning theorist
Paul Ekman, facial expressions
Erik Erikson, developmental psychologist (Jewish mother)
Leon Festinger, Theory of Cognitive Dissonance
Erich Fromm, psychologist & humanistic philosopher
Carol Gilligan, psychologist & ethicist
Irving Janis, social psychologist
Jerome Kagan, child psychologist
Daniel Kahneman, prospect theory, Nobel Prize (2002)
Lawrence Kohlberg, developmental psychologist
Elizabeth Loftus, memory psychologist
Abraham Maslow, humanistic psychologist
Stanley Milgram, small world and Milgram experiments
Walter Mischel, experimental psychologist
Hugo Munsterberg, industrial psychologist
Ulric Neisser, cognitive psychologist (Jewish father)
Anatol Rapoport, mathematical psychologist
Fritz Perls, Gestalt therapy
Steven Pinker, psychologist & writer
Theodor Reik, psychoanalyst
David Rosenhan, Rosenhan experiment
Julian Rotter, social psychologist
Stanley Schachter, social psychologist
Martin Seligman, Positive psychologist
Herbert Simon, cognitive psychologist, Nobel Prize (1978)
Robert Sternberg, intelligence & creativity
David Wechsler, intelligence testing
George Weinberg, coiner of the word "homophobia"
Joseph Wolpe, psychiatrist


George Akerlof, economist, Nobel Prize (2001)
Kenneth Arrow, Arrow's impossibility theorem, Clark Medal (1957), Nobel Prize (1972)
Gary Becker, economist, Clark Medal (1967), Nobel Prize (1992)
Martin S. Feldstein, economist, Clark Medal (1977)
Franklin M. Fisher, economist, Clark Medal (1973)
Robert Fogel, new economic history, Nobel Prize (1993)
Milton Friedman, monetarist economist, Clark Medal (1951), Nobel Prize (1976)
Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve
Zvi Griliches, econometrist, Clark Medal (1965)
Sanford J. Grossman, economics of information, Clark Medal (1987)
John Harsanyi, game theorist, Nobel Prize (1994)
Jerry A. Hausman, econometrist, Clark Medal (1985)
Robert Heilbroner, leftist economist
Israel Kirzner, Austrian School economist
Lawrence Klein, econometric models, Clark Medal (1959), Nobel Prize (1980)
David M. Kreps, economist, Clark Medal (1989)
Paul Krugman, economist & journalist, Clark Medal (1991)
Simon Kuznets, econometrics, Nobel Prize (1971)
Wassily Leontief, Input-Output method, Nobel Prize (1973) (Jewish mother)
Steven Levitt, economist, Clark Medal (2003)
Harry Markowitz, economist, Nobel Prize (1990)
Robert Merton, Black-Scholes equation, Nobel Prize (1997) (Jewish father)
Merton Miller, economist, Nobel Prize (1990)
Ludwig von Mises, Austrian School economist
Franco Modigliani, economist, Nobel Prize (1985)
Oskar Morgenstern, game theorist
Marc Leon Nerlove, economist, Clark Medal (1969)
Matthew Rabin, economist, Clark Medal (2001)
Murray Rothbard, Austrian School economist
Jeffrey Sachs, economic shock therapy
Paul Samuelson, economic analysis, Clark Medal (1947), Nobel Prize (1970)
Andrei Shleifer, economist, Clark Medal (1999)
Myron Scholes, Black-Scholes equation, Nobel Prize (1997)
Robert Solow, economic growth, Clark Medal (1961), Nobel Prize (1987)
Joseph Stiglitz, economist & author, Clark Medal (1979), Nobel Prize (2001)
Lawrence Summers, economist, Clark Medal (1993)
Jacob Viner, economist


Herbert Aptheker, Marxist historian
Bernard Bailyn, historian
Daniel Boorstin, historian
Alan Brinkley, historian (half Jewish)
Norman Cantor, medieval historian
Ariel Durant, The Story of Civilization
Eric Foner, historian
Peter Gay, historian
Oscar Handlin, historian
Raul Hilberg, holocaust historian
Richard Hofstadter, historian (Jewish father)
Gerda Lerner, feminist historian
Bernard Lewis, historian of Islam
Deborah Lipstadt, Holocaust historian
Erwin Panofsky, art historian
Meyer Schapiro, art historian
Barbara Tuchman, historian
Howard Zinn, leftist historian


Ralph Alpher, background radiation
Hans Bethe, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1967) (Jewish mother)
Felix Bloch, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1952)
David Bohm, quantum physicist, philosopher of science
Leon Cooper, BCS theory, Nobel Prize (1972)
Martin Deutsch, positronium
Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize (1921)
Richard Feynman, quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1965)
David Finkelstein, physicist
James Franck, physicist, Nobel Prize (1925)
Edward Fredkin, digital physicist
Herbert Friedman, solar X-rays
Jerome Friedman, physicist, Nobel Prize (1990)
Margaret Geller, astronomer
Murray Gell-Mann, quarks, Nobel Prize (1969)
Sheldon Glashow, physicist, Nobel Prize (1979)
Donald A. Glaser, bubble chamber, Nobel Prize (1960)
Thomas Gold, cosmologist (Jewish father)
Daniel S. Goldin, NASA administrator
Samuel Goudsmit, electron spin
David Gross, string theorist, Nobel Prize (2004)
Alan Guth, cosmic inflation
Robert Hofstadter, physicist, Nobel Prize (1961)
Theodore von K�rm�n, aeronautical engineer
Daniel Kleppner, atomic research
Leon M. Lederman, physicist, Nobel Prize (1988)
David Morris Lee, superfluidity, Nobel Prize (1996)
Fritz London, quantum chemistry
Theodore Maiman, first operable laser
Ben Roy Mottelson, physicist, Nobel Prize (1975)
Albert Michelson, speed of light, Nobel Prize (1907)
Robert Oppenheimer, nuclear physicist
Douglas D. Osheroff, superfluidity, Nobel Prize (1996)
Abraham Pais, historian of science
Wolfgang Pauli, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1945) (Jewish father, half-Jewish mother)
Arno Allan Penzias, background radiation, Nobel Prize (1978)
Martin Lewis Perl, physicist, Nobel Prize (1995)
H. David Politzer, physicist, Nobel Prize (2004)
Isidor Isaac Rabi, physicist, Nobel Prize (1944)
Simon Ramo, physicist, engineer
Frederick Reines, neutrino experiment, Nobel Prize (1995)
Burton Richter, physicist, Nobel Prize (1976)
Carl Sagan, astronomer & science popularizer
Arthur Schawlow, laser spectroscopy, Nobel Prize (1981) (Jewish father)
John Schwarz, string theorist
Melvin Schwartz, physicist, Nobel Prize (1988)
Emilio G. Segr�, anti-proton, Nobel Prize (1959)
Julian Schwinger, quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1965)
Lee Smolin, loop quantum gravity
Gerald Soffen, NASA scientist
Alan Sokal, Sokal affair
Jack Steinberger, physicist, Nobel Prize (1988)
Otto Stern, physicist, Nobel Prize (1943)
Andrew Strominger, string theory
Leonard Susskind, string theory
Leo Szilard, nuclear physicist
Edward Teller, nuclear physicist
Immanuel Velikovsky, controversial writer on cosmology
Steven Weinberg, electroweak force, Nobel Prize (1979)
Stephen Wiesner, quantum cryptography
Victor Weisskopf, physicist
Eugene Wigner, quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1963)
George Zweig, quarks


Christian B. Anfinsen, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1972) (converted)
Sidney Altman, chemist, Nobel Prize (1989)
Paul Berg, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1980)
R. Stephen Berry, physical chemist
Herbert C. Brown, chemist, Nobel Prize (1979)
Melvin Calvin, calvin cycle, Nobel Prize (1961)
Erwin Chargaff, DNA pioneer
Morris Cohen, metallurgist
Camille & Henry Dreyfus, cellulose acetate, founders of Celanese
Kasimir Fajans, isotopes, identified protactinium
Walter Gilbert, DNA sequencing, Nobel Prize (1980)
Henry Gilman, organometallic chemist
Moses Gomberg, free radicals
Norman Hackerman, chemist
Herbert A. Hauptman, chemist, Nobel Prize (1985)
Alan J Heeger, chemist, Nobel Prize (2000)
Roald Hoffmann, chemist & writer, Nobel Prize (1981)
Martin Kamen, Carbon 14
Martin Karplus, theoretical chemist
Walter Kohn, physicist, Nobel Prize (1998)
Izaak Kolthoff, analytical chemist
Phoebus Levene, nucleic acid pioneer
Rudolph A. Marcus, chemist, Nobel Prize (1992)
Jacob A. Marinsky, discovered promethium
Herman Mark, polymers (half Jewish)
George Olah, chemist, Nobel Prize (1994)
Irwin Rose, biologist, Nobel Prize (2004)
William Stein, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1972)

Biologists and physicians

Richard Axel, olfactory system, Nobel Prize (2004)
Julius Axelrod, neurotransmitters, Nobel Prize (1970)
David Baltimore, reverse transcriptase, Nobel Prize (1975)
Baruj Benacerraf, immunologist, Nobel Prize (1980)
Konrad Bloch, cholesterol, Nobel Prize (1959)
Samuel Blum, excimer laser surgery
Baruch Blumberg, hepatitis B vaccine, Nobel Prize (1976)
Michael S. Brown, molecular geneticist, Nobel Prize (1985)
Stanley Cohen, neurologist, Nobel Prize (1986)
Stanley N. Cohen, genetic engineering
Gerty Cori, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1947)
Jared Diamond, evolutionary biologist & biogeographer
Carl Djerassi, contraceptive pill
Gerald Edelman, biologist, Nobel Prize (1972)
Gertrude Elion, drug development, Nobel Prize (1988)
Joseph Erlanger, physiologist, Nobel Prize (1945)
Edmond H. Fischer, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1992) (Jewish father)
Judah Folkman, cancer angiogenesis
Casimir Funk, vitamins
Robert F. Furchgott, pharmacologist, Nobel Prize (1998)
Herbert Gasser, physiologist, Nobel Prize (1945) (Jewish father)
Alfred G. Gilman, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1994)
Avram Goldstein, opiate receptors
Joseph L. Goldstein, molecular geneticist, Nobel Prize (1985)
Michael Gottlieb, Joel Weisman, early identifiers of AIDS
Paul Greengard, neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (1990)
Stephen Jay Gould, evolutionary biologist & writer
Michael Heidelberger, immunochemist
H. Robert Horvitz, biologist, Nobel Prize (2002)
Jerome Horwitz, AZT
Eric R. Kandel, neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (2000)
Charles Kelman, cataract surgery
Carl Koller, local anesthesia
Arthur Kornberg, DNA replication, Nobel Prize (1959)
Eric Lander, Human Genome Project
Joshua & Esther Lederberg, molecular biologists, Nobel Prize (1958)
Rita Levi-Montalcini, neurologist, Nobel Prize (1986)
Jay Levy, AIDS researcher
Richard Lewontin, evolutionary biologist
Fritz Lipmann, coenzyme A, Nobel Prize (1953)
Otto Loewi, acetylcholine, Nobel Prize (1936)
Salvador Luria, bacterial evolution, Nobel Prize (1969)
Lynn Margulis, Gaia theory
Matthew Messelson, DNA replication
Otto Meyerhof, glycolysis, Nobel Prize (1922)
Stanley Miller, Miller-Urey experiment
Irving Millman, viral hepatitis vaccine
Hermann Muller, geneticist, Nobel Prize (1946) (Jewish mother)
Daniel Nathans, microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1978)
Marshall Nirenberg, genetic code, Nobel Prize (1968)
Gregory Pincus, contraceptive pill
Stanley Prusiner, neurologist, Nobel Prize (1997)
Martin Rodbell, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1994)
Albert Sabin, oral polio vaccine
Jonas Salk, polio vaccine
Andrew V. Schally, endocrinologist, Nobel Prize (1977)
Albert Schatz, streptomycin
B�la Schick, diphtheria test
Rudolf Schoenheimer, radioactive tracers
Alexander Shulgin, pharmacologist, populariser of ecstasy
Solomon H. Snyder, opiate receptors
Adolphus Solomons, co-founder of the American Red Cross
Leo Sternbach, valium
Howard Temin, reverse transcriptase, Nobel Prize (1975)
Max Tishler, synthetic vitamins
Harold Varmus, virologist, Nobel Prize (1989)
George Wald, retina pigmentation, Nobel Prize (1967)
Selman Waksman, streptomycin, Nobel Prize (1952)
Charles Weissmann, interferon cloning
Rosalyn Yalow, medical physicist, Nobel Prize (1977)
Charles Yanofsky, geneticist


Kenneth Appel, four-color problem
Richard Bellman, dynamic programming (Jewish mother, half Jewish father)
Salomon Bochner, harmonic analysis
Raoul Bott, geometry (half Jewish)
Richard Brauer, modular representation theory
Eugenio Calabi, differential geometry
Paul Cohen, set theorist, Fields Medal (1966)
Richard Courant, algebraic topology
George Dantzig, simplex algorithm
Martin Davis, mathematician
Persi Diaconis, statistician
Jesse Douglas, mathematician, Fields Medal (1936)
Samuel Eilenberg, category theorist
Noam Elkies, mathematician
Charles Fefferman, mathematician, Fields Medal (1978)
Mitchell Feigenbaum, chaos theorist
William Feller, probability theory
Michael Freedman, mathematician, Fields Medal (1986) (Jewish father)
Solomon Golomb, polyominoes
Paul Halmos, mathematician
Mark Kac, mathematician
Edward Kasner, mathematician
Martin Kruskal, mathematician
Peter Lax, mathematician, Abel Prize (2005)
Solomon Lefschetz, algebraic topology
Norman Levinson, mathematician
Barry Mazur, mathematician
Louis Mordell, number theorist
George P�lya, mathematician
Emil Post, logician
Herbert Robbins, statistician
Abraham Robinson, nonstandard analysis
Isadore Singer, mathematician, Abel Prize (2004)
Richard P. Stanley, mathematician
Elias Stein, mathematician
Alfred Tarski, logician
Stanislaw Ulam, mathematician
Andr� Weil, mathematician
Edward Witten, M-theory, Fields Medal (1990)
Oscar Zariski, algebraic geometry

Computer scientists

Hal Abelson, artificial intelligence
Norman Abramson, ALOHAnet
Len Adleman, RSA cryptography, DNA computing, Turing Award (2002)
Paul Baran, packet switching
Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, machine translation
Dan Bernstein, cryptologist (unconfirmed)
Manuel Blum, computational complexity, Turing Award (1995)
Gregory Chaitin, algorithmic information theory
Peter Elias, information theory
Robert Fano, information theory
Edward Feigenbaum, artificial intelligence, Turing Award (1994)
William F. Friedman, cryptologist
Eugene Garfield, library & information scientist
David Gelernter, parallel computation, Unabomber victim
Adele Goldberg, Smalltalk design team
Herman & Adele Goldstine, developers of ENIAC
Shafi Goldwasser, cryptographer
Martin Hellman, public key cryptography
Douglas Hofstadter, academic & author (half Jewish)
Bob Kahn, TCP/IP
Richard Karp, computational complexity, Turing Award (1985)
John Kemeny, BASIC
Leonard Kleinrock, packet switching
Joseph Kruskal, Kruskal's algorithm
Solomon Kullback, cryptographer
Raymond Kurzweil, OCR, speech recognition
Leslie Lamport, LaTeX
Jaron Lanier, virtual reality
Douglas Lenat, artificial intelligence
Leonid Levin, computational complexity
John McCarthy, LISP, Turing Award (1971) (Jewish mother)
Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence, neural nets, Turing Award (1969)
John von Neumann, computer scientist, mathematician & economist
David Parnas, software engineering
Seymour Papert, LOGO
Judea Pearl, baysean networks
Ken Perlin, fractal noise
Alan J. Perlis, compilers, Turing Award (1966)
Lawrence Rabiner, digital signal processing
Frank Rosenblatt, perceptrons
Azriel Rosenfeld, image analysis
Jean E. Sammet, language design
Bruce Schneier, cryptographer
Herbert Simon, cognitive & computer scientist, Turing Award (1975)
Abraham Sinkov, cryptanalyst
Daniel Sleator, splay trees (Jewish mother)
Gustave Solomon, error correction
Ray Solomonoff, algorithmic information theory
Richard Stallman, GNU, FSF
Gerald Jay Sussman, Scheme
Jeffrey D. Ullman, compilers
Leslie Valiant, parallel computing
Andrew Viterbi, Viterbi algorithm
Peter J. Weinberger, awk
Joseph Weizenbaum, ELIZA, artificial intelligence critic
Avi Wigderson, randomized algorithms
Norbert Wiener, cybernetics
Terry Winograd, SHRDLU
Jacob Wolfowitz, information theory
Lotfi Zadeh, fuzzy logic (Jewish mother)


Robert Adler, remote control
Zora Arkus-Duntov, father of the Corvette
Ralph Baer, games console
Emile Berliner, gramophone
Richard Frenkiel & Joel Engel, cellular technology
Joseph Friedman, flexistraw
Charles Ginsburg, video recorder
Leopold Godowsky, Jr. & Leopold Mannes, Kodachrome
Sylvan Goldman, shopping cart
Peter Goldmark, LP record, color television
Bernard Gordon, inventor
Gordon Gould, laser
Al Gross, pager, walkie-talkie (unconfirmed)
Dean Kamen, inventor (unconfirmed)
Edwin H. Land, polaroid
Julius Lilienfeld, pre-transistor
Stanford Ovshinsky, inventor
Ron Popeil, inventor
Jacob Rabinow, inventor
Harold Rosen, geosynchronous satellite
Raymond Scott sequencer, portable synthesizer

Presidential candidates

Katharine Dukakis, wife of presidential candidate
Barry Goldwater, presidential candidate (Jewish father)
Janet Jagan, president of Guyana (1997-99)
John Kerry, presidential candidate (Jewish paternal grandparents)
Joseph Lieberman, vice-presidential candidate

Cabinet members

Judah Benjamin, confederate secretary of war (1861) & state (1862-64)
Oscar Straus, secretary of commerce & labor (1906-09)
Henry Morgenthau, Jr., secretary of the treasury (1934-45)
Pierre Salinger, white house press secretary (1961-64) (Jewish father)
Henry Kissinger, national security advisor (1969-75), secretary of state (1973-77)
W. Michael Blumenthal, secretary of the treasury (1977-79)
Harold Brown, secretary of defense (1977-81)
Robert Reich, secretary of labor (1993-97)
John M. Deutch, CIA director (1995-96)
Robert Rubin, secretary of the treasury (1995-99)
Madeline Albright, secretary of state (1997-01) (raised Episcopalian)
Sandy Berger, national security advisor (1997-01)
William Cohen, secretary of defense (1997-01) (Jewish father)
Larry Summers, secretary of the treasury (1999-01)
Ari Fleischer, white house press secretary (2001-03)
Michael Chertoff, homeland security secretary (2005-)


David Levy Yulee, senator (D-FL: 1845-51, 1855-61)
Judah Benjamin, senator (Whig-LA: 1853-61)
Benjamin F. Jonas, senator (D-LA: 1879-85)
Joseph Simon, senator (R-OR: 1898-03)
Isidor Rayner, senator (D-MD: 1905-12)
Simon Guggenheim, senator (R-CO: 1907-13)
Herbert Lehman, senator (D-NY: 1949-57)
Richard L. Neuberger, senator (D-OR: 1955-60)
Jacob Javits, senator (R-NY: 1957-81)
Ernest Gruening, senator (D-AK: 1959-69)
Abraham Ribicoff, senator (D-CT: 1963-81)
Howard Metzenbaum, senator (D-OH: 1974, 1976-95)
Richard Stone, senator (D-FL: 1975-80)
Edward Zorinsky, senator (D-NE: 1976-87)
John Kerry,senator, (rased as Roman Catholic)
Rudy Boschwitz, senator (R-MN: 1978-91)
Carl Levin, senator (D-MI: 1979-)
Warren Rudman, senator (R-NH: 1980-93)
Arlen Specter, senator (R-PA: 1981-)
Frank Lautenberg, senator (D-NJ: 1982-01, 2003-)
Jacob Hecht, senator (R-NV: 1983-89)
Herb Kohl, senator (D-WI: 1989-)
Joseph Lieberman, senator (D-CT: 1989-)
Paul Wellstone, senator (D-MN: 1991-02)
Dianne Feinstein, senator (D-CA: 1992-)
Barbara Boxer, senator (D-CA: 1992-)
Russ Feingold, senator (D-WI: 1993-)
Ron Wyden, senator (D-OR: 1996-)
Charles Schumer, senator (D-NY: 1999-)
Norm Coleman, senator (R-MN: 2003-)


Prominent representatives only – for a full list see

Francis Salvador, first jewish member of a colonial legislature.
Lewis Charles Levin, first Jewish representative (Amer-PA: 1845-51)
Victor L. Berger, socialist (Soc-WI: 1911-13, 1919, 1923-29)
Florence P. Kahn, first Jewish woman representative (R-CA: 1925-37)
Allard K. Lowenstein, civil rights activist (D-NY: 1968-1970)
Bella Abzug, feminist leader & gay rights activist (D-NY: 1971-77)
Henry Waxman, liberal leader (D-CA: 1975-)
Tom Lantos, holocaust survivor (D-CA: 1981-)
Barney Frank, liberal, openly gay politician (D-MA: 1981-)
Bernie Sanders, independent (Ind-VT: 1991-)
Jerrold Nadler, WTC district congressman during 9/11 (D-NY: 1992-)


Moses Alexander, governor of Idaho (D-ID: 1915-19)
Simon Bamberger, governor of Utah (D-UT: 1917-21)
Arthur Seligman, governor of New Mexico (D-NM: 1931-33)
Julius L. Meier, governor of Oregon (Ind-OR: 1931-35)
Henry Horner, governor of Illinois (D-IL: 1933-40)
Herbert H. Lehman, governor of New York (D-NY: 1933-42)
Ernest Gruening, territorial governor of Alaska (D-AK: 1939-53)
Abraham Ribicoff, governor of Connecticut (D-CT: 1955-61)
Samuel H. Shapiro, governor of Illinois (D-IL: 1968-69)
Frank Licht, governor of Rhode Island (D-RI: 1969-73)
Marvin Mandel, governor of Maryland (D-MD: 1969-77)
Milton Shapp, governor of Pennsylvania (D-PA: 1971-79)
Madeleine M. Kunin, governor of Vermont (D-VT: 1985-91)
Neil Goldschmidt, governor of Oregon (D-OR: 1987-91)
Bruce Sundlun, governor of Rhode Island (D-RI: 1991-95)
Linda Lingle, governor of Hawaii (R-HI: 2002-)
Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania (D-PA: 2002-)


Prominent mayors/major cities only.

Cincinnati: Bill Gradison (1971), Jerry Springer (1977-78)
Las Vegas: Oscar Goodman (1999-)
Louisville: Jerry E. Abramson (1985-98, 2002-)
New York: Fiorello LaGuardia (1934-45; Jewish mother), Abe Beame (1974-77), Ed Koch (1978-89), Michael Bloomberg (2002-)
Philadelphia: Edward Rendell (1992–2000)
San Francisco: Adolph Sutro (1894-96), Diane Feinstein (1976–88)
Seattle: Bailey Gatzert (1875-76)

Jurists, economists and military people

Supreme Court

Louis Brandeis, supreme court justice (1916-39)
Benjamin N. Cardozo, supreme court justice (1932-38)
Felix Frankfurter, supreme court justice (1939-62)
Arthur Goldberg, supreme court justice (1962-65)
Abe Fortas, supreme court justice (1965-69)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, supreme court justice (1993-)
Stephen Breyer, supreme court justice (1994-)


Gloria Allred, feminist lawyer
Marcia Clark, lawyer
Roy Cohn, McCarthyist lawyer
Alan Dershowitz, lawyer
William Kunstler, civil rights lawyer
Samuel Leibowitz, lawyer, defender of the Scottsboro Boys
Edward Levi, US attorney general (1975-77)
Peter Neufeld, Innocence Project
Barry Scheck, Innocence Project
Robert Shapiro, lawyer
Eliot Spitzer, New York attorney general


Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve (since 1987)
Eugene Meyer, chairman of the Federal Reserve (1930-1933), president of the World Bank (1946)
James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank (1995-2005)
Paul Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank (since 2005)


Julius O. Adler, brigadier general
Jeremy Michael Boorda, admiral, Chief of Naval Operations
Wesley Kane Clark, general, NATO supreme allied commander (Jewish father, raised Baptist, converted to Catholicism)
David Camden DeLeon, confederate surgeon-general
William F. Friedman, army cryptologist
Leopold Karpeles, sergeant, Congressional Medal of Honor
Uriah P. Levy, commodore, abolished flogging
Ben Moreel, admiral, founder of the Seabees
Ben Rich, co-inventor of the stealth fighter
Hyman Rickover, admiral, father of the nuclear navy
Maurice Rose, general, killed in action
Edward S. Salomon, brigadier general
Haym Salomon, financer of the War of Independence
Francis Salvador, "Paul Revere of the South"
Joseph Seligman, unionist civil war financer
Milton Wolff, head of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade


Social leaders

Saul Alinsky, social organizer
Daniel De Leon, socialist leader
David Dubinsky, labor leader
Emma Goldman, anarchist leader
Samuel Gompers, labor leader
Sidney Hillman, labor leader
Abbie Hoffman, social activist, Yippie
Jackie Presser, labor leader, racketeer
Jerry Rubin, social activist, Yippie

Political and civil rights activists

Michael Albert, co-founder of Z Magazine
Leslie Cagan, founder of UPJ
Ben Cohen, founder of TrueMajority
Jeff Cohen, founder of FAIR
Daniel Ellsberg, leaked the Pentagon Papers (Jewish parents)
Felix Frankfurter, helped found the ACLU
Mitch Kapor, co-founder of EFF
William Kunstler, civil rights lawyer
Aryeh Neier, head of HRW, ACLU, OSI
Eli Pariser, campaigns director of
Bruce Perens, open source advocate, co-founder of SPI
Marcus Raskin, co-founder of IPS
Kenneth Roth, head of HRW
George Soros, founder of OSI
Richard Stallman, founder of FSF
Nadine Strossen, head of ACLU (father half Jewish holocaust survivor)


Abraham Foxman, head of the ADL
Kivie Kaplan, head of the NAACP
Winona LaDuke, Native American acitivst & environmentalist (Jewish mother)
Stanley Levison, advisor of Martin Luther King
Abel Meeropol, composer of Strange Fruit
Mickey Schwerner & Andrew Goodman, CORE activists, KKK victims
Joel & Arthur Spingarn, early NAACP leaders
Simon Wiesenthal, Nazi-hunter
Tim Wise, anti-racism activist

Feminism and gay rights

Bella Abzug, feminist politician
Gloria Allred, feminist lawyer
Andrea Dworkin, feminist writer
Susan Faludi, feminist writer
Leslie Feinberg, transgender activist & author
Betty Friedan, co-founder & first president of NOW
Arnie Kantrowitz, co-founder of GLAAD
Harvey Milk, gay rights activist & openly-gay politician
Robin Morgan, editor of Ms. Magazine
Ernestine Rose, feminist
Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine
Rebecca Walker, feminist writer (Jewish father)
Naomi Wolf, feminist writer
Evan Wolfson, gay marriage activist

Health and environment

Judi Bari, environmentalist (Jewish mother)
Bernard Lown, co-founder of IPPNW, Nobel Peace Prize (1985)
Ed Rosenthal, canabbis activist
Elizabeth Glaser, founder of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Rose Kushner, breast cancer activist
Mathilde Krim, founder of amFAR (converted)
Larry Kramer, co-founder of GMHC
Henry Spira, animal rights activist
Irving & Dorothy Stowe, co-founders of Greenpeace



Lori Berenson, activist convicted of terrorism in Peru
David Berkowitz, serial killer (adopted by Jewish parents)
Samuel Byck, failed assassin of Richard Nixon
Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood madam
Frank Collin, neo-nazi
Dylan Klebold, Columbine massacre (Jewish maternal grandfather, mother identifies)
Meyer Lansky, gangster
Jean Lafitte, pirate ('part-Jewish')
Leopold and Loeb, murderers
Kevin Mitnick, hacker
Sara Jane Moore, failed assassin of Gerald Ford
Jonathan Pollard, jailed spy
Ethel & Julius Rosenberg, executed spies
Arnold Rothstein, gangster
Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald
Dutch Schultz, gangster
Bugsy Siegel, gangster
Adam Worth, Victorian thief, model for Moriarty


Alan Berg, murdered radio host
Nick Berg, beheaded entrepreneur
Josephine Earp, wife of Wyatt Earp
Leo Frank, lynching victim
Jeremy Glick (1), September 11 victim (UA flight 93)
Jeremy Glick (2), activist & son of September 11 victim (WTC)
Ronald Goldman, murdered friend of Nicole Brown Simpson
Chandra Levy, disappeared intern
Monica Lewinsky, sex scandal intern
Joshua A. Norton, eccentric & self-proclaimed emperor
Daniel Pearl, beheaded journalist
Judith Resnik, Space Shuttle Challenger victim
Mickey Schwerner & Andrew Goodman, KKK victims
William James Sidis, child prodigy
Nancy Spungen, murdered girlfriend of Sid Vicious

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Anti-Semitism & Responses

Anti-Semitic Legends
Anti-Semitic Trends Throughout the World
o Reports of Anti-Semitic Incidents
o Report on Global Anti-Semitism (2004)
Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism
Anti-Semitism on the Campus
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Anti-Semitism in the United Nations
o First UN Acknowledgment that Anti-Semitism is a Form of Racism
Anti-Semitism and the United States
Arab/Muslim Anti-Semitism
Bibliography of Anti-Semitism & Responses
Black-Jewish Relations
The Controversy Over Richard Wagner
Christian-Jewish Relations
Alfred Dreyfus and “The Affair”
The Hep Hep Riots
The International Jew
International Red Cross Discriminates Against Israeli “Red Cross”
Jews in Arab/Islamic Countries
Jews From Russia and the Former Soviet Union
Holocaust Denial
Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in the European Union
2003 OSCE Conference Condemns Anti-Semitism
2004 OSCE Conference Calls For Response To Anti-Semitism
o Berlin Declaration [pdf]
o Colin Powell's Remarks at The Conference on Anti-Semitism of The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
Religious Freedom
Rewriting History In Textbooks
Roger of Hoveden: The Persecution of Jews
The UN World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
o U.S. Withdraws from World Conference Against Racism

Anti-Semitism on the Internet


A relatively new element in the overall picture of anti-Semitism in the U.S. is "electronic hate"-bigotry transmitted over the Internet. The Internet's growth has been remarkable. By the end of 1996, an estimated 35 million people worldwide were using it with thousands more going on-line each day. Tens of millions of different types of transactions daily pass through the copper and fiberoptic cables that tie its components together in a worldwide network. It is the emblem of the modern age-of an ever-shrinking world linked by shared information.

Unfortunately, amid the torrent of information on the Internet, a disturbing stream of hate-filled vitriol directed against religious, ethnic, racial and cultural minorities flows unimpeded. Anti-Semites have been particularly active in exploiting the medium. They use the Net to reach an audience many times larger than any they could have ever previously hoped to reach with their flyers, rallies and shopworn canards, creating a troubling, persistent anti-Semitic background noise that pollutes the Internet. What was local is now global, potentially accessible by everyone who uses the Internet: the young and old, the sophisticated and the naive.

At first, the Internet was difficult to use and relatively inaccessible to the average individual. Today, it has become much more "user-friendly" and inexpensive, making it attractive to determined, if underfunded and poorly supported, extremist hate groups. The network extends the range of their message. It is now global, instantly accessible to a dispersed audience. Online information is available at any time, at relatively low cost to anyone with a computer and phone. For consumers who simply want to browse the World Wide Web, send E-mail and read and write to newsgroups, Internet access is fairly inexpensive-less than 75 cents a day. The basic cost for would-be publishers who want to distribute information on the World Wide Web, the fastest growing part of the Internet, is not significantly higher.

In addition, the Internet is an unregulated environment. Anyone can start a site and publish anything. Unlike the traditional marketplace where publishers, editors and reviewers were able to separate out the lies and distortions of the haters, the Internet makes all kinds of information equally accessible. The reputable and the meretricious exist side by side and even responsible journalists sometimes cannot tell them apart.

Internet technology gives eager propagandists a variety of ways to spread their message. The World Wide Web-offering text, images, sound and animation-can replace or supplement the newsletters and other publications produced by hate groups. Learning basic publishing skills for the World Wide Web, while not trivial, is relatively straightforward; putting a site together can be a matter of simple "sweat equity." On a higher, but not daunting, level of sophistication, audio copies of speeches or radio broadcast can be placed on line for downloading (copying) to the user's machine for later playback or can be heard in "real time"-as they are transmitted.

By 1996, a number of notorious extremists with long histories of anti-Semitic activism were exploiting the possibilities of the Web. Don Black, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan; Ernst Zundel, a Hitler-admiring Holocaust denier; the neo-Nazi National Alliance of William Pierce; Pete Peters who preaches the anti-Semitic pseudo-theology known as "Identity" Christianity, and Tom Metzger, a violence-advocating racist and anti-Semite, are among those with a presence in cyberspace.

Some sites were particularly active. During the year, the National Alliance began posting copies of its radio broadcasts on the Web. Black continued to update his list of links to extremist sites while Zundel published more and more material. Other Holocaust deniers, Greg Raven of the Institute for Historical Review and Bradley Smith, known for placing Holocaust-denying ads in college newspapers, also increased their activity on the Web.

In 1996, hate publishing on the Web was in a state of flux. Some previously active sites-The Aryan Crusaders Library and Christian Identity Online-stopped publishing. Yet, despite these losses, the number of haters using the Web gradually increased during 1996.

USA Watch, the computer version of a particularly scurrilous newspaper, Jew Watch, that frequently printed "articles" about "Jewish ritual murder," disappeared early in the year only to reappear with another name toward the end. Louis Beam, a leading advocate of militant antigovernment resistance who is associated with the ferociously anti-Semitic Aryan Nations, started his own Web site. Others, less well known but eager, also created their own hate pages. One young neo-Nazi skinhead proudly posts his picture and announces that he is 16.

Usenet newsgroups-on-line community discussion bulletin boards-also contribute to the proliferation of publicly visible anti-Semitic hate on-line. Anyone with access can read and send messages to the newsgroups. To read or post messages to a group, the user simply uses the newsreader program provided by most Internet services. The number of messages posted to the newsgroups is staggering; upwards of 60,000,000 a year and growing! Considering these numbers, it is not surprising that tens of thousands of anti-Semitic rants show up each year and 1996 was no exception. Unlike the World Wide Web, where the user must seek out a site, haters on the Usenet can send their messages, unsolicited, to any group.

Some groups such as alt.politics.nationalism.white or alt.revisionism are specifically designed to provide a discussion area for bigots and anti-Semites. Here one finds the traditional themes of anti-Semites: deicide; Jews in control of banks, the government and the media; Jews as destroyers of culture. A newer wrinkle is the claim that the Holocaust is a fiction-a Jewish/Zionist plot to extort money and power.

It is not surprising that groups such as soc.culture.jewish or soc.culture.israel-established to discuss issues of concern to Jews-are, from time to time, peppered with anti-Semitic screeds designed to provoke and upset. But any newsgroup is a potential target for a bigot in the mood to antagonize and intimidate. Soc.culture.nepal,,, or sci.physics, to mention a few of the groups where one would not expect to find anti-Semitic discussions, are among the many that have been "hit" with incendiary messages from haters who seek to stir anti-Semitic passions anywhere they can. And any person who wants to send hate messages can send them to multiple groups at one time-a technique known as "cross posting."

The nature of the Internet makes it very easy for haters to strike. Unlike the people who venture out in the night to spray swastikas on tombstones or synagogues, Internet bigots can spew their hatred without ever running the risk of being identified. They can also work far outside the neighborhoods in which they live. Newsgroup hate messages are more like anonymous phone calls or letters that can be sent simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of people. (To be consistent with past practice, the ADL Audit counts such simultaneous hate messages as one incident.)

Anonymity, a key part of Internet culture, also plays a role in encouraging on-line hate. There is no requirement that a person accurately identify him or herself. Unless the individual chooses to reveal it, no one need know the user's real name, sex, age or anything else about him or her. E-mail addresses are frequently "handles"-nicknames-such as "Agent13" "Aryan" or "Titan White." This is expected; role-playing is a commonly accepted practice on the Internet. Also, many mail programs make it possible for users to create false E-mail addresses, a behavior common enough to have a name: "spoofing." Some studies of user behavior on the Net indicate that precisely because the user has no reality apart from the words on the screen, computer-mediated communication encourages the asocial and unrestrained behavior that characterizes many hate-motivated messages on the Internet.

E-mail is essentially a private, person-to-person technology but it, too, can be adapted to the task of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda. Mass mailings are simple-and require no postage. It is a merely a matter of compiling a mailing list and sending a message. It is possible to mail hate messages to the private mailboxes of large numbers of people. From time to time, enterprising haters have managed to mass-mail hate materials to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people without revealing their identity. Obviously, the ADL Annual Audit cannot treat each of these messages as a separate incident. Like other mass mailings of hate material, however, such a massive E-mail transmission could be counted as one incident.

The challenge of on-line anti-Semitism is significant. The lies of the haters can be seen by more people than ever before. Men and women of goodwill must monitor the Internet and respond forcefully to the taunts and distortions of the bigots.


Source: Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents 1996. Copyright Anti-Defamation League (ADL). All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Jstuff website run by Jews with tons of info about Jews actors lists Hollywood.doc

Amalie R. Rothschild: Rock and Roll and More

Jewhoo’s editor recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amalie R. Rothschild. Ms. Rothschild is a prize-winning photographer and filmmaker. Her new book is entitled “Live At the Fillmore East: A Photographic Memoir”. Ms. Rothschild’s new book has garnered excellent reviews in major newspapers and magazines.

We thoroughly enjoyed the book and the photographs brought back many memories of the performers who appeared at Bill Graham’s famous rock palace. This is a beautiful “coffee table” type book, filled with photos, many of which are in better than psychedelic color. Most of the photos are of performers who appeared at the Fillmore East. But there are “bonus” pictures of other concerts Ms. Rothschild covered, including pictures of Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight, Jimi Hendrix at the Caf� Au Go Go, and quite a number of photos from the (original) Woodstock rock festival. There is even a chart of every performer who played the Fillmore East. Therefore, if you are a dinosaur, you can check and see if you really saw “so and so” at the Fillmore, or you just got some of that bad brown acid that was going around.

The Fillmore East was, of course, Bill Graham’s flagship rock palace on the East Coast. It opened in 1968 and closed in 1971. Bill Graham was a German Jewish refugee who barely escaped to China and then immigrated to America. His sister died during this arduous journey. His parents died in the concentration camps. Bill settled in San Francisco and in the mid-60’s became a rock promoter. He took over the old Fillmore Auditorium and then the Carousel Ballroom (re-named the Fillmore West) and made them the premier showcase of the psychedelic San Francisco Sound. The Grateful Dead and The Jefferson Airplane were the most famous of the many acts who were featured at the San Francisco-based Fillmore.

Graham, as the book states, was a success because he was both a good businessman and someone who really cared about his audience and the performers. He wanted a rock show to be treated with the respect of an opera. He lent the auditoriums for benefit concerts for many worthy causes. Graham, like any businessman, had to turn a profit to stay in business. But unlike so many of his ‘60’s peers, he managed to do the seemingly impossible: he gave his audiences great shows, respected and paid his performers, made a profit, and gave something back to the world.

Ms. Rothschild told me that she did not know Mr. Graham well. However, he gave a young Jewish woman from Baltimore a unique privilege—for three years she was given unrestricted access to Fillmore East performers and every area of the theater. The quality of the photos of in this book reflects that access and Ms. Rothschild’s talent.
Talent runs in Ms. Rothschild’s family. Her mother is

Amalie (no “r”) Rothschild, a talented painter and sculptor who resides in Baltimore. (Unfortunately, an on-line exhibition of the senior Ms. Rothschild’s work has recently disappeared from the web. Her biography is online, and she and her daughter are represented by the Gomez Gallery in Baltimore.)

Amalie R. Rothschild’s father, Randolph, is an attorney. He is also a jazz pianist and is associated with Chamber Music Society of Baltimore, the Peabody Conservatory, and the Baltimore Symphony. Ms. Rothschild tells me that she is not one of the famous Rothschilds. However, her father’s family came from America (about 100 years ago) from the same German city (Frankfurt Am Main) which “the Rothschilds” sprang from. Her mother’s family also traces their roots back to Germany.

Ms. Rothschild and I had a lively discussion about her hometown. Baltimore is fairly hip today, but that was not true in the early ‘60’s when Amalie was growing up. I asked her if the many Barry Levinson films set in Baltimore during the early ‘60’s were accurate. She said they were--- and she added that if men’s lives were constrained, as depicted in these films, women’s lives were even more confined. We agreed that talented young woman might well strike out for New York as soon as she could. Ms. Rothschild went to NYU film school, and it was from NYU that she was recruited for the staff of the new Fillmore East. In addition to taking photographs, Ms. Rothschild joined the staff of the famous Joshua Light Show (Joshua White, Amalie tells me, was Jewish). The Joshua Light show was the house light show at the Fillmore. If you want to know how those groovy effects were created in the pre-comput er age, you need to pick up the book.

Bill Graham closed the Fillmores in 1971. Rock festivals and such had driven up the price of rock performers so high that the economics of a small auditoriums did not make sense any more. (“The sacred store closed” and the “music died” to quote “American Pie”). Graham remained a top rock impresario, using other venues, until his accidental death in 1991.

After the Fillmore closed, Ms. Rothschild got a graduate degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and turned more of her attention to film. In 1974, Ms. Rothschild made a biographical family film, “Nana, Mom, and Me”. It depicts the relationship, sometimes difficult, between three generations of women. This genre is familiar today, but Ms. Rothschild’s film was one of the first and remains among the best of its type. “Nana, Mom, and Me” and Ms. Rothschild’s other films are available online through New Day Films. The web site also gives a detailed description of her other films and is well worth a look.

Ms. Rothschild currently divides her professional work between film and still photographs. Her work has been featured in the Village Voice, The New York Times, and elsewhere. She divides her time between Rome and New York and we had a lively discussion about the astonishing level of achievement of the relatively small Italian Jewish community (she taught me that correct pronunciation of “Primo Levi”).

Amalie R. Rothschild’s Fillmore photographs and more are currently on exhibit at the Soho Triad Fine Arts, (April 7-May 21, 2000) at 107 Grand Street in Manhattan, btw. Mercer and Broadway. Tel (212) 965-9500


“What is Jewhoo?”

March 6, 2000

Jewhoo is not a general search of other sites. Although some other sites erroneously list Jewhoo as a general search engine. Jewhoo is an inter-active celebrity list with a search engine. Well-known Jewish persons in a wide variety of fields are listed on the site, organized by category. If you click on actors, you will see a list of Jewish actors. All names are alphabetical by first name in the category, and clicking on a name automatically performs an AltaVista search on each individual.

Our site search engine is currently limited. We hope to improve in the not too distant future. The best way to find someone listed on the site is to put the person’s name in the search engine without quotations. If you put in a term like “actors” you are going to get scores of references. So don’t do this. But if you are looking for an actor, for example, it is just as easy to click on actors as scroll down. If you are unsure of the category, a search may be quicker. If you get nothing, either the person is not listed on the site or you badly mis-spelled the name.

We do not currently have a category of religious figures, either post-biblical or biblical. A few of the most notable post-biblical religious figures are listed on the site. We are currently deciding whether to add such a category.

We have started to create an extensive links page. It should be up in a two weeks and will be updated and expanded frequently. Jewhoo’s staff has become familiar with much of the Jewish web as we have tried to improve our own site. We hope to share that knowledge with our visitors and if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you can check out our links page or you can e-mail us. Serious requests for information will be answered.

The purpose of Jewhoo is to celebrate the contributions of Jews to civilization. Whether that is an actor, a Nobel Prize winner, an opera singer, a rock and roll star, a painter, or a baseball player. Visitors are welcome to suggest names of persons to be listed, but all names are reviewed before being placed on the site. Please see our frequently asked questions link for more information about adding names. If you want a link to your site, contact us.

We want Jewhoo to be more than lists. We have added an editor’s column and we hope the material in the columns will enlighten and sometimes amuse you. We try to bring a sense of humor to the listings. We feel most visitors don’t want to surf through a dry reference guide. The web is full of those. We want to entertain you as well as enlighten you.


Jewhoo! Editor


Landsman is a Yiddish word for “countryman”. Among Jews of a previous generation, it would be used to mean a Jew from the same village, city, or region, depending on the context. In the United States, it is often used to refer to another Jew. Many Jews today may not know the term, but they play the game anyway. It is particularly delicious to find out that someone who is famous, but is not obviously Jewish, is Jewish. Great LTL Jewish finds include Dinah Shore (blond with a Southern accent), Leslie Howard (who played Ashley Wilkes in Gone With The Wind, the personification of Southern aristocratic gentility), and Harris Barton (former offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers-not a position associated with Jews). Some people call it finding “members of the tribe.” I personally like the old fashioned term.

Playing LTL is a little less interesting today than it was a generation ago when Jewish actors had to change their names to be acceptable to the general public. Or that was the perception that mostly Jewish-run film studios had. These name changes provided one of the most amusing and interesting aspects of LTL. Kirk Douglas is Izzy Demsky, Tony Curtis is Bernie Schwartz, and so on. In fact, until thirty years ago, one would be hard-pressed to find a major Jewish actor or actress who did not change their name. Jews, of course, were not the only ones to have to change their names. Italian-American and Hispanic performers often did the same thing. (Vicki Carr was born Florence Casillas; Anne Bancroft was Anna Italiano). I expect Italian- Americans and Hispanic-Americans sometimes play locate the paisan or locate the compadre.

Now the LTL game has an element of nationalistic or group pride. But that is more than okay within limits. In part the game stems from the emotion that says, see, world, you’ve beaten us down, drove us from country to country, and we came back and produced outstanding scientists, entertainers, writers, etc. These two facts are probably not unrelated. If one is an outsider, as Jews were, they sought niches where they could make it. The Jewish guys who founded Hollywood would not have got a job interview with a major American company. So they went out and founded their own industry. In entertainment, you make it based on box office, not birth. In comedy, it helps to see the world from an outsider perspective to be better able to comment on the funny quirks. I note that several non-Jewish Canadian comedians like John Candy and Mike Myers have become leading American comedians in recent years. It is kind of the same thing-they grew up with an outsider perspective. They were familiar with American culture, but a little outside it. Perfect training for a comedian.

The same thing goes for scientists. Close to half the Germans who won the Nobel Prize in some science category before WWII were fully or partially Jewish. Jews were less than five percent of the German population. Even before the Nazis, Jews had to put up with “polite” forms of discrimination like the denial of better teaching posts. To move up, they had to be better than their non-Jewish colleagues and were conditioned, in a subtle sense, not to accept the conventional wisdom in their field. Combined these factors make for great scientists. Just last year yet another Jewish refugee scientist from Austria (now 82 years old) won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. I sometimes think there is a grim race going on: whether the last Nazi war criminal will be tried before the last Jewish refugee scientist from Germany or Austria wins a Nobel Prize or vice versa. LTL with these scientists has a haunting a nd poignant resonance: “see Germany, Austria, etc., what you have lost to the United States and other countries.” And I think about how many great scientists to-be were killed before they could bring their gifts to the world.

Now when it comes to Sports and the Military, somewhat different emotions come into play. Jews, for cultural reasons, were not encouraged to into Sports until comparatively recently. It was viewed as a distraction from studies and making a living. And there was some discrimination against Jewish athletes. Therefore, when a Jew makes it in professional sports, other Jews enjoy the “exception” to the rule. This explains why David Cone, star pitcher for the Yankees, was inundated with inquiries as to his faith when he broke into the Major Leagues. No, he politely replied, he was not Jewish.

For most of the last two thousand years, Jews were prevented, with some exceptions, from serving in European armies and had insufficient numbers or resources to counter official or unofficial violent attacks. Consequently, until the creation of the State of Israel, violence and the military were viewed as something non-Jewish. So when a Jew achieved a high military rank, or won a major decoration, it was a refutation of the image of the passive Jew who will take anything. The Jewish military prowess in the creation of the State of Israel did not come out of a vacuum: it was fostered by the many Jews who gained experience when they fought for America, with or for Britain, Russia, or even, ironically, for Germany or Austria in the First World War. For all these reasons, Jews like to hear about Jews who lead armies or win the Medal of Honor.

The reaction against the “passive Jew “stereotype explains the mixed emotions that Jews have about the “golden age” of Jewish gangsters in the 1930’s: Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz, etc. During their heyday, these guys were viewed as a shame on the community. But behind the shame was a certain pride that some Jews would punch back and use a gun. Continued fascination with these figures explains the brisk sale of the recent book “Tough Jews” about these gangsters and some recent movies.

Meanwhile, other “tough Jews” formed about forty percent of the American volunteers who went to Spain to in the 1930’s to fight the fascists in the Spanish Civil War. Unfortunately the only American movie about the war was “For Whom The Bell Tolls” in which the hero is a lone American WASP played by Gary Cooper. So these guys are largely forgotten, as is their Jewishness.

In this respect, these “tough” Jews are no different from any other group whose presence has been written out of popular or Hollywood history. In the Hollywood movie, it was Andy Jackson and his Kentucky men who won the Battle of New Orleans. In fact, up to half of the troops were Frenchmen and Spaniards from the City, with a large admixture of “free people of color” as they were then called. Similarly, most people never find out that among the soldiers killed defending the Alamo there were a number of Hispanic-Texans as well as one French Jew. Not just John Wayne.

So another aspect of LTL game is find out that Jews were an important presence in places one would not expect. Whether it was in the Spanish Civil War or the settling of the American West. Levi Strauss is known, but not the fact that every Gold Rush County in California has a Jewish cemetery that dates back to the Gold Rush. I would call this the “see, we were there, too, “ variation of LTL.

A most complicated and disputed area of “LTL” are Jews who converted to Christianity because of pressure, or because they could advance their careers, or out of conviction. As editor of Jewhoo!, I list some of them on the site for “informational purposes”. One cannot understand Jewish history if one does not understand what motivated so many famous Jews or their parents to convert-Marx, Heine, Felix Mendelsohn, and Disraeli. The story is largely the same for each of these figures. As Heine said, “conversion was the ticket of admission to Western civilization”. Ironically, had they not converted, would they be remembered? Disraeli, for example, could not have become Prime Minister.

In my heart, I have a softer spot for some converts than others. I am sympathetic to Heine, the great German poet, who converted for career reasons and always regretted it. (His work was so popular that the Nazis kept some of it in print with the notation “author unknown”). I also have a soft spot for Benjamin Disraeli, the great Prime Minister of England in the 19th century. His father converted the family. However, he was always viewed as a Jew, he helped overseas Jews, and he made the greatest prideful response to an anti-Semitic remark ever made. A moronic Member of Parliament made a speech attacking Disraeli and concluded his remarks with these words to Disraeli: “You are a Jew”. Disraeli immediately replied:”Yes, sir, I am a Jew, and when the right honorable gentlemen’s ancestors were savages on an unknown Island, mine were priests in the Temple of Solomon”.

LTL is a game in its own right and a door to understanding the cultures of virtually every European civilization and some non-European civilizations as well. As Disraeli said, Jews have been around a long time and ended up in virtually very country. If you find a famous Jew from a country and research his background a little, you enter not only into his world, but also into the world around him. How did he get there? How was he received in this country? What did his success say about his country and culture?

And, of course, there is just the fun aspect. Best expressed in the following lines: “did you hear that___________is Jewish?” “No, not______.” Yeah, I (heard it from, read it in)”. “Jeeze, I never thought________was Jewish.”

As editor of Jewhoo!, I welcome submissions from everyone. We want this site to grow and to be as accurate as possible. We welcome one and all to help us “locate the landsman”. You do not have to be “a member of the tribe” to join in. Please see our frequently asked questions column for more information on what standards we use for inclusion and other information.



Ada Issac Menken - Beautiful & “shocking”, she was one of the most popular 19thC. American actresses. Alternately claimed to be an octaroon, Irish, or a Portuguese rabbi’s daughter. She married an American Jew & identified as a Jew. (Including not performing on Yom Kippur & leading a protest against Jews being excluded from the House of Commons). Her most famous role was as Mazeppa-she was clad only in a flesh colored body stocking & tied to a horse that raced across the stage. Baron Rothschild had a memorial placed on her Paris grave.

Alex Borstein - She is a regular cast member of the “MAD-TV” television series. Full first name is Alexandrea.

Ali MacGraw - A reliable correspondent tells us the in Ms. MacGraw’s autobiography she discloses that her mother was Jewish, her father not. Star of “Love Story” and “Goodbye, Columbus”.

Now mostly on infomercials because her acting ability was, to say the least, modest. Alicia Silverstone - Star of “Clueless”, “The Babysitter”. Yes, she is most assuredly Jewish. She told “People” Magazine that she had a traditional Jewish upbringing, loved her Bat Mitzvah, and went to Temple four or five times a week when growing up.

Alla Nazimova - Legendary silent film actress.

Star of Russian and American stage.

Born Mariam Leventon.

Ally Sheedy - The Forward, famous Jewish newspaper, recently reported that this veteran member of the brat pack (“Breakfast Club”, etc) is Jewish.

Update: The NY Daily News also reported Ms. Sheedy as Jewish.

In fact, she and Donovan Leitch (actor son of the 60’s folk rocker Donovan) hosted a Chanukah bash at the NYC Club “Lucky Cheng’s”.

Ms. Sheedy and Mr. Leitch recently co-starred in the well-received rock musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, which is to be made into a film.

(It is likely that her father is not Jewish) Amanda Peet - Very attractive young actress who is rapidly becoming a star.

Star of “Jack and Jill” TV series.

Starring roles in “Whole Nine Yards”, “Whipped” (coming soon).

Featured roles in “Southie”, “She’s The One”, “One Fine Day”, Simply Irresistible”, others.

Told Allure magazine, in talking about life in California, “It’s so upsetting to think it’ll be sunny all the time, even in December.

The thought of Santa Claus with palm trees and fake cotton snow is very disturbing to me, and I’m a Jew!” Amy Irving - Star of “Carrie”; “Crossing Delancey”.

1st wife of Steven Speilberg.

Got incredible divorce settlement.

Father, Jewish.

Mother, not.

Raised Christian Scientist.

Ann Turkel - Stunningly beautiful actress who made a number of unmemorable films in the ‘70’s through the mid-90’s.

She was married to actor Richard Harris (not Jewish) for a while.

Annabelle Gurwitch - Best known as the co-host of TBS’s “Dinner and A Movie”.

She has appeared in supporting roles in quite a number of movies Including “The Cable Guy” and “One Night Stand”.

Also guested on “Seinfeld”, others.

Also an entertainment writer.

Our source tells us that “Anne” was her given first name.

Anne Meara - Well-known as part of the comedy team of Stiller and Meara.

On “Archie Bunker’s Place”.

Broadway actress.

Convert to Judaism.

Mother of Ben Stiller.

An Irish Catholic by birth, she and Jerry Stiller are honorary members of the (this is real) “Loyal League of the Yiddish Sons of Erin”.

An organization of Irish Jews in NY.

They serve green matzoh ball soup during their annual St.

Patrick’s Day dinner.

Annie Sprinkle - Star of adult filMs. One of the few actresses in such films that Jhoo could verify as Jewish.

Born Ellen Steinberg.

Anouk Aimee - Beautiful leading lady of 1950s and 60s European cinema.

Born Fran�oise Sorya Dreyfus.

Best known as the star of film “A Man and a Woman”.

Ari Meyers - Former child star of “Kate and Allie”.

Many roles since including “How to Make An American Quilt”.

It took a little while, but we confirmed this entry.

Barbara Bach - Born Barbara Goldbach.

Bombshell actress who was in “Caveman” and other not so memorable filMs. Wife of Ringo Starr.

Her father was Jewish, her mother not.

Not to be confused with Catherine Bach, who starred in “The Dukes of Hazard”.

Barbara Bain - Star of “Mission Impossible” and “Space 1999”.

Married to actor Martin Landau (Jewish) for over twenty years, they are now divorced.

Born Millie Fogel.

Barbara Barrie - Well-known actress who is now playing the role of “Nana” in “Suddenly Susan”.

Also played Barney Miller’s wife on “Barney Miller”.

Many other roles.

While in college, she was in the same Jewish national sorority that Ruth Bader Ginsberg and astronaut Judith Resnik, among others, were in.

Barbara Eden - Best known as the “genie” on hit ‘60’s TV sit-com, “I Dream of Jeannie”.

Born Barbara Huffman.

Listed as Jewish in many “list” books, Jewhoo has a tiny lingering doubt.

UPDATE: A visitor tells us that Ms. Eden was the subject of a recent TV special, which he believes was on “Lifetime”.

She mentioned being baptized in the same church she married her 3rd husband in.

Therefore, our doubt may have been justified.Final update: Well, in a recent “A&E” special, Eden mentioned singing in her church choir as a child.

So, many sources over the years have been wrong.

Someone makes a mistake, and it is repeated.

We broke this chain.

Barbara Harris - Tony-award winning actress.

Movies include “Plaza Suite”.

Born Sandra Markowitz.

Barbara Hershey - Beautiful actress who starred in “Hannah and Her Sisters”,”Beaches”, many other films, and now appears on “Chicago Hope”.

Born Barbara Herzstein.

In one report, it is noted that her father is Jewish, her mother is not.

This is likely accurate.

Jhoo will update when we have more info.

Barbi Benton - Hugh Hefner’s long-term girlfriend in the ‘70’s and Playboy Playmate. Was a regular on “Hee Haw” (absurdly enough) until her “star” faded. Born Barbara Klein.

Barbra Streisand - Star of “Funny Girl”; “Yentl”(which she directed), many others. Deserves credit for being the first actress to not tone down her NY Jewish persona for popular approval. Jason Gould, her son with Elliot Gould, has some minor acting credits and directed “Inside Out”, a documentary film about what it is like to be the child of famous parents.

Beatrice Arthur - Star of “The Golden Girls” and “Maude”. Born Bernice Frankel. She was married for close to thirty years to Broadway and film director Gene Saks (who is Jewish). They are now divorced.

Bebe Neuwirth - Two-time Emmy Award winner for “Cheers” (as Lilith)Twice Tony Award winner. Extremely talented singer and dancer as well as comedic actress.

Bette Midler - Actress and singer. “The Rose”, “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”, many others. One of the few Jewish people born and raised in Hawaii.

Bonnie Franklin - Star of “One Day At A Time”. She is hosting an interview show (carried on a limited number of stations) in which she interviews Jewish celebrities.

Calista Flockhart - Because many people have asked—the answer is that we don’t know for sure, but we don’t think she is Jewish. Flockhart is an old Scottish name, which is just fine for a “wee lass” like Calista.

Camryn Manheim - Now starring in TV’s “The Practice”. Just published book about her life and weight problem: “Wake Up, I’m Fat”.(This is not a cruel joke, this is the title of her book. Go to to confirm). Born Debra Manheim.

Carmel Myers - The darkly beautiful Myers was a devout Jew & a major silent screen actress. Stagestruck, she persuaded her father, a San Francisco rabbi, to let her go to Hollywood. Myers acted in “Intolerance”, the D.W. Griffith classic (her father was a techical advisor). The story is told that her friend, legendary actress Mary Pickford, made an anti-Semitic joke in her presence. When she found out Myers was Jewish, she was so upset she became a major long time benefactor of a Jewish old age home.

Carol Bruce - Best known for playing the owner of the radio station in the ‘70’s hit comedy, “WKRP In Cincinnati”. (Sylvia Sydney, who was also Jewish, played this role in the pilot). Born Shirley Levy.

Carol Kane - Star of many films and TV shows. “Simka” on “Taxi”. Simka means a happy event in Yiddish. Best Jewish role in film “Hester Street”.

Carol Rosenthal - Cast member on TV’s “In Living Color”. Some supporting roles in filMs. Carole Shelley - English Jewish actress who is best known for her comic turn as “Gwendolyn Pigeon” one of the memorable “Pigeon” sisters fashion in the “Odd Couple” movie. She reprised this role in the series. Many character parts since, including a number of voice-only roles.

Caroll Baker - Actress who was hot in the early ‘60’s w/her starring roles in “Harlow”, “How the West was Won”, and “The Carpetbaggers”. Converted when she married Jack Garfein, who directed her in “Something Wild”. Now divorced, we do not know if she still considers herself Jewish.

Carolyn Jones - Actress best known for playing “Morticia” in the “Adams Family” television show. Converted when she was married to Aaron Spelling. Unclear whether she considered herself Jewish after the marriage ended in divorce. Died in 1983.

Carrie Fisher - Best known as “Princess Lea” on “Star Wars”. Father, Eddie Fisher is Jewish. Mother, Debbie Reynolds. is not. Now top screenwriter. Married to Paul Simon for about one month. Joely Fisher is her half-sister.

Catherine Zeta Jones - Up for informational purposes. There was a report that this Welsh Catholic actress, who just married Michael Douglas, was thinking of converting. Michael denies the report but says that their child will be raised “as I was raised”. Michael identifies as Jewish so we assume this means Jewish. Although he was raised “nothing”.

Cathy Silvers - Daughter of actor Phil Silvers. Best remembered for playing Joanie’s best friend, Jenny Piccolo, on “Happy Days”. Also had a role in the “Sgt. Bilko” movie with Steve Martin. She has retired from acting. We are almost certain her mother is not Jewish.

Cecilia Roth - Argentine Jewish actress who mostly recently starred in “Todo sobre mi madre” or in English “All About My Mother”. This film by famous Spanish director Pedro Almod�var won the 2000 Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Charlotte Zucker - Mother of directors/producers Jerry and David Zucker who shows up in minor roles in both her boys filMs. All sons should be so nice.

Cindy Margolis - Very sexy model who has appeared in both “Austin Powers” movies.

She is scheduled to have her own talk show, no surprise there.

She holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most downloaded picture site on the Web.

Remarkably, she does not “do nudity” and perhaps that has added to her allure.

As a public service to the community, the following is the URL of Cindy’s wedding photos—they feature two, count ‘em, two rabbis. Claire Bloom - English film and stage actress.

“Brideshead Revisited”.

Recently wrote nasty memoir of her life with ex-hubbie Phillip Roth.

He hit back with thinly disguised novel of marriage;”I Married a Communist”.

Bloom has also appeared in two Woody Allen films, once playing actress Helen Bonham- Carter’s mother.

(Bonham-Carter has some Jewish ancestry on her mother’s side; unclear from the source, either a grandparent or great grandparent).

Claire Danes - Actress best-known for her role in “My So Called Life”.

Up with a huge asterisk.

According to some reports, she is studying to convert in anticipation of marrying Australian Jewish rock musician, Ben Lee.

Up mostly to let you know that Jhoo is on top of the news.

Claudia Lonow - Best known for playing the character “Diane Fargate” on ‘80’s TV series “Knots Landing”.

Now producing.

Born Claudia Rappaport.

Cyd Charrise - Actress-Dancer in 50’s film musicals.

Fred Astaire’s film partner.

With a heavy heart, Jhoo has to announce that Cyd, listed as Jewish in many books, is not.

We have received info.

to the contrary that is credible.

To people who ask, Fred Astaire almost certainly had some Jewish ancestry.

However, he was not born or raised Jewish and the ancestry was remote.

Daliah Lavi - Israeli-born actress who had a brief run in the 60’s as a “bombshell” w/a spectacular figure.

In “The Silencers” w/Dean Martin; “Catlow”, w/ Yul Brynner.

Dani Behr - Very attractive young English actress.

She is best known as a “presenter” in Britain—the American term would be “host”.

She became a household name in the U.K.

as the host of “The Word”—a somewhat raunchy early ‘90’s program geared to a young audience.

Made her film acting debut in the well-received boxing film “Like It Is”.

Danielle Harris - Star of “Halloween 4 and 5”,” “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead”, “The Last Boyscout”.

Debra Messing - Best known as the co-star of the new series “Will and Grace”.

Ms. Messing is a graduate of Brandeis.

Oscar-winning director Sydney Pollack (see directors) has a recurring role in the series as Will’s father.

Debra Winger - Hot star in the early ‘80’s w/Terms of Endearment, “An Officer and A Gentleman”, “Urban Cowboy”.

Still doing good work.

She spent part of her teen years in Israel and served in the Israeli army for a short time.

Jhoo saw an interview in which she noted she is raising her son (w/ Tim Hutton) Jewish.

Dianne Wiest - UP with a big asterisk.

Many people have asked about this fine actress who has twice won the Oscar for Best Supporting actress (“Bullets Over Broadway” and “Hannah and Her Sisters”).

We know all about her parents and that her husband is a guy named Sam Cohn.

But we just haven’t found a source that tells us whether she is Jewish.

Didi Conn - Born Didi Bernstein.

Had title of most annoying voice until Fran Drescher.

“Frenchy” in movie “Grease”.

Regular on “Benson”.

Her brother is Richard Bernstein, a fast-rising young (and handsome) opera singer.

She is married to Oscar-winning film composer David Shire (who is Jewish).

Dina Meyer - Appeared in the movie “Dragon Heart”, several other roles.

Dinah Manhoff - A star of “Grease”.

Best known for her role in TV’s “Empty Nest”.

Daughter of actress Lee Grant.

Dinah Shore - Singer, actress, talk show host.

Born and raised in Tennessee as Frances (Fanny) Rose Shore.

With her sweet southern accent and blond hair, she ranked high among stars that few people knew were Jewish.

One of our visitors related a nice story.

Her father (who taught at Vanderbilt) tutored Dinah and attended a seder at her home.

Dinah graduated from Vanderbilt.

Donna Pescow - Actress who made 1st notable appearance in Saturday Night Fever (wanted Travolta).

Star of “Angie” TV series; now on Gen’l Hosp.


Doris Roberts - Character actress now playing “Marie Barone”, Raymond’s mother in the hit series “Everyone Loves Raymond”, also “Mildred Krebs” in “Remington Steele”.

Dyan Cannon - Blond actress perhaps best remembered for role in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”.

Her daughter with Cary Grant—Jennifer Grant, is an actress.

Ms. Cannon’s mother was Jewish, father not.

We have confirmed some visitor info.

Not only is Ms. Cannon now an evangelist to the Hollywood community, she is a star on Pat Robertson’s “CBN” web site.

Well, she’s off our gift list.

Elaine May - Actress, screenwriter, director, comedian.

Started as half of Nichols/May comedy team.

Star of “A New Leaf” with Walter Matthau.

Born Elaine Berlin.

Elaine Stewart - Actress best known for her work in the 1950’s.

She had a spectacular figure and starred in “Brigadoon” and several other filMs. In the 1970’s, she dealt cards on the popular game show “Gambit”.

Her most memorable line was in the film “The Bad and The Beautiful”.

She played an actress who was familar with Hollywood “casting couch”.

When told a producer (played by Kirk Douglas) was a great man, she said “There are no great men, buster.

There’s only men”.

Born Elsy Steinberg.

Eleanor Bron - British actress who appeared in “Help” and “Women in Love”.

Played Patsy’s mother on TV’s “Absolutely Fabulous”.

Eleanor Parker - Most popular in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s.

Best remembered for playing the “Baroness” in “The Sound of Music”.

Also starred in the gritty film “Detective Story” w/Kirk Douglas; and 2 camp classics: “Caged”-great women’s prison film and “The Naked Jungle”-sexual tension, attacking army ants, shrunken heads, and Charlton Heston-all in living color.

(Convert to Judaism.) Elina Lowensohn - Rumanian-born daughter of a concentration camp survivor.

Film and TV actress: “Six Ways to Saturday”; appeared as Jerry Seinfeld’s Rumanian gymnast girlfriend in Seinfeld.

Elisabeth Bergner - Born Elisabeth Ettel.

Began career on stage in Germany with Max Reinhardt.

Made classic British films in the 1930’s: “As You Like It” and “Elizabeth the Great.” Nominated for an Oscar for “Escape Me Never” (1935).

Elisabeth Shue - It is actually spelled Elisabeth, but for the benefit of people who search for “Elizabeth” on the search engine-you found her.

Ms. Shue became a star with her Oscar nominated role in “Leaving Las Vegas”.

Many other roles.

Clarifying what we know.

Ms. Shue’s father is Jewish.

We believe her mother was/is not, although she may have converted.

We believe she was raised Jewish.

Our source is not precise on these last points.

Visitor help welcome.

Elisabeth’s brother is actor Andrew Shue.

Elizabeth Berkley - Not very good actress who was hyped as the star of “Showgirls”, the expensive bomb about Las Vegas showgirls.

Pretty to look at, Jewish, but she needs some real help with the acting part of being an actress.Born Nehama Prina.

Elizabeth Taylor - Converted when she married film producer Mike Todd.

He died in air crash; and Liz the widow was comforted by soon to be hubbie #4, Eddie Fisher.

So, sports fans, #3 and #4 were Jewish.

However, contrary to rumor, Liz and Marilyn did not speak Yiddish so Jayne Mansfield wouldn’t know what they were saying.

Ellen Barkin - Bronx-born actress who starred in “Sea Of Love”, “Diner”, “Man Trouble”.

Formerly married to Gabriel Byrne, now engaged to Revlon zillionaire Ron Perelman.

Ron gives a lot of money to charity, but his personal behavior is usually described as somewhere between atrocious and awful.

Good luck, Ellen.

Update (6/00)-Well, she married Ron & the first spouses of the bride & groom were in attendance.

(Barkin is the 4th Mrs.


Elsa Zylberstein - French actress who is becoming an international star.

“Metroland”; “Jefferson in Paris”.

Emma Samms - English- born star of “Dynasty” and “The Colbys” as Fallon Carrington Colby; also star of General Hospital soap; many other appearances.

Her father is Jewish; it is unclear whether her mother is.

Born Emma Samuelson.

Estelle Getty - Born in 1924, she is best remembered for her role as “Sophia”, Bea Arthur’s mother in “The Golden Girls”.

Her married name is Estelle Gettleman.

Estelle Harris - Best known for playing Mrs.

Constanza on Seinfeld.

In a published interview, Jerry Stiller (Mr. Constanza, Jewish), said that “the Constanzas were Jews in a witness protection program”.

Estelle Reiner - Mother of Michael; Wife of Carl.

One very memorable film role: as customer in “When Harry Met Sally”; she says “I’ll have what she’s having” when Meg Ryan finishes faking orgasm in restaurant.

Ethel Merman - NOT JEWISH.


Born and raised Lutheran.

Her husband of 32 days (who was in her weight class) was Ernest Borgnine.

Apparently some list floats around the web that says he is Jewish.

His real name is Ermes Effron Borgino, and he is the son of southern Italian immigrants.

While “Effron” is curious, it is extremely unlikely that he is Jewish given the tiny number of Italian Jewish immigrants to America.

Especially from the south of Italy.

UPDATE: Well, we were contacted by a relative of Borgnine’s second wife (after Merman) who confirmed that Borgnine did indeed convert to Judaism when he married the relative in the ‘50’s.

This fact is hardly known and the web list we have seen mis-spells his “real” name to sound much more “Jewish”.

But, in a weird way, we stand corrected.

Eva Gabor - Eva starred in “Green Acres”.

Her sister Zsa Zsa hasn’t done anything since the ‘50’s except hit cops.

Jewish origins unadmitted until proved recently.

Both Zsa and Magda Gabor were married at one time to good actor George Sanders—explains his classic suicide note; “I’m bored”.

Fanny Brice - Star of the “Ziegfeld Follies”.

Her life was the subject of the “Funny Girl” movies with Barbra Streisand.

Felicity Kendal - English actress who is best known in America for her co-starring role in the charming comedy “Good Neighbors”, shown on many PBS stations.

She is well-known in Britain for both her stage & television work.

She is a convert to Judaism.

Florence Halop - Best known as Baliff Florence Kleiner on ‘80’s sit-com “Night Court”.

Her brother was actor Billy Halop.

Florence Stanley - Not a major star, but the editor of the site went to summer camp w/her son’s friend.

Played Abe Vigoda’s wife in the short-lived Barney Miller spin-off “Fish”.

Many character parts, Including “Odd Couple II”.

Fran Drescher - Star of the “Nanny”, who replaced Didi Conn as the star with the most annoying voice.

Unlike her character, she is actually married to a Jewish guy.

Trivia question: Other than the short-lived “Brooklyn Bridge”, and Rhoda’s parents, can anyone out there think of a Jewish married couple in a television show in the last thirty years? E-mail us.

UPDATE—Several people have.

We may write a short piece.

But, in SHORT, Bernie’s parents in “Bridget Loves Bernie”; Jerry Seinfeld’s parents.

Barney Miller & his wife (enough script evidence); Richard Kind and Leila Kenzle in “Mad About You” (enough script evidence); Kathy Griffin in “Suddenly Susan” who marries a rabbi on the program.

Ms. Griffin is not Jewish in real life.

More welcome.

(Infrequent parent appearances and very minor characters excluded).

Gabrielle Carteris - Best known as “Andrea Zuckerman” on Beverly Hills 90210.

She was born in America of Greek Jewish parents.

Georgia Brown - British actress who originated role of “Nancy” in musical “Oliver”.

Played Worf’s mother on Star Trek, the Next Gen.

Gertrude Berg - No surprise here.

Was the star of the radio and TV series “The Goldbergs” (on TV in early ‘50’s).

In 1962, she starred in the “Gertrude Berg Show”, in which she was supposed to go to college.

The co-star of the show was Karyn Kupcinet, daughter of Irv Kupcinet, famous Chicago columnist.

Karyn was murdered in 1963.

The case has never been solved.

Gilda Radner - Actress and comedian.

Star of Sat.Night Live.

Wife of Gene Wilder; died of cancer far too young.

Gina Belafonte - Daughter of singer/actor Harry Belafonte (not Jewish) and dancer Julie Robinson (Jewish).

Gina was a series regular for several years on “The Commish” (as Officer Pagan).

Her half-sister is the much more famous actress Shari Belafonte.

Shari’s mother is not Jewish.

Her husband since 1989 is actor Sam Behrens, who is Jewish.

A visitor tells us that Shari is seen wearing a “chai” in her (9/00) photo “spread” for Playboy.

We do not know if this has any significance as to her formal religious affiliation.

(Note: “Chai” is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the name of the letter is also the word for life.

Hence its popularity as a pendant among Jewish and some non-Jewish people).

Gina Gershon - Sexy star of “Showgirls”, “Face-Off”, “Bound”, others.

Star of the short-lived series, “Snoops”.

Was coy about being Jewish until just recently when she “came out of the closet”.

An early role was a small part in the made-for-tv movie “Miss Rose White”.

This is a quite well done, if somewhat slow moving story of an American Jewish woman meeting a sister who was long thought killed in Europe.

Great cast, worth seeing.

Goldie Hawn - Began as ditzy blonde on “Laugh-In”.

“Cactus Flower”, “Pvt.Benjamin”.

Her mother is Jewish, her father is not.

Her daughter is actress Kate Hudson, it is unclear if Kate’s father was Jewish.

Goldie has said she was raised Jewish.

Unclear whether Kate was.

(Goldie went to high school with Ben Stein & Carl Bernstein) Gwyneth Paltrow - Popular thin blond actress in many recent filMs. Best actress in “Shakespeare In Love”.

Father, Bruce Paltrow, director, is Jewish.

Mother, actress Blythe Danner, is not Jewish.

On her father’s side, Paltrow descends from a long line of rabbis.

In a recent interview, Paltrow discussed her connection w/Judaism.

Her brother was bar mitzvah, so we assume she was confirmed as well.

The original family name is “Paltrowich” and there are distinguished members in several countries.

A cousin was Lord Taylor, the late Lord Chief Justice of the United Kingdom.

Hallie Eisenberg - The child actress who has become well-known for her role in Pepsi commercials in which she speaks with a “mafioso’s” voice—when she is not given a Pepsi.

Her brother, Jesse Eisenberg, plays “Kenny Green” on the new Fox series “Get Real”.

Heather Paige Kent - Currently starring as Maddie Keller, the feisty bar maid on TV sitcom “Stark Raving Mad”.

Also played Jenny McCarthy’s roommate on short-lived “Jenny” series.

Her mother was head of the Jewish Home in the Bronx.

Her brother-in-law (Jewish) is Ken Dubrow, lead singer of the heavy metal band “Quiet Riot”.

Hedy Lamarr - Astonishingly beautiful actress who starred in “Ecstasy” and “Samson and Delilah”.

Born Hedwig Kiesler, it is unclear from the sources whether she was Jewish by faith, or was the child of Jewish parents who converted.

Hedy referred to herself as Jewish in a few interviews, however.

At a young age she was forced into a marriage w/a Jewish convert to Christianity.

Incredibly, this toad, an arms merchant, supported the Nazis.

Hedy left him and immigrated to the United States.

Update: Via a source very close to Ms. Lamarr we have learned that she was from an assimilated, but “unconverted” Jewish family of Hungarian background.

Helen Slater - Star of “Supergirl”, Co-Star of “Ruthless People” and “Secret of My Success”.

Real family name is Schlacter.

Contrary to rumor, she is NOT Christian Slater’s sister.

Hermione Gingold - English Jewish stage and film actress who had a delightfully wacky persona and voice.

Starred in “Bell, Book, and Candle” and “Gigi”.

Was a regular on the “Tonight Show” when Jack Paar hosted and often appeared with Merv Griffin.

Ida Kaminska - The last great Yiddish actress; tried to keep Yiddish theatre alive in post-war Poland.

Starred in “Shop on Main Street”, Best Foreign Film Oscar, 1965, moving account of elderly woman facing the Holocaust.

It was made in Czechoslovakia during the brief thaw before the 1968 Soviet invasion.

Ina Balin - Born Ina Rosenberg in Brooklyn.

Actress who seemed like she would do bigger things in the 1960’s, but played minor parts until her death in 1990.

Ione Skye - Actress who seems to be getting increasingly better parts.

Starred in “Mascara” and many other smaller filMs. Her mother is Jewish.

Her father, ‘60s folk-rocker Donovan, is not Jewish.

Her brother is Donovan Leitch, an actor.

He and Ally Sheedy recently hosted a Manhattan Chanukah bash.

Ms. Skye was married, until recently, to Adam Horwitz, Beastie Boy member.

Jacklyn Zeman - Has starred for over twenty years in TV Soap “General Hospital” as Nurse Bobbie Spencer.

Jaime Lynn Sigler - Plays “Meadow” on the HBO series, “The Sopranos.” In an interview on the show “Trackers,” on the new cable channel “Oxygen” she said was a “little Jewish girl from Long Island.

I’m not.

..Italian.” (Oxygen is the new cable station “for women”.

Owned by Disney/AOL/Ophrah, etc.) Jami Gertz - Co-star of “Twister”; also appeared in “Lost Boys” and “Crossroads”.

Starred as “Muffy Tepperman”in TV’s “Square Pegs”.

Several Chicagoland visitors have submitted her name (she’s from Glenview, Il)since Jhoo was mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Thank you Chicago.

Update: We have recently found that Ms. Gertz’s father is a cantor.

Jamie Lee Curtis - Sexy star of many filMs. Father, Tony Curtis, Jewish.

Mother, Janet Leigh, not.

Jamie Luner - Attractive actress who formerly was in “Melrose Place” and “Savannah”.

Joined the cast of the television series “The Profiler” in 1999.

Jane Seymour - Actress in many mini-series; Star of the “Medicine Woman” TV series.

Born Joan Frankenberg.

Her father is Jewish, her mother is not.

She took her name from the 3rd wife of King Henry VIII-there were a lot of films about royalty when she took her stage name.

Correction: Joyce, not Joan is her “real” first name.

Janet Margolin - Very pretty actress w/dark eyes who starred in “David and Lisa” and “Take the Money and Run”.

Died young.

Brother, Stuart Margolin, had role as “jerk” friend on tv’s “The Rockford Files.” Janet Suzman - South African-born, English stage and film actress who played “Alexandra” in “Nicolas and Alexandra”.

Her aunt is Helen Suzman, legendary anti-apartheid activist.

Also played Edwina Mountbatten, Prince Charles great aunt, in a British mini-series.

Edwina was half-Jewish, and her Jewish father’s fortune is what lifted the Mountbattens out of genteel poverty.

Jeannie Berlin - Starred as Charles Grodin’s wife in “The Heartbreak Kid”, Title role in “Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in NY”.

Elaine May’s daughter.

Has not acted on film or TV for many years.

What happened? Jenna Elfman - NOT JEWISH.

Elfman is her married name.

She was born Jennifer Mary Butala.

Her husband, minor actor Bodhi Elfman, is either “fully” Jewish, or just his father is Jewish.

The sources aren’t clear.

Jenna Leigh Green - Played “Libby Chessler” on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, born Jenna Leigh Greenberg.

Jennifer Aniston - NOT Jewish.

A (non-Jewish) Greek American.

Jennifer Connolly - Attractive actress who grew up in Brooklyn and began in music videos.

She has starred or co-starred in a number of films including “Inventing the Abbotts”, “Higher Learning”, and “Waking the Dead”.

Our source, who knows her, says her mother is Jewish.

Her father is not.

Jennifer Grey - Star of “Dirty Dancing” in which she is the Jewish girl seduced by non-Jewish guy in the Catskills; obvious, but not mentioned.

Daughter of Joel Grey, actor.

Grandaughter of Mickey Katz, legendary Klezmer musician.

A few years ago she had so much plastic surgery she is almost unrecognizable.

She needs a shrink, not a plastic surgeon.

Jennifer Jason Leigh - Popular actress whose first major role was in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”.

Born Jennifer Morrow.

Her father was actor Vic Morrow, Jewish, from whom she was estranged.

Unclear, but unlikely that her mother is Jewish.

Jessica Hecht - Played re-current character “Susan Bunch” on TV’s “Friends”.

Jessica Walter - Attractive actress who has appeared constantly on American television since the 1960’s.

Perhaps best remembered for her role as the deranged suitor of Clint Eastwood in “Play Misty for Me”.

She has been in a number of television series, but none seem to last more than a season.

Guest shots on scores of series.

She is married to actor Ron Leibman.

Jill Clayburgh - Oscar nominated actress for “An Unmarried Woman” and “Starting Over”.

Her mother was famed Broadway producer David Merrick’s secretary.

(David Merrick was Jewish).

Jill St.

John - Beautiful red-headed actress who was big in the ‘60’s.

Co-starred in “Diamonds Are Forever” with Sean Connery.

Reported to be quite smart, she dated Henry Kissinger for a time.

In a famous incident, Soviet Premier Breshnev reportedly squeezed her tushy at a reception.

Born Jill Oppenheim.

Joan Blondell - We had long heard one of our favorite actresses was Jewish, and it was confirmed by a scholarly biographical encylopedia.

Joan Blondell was one of the brightest lights of ‘30’s movies-although her career lasted much longer.

Blonde, with big eyes, she played the wise-cracking, but sweet “working girl”.

Some of her best films Including “Footlight Parade”, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” & “The Cincinnati Kid”.

She appeared in TV shows until the late ‘70’s, Including a starring role in “Here Comes The Brides”.

Joan Collins - Star of “Dynasty”.

Her father was Jewish, her mother not.

Joan Copeland - Character actress born Joan Miller.

Playwright Arthur Miller’s sister.

Series regular in “One Life To Live”.

Played Judge Rebecca Stein in seven “Law and Order” episodes.

Joan Rivers - Comedian and actress.

Although her forays into acting have not been successful.

Born Joan Molinsky.

Joanna Frank - She had one really memorable role.

Played Sheila Brackman, Alan Rachins’ incredibly “bitchy” wife on “L.A.


She is married to him in real life.

She is also famous producer Steve Bochco’s sister.

Bochco certainly does not have an anti-nepotism policy.

Joanna Gleason - Film and television actress.

“If These Walls Could Talk”.

Many other roles.

Daughter of Monty Hall, of “Let’s Make A Deal Fame”.

(Yes, Monty is Jewish).

Joely Fisher - She appeared as regular on TV’s “Ellen”.

Father, Eddie Fisher, Jewish.

Mother, actress Connie Stevens, not Jewish.

Judith Godreche - Actress who is described as a “classic French beauty” and “drop-dead gorgeous”.

She is best known to American audiences as “Christine” in the film “Man in an Iron Mask.” Very popular in the French language cinema.

She co-starred in “Ridicule”, which was nominated for best foreign film in 1996.

A veteran Israeli visitor to Jewhoo tells us that an Israeli paper reported her as Jewish and that both sets of her grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants to France.

Judith Light - Actress who played “Angela Bower” on TV’s “Who’s the Boss?”, Ryan White’s Mother in “Ryan White Story”, many other roles.

UPDATE: We had reason to question this entry based on the fact that Ms. Light went to a Catholic H.S.

We are informed that in a recent “Lifetime” special, Ms. Light said she went to a Catholic H.S., but she is Jewish.

In fact, she was not allowed to play the role of “Mary” in a school XMAS play because she is Jewish.

Ms. Light’s protests that being Jewish made her perfect for the part went unheeded.

Ms. Light was bat mitzvah and she went to this school because it was the best choice, given her family’s budget, in an area with bad public schools.

Judith Malina - Founder, w/her husband Julian Beck of the famous avant-garde theater group “The Living Theater”.

Refugee from Germany, her father was a rabbi.

Played Gomez Adams’ mother in the first Adams Family movie.

Judy Garland - NOT Jewish.

Nor is Liza Minnelli.(Her father was Vincente Minnelli, film director, not Jewish).

Judy’s second husband, Sid Luft, was Jewish.Singer Lorna Luft, Liza’s half-sister, obviously had a Jewish father.

Judy Holliday - Big movie star in late ‘50’s.

Star of great comedy films “The Bells are Ringing” and “Born Yesterday” (Best Actress Oscar).

Very smart, despite dumb blonde appearance.

(Her I.Q.

was measured in the 170’s).

Sadly, she died young.

Born Judy Tuvim.

Tuvim can mean holiday in Hebrew.

Judy Kuhn - Broadway actress Julia Louis-Dreyfuss - Star of Seinfeld and Sat.

Night Live.

Comes from a wealthy “historically” Jewish French family.

Not an easy subject to research, we are almost certain that only her paternal grandfather was Jewish.

Julia Roberts - NOT Jewish.

Julianna Margulies - Actress who starred on TV’s “ER”.

She co-starred in film “A Price Above Rubies”, about an unhappy Hasidic woman.

Ms. Margulies’ parents are/were Jewish.

However, her mother converted to Christianity when Julianna was a small child and Ms. Margulies was more or less raised Christian (her parents divorced).

She says she does not consider herself a practicing member of any faith now.

This is an unusual biography and accounts for confusing reports about her ethnic background.

Julie Kavner - Rhoda’s sister on “Rhoda” tv show.

Voice of Marge Simpson.

Great Jewish role as Woody Allen’s mother in “Radio Days”.

Julie Warner - Talented actress who starred in “Doc Hollywood” and “Wedding Bell Blues”.

Now starring as “Danni Lipton” on new series “Family Law”.

Juliet Landau - Daughter of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.

Now appearing in TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as Drusilla, the frail Vampire.

KD Lang - Singer who starred in film “Salmonberries”.

Her mother is Jewish.

See rock and roll for more details.

Correction: One article said her mother is Jewish.

This is inaccurate.

Her maternal great-grandmother is Jewish.

Ms. Lang seems to self-identify as a Jew, noting that she fasted one year on Yom Kippur.

Karen Black - Up with a big asterisk.

This actress, who first became known in “Five Easy Pieces” is reported to be Jewish based on the fact her real name is Karen Blance Ziegler.

She is now a poster girl for “Scientology”.

Anyone really know? UPDATE: This is not definitive—but her father’s name is Norman and her mother is Elsie Reif.

Seems more likely than not—but more help welcome.

Karen Lynn Gorney - Best known as “Stephanie”, Travolta’s trained dance partner in Saturday Night Fever.

Also appeared on “All My Children”.

Father, Jay Gorney, wrote the Depression Era song classic “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”.

Kate Capshaw - Star of “Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom”.

Converted after she met and later married Steven Spielberg.

Katey Sagal - Played Peg Bundy on TV’s “Married With Children”.

Her father was well-known film and television director Boris Sagal.

Kathie Lee Gifford - This person is listed primarily so the editor of this site does not have to deal w/the e-mails about her.

Her father was Jewish, her mother not.

Both she and her father are religious Christians.

Okay, we know.

The children working in her sweatshops probably know by now.

Frank, you can send me the angry letter now.

Kathryn Grody - Character actress and playwright.

Has appeared in about twenty films in supporting roles.

Wife of actor Mandy Pantikin.

Kitty Carlisle - Wife of famous playwright Moss Hart.

Appears in a few movies; but best known as long-time panelist on “To Tell the Truth”.

Born Catherine Holzman.

Probably last person alive who dated George Gershwin.

Ms. Carlisle is the “great lady” of the arts in NY State.

She founded and for 20 years lead the State Commission on the Arts—giving out thousands of grants.

Kyra Sedgwick - Up with an asterisk.

Attractive actress who starred in or has had supporting roles in many films including “Something To Talk About” and “Montana”.

We have seen a “shaky” source that says her mother is Jewish.

Her mother’s maiden name is Rosenwald and Sedgwick has played “very” Jewish characters in two films—so we are inclined to believe the source.

Her father, a banker, comes from a very old “WASP” family.

Visitor help welcome.

Update: It didn’t take long—we located a source who knows her mother’s family.

Her mother is Jewish.

Lainie Kazan - Singer and actress.

Best Jewish role; mother in the classic comedy film, “My Favorite Year”, starring Peter O’Toole.

Laraine Newman - Best known for being part of the original Saturday Night Live cast (1975-80).

Has made a number of television and film apperances since.

Unlike John Belushi, she cleaned up her act before it was too late and has been clean for a long time.

Lauren Bacall - Born Betty Perske.

“To Have and Have Not”;”Key Largo”.

Tony award winner for “Applause”.

She is the first cousin of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

“Perske” is his original family name.

(Bogart was, of course, not Jewish).

Leah Remini - Pretty young actress from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn who has moved over one borough to star in the new comedy “The King of Queens”.

Her mother is Jewish.

Her father is not.

Lee Grant - Very good character actress who starred in many films including “In the Heat of the Night”.

Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Shampoo”.

Blacklisted for a long time for refusing to testify aganist her husband.

Born Lyova Rosenthal.

Her daughter is actress Dinah Manhoff.

Lesley Anne Warren - Pretty actress who should have been in more good movies.

Best role is as bimbo girlfirend in “Victor, Victoria”.

In interesting new film, “Twin Falls, Idaho”, about Siamese Twins.

Lesli Kay Sterling - Plays Molly Conlin on “As the World Turns.” According to her Web page, she had the 1st Bat Mitzvah in West Virginia.

Leslie Grossman - Plays the character “Mary Cherry” on the WB network show, “Popular”.

“Instyle” magazine recently had a feature on her Jewish wedding.

Lila Teigh - Character actress who appeared in “Bloodbrothers” and some other small roles.

Lilli Palmer - Leading lady of international stage and screen, 1930s-80’s.

Born Lily Peyser in Poland.

Lillian Roth - Born Lillian Rutstein.

Actress/singer whose career spanned Broadway and Hollywood, appearing in early talkies such as “The Love Parade” and “Madame Satan”.

Her career declined into alcoholism.

Made a modest comeback after writing her memoirs, “I’ll Cry Tomorrow”, which was made into a film starring Susan Hayward.

(Eds note: she converted to some Christian group as “part” of her treatment).

Lilyan Tashman - Brooklyn-born Jean Harlow type bombshell who made the transition from silents to talkies.

Died of a mysterious ailment in 1936.

None of her talkies are well-known.

Lin Shaye - Veteran character actress who finally got noticed playing “Magda”, Cameron Diaz’s over-tanned and over-sexed neighbor in “There’s Something About Mary”.

Linda Kushell - She was a regular on the show “MAD-TV”.

Now she is co-hosting the Oxygen Cable channel talk show “Pajama Party”.

Linda Lavin - Star of the long-running television series “Alice”.

She was born and raised in Portland, Maine which has a small, but vibrant Jewish community.

Ms. Lavin is both an Emmy and Tony award winner and starred with Natalie Portman in the most recent Broadway production of “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

She was once married to actor Ron Leibman.

Lisa Bonet - Former “Cosby Show” star, playing Denise Huxtable.

She has continued to have a major career, starring in big budget filMs. Her mother is Jewish & her father is a (non-Jewish) African-American.

Married for a while to rock star Lenny Kravitz, whose father was Jewish and mother was non-Jewish African-American (his mother is the late actress Roxie Roker, who played Louise Jefferson’s best friend on the “Jeffersons”).

Update: Ms. Bonet was recently inteviewed by an Israeli paper.

Her parents’ marriage was opposed by both families.

They eventually divorced.

She was raised Jewish and loves kreplach, but not gefilte fish (the sugar).

She is raising her child (with Mr. Kravitz) Jewish.

Lisa Edelstein - Guest actress on many television shows.

Plays character “Bobbi Bernstein” on new series, “Sports Night”.

Lisa Kudrow - Star of TV’s “Friends”.

Okay Friends Fans: Lisa and David are Jewish.

Courtney Cox is not.

Jennifer Aniston is a Greek American, and NOT Jewish.

Matt Le Blanc’s mother has a suspicious sounding last name—but we havent heard anything.

Matthew Perry is NOT.

Two out of six ain’t bad.

Live with it.

Lolita Davidovich - One of our long term “maybes”.

Beautiful actress who starred in “Blaze” and was very hot in the early ‘90’s.

All we could find is that she was born in Toronto of Yugoslav parents.

The number of Jews in the former Yugoslavia was fairly small before WWII and most were murdered during the War.

Therefore, we think it is unlikely that she is Jewish if her parents were post War immigrants.

If anyone knows, let us know.

Lori Capp - Born Lori Kopp.

Young actress who appeared in cult film classic “Slacker”.

Lori Singer - Best known as the star of “Fame” and “Footloose”, she is a talented cellist and active in the Jewish community.

Brother of actor Marc Singer of “Beastmaster” fame.

Louise Lasser - Best known as star of cult tv show “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”.

Once married to Woody Allen.

Luise Rainer - Austrian born Jewish actress who won the Best Actress Oscar in 1936 and 1937 (for “The Great Ziegfeld” and “The Good Earth”).

She was a non-conformist and few good parts subsequently came her way.

She is still very much alive and appeared in a Hungarian film made in 1997.

Once married to playwright Clifford Odets.

Madeline Kahn - Talented comedic actress who starred in “Young Frankenstein”, “Nixon”, “Blazing Saddles” (as “Lili Von Stupp”) and others.

Died in 1999 of ovarian cancer, which is the disease that killed Gilda Radner.

Like Gilda, she was funny and will be missed.

Kahn’s first role was in a satire of Bergman films “The Dove”.

The dialogue is a mixture of Swedish sounding English and Yiddish.

Mae Questel - Appeared in “New York Stories,” “Christmas Vacation,” voice of many cartoon characters Including “Betty Boop”.

Mae West - Its one of those maybe stories.

We will post a full response in the 6/00 e-mails and reduce this entry to the minimum it deserves.

In short, in a great biography it says—Father not Jewish.

Mother, maybe some Jewish ancestry-how much will forever be unclear.

Mother and West practicing Christians.

West not happy w/this “rumor” in her lifetime & unhappy when her brother married a Jewish woman.

Maia Morgenstern - Rumanian actress who works in the international cinema and Rumanian theater.

Born in 1962, she was with the Rumanian State Jewish theater between 1988 and 1990.

She has been with the Rumanian State Theater since 1990.

Her best known film is “Ulysses Gaze”, a difficult film that was a prize winner at Cannes in 1995.

We note that this film, about a Greek filmmaker, is something of an international Jewish actors convention-starring Harvey Keitel, Morgenstern, and Erland Josephson, a Swedish Jewish actor.

Mara Wilson - Child star of “Matilda” and “Miracle on 34th St”.

(remake-not Natalie Wood version).

Ms. Wilson’s mother is Jewish.

Her father is not.

In an amusing interview around the time “Miracle” came out, Mara said she didn’t believe in Santa Claus because “were Jewish”.

Special note: Natalie Wood was not Jewish—she was Russian Orthodox.

Marcia Strassman - Best known for playing Gabe Kaplan’s wife in “Welcome Back, Kotter”.

Maria Friedman - British actress and singer who has been extremely hot in the British musical theater for the last decade.

She has won two prestigious “Olivier” awards.

Starred in the London productions of “Chicago” and Sondheim’s “Passion”.

Also in the well-received play “The Ghetto”.

Currently starring in a musical production of “The Witches of Eastwick”.

A visitor says she saw Friedman in concert and Friedman said she is Jewish.

(Friedman also sang some songs composed by prisoners of a concentration camp).

Friedman appeared as the narrator in the recent PBS production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

Marilyn Monroe - The former Norma Jean Baker was not born Jewish, but converted to marry playwright Arthur Miller.

Marilyn’s certificate of conversion to Judaism just sold for,500 at the auction of her memorabilia.

Crazy, no? In an interview w/the NY Daily News, Miller, now 84, said the auction was “literally like selling the dead” and “reflected a deep sickness in the culture”.

Marisa Berenson - Actress and model.

Perhaps her best role was in “Barry Lyndon”.

Related to the legendary art critic, Bernard Berenson.

Her father is Jewish, her mother not.

Her sister is Berry Berenson, also a top model in the ‘70’s.

Berry was married to Tony Perkins for a time.

Marisa married her second husband, NY lawyer and writer, Aaron Golub, in a Jewish ceremony.

But they are now divorced and it unclear what her religious affiliation, if any, is.

Marisa Ryan - Young actress starred for several years in TV series “Major Dad” as oldest daughter Elizabeth.

Co-star with Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper in the new Mary and Rhoda TV movie as ‘Rhoda’s’ daughter.

Mother Jewish, father not.

Raised in both religions, according to our source.

Marla Maples - Well this one is almost too absurd.

The ex-wife of “The Donald” (Trump—who is not Jewish)--has told the NY Post that she is well on her way to converting to Judaism.

She is engaged to Michael Mailer, producer and son of Norman Mailer.

She told the Post that she and her daughter, Tiffany Trump, are serious students of kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).

Marla has a few acting credits as well as a former career as a model.

Marla Sokoloff - Actress who plays “Lucy” on TV’s “The Practice”.

Marlee Matlin - Beautiful deaf actress who won the Best Actress Oscar in 1986 for “Children of A Lesser God”.

Despite obvious limitations, she continues to work in her field with many film/TV roles since.

Maureen Lipman - English actress.

Not well known in the States, but well-known to English audiences.

Appears in “Smiley’s People” and “Educating Rita”.

Many English TV shows Including “Agony”, shown on some PBS stations.

Mayim Bialik - Actress on TV’s “Blossom”.

Melanie Mayron - Played neurotic Jewish sister of lead character in tv’s “thirtysomething”.

In early roles (“Car Wash”) she looks like a hot Jewish woman with a large nose and a stacked body.

A lot of surgery later, she looks much more WASPish.

Movies don’t require a name change—but a nose job is still important.

Melissa Gilbert - Star of “Little House on the Praire”, many TV movies.

Sister of Sara Gilbert.

She married Bruce Boxleitner, star of “Babylon 5”, in a Jewish ceremony.

We do not know if Mr. Boxleitner is Jewish.

Melissa Rosenberg - Daughter of Joan Rivers.

Played herself in autobiographical movie about family.

Mia Kershner - Very pretty Canadian Jewish actress who starred in the films “Love and Human Remains” and “Exotica”.

She has made a number of American films, Including “Out of the Cold”.

A comer.

Her father is a reporter for the Canadian Jewish news.

Michelle Lee - Star of prime-time soap “Knots Landing”.

Born Michelle Dusick.

She says that she was raised in a Conservative household and observed the major holidays.

Her ex-husband, actor James Farentino, is not Jewish—but their son was raised Jewish and bar mitzvahed.

(People ask us this stuff—so when we know, we sometimes note it.) Michelle Pfeiffer - Not Jewish.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times ran an article in which it was reported that Pfeiffer’s son (with non-Jewish producer David Kelley) was circumcised by a Los Angeles physician who has circumcised the sons of many famous people.

(The mohel to the stars, if you will).

Well, on the doctor’s own web site there is a NY Times article which explains that Ms. Pfeiffer, while not Jewish, wanted a very experienced hand.

And the nature of his practice IS to make house calls.

Mila Kunis - Young Russian born actress who has appeared in “Krippendorf’s Tribe,” “Honey We Shrunk Ourselves,” “Piranha”; “Gia” on HBO.

Currently appears as Jackie on TV’s “That 70’s Show”.

Mili Avital - Beautiful actress who was the star of “Stargate” and other filMs. Also starred as Scherazade in “Arabian Nights” mini-series.

Born in Israel.

Dated David Schwimmer of “Friends” for a while (which reportedly thrilled the Israeli public).

It is unclear whether they are still dating.

Update: On the gossip front, People magazine (5/2000) says that Avital and Schwimmer are still very much a couple.

Mimi Rogers - Very attractive actress who first attracted major attention in the indy film “Rapture”.

She is daring in her film choices and has made many “indy” films, which vary in quality.

We have to say that “Full Body Massage” was an eye-opener.

Co-starred in “Austin Powers (I)” as Elizabeth Hurley’s mother.

Tom Cruise is her ex-husband and both of them are active Scientologists.

Her father, who lived through the holocaust, is Jewish.

Her mother is not Jewish.

Mindy Cohn - Heavy-set actress who played “Natalie Green” on long-running TV sitcom “The Facts of Life”.

Mindy Sterling - Played “Frau Farbissina” in both “Austin Powers” movies.

She is a member of and a teacher with the “The LA Groundlings”, a famous comedy troupe.

Minnie Driver - Not Jewish.

Jewhoo saw an interview with her in which she stated this.

Learned a lot about Jewish culture to play in “Ihe Governess”.

Mixed English, French, and Italian non-Jewish background.

Mira Furlan - Former star of “Babylon 5” as Ambassador Deleen.

Furlan was born in Croatia, and according to the NY Times, was considered the “Meryl Streep” of the former Yugoslavia.

She was an active opponent of the murderous ethnic divisions that boiled over into ruinous civil war.

According to the Times, she became a “pariah” in her native Croatia—in part because she is Jewish—and because she continued to perform in Belgrade, where her husband worked.

She reluctantly immigrated to the US in 1991.

Miriam Margolyes - English Jewish film and stage actress.

She has appeared in over fifty films, mostly in supporting roles.

Molly Picon - Yiddish theater star.

Made many TV appearances as the cute little Jewish old lady.

Natalie Portman - Actress and model.

Starred as Queen Amidala, the most famous “Jewish” Queen since Esther in the Star Wars movie, “The Phantom Menance”.

Okay, she’s hot.

So, here are the straight Jewish facts: born in Jerusalem.

Her father is an Israeli physician and her mother an American (Jewish) woman.

Her family travels back and forth frequently.

She speaks fluent Hebrew.

She was a hit in a new stage production of the “Diary of Anne Frank”, which was a favorite book of hers.

“Portman” is her grandmother’s maiden name.

She took it to protect her family’s privacy.

If you plan to date her, dont take her to a steak house—she’s a strict vegetarian.

We don’t know her shoe size.

Natasha Lyonne - Pretty young star of “Slums of Beverly Hills”; “American Pie”; “Everyone Says I Love You”.

She went to a Jewish High School.

Her father, Aaron Braunstein, is a major boxing promoter and entertainment agent.

The family lived in Israel for six years and her brother served in an elite unit of the Israeli army.

“Lyonne” is a stage name.

Nell Carter - African-American actress and singer who starred in TV series “Give Me A Break”.

Also “Ain’t Misbehavin” and recent “Annie” revival on Broadway.

Converted to Judaism ten years ago.

Nina Hartley - Yes, this star of adult films is really and truely Jewish.

Can you imagine taking her home for a Seder and your mother asking: “Tell me dear, what do you do?” You fill in the imagined dialogue from this point.

Update: First, the best line response to this line we have heard so far is “Imagine if you mother recognized her?” Second, we are reliably informed that Ms. Hartley’s father is not Jewish—but is sort of Jewish “by osmosis”.

Norma Shearer - Major star in the 30’s.

Best remembered today for her role in “The Women”.

She converted from Protestanism to Judaism when she married producer Irving Thalberg and seemed quite devout.

However, she converted to Catholicism when she married a Catholic after Thalberg’s death.

She may be the only “Trifecta” in American history.

(For non-horse racing fans, a trifecta is a type a bet in which you place money on three horses).



Soles - Pretty actress who appeared in “Rock and Roll High School” and as one of the two love-interest MP’s in “Stripes” (she’s the blonde one).

Still very much working.

Mother, Jewish.

Father, not.

Patricia Arquette - Pretty actress best known for “Beyond Rangoon”.

Sister of David and Rosanna.

Mother, Jewish.

Not raised Jewish.

Paulette Goddard - Born Marian Levy.

Wife of Charlie Chaplin.

Star of “Modern Times”.

Almost got role of Scarlett O’Hara.

If she had, both Scarlett and Ashley Wilkes would have been played by Jewish actors.(Special note: Charlie Chaplin was NOT Jewish; his half-brother Sydney had a Jewish father).

Peggy Lipton - Female star of 60’s TV’s show “Mod Squad”.

Once married to Quincy Jones, famous music producer.

Mod Squad had a great tag line: “Three cops: One black, one white, one blonde”.

(Mod Squad proved you could look and act hip, but still hit friends and relatives up side the head.

It is now used as an educational film series in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.) Phoebe Cates - Born Phoebe Katz.

“Fast Times at Ridgemont High”; “Princess Caraboo”.

Her father is a Hollywood Producer who changed his name.

Mother, Amerasian.

Jhoo takes a tiny “leap of faith” that a Hollywood producer w/the name “Katz” is Jewish.

Phyllis Newman - TV and film actress.

Wife of Broadway musical book writer and lyricist Adolph Green.

(Betty Comden, his partner, has never been married to him.) Piper Laurie - Born Rosetta Jacobs.

Leading actress in ingenue parts in the 50’s.

She has stopped and started her career several times.

Nominated for an Emmy for her part in TV’s “Twin Peaks” series.

Best supporting actress Oscar (1961) for “The Hustler”.

Nominated again for this award for “Children of a Lesser God”.

She told the SF Jewish Bulletin: “Back then, everyone was Lana and Rock.

No one had ethnic names.

I would love to still be using my name.

I’ve always felt robbed of something by people not knowing I was a Jew.

But I was so young, and not assertive enough to say no.” Pola Negri - International screen star of 1920s, fled Nazi Germany just before the War.

She was part-Jewish, what part precisely has always been unclear.

Polly Bergen - Up with an asterisk.

Quite a few people have told us that Ms. Bergen converted to Judaism many years ago.

We will try to absolutely confirm.

Ms. Bergen has had a varied career.

As an actress she is perhaps best known for her role in “The Winds of War” and “War and Remembrance”.

She also was a talk show host and a panelist on “To Tell the Truth”.

She also founded a multi-million dollar cosmetics company.

Update: We have confirmed that Ms. Bergen did convert to Judaism when she married Freddie Fields, former head of MGM and leading producer.

The marriage lasted six years.

We do not know whether she still considers herself Jewish.

Rachel Miner - Appeared in the Broadway production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” and used to play Michelle Bauer on the “Guiding Light”.

Married to Macaulay (“Home Alone”) Culkin, both eighteen when wed.

Rachel Chagall - Plays the character “Val Toriello” on the “Nanny”.

Her real name is Rachel Levin.

She took the name “Chagall” because she is related to the famous artist and another actress has the same name.

By sheer coincidence, the daughter of the actress Rachel Levin is a journalist who has written about Jewhoo.

Rachel Ticotin - Pretty actress who is best known for her roles in “Total Recall” (she played the freedom fighter who became Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend) and “Con Air”.

UPDATE: A visitor tells us that she saw an interview with Ms. Ticotin in which she states her father is Jewish.

Her mother is Puerto Rican and not Jewish.

Ms. Ticotin is married to actor Peter Strauss, who is Jewish.

Rachel Weisz - Beautiful British actress who played in “The Mummy”, “I Want You”, etc.

Father, Hungarian Jewish.

Mother, Austrian-Catholic.

Rain Pryor - Actress daughter of famous comedian Richard Pryor & Shelley Bonus, a comedian and actress.

Her mother is Jewish.

Bonus was Pryor’s 4th wife and like Pryor, had a serious drug problem.

Rain starred as “TJ” on ‘80’s sit-com “Head of the Class” & as “Jackie” on the Showtime series “Rude Awakening”.

She, too, had a drug problem but overcame it and now lectures on drug abuse.

Rebecca Pidgeon - British actress and musician who is the wife of playwright David Mamet.

She has appeared in leading roles in Mamet films such as “The Winslow Boy” and “The Spanish Prisoner”.

She has also opened for Lyle Lovett and others playing her own pop/folk compositions.

She is a convert to Judaism.

Both she and Mamet have made Jewish practice a central part of their lives.

Rebecca Schaeffer - Pretty young actress who starred in series “My Sister Sam” and was murdered by stalker.

Her murder led to changes in public records laws.

Rena Sofer - Another of Melrose Place’s many stars.

Her father is an orthodox rabbi.

Will star in a new series in the fall of 1999, “So What?”.

Renee Taylor - Best known now for playing Fran Drescher’s mother in “The Nanny”.

But her best work was w/her husband, Joseph Bolonga (non-Jewish), esp.

the early ‘70’s comedies “Lovers and Other Strangers” and “Made For Each Other”, which they co-wrote.

Rhea Perlman - Star of “Cheers” in which she played Italo-American waitress Carla Tortelli.

In real life she is married to Danny DeVito (non-Jewish, Italo-American).

Ironically, Dan Hedaya, who played her Italian ex-husband, Nick Tortelli, is a Sephardic Jew.

Ricki Lake - Actress and talk show host.

Her first starring role was in the hilarious film “Hairspray” (as the very heavy set Tracey Turnblad).

She made about 15 films and then dropped a lot of weight.

Most notable recent role was as the co-star of “Mrs.


Ricki’s parents recently joined a group led by a Christian television evangelist.

Ricki & her parents are reportedly estranged over their conversion.

They reportedly went on TV and prayed for her.

(Special note: This evangelist is a faith healer, but has an obvious toupee.

Apparently male pattern baldness is a tougher nut than paralysis, etc.) Rita Zohar - Character actress who has appeared in a number of roles.

Good Jewish role in interesting film “A Call To Remember”.

Rosanna Arquette - Actress who starred in “Desperately Seeking Susan”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Crash”.

Sister of Patricia and David.

Mother, Jewish.

Not raised Jewish.

Roseanne - Formerly known as Roseanne Barr, Roseanne Arnold.

Lucky she hasn’t adopted a symbol for her name.

Sit-com star and talk-show host who was raised in Utah.

See also entry on Tom Arnold (actors) for more information.

Sandra Bernhard - Comedian and actress who starred in “Roseanne”; memorable appearance in “King of Comedy”.

Outrageous, but original.

Her family went to a Conservative synagogue and, yes, she went to Hebrew School and was Bat Mitzvahed.

She is now studying Kabbalah to deepen, she says, her ties to Judaism.

Sandra Bullock - Not Jewish.

Sara Gilbert - Young star of Rosanne.

Sister of Melissa Gilbert.

Sarah Bernhardt - Legend of the French Stage.

Considered one of the top 2 or 3 actresses of the 19thC.

Born Rosine Bernard.

Bernhardt is one of those figures whose “Jewishness” was “played-out” in a different world than today.

Her mother was a Dutch Jewish girl who became a very high class courtesan in Paris (the mistress of the ultra-rich).

Bernhardt, “father unknown”, was sent to a convent school & converted as a child.

But she was always viewed as a Jew & attacked as one by fans of other actresses.

(In those days, fans of performers were like sports fans today).

Bernhardt vigorously supported Capt.

Dreyfus during his ordeal and, of course, was attacked as a Jew.

Sarah Brown - Plays the character “Carly Spencer” on the mega-soap “General Hospital”.

Convert to Judaism.

Sarah Jessica Parker - Star of “LA Story”, many others.

Now starring in HBO series “Sex and the City”.

Married to Matthew Broderick (both Sarah and Matthew’s mothers are Jewish, fathers are not).

Sarah has hosted the Hebrew version of Sesame Street, read Jewish folk tales on Nat.

Public Radio, & narrated a documentary on the hasidic community.

The couple apparently had an “official” Jewish wedding & an “unofficial” Episcopal wedding presided over by Broderick’s sister, an Episcopal priest.

Update: Although a print source said Ms. Parker’s father was not Jewish—an acquaintance of her grandfather says he is Jewish.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Star of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

We received a credible report from someone in her family that she is “fully” Jewish.

However, other reports say only her father is Jewish.

We get more questions & e-mails about her than Albert Einstein.

Here is the last word in Gellar chazerai (nonsense) from us.

Go to the site listed below (you will need real audio).

Under Howard Stern’s relentless questioning she seems to admit both her parents are Jewish.

Unless your a big fan, you only have listen to the last ten minutes. Sarah Silverman - Stand-up comedian and actress.

Role as writer on “Larry Sanders Show”.

“Bullworth”;”There’s Something About Mary”.

Selma Blair - Very attractive young actress who stars as Zoe Bean in the Warner Brothers series “Zoe”.

Also co-starred in the hit film “Cruel Intentions”.

An Israeli visitor was kind enough to relay the highlights of an interview w/an Israeli paper.

Since we so rarely get this level of “Jewish detail”—here goes: Went to Hebrew school; Hebrew name “Bat-Sheva”; has a Jewish boyfriend and wants to marry a Jewish guy.

Selma Diamond - Gruff voiced actress who starred as bailiff on “Night Court”.

She was a comedy writer and the model for Sally, the comedy writer on the Dick Van Dyke show.

Shari Lewis - Comedic actress/puppeteer who never seemed to grow old.

Baby boomers cried when she died recently, remembering her and “Lambchop”.

Her father, Dr.

Abraham Hurwitz, was New York City’s “official magician”.

We don’t know exactly what this means, but the comedic possibilities are endless.

Could you imagine the civil service exam? Sheeri Rappaport - Very attractive young actress who was born in Texas of Israeli parents.

She just made her debut as Rick Schroder’s love interest on “NYPD Blue”.

Played the recurring role of “Otere” on “Xena”.

Appeared (with few clothes) in film “Little Witches”.

Wrote about her experience in “Femmes Fatales” magazine.

Shelly Winters - Oscar winner for “Patch of Blue”.

Made big splash in “70’s disaster movies.

Once bombshell but put on a lot of weight.

Deadly boring on talk shows.

Born Shirley Schrift.

Shiri Appleby - Plays “Liz Parker” on the new WB series, “Roswell”.

Simone Signoret - Reknowned great lady of world cinema.

Best known for “Diabolique”, “Games”, “Madame Rosa”.

Her father was Jewish, her mother not.

Married to Yves Montand, who was not Jewish.

SEE Jewhoo Editor’s column for more information on Signornet and Montand.

Soleil Moon Frye - Best known as “Punky Brewster” in the series of the same name.

We are quite sure her mother is Jewish, less confident about her father.

She married a Jewish guy in a traditional Jewish wedding a few years ago.

A visitor tells us the wedding gets shown on the “Style” cable channel.

For all we know, there is an all wedding video cable channel out there.

Maybe they could combine it with those “Cops” shows and we could see reluctant grooms and brides being dragged out of trailers & to the altar.

Just a thought.

Stacey Stillman - Cast member of the very popular American real life television show “Survivor”.

She was the third person voted off the island.

Ms. Stillman is a practicing attorney and a graduate of SUNY-Binghamton and NYU law school.

Ms. Stillman’s experience reminds of an old Jewish joke: Three Jews are shipwrecked on a desert island.

They quickly attend to their spiritual needs and build four synagogues: one Orthodox, One Conservative, One Reform, and one synagogue that you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in.

CORRECTION: We listed Ms. Stillman based on a source that anyone would trust.

This source made a good faith error.

Ms. Stillman is not Jewish.

Stephanie Dicker - Actress who has starred in the short lived series “Fame, L.A.”.

Also in soap “General Hospital”.

Stephanie Satie - Played “Ida Pfeiffer”, Fred Savage’s Jewish friend Paul’s mother on “The Wonder Years”.

Susan Cabot - An odd footnote actress submitted by a visitor.

Born Helen Weinstein, she made a series of costume dramas in the late 1940’s and 50’s (“Ali Baba”).

She then went on to have a fling w/Jordan’s King Hussein (we wonder if he knew?).

Her strange life ended when her son bludgeoned her to death.

Update: Tony Curtis said in his biography that King Hussein dropped Cabot when he found out she was Jewish.

Cabot, he says, was so stupid that she dated Rock Hudson.

Susan Floyd - Pretty young actress who was scheduled to get her big break as the star of the series “Then Came You”.

But it has been pushed-back and may never be aired.

She previously starred on the soap “One Life to Live”.

She converted to Judaism a few years ago.

The conversion was not associated with marriage.

Susan Strasberg - Daughter of Lee Strasberg.

Very pretty.

Anne Frank in original Broadway production of play.

Many television appearances.

Died this year of breast cancer.

Suzanne Krull - Young actress who appeared as Madonna’s best friend in “The Next Best Thing”.

Also appeared in hit film “Go”.

Guest spots on “NYPD Blue”, “Two Guys and A Girl”, and “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”.

Recurring role on CBS series “Martial Law”.

Suzanne Pleshette - Daughter of ballerina Gloria Rives (nee Kaplan).

Made a lot of so/so movies.

Best known as Bob Newhart’s wife in Bob Newhart show.

Sylvia Sidney - 1930s actress who symbolized the downtrodden Depression era waif.(“Street Scene, “Fury”, “Dead End” w/ Bogart) Her career went from the silents to the ‘90’s (“Mars Attacks”).

Died in 1999, just short of her 90th birthday.

Talia Balsam - Attractive actress who is the daughter of the excellent character actor Martin Balsam and actress Joyce Van Patten (not Jewish).

She was bigger in the ‘80’s when she would show up regularly in tv movies.

She was once married to George Clooney, who is not Jewish.

Tanya Roberts - Born Tanya Boum to an Irish father and Jewish mother.

Was a “Charlie’s Angel” in the last year of series.

Star of “The Beastmaster” and a mid-80’s bombshell who appeared in Playboy.

Now appearing in the Fox series “That ‘70’s Show”.

Taylor Dayne - Former pop diva has apparently begun an acting career.

Appearing as Sherilyn Fenn’s fellow alcoholic “off-the-wagon” in Showtime’s “Rude Awakening”.

Born Leslie Wonderman.

Theda Bara - Huge Star of the silent screen (“Cleopatra”).

Born Theodosia Goodman.

Claimed to be an Arab princess, other things.

Actually the daughter of a Cincinnati, Ohio tailor.

Theresa Tova - Canadian Jewish actress who primarily appears on the stage.

Tina Louise - Best known as Ginger on “Gilligan’s Island”.

Yes she is Jewish.

Born Tina Blacker in New York.

Tori Spelling - Plays “Donna Martin” on “BH 90210”.

Daughter of producer Aaron Spelling.

Tovah Feldshuh - Actress who appeared in the mini-series “Holocaust” and in “A Walk on the Moon”.

Many other character parts.

A good actress who should get more work.

Tracey Gold - Actress best known for playing Carol Anne Seaver on TV’s “Growing Pains”.

Real name: Tracey Goldstein.

Correction: She is not Jewish and exemplifies why names are deceiving.

Her Jewish stepfather adopted her.

However, she was born and remains a Catholic.

Tracey Ullman - NOT Jewish.

For Informational Purposes.

Multi-talented star (Tracey Ullman show).

In Ullman’s autobiography, she states that her paternal grandmother may be a convert from Judaism to Christianity.

Her father, who died when she was young, was an immigrant from Poland.

Mother, not Jewish.

Tracy Pollan - Played Michael Fox’s girlfriend on “Family Ties”.

Married to him in real life.

(Special note: Michael J.

Fox is NOT Jewish, he and Pollan were married in an inter-faith ceremony).Her father, Steve Pollan, was the consumer rptr.

on the CNBC news segment “Steals and Deals”.

Troy Beyer - Attractive actress who, as a child, was in the cast of “Sesame Street” for seven years.

Then she was Diahann Carroll’s daughter on “Dynasty”.

Appeared in “Gingerbread Man”, “Rooftoops”, others.

Directed and wrote the less than well-received film “Lets Talk About Sex”.

In an interview, she states her father is Jewish, her mother (who is African American) is a Muslim.

As an adult she says she chose Judaism and married producer Mark Burg, who is Jewish.

Valerie Landsburg - Best remembered for playing “Doris Schwartz”, the overtly Jewish character on the hit television series “Fame”. Her career seems to have disappeared. A UK Jewish site reports that she used to be spotted in London Jewish neighborhoods while visiting relatives.

Wendy Makeena - Best known as the “shy nun” Sister Mary Roberts in the hit film “Sister Act”.

Also recurring role as “Susie Nixon” in “Judging Amy”.

Whoopi Goldberg - Not very Jewish. Up for informational purposes. Whoopi was born Caryn Johnson. She claims some Jewish ancestry, but not a parent. She has never converted to Judaism or practiced Judaism. She has, however, described herself as a Jew.

Winona Ryder - Born Winona Horowitz. Winona came from the Minnesota town where she was born. Star of “The Crucible”, “Age of Innocence”, many others. Her father is Jewish. Her mother is not. She was raised in a “New Age” hippie/intellectual household. Her paternal grandparents emigrated from Russia and her grandmother, 99, is still alive. Ms. Ryder is culturally Jewish in the sense that she has spoke about how the Holocaust affected her, etc. But she is not religiously Jewish. Her fiancee, Matt Damon, is not Jewish. Update: A visitor tells us that Matt was cheatin’ on Winona and the engagement is off. Maybe she ought to date a dentist for a change.

Yasmine Bleeth - Former “Baywatch” star. Now co-starring on “Nash Bridges”. Father, Jewish. Mother, not Jewish. We saw an interview in which she mentioned that she is “culturally” Jewish in many ways.

Zoe Wanamaker - Daughter of Sam Wanamaker. Born in America, raised in England. Frequently seen on British TV; starred in first “Prime Suspect” aired on PBS. Unclear if her mother is Jewish.


Aaron Ruben - Prouducer of “The Andy Griffith Show”, “Sanford and Son”, “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”.

Aaron is fluent in Yiddish and Carl Reiner relates that Ruben would translate Yiddish proverbs and sayings into English and work them into Andy’s dialogue.

So those Southern pearls of wisdom that Sheriff Andy let fall were often translated Yiddish folk wisdom sayings.

Aaron Sorkin - Screenwriter and television series’ creator.

Writer of “A Few Good Men” (from his play), “The American President”.

Creator of “The West Wing” and “Sports Night”.

Aaron Spelling - Famous TV producer (Beverly Hills 90210

Father of actor Randy Spelling and actress Tori Spelling.

Abby Mann - Producer and writer, most famous as creator of “Kojak”.

Adam Herz - Screenwriter of the suprisingly successful teenage comedy “American Pie”.

Herz was 26 when he wrote the film and says he cashed out his bar mitzvah bonds to help finance the film.

The screenplay was originally entitled “Untitled Sex Comedy Which Can Be Made for Under Million That Studio Readers Will Most Likely Hate But I Think You Will Love.” Adolph Zukor - Legendary founder of Paramount Pictures.

Was born in Austria-Hungary and went from the penny arcades to founding Paramount.

He stayed on as honorary chairman until his death in 1976, aged 103.

Alan Ladd, Jr.

- Producer and studio executive.

“Braveheart”, others.

Correction: He is not Jewish at all.

His half-brother, David Ladd, is half-Jewish.

Arthur Laurents - Screenwriter and playwright.

“Gypsy”, “The Turning Point” (with Herbert Ross); book for “West Side Story”;”The Way We Were”; others.

Barry Diller - Chmn./CEO USA Networks.

Essentially the creator of the “Fox” network.

Fox’s controlling owner is Rupert Murdoch, who is not Jewish.

Bernard Gordon - Screenwriter of “The Battle of the Bulge”, “55 Days at Peking”, also wrote “Hellcats of the Navy” under his blacklist name “Raymond Marcus”.

The last was the only film in which Nancy and Ronald Reagan co-star.

We are sure Ron and Nancy had no part in this subterfuge.

Brandon Tartikoff - Brilliant and well-liked NBC executive.

A rare combination in Hollywood.

Buddy Adler - Hollywood producer who is often cited as the model for “Sammy” in Budd Schulberg’s “What Makes Sammy Run”.

His best pictures include “From Here to Eternity”, “South Pacific”, and “Hatful of Rain”.

Believe it or not, on his gravestone it states his name followed by “From Here to Eternity”.

Burt Metcalfe - Producer of MASH.

Born in Canada.

Carl Lemmerle - Founded the company which became Universal.

Loved to hire relatives.

Some, like great director Wm.

Wyler, worked out.

Chuck Barris - Producer/creator of such cultural icons of the 20thC.

as “The Dating Game”, “The Newlywed Game” and “The Gong Show”.

Dale Wasserman - Screenwriter who adapted the play “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” for the screen.

Also wrote the book for the muscial “Man of La Mancha”.

Danny Arnold - Producer and writer.

One of the principal producers of the hit television series “Bewitched”.

Creator and executive producer of “Barney Miller”.

He insisted that Barney be identified as Jewish in some episodes—thus making Barney Miller the first explictly Jewish police officer in a regular television series.

Darryl Zanuck - Famous as the most famous NON-Jewish Hollywood mogul of the Golden Age.

Head of 20th Century Fox.

Zanuck was once refused admission to a hotel that would not admit Jews because the hotel thought he was Jewish.

By the way, such discrimination was perfectly legal in most of the United States until the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

David Dortort - Producer and writer who was the creator of “Bonanza” and “The High Chapparal”.

David Geffen - Started out as record exec/agent (“Free Man in Paris”, by Joni Mitchell, about him); built record label; cashed-out big time.

Co-founder of SKG Dreamworks w/ Spielberg and Katzenberg.

Out of the closet Gay.

David Lewis - Producer or associate producer of many good films including “Camille”, “Dark Victory”, “Kings Row”, and “Raintree County”.

More interesting because his lover was famous director James Whale (“Frankenstein”) & they were one of the few couples who lived openly gay lives in ‘30’s Hollywood.

Whale’s career was killed by being open.

But the couple stayed together except for the time Lewis spent as a WWII army pilot.

Born David Levy.

David Merrick - Famous Broadway producer of the 50’s through the ‘70’s.

Produced scores of Tony winning shows.

Born David Margulies, he was reticent about admitting he was Jewish.

Obviously, “Hollywood” is not quite the right category.

But we dont have a better one at this time.

David O.

Selznick - Producer best known for “Gone With the Wind”.Once refused to sign petition supporting Jews in Palestine.Said, “I am an American, not a Jew.” Was told to call up any 3 people he knew and ask them if David Selznick was an American or a Jew.

Three said “he is a Jew”.

Selznick then signed.

Dawn Steel - Born Dawn Spielberg (no relation to Steven).

She was made head of production at Paramount in 1984.

In 1987, she was made head of Columbia and was the first woman “mogul”.

She died of cancer in 1997.

Dean Devlin - Producer/screenwriter of a string of recent hits including “The Patriot”, “Stargate”, and “The Matrix”.

His producing partner is director Roland Emmerich.

Devlin’s father, director/producer/writer Don Devlin (nee “Siegel”) is Jewish.

Dean’s mother is Filipino.

Devlin has joked that he is a Russian Jewish/Filipino guy with an Irish name.

Dore Schary - Took over MGM when Louis B.

Mayer was finally ousted.

Was more open to pictures with a message.

Douglas Schwartz - Executive producer of “Baywatch” and creator of “Baywatch Nights”.

He says he got his first (small) movie camera as a bar mitzvah present from his uncle, Sherwood Schwartz, creator of “Gilligan’s Island”.

The family certainly has prospered from producing “ultra-light” fare set near the water.

Frederic Raphael - American born and raised screenwriter who is most associated with his British film hits: “Darling”, “Far From the Maddening Crowd”, “Nothing But the Best”, and “Daisy Miller”.

He was the co-screenwriter on “Eyes Wide Shut”—but as his recent book says—he considered it a nightmare working with Stanley Kubrick and was upset at Kubrick’s decision to take out the Jewish identity of the lead character.

Garson Kanin - Screenwriter, director, and author.

Wrote the play “Born Yesterday”; co-writer of films “Adam’s Rib” and “Pat and Mike”, w/Ruth Gordon, his wife, (not Jewish).

Gary David Goldberg - Producer of the hits “Spin City” and “Family Ties”.

Also the producer of the short-lived “Brooklyn Bridge”, which was a reasonable try at combining the “Wonder Years” and a Neil Simon Jewish adolescent coming of age play.

Maybe it failed because the material was too familiar by now—not because it was “too” Jewish.

Hal B.

Wallis - Legendary Hollywood Producer whose career went from the 1930’s until the late 70’s.

Among others, “I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang”, “Watch on the Rhine”, “Come Back Little Sheba”, True Grit”.

Harry Cohn - Founder of Columbia Pictures.

A real tyrant who made a number of great movies.

When he died, there was a surprisingly large turn-out at his funeral.

The explanation was probably found in the famous remark made by Red Skelton, a comedian not known for his vitriol.

Asked about the large turn-out, Skelton said “It just goes to show—give the public what they want, and you just can’t keep them away”.

Harry Saltzman - Jewish half (Albert Broccoli was the Italian half) of the team that produced the “first generation” of James Bond filMs. He also produced Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer spy film films (“The Ipcress File”, “Funeral in Berlin”, Billion Dollar Brain”) spy filMs. Harvey Weinstein - Co founder, along with brother Bob, of Miramax films, “Life is Beautiful “ etc.

Brings many Jewish based films to US.

Hawk Koch - Son of famous producer Howard W.

Koch, Sr.

Koch has produced many films including such recent releases as “Keeping The Faith” and “Frequency”.

A few years ago he says he felt a need to establish his own identity and had a spiritual awakening.

He got bar mitzvahed at 50 and changed his first name to “Hawk” from Howard W.


Hedda Bluestein Shrapan - Associate Producer of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” during its thirty year history.

Mr. Rogers is not Jewish.

Herman Mankiewicz - Top Hollywood screenwriter from the silents until his death in 1952.

Brother of director Joseph Mankiewicz.

Wrote “Citizen Kane” (co-credit with Welles; most film historians give Mankiewicz the lion’s share of the credit); Co-writing credit for “Pride of the Yankees”; “Dinner at Eight”, others.

Howard Harris - Late comedy writer who wrote some of the classic “Honeymooner” episodes and wrote for the Marx Bros.

and others.

Howard Koch - Co-screenwriter on “Casablanca”.

Blacklisted, he continued to write in England under a false name.

Howard Meltzer - Producer of many higher quality television films, most of which have been first shown on HBO.

He is also the co-creator of the popular American Movie Channel series “Remember WENN”.

Howard W.

Koch - Not to be confused with Howard Koch, “Casablanca” screenwriter.

Producer of many films-“On A Clear Day You Can See Forever”, “Plaza Suite”, others.

Head of production for Paramount for several years.

One of the best liked guys in Hollywood, he got the Jean Herstolt Humanitarian Award in 1990.

His son is producer Howard W.(Hawk)Koch, Jr.


Diamond - Screenwriter best known as Billy Wilder’s co-writer on such classics as “Some Like It Hot”, “The Apartment” (they shared the Oscar); and “The Fortune Cookie”.

Born Itek Dominici in Rumania, known as “Izzy’.

The “A” and “L” stood for nothing—Billy Wilder joked that if Izzy became a black muslim that his name would be I.A.L.X.

The two never disclosed who wrote what—except Diamond was given credit for the famous last line of “Some Like It Hot”, in which Joe E.

Brown asks Jack Lemmon to marry him.

Lemmon says “You don’t understand,...I am a man! Brown says “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Irna Phillips - Producer who was known as the “Queen of Soaps”.

She created, on radio, and then TV, such soaps as “The Guiding Light”,”Days of Our Lives”, and “As The World Turns”.

Irving Lazar - Known as “Swifty”.

Famous literary and actors’ agent.

He actually did not like to be called “Swifty”.

Irving Thalberg - Talented head of production at MGM filMs. A legend in his time.

Was model for Fitzgerald’s novel “The Last Tycoon”.

Played by Robt.

DeNiro in film of the same title.

Produced great dramas and the best Marx Bros.


He was only 37 when he died in 1936.

Irwin Allen - Producer best known for his disaster films of the 1970’s.

Most notably “The Poseideon Adventure and “The Towering Inferno”.

In the ‘60’s, he produced the TV sci-fi series “Lost in Space”, “Time Tunnel”, & “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”.

Won an Oscar for the documentary “The Sea Around Us”.

Jack Warner - Founder of Warner Bros.; Most liberal of the Hollywood Moguls.

Janis Hirsch - Writer for and producer of “Frasier” Jeffrey A.

Kahn - Emmy winner as the best comedy writer of 1993 for “The Ben Stiller Show”.

Headed up Castle Rock films comedy development department, 1994-97.

Jeffrey Katzenberg - Former right-arm of Michael Eisner,who called him a “little dwarf” when Katzenberg walked; now in partnership w/David Geffen and Steven Spielberg.

Jeffrey Moss - Head writer of “Sesame Street” for many years.

Winner of 14 emmys.

Created “Oscar the Grouch” and “The Cookie Monster”, among others.

Also a composer of such classics as “Rubbber Duckie”.

He died young of colon cancer.

Joseph Papp - Famous producer who founded “The New York Shakespeare Festival” and the NY Public Theater.

Brought great (free) Shakespeare to the park in NY.

He two biggest commercial successes (“Hair” and “A Chorus Line”) subsidized other less popular work.

Born Joseph Papirofsky, his father was an immigrant Russian Jewish pushcart peddlar.

Papp died in 1991.

Keith Barish - Executive producer of many important films including “Sophie’s Choice”, “The Fugitive”, “U.S.


Ken Adam - Born (1921) as Klaus Adam to a Berlin Jewish family.

Studied w/Max Reinhardt.

Fled to England, where he and his brother were the only German fighter pilots in the RAF.

(He became an “Ace”).

Winner of two Oscars for set design.

Designed the sets for 7 James Bond filMs. He “souped-up” Bond’s famous Aston Martin and provided the car’s memorable gimmicks.

Now 78, he accepted a post to help create the design of Berlin’s millineum exhibition.

Larry David - Producer and co-writer of “Seinfeld”.

Larry Gelbart - Award-winning television and screen writer.

Prime force behind and writer for MASH; also wrote screnplay for “Tootsie”.

Lawrence Gordon - Leading producer.

Credits include “Field of Dreams” “Waterworld”, and the “Die Hard” pictures.

Lawrence often works with his brother Charles Gordon, who produced “October Sky.” The Gordon brothers are from-(surprise)--Mississippi.

Lawrence Weingarten - Producer noted for both his classy personal style and filMs. “Pat and Mike” and “Adam’s Rib” w/Tracey and Hepburn; “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”.

Married to legendary producer Irving Thalberg’s sister.

Lee Rich - Co-Founder of Lorimar Productions (the Waltons, Dallas); Former CEO MGM-United Artists; Award winning Producer—Warner Brothers.

And others.

Lew Wasserman - Chairman of the Board, MCA.

Powerful as a deal maker and agent.

Lorne Michaels - Long-time producer of Saturday Night Live.

Born Lorne Lipowitz.

Louis B.

Mayer - Hollywood Mogul who headed MGM from the 20’s until the 50’s.

Marcus Loewe - The man who gave his name to all those theaters.

The New York “money guy” who held the purse strings on MGM and had a huge chain of theatres in the golden age of Hollywood.

Mark Goodson - Executive Producer, with his partner Bill Todman, of “classier” quiz shows: “What’s My Line”, “I’ve Got A Secret”, “To Tell The Truth”.

Mark Hellinger - Famous Broadway news columnist who had millions of readers in the 1920’s and 30’s.

He also was a film producer who made a number of gritty urban crime films such as “Naked City”, “Brute Force”, and “High Sierra”.

The famous Mark Hellinger theater on Broadway is named for him.

Marshall Brickman - Screenwriter and producer.

Co-writer of a number of Woody Allen films including “Annie Hall” and “Manhattan”.

Co-Oscar winner for best screenplay for “Annie Hall”.

Also, as a young man, was in a folk group with Eric Weissberg of “Deliverance” fame.

Michael Eisner - Head of Disney Studios and the man who turned the studio around and made it very profitable again.

(No Walt wasnt Jewish).

Michael Gelman - Executive producer of Regis and Kathie Lee’s talk show.

He frequently appears on camera.

Michael Ovitz - Legendary Hollywood Agent/Manager.

Mike Todd - Glamourous high-rolling producer of “Around the World in Eighty Davys”.

Liz Taylor converted for him.

Died in air-crash.

Born Avron Goldbogen.

Nat Hiken - Prouducer, writer, and director of “The Phil Silvers Show” and “Car 54, Where Are You?”.

These two shows had, for various reasons, the most “Jewish sensibility” of practically any shows to appear on American TV.

Hiken, the son of immigrants, grew up in a home where Sholom Aleichem and other Yiddish writers were read aloud.

Norman Lear - Famous producer and creator of such series as “All in the Family”, “Maude”, and “Good Times”.

Paddy Chayefsky - Playwright and screenwriter.

“The Tenth Man”, “Marty”, and the film “Network”.

Pandro S.

Berman - Producer well-known for his good taste.

He paired Rogers with Astaire and made Katherine Hepburn a star.

Produced, among other films: “Alice Adams”, “National Velvet”, “Gunga Din”, “Father of the Bride”, “A Patch of Blue”.

How did he get the name “Pandro”? Well, a friend of Jewhoo has provided the answer and it was not easy to find: Pandro Berman was his given name.

Pandrovich was a family last name (probably on his mother’s side-but not her maiden name).

Pandro was a shortened version of this name.

Paul Jarrico - Born Israel Shapiro.

Screenwriter and producer of the classic “indy” left-wing film, “Salt of the Earth”, (1947), about a miners’ strike in New Mexico.

It still stands up today, the attention paid to the role of women is way ahead of its time.

No surprise, Jarrico was blacklisted.

Peter Shaffer - English playwright and screenwriter.

His most famous works are “Equus” and “Amadeus”.

His full name is Peter Levin Shaffer.

Phillip Epstein - Phillip Epstein and his twin brother Julius wrote such films as “Casablanca” (w/Howard Koch); “Arsenic and Old Lace”; “The Tender Trap”, “Pete and Tillie”.

Richard Price - Novelist and top Hollywood screenwriter.

Novels “Bloodbrothers”, “The Wanderers”, and “Clockers” turned into filMs. Screenplay for “Clockers”, “Sea of Love”, “The Color of Money”, and others.

Robert Evans - Producer and studio executive who was incredibly hot in the late 70’s with “Marathon Man”, “Chinatown”, etc.

Major drug habit put his career on the skids, but he has managed a minor comeback in recent years.

Robert Riskin - Screenwriter of the Frank Capra classics “It Happened One Night”, “Meet John Doe”, and “Mr. Deeds Goes To Town”.

Was reportedly peeved that Capra often depicted himself as doing everything on Capra filMs. Rod Serling - Playwright, television writer, and producer, “Requiem For a Heavyweight” and, of course, “The Twilight Zone”.

He was the winner of six Emmy awards, three of which were awarded before “Twilight Zone”.

Many of the military-oriented “Twilight Zone” episodes are based on Serling’s experience as a highly decorated WWII paratrooper.

In a truely “Twilight Zone” episode, he shot and killed a Japanese soldier who was standing on third base in a Phillipine baseball stadium.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala - German Jewish novelist and screenwriter who has won two Oscars for screenwriting (“Howard’s End” and “A Room With a View”).

Samuel Bronston - Romanian born producer of multinational historical spectacles such as “ El Cid “, “ The Fall of the Roman Empire “ and “ 55 Days at Peking “ Samuel Goldwyn - A founder, but not long with MGM.

Born Sam Goldfish.

Producer of good taste.

Famous for fractured English Goldwynisms- “An oral contract is not worth the paper it is written on”.

Samuel Z.

Arkoff - Founder of American International Pictures ( later Orion ) Saul Chaplin - Movie Producer and composer.

Real name Sol Kaplan Saul Turteltaub - Producer of TV series “What’s Happening” and “Sanford and Son”.

Father of Director Jon Turteltaub.

Saul Zaentz - Oscar winning producer of “The English Patient”.

Also founder of Fantasy Records.

Scott Rudin - Producer of Bringing Out the Dead, South Park: Bigger Badder, and Uncut, and A Civil Action.

Sherry Lansing - Head of Paramount.

Listed as one of the most powerful women in the world in several surveys.

Sherwood Schwartz - Producer and creator of such memorable pieces of fluff as “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch”.

Sid Grauman - Builder of several famous Hollywood movie palaces.

Including the recently restored “Egyptian” and his most famous theater-“Grauman’s Chinese Theater”.

The famous Hollywood walk of fame begins at the Chinese theater and Grauman’s name begins the famous chain of Hollywood notables whose names and varying body parts are immortalized in concrete.

Sir Michael Balcon - One of Britain’s most famed producers, worked with Hitchcock in the early days.

Grandfather of Daniel Day-Lewis.

Stephen Wyman - Producer, Days of our Lives.

Steve Bochco - Producer of such hit series as “Hill Street Blues”, NYPD Blue.

Yes, he is Jewish despite his Italian sounding last name.

Stuart Blumberg - Screenwriter best known for his script for the film “Keeping the Faith”.

The film, starring his friend Edward Norton, is about the problems of two friends who grow up to be a priest and a rabbi.

Sumner Redstone - Controls Viacom.

Soon to be running CBS.

A major player in the media.

His father changed the family name.

William Fox - Hungarian-born immigrant who built over 500 movie theaters btw.

1910-30 and founded Fox pictures.

Overextended, he sold Fox which later merged w/20th Century Pictures.

Even though he ceased to be a “player”, his name lives on bigger than ever thru the “Fox” network.


Abe Vigoda - Star of the “Barney Miller” TV show as Officer Fish.

Memorable role as “Tessio” in the “Godfather, Part I”.

Erroneously reported to be dead a few years ago.

Abraham Benrubi - The huge (6’7”) fellow who plays the receptionist on “ER”.

Father, Jewish.

Mother, not.

His parents must have known something—one of his middle names is “Hercules”.

His father was a popular Indianapolis disc jockey whose on-air name was “Adam Smasher”.

Adam Arkin - Star of “Chicago Hope”; re-current role on “Northern Exposure”.

Son of Alan Arkin.

His brother Matthew and his half-brother, Anthony, have some lesser acting credits.

Anthony appears to be trying hard to make it a career.

We read that Matthew is also a lawyer.

Alan Arkin had a folk music recording career with his sons under the name “The Babysitters”.

Adam Goldberg - Young actor who starred in short-lived TV series “Relativity”; had starring role as Jewish soldier in “Saving Private Ryan”.

His father is Jewish, his mother is not.

In a published interview, Goldberg said he was raised Jewish, but rebelled against continued religious education.

But he also refused to change his name as he was urged to.

Adam Pascal - Broadway singer and actor.

Tony nominee for his performance as “Roger”, the HIV positive character, in “Rent”.

Now starring in the big budget (Disney sponsored) production of “Aida” on Broadway.

Adam is invariably described as a blond hearthrob.

Adam Rich - Best known as “Nicholas” the cute little boy on TV Series “Eight is Enough”.

Like many child actors, he went on to arrests for drugs, etc.; but seems to be straight now.

In 1996, with Rich’s approval, a small magazine published a hoax story that said Rich had been murdered.

This funny piece lauded “the Rich legacy”. Hard Copy/The Nat. Enquirer, etc. took it seriously until Rich spoke to them.

Adam Sandler - Became well-known as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. His somewhat to very silly movies (the “Waterboy”, etc.) have done huge box office. His Chanukah songs are great but we wish he would consult Jewhoo before making any more mistakes like saying Rod Carew converted (there are five other factual mistakes by our count). Sandler grew up in a nice Jewish home in New Hampshire, the son of Stan and Judy.

Adrien Brody - Young actor who is increasingly being noticed. Just co-starred in “Liberty Heights”. His father is Jewish. His mother is not.

Al Waxman - Played “Lieutenant Bert Samuels” on “Cagney and Lacey”. Jewish Canadian.

Al Franken - Actor and comedian who starred on Sat. Night Live and author of “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot”.

Also starred as self-help “guru” Stuart Smalley in “Stuart Saves His Family”, a quite funny movie.

Al Jolson - Best known as a singer.

He was the star of the first notable talking movie, “The Jazz Singer”.

Born Asa Joelson.

Al Lewis - Best known as “Grandpa” on the “Munsters”.

Al was a union organizer in the ‘30’s; a merchant seaman who was twice torpedoed & once rescued at sea during WWII; has a Ph.d from Columbia in child psychology.

Now 90, he is running as the Green Party candidate for US Senate in the hot NY race.

He was happily married & raised 3 kids.

Compare this with Hillary (you know) & Rudy (still married but dating Juli Nathan, not Jewish, btw).

The “vampire” seems to be the “family values” candidate.

Alan Alda - Not Jewish.

His wife is Jewish and his kids have been raised Jewish.

He believes his ancestors may have been Sephardic Jews who settled in Italy.

Alan Arkin - Very good actor.

“Wait Until Dark”, “The Fixer”, and a little known Jewish film gem “Joshua Then and Now” with James Woods.

Father of actor Adam.

Special note: James Woods is not Jewish.

In fact, he was a Catholic altar boy.

Alan Hamel - Former actor who now full-time manages his wife, Suzanne Sommers (she is not Jewish).

Best known for his “tell a friend” line on commercials.

So tell a friend, Hamel is Jewish.

Alan King - Best known as a comedian, is also a talented dramatic actor.

Born Irwin Alan Kniberg.

King has played some characters with great Jewish names over the years: “Boom Boom Grossman” in “Night and The City”, “Kreplich” in “Author!, Author!” & “Maury Shiller” in “How to Pick Up Girls”.

Alan Rachins - Actor who played Douglas Brackman (the balding guy) on TV’s “L.A.


Now appears as Dharma’s hippie father on “Dharma and Greg”.

Alan Rickman - Okay these four are the last non-Jewish actors we will post for some time before this becomes the “the not Jewhoo site”.

But to end some inquiries-Alan Rickman—Not Jewish (Irish/Welsh); Ralph Fiennes—Not Jewish—John/Joan Cusack—Catholic—Not Jewish.

Alan Rosenberg - Best known for playing Cybill Shepard’s Jewish ex-husband in “Cybill”.

Also played the Temptations (Jewish) manager in the very successful mini-series about the Temptations.

Albert Brooks - Actor, comedian, director.

“Lost in America”; “The Muse”.

His real name, believe it or not, is Albert Einstein—his father had a strange sense of humor.

Albert Hague - Actor and composer who was a refugee from Germany.

Best remembered for his role as “Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky”, a teacher, in both the film and television version of “Fame”.

He is also a Tony award winning composer.

His most famous composing credit is for the music for the cartoon classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

Albie Selznick - Best known for playing the character “Rabbi Ben Rubenstein” on “Suddenly Susan”.

He is a distant cousin of David Selznick, the famous producer best known for “Gone With the Wind”.

Alex Winter - Young actor best remembered for playing “Bill” opposite Keanu Reeves “Ted” in the comedy “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures”.

Alitryus - Sometimes spelled “Aliturus”.

Perhaps the first Jewish actor who is recorded in the historical record.

In 65, C.E., the famous Jewish historian Josephus (later Flavius Josephus) was sent to Rome to obtain the release of some Jewish priests who had been arrested by the Roman Governor and sent to Rome.

Alitryus knew the Empress Poppaea Sabina, the wife of Nero.

Alitryus and Josephus were able to secure her help and the priests were released.

Unrecorded is whether Alitryus ever “played the Palace” in his professional capacity.

Allan Arbus - Best known as “Dr.

Sidney Friedman”, a recurring role as the psychiatrist on “MASH”.

He was the husband of the famed photographer Diane Arbus.

They became lovers when she was 14, and married when she became 18.

They worked as fashion photographers.

Her most famous work was done between the time she left him in 1969 and killed herself in ‘71.

Her brother is Howard Nemerov, famous poet.

Allan Corduner - English Jewish actor who has played a number of smaller roles.

Had his biggest role by far as “Arthur Sullivan” in the hit film “Topsy Turvy” about the backstage lives of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Allen Garfield - Heavy-set character actor who has appeared in many movies and TV shows from the 60’s until today.

Born Allen Goorwitz.

Andre Gregory - Co-star of cult film classic “My Dinner With Andre”; also “Vanya on 42nd St.”.

Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay - The man who turned penis references into a multi-million dollar career.

Born Andrew Silverstein.

His acting career ended quickly.

Andrew Sachs - English Jewish actor who has appeared in British sit-coms for decades in supporting roles.

Probably best remembered as “Manuel” the inept Spanish waiter in the hilarious series “Fawlty Towers”.

Andrew Shue - Star of “Melrose Place”.

Brother of actress Elizabeth Shue.

Andy Kaufman - Innovative stand-up comedian and actor.

“Latka” on TV’s “Taxi” (Latka is a potato pancake in Yiddish).

Andy was reported to have dressed up each year as the prophet Elijah at his family’s seders; to have sung a neat version of “MacArthur Park” in Yiddish; and almost caused a riot at his one and only appearance at a borscht-belt hotel.

His comedy was not for every taste.

Andy Kindler - Comedian and actor who was the host of “The Pet Shop” on the Discovery Channel.

Recurring role on “Everyone Loves Raymond”.

Anson Williams - Best known as “Potsie” on “Happy Days”.

Now mostly directing.

Interestingly, he grew up in East Los Angeles, a tough, mostly Hispanic area of the City.

Born Anson Heimlich.

He is the nephew of Dr.

Heimlich, the inventor of the famous anti-choking manuever.

Anthony Newley - English actor and singer.

Child actor in “Oliver Twist” (Artful Dodger.) Wrote music for “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” (which produced the hit song “Candy Man”).

His father was Jewish, his mother not (Joan Collins, to whom he was married for a time, has the same background).

Anton Diffring - Character actor born in Germany.

He began his career in Canada and later moved to Britain where he became well-known.

His fair hair and chiseled features lead him to be cast as a German villian in many filMs. Notable appearances in “The Winds of War”, “Where Eagles Dare”, and “Farenheit 451”.

Born Alfred Pollack.

His father was Jewish, his mother not.

Antony Sher - South African born English actor and writer.

He appeared as “Disraeli” in “Mrs.

Brown” (about Victoria); the title role of “Genghis Cohn” from the novel by Romain Gary (who was part Jewish); and as “Dr.

Moth” in “Shakespeare in Love”.

Armin Shimmerman - Plays “Ferengi” bartender, “Quark”, on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

Funny, he doesn’t look Jewish.

We assume that Aron Eisenberg, who plays his nephew, Nog, on the series, is Jewish.

But we have not confirmed this.

Arnold Moss - Character actor who appeared in many films and television shows, usually as a bad guy or as a Latino or Arab character.

His son, Jeffrey Moss, was the head writer of “Sesame Street” for many years and created “Oscar the Grouch”, etc.

(Jeffrey died young).

Art Metrano - Character actor and comedian who has been steadily working in relatively small parts since the ‘60’s.

In two Police Academy movies.

Small part in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”.

Sephardic Jew.

Arye Gross - Character actor who appeared in the first season of “Ellen” and as a Jewish soldier in WWII in the excellent film “A Midnight Clear”.

Assi Dayan - Sometimes billed as “Assaf” Dayan.

Son of Moshe Dayan, the late Israeli general and defense minister.

He is a well-known director, screenwriter, and actor in Israeli filMs. He has a starring role in the English language action hit “Delta Force”.

Avery Schreiber - Actor and comedian.

He was moderately popular in the ‘60’s as part of the duo “Burns and Schreiber”.

Many game show and acting appearances.

He was in the famously bad series “My Mother The Car”, (the lead character’s mother dies, is reincarnated as a car, and talks to him thru the car’s radio.) Barry Dennen - Character actor with a lot of minor credits, including “Pontius Pilate” in “Jesus Christ, Superstar”.

Wrote a tell-all biography about his relationship w/Barbra Streisand before she became a big star.

Must have pleased her to no end.

Barry Gordon - Played the child in the classic comedy “A Thousand Clowns” and Archie Bunker’s Jewish lawyer on “Archie Bunker’s Place”.

When he was seven years old he had a #1 hit with the first recording of the song “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas”.

Which, ironically, was true.

Barry Miller - Character actor perhaps best remembered as the friend of Travolta who dies in Sat.

Night Fever.

Also co-starred in the “Chosen” as Reuven Malter.

Won Tony for performance in “Biloxi Blues”.

Frequent TV guest shots.

Barry Newman - Film and TV actor best known for 70’s TV show “Petrocelli” and movie “Vanishing Point”.

Baruch Lumet - Star of the Yiddish theater.

He appeared frequently in character parts.

Films include “The Pawnbroker” and as a rabbi in “Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex...”.

Father of famous director Sidney Lumet.

Ben Affleck - NOT JEWISH.



And any serious Presidential prospect.

Ben Blue - Comedic character actor who appeared in a number of light-hearted musicals and silly comedies, especially in the 1940’s.

Born Benjamin Bernstein.

Ben Foster - Young actor who most recently starred as “Ben Kurtzman” in Barry Levinson’s film “Liberty Heights”.

He may be the most famous Jewish person raised in Iowa since Anne Landers and Dear Abby.

Ben Kingsley - Born Krishna Banji.

Kingsley won the best actor Oscar for “Gandhi” and played the role of “Itzhak Stern” in “Schindler’s List”.

His father is Asian Indian and not Jewish.

His mother is probably “fully Jewish”.

We have seen somewhat ambiguous reports on this.

However, recently an Indian-American journalist, with some Jewish ancestry, told us he is quite sure that Kingsley’s mother is Jewish.

(There is no question that she is “at least” partially Jewish).

Ben Savage - Star of the long-running ABC teen-oriented comedy/drama “Boy Meets World”.

Brother of Fred Savage, star of “The Wonders Years”.

UPDATE: we recently stated that a teenage fan told us that she was sure that Ben was “half Jewish”.

We have found out that both brothers were bar mitzvah and that’s as much as we need to know.

So, after a little bit, we will take down this note.

Ben Stein - Stein has acted in several movies.

He is currently the host of “Ben Stein’s Money” on the Comedy Channel.

He was a speechwriter for Nixon and Ford, a journalist, comedy writer, and valedictorian of his Yale Law School class.

His father, Herbert Stein, was Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors under Nixon.

Ben Stiller - Actor and Director.

“Reality Bites” (Dir.); “There’s Something About Mary”; many other film and television appearances.

Son of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.

Bernard Gorcey - Best known for playing the sweet shop owner, Louie Dumbrowski, in the “Bowery Boys” movies.

Father of actors Leo and David Gorcey.

Bernie Koppel - Best known as the Dr.

Brickner on “The Love Boat”.

Also re-current role in “Get Smart” as KAOS agent.

Bert Lahr - The Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

Also created one of the two roles in “Waiting for Godot” on Broadway.

Born Irving Lahrheim.

Bill Dana - Best known as “Jose Jiminez” on old Danny Thomas Show.

Best known “Hispanic” comedy actor of ‘sixties was not Hispanic.

Born Irving Szathmary.

Dana was recently the subject of a “People” mag.


He gave up the “Jiminez” character in 1969 in response to some protests, although his intent was never to be offensive.

Although now on his feet again, this courageous decision cost him most of his career & his earnings dropped like a stone.

Hispanic American groups have praised him for his decision & sacrifice.

Bill Macy - Best known as Maude’s husband in TV show “Maude”.

In “Analyze This”; “My Favorite Year”; “Oh, Calcutta”.

Born Wolf Marvin Garber.

Billy Crystal - The lovable actor and comedian who was in “City Slickers”, “When Harry Met Sally”.

Jhoo has just learned that Billy cited “Jewhoo” as one of his favorite web-sites.

It made us feel marvelous.

Billy Halop - One of the main stars of the “Dead End Kids” movies.

The leader of the gang in the movie “Dead End” w/Bogart.

Much later he appeared as the recurring character, “Bert Munson”, on “All in the Family”.

Actress Florence Halop was his sister.

Billy Sands - If you remember “Bilko” and “McHale’s Navy” you will remember this small funny character actor.

He played Pvt.

Dino Paparelli on “Bilko” and Mate Harrison “Tinker” Bell.

Billy Wirth - Up with an asterisk.

Billy Wirth is a handsome young actor who has appeared in a number of films, including playing a Native American in “A Good Day To Die”.

The site master of a Native American site tells us that her sources tell her he is “mostly Jewish” & not Native American.

She constantly confronts the issue of “who is a Native American?”.

And there are other similarities.

From one “tribe” to another-here is the URL: Bob Balaban - Character actor and director now appearing in “Jakob the Liar”.

Other roles include the translator in “Close Encounters”.

Nephew of Barney Balaban, top pioneering executive at Paramount.

Bob Dishy - Best known as Eugene’s father in “Brighton Beach Memories”.

Bob Saget - Star of television series “Full House” and host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Bobby Van - Actor and singer who co-starred in film version of “Kiss Me Kate”.

Popular television guest in the fifties and sixties.

Born Bobby Stein.

Boris Thomashefsky - Probably the most famous actor of the American

Yiddish theater.

His Shakespearean productions were famous.

In the early 20thC.

he founded the National Theatre, which endured for 40 yrs.

A larger-than-life figure who commanded the stage.

Grandfather of Michael Tilson Thomas, SF Symphony conductor.

His niece was married to Paul Muni.

Brad Garrett - Best known as “Robert”, the (huge) goofy cop brother of Ray, in hit TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

Was a successful stand-up and impressionist before this series.

Did a great Herman Munster impression.

Born Brad Gerstenfeld.

Brendan Fraser - NOT Jewish.

Once played a Jewish character.

A gay Jewish site did list him as Jewish, but the web master and the Jewhoo Editor had a nice e-mail chat and he agreed that no matter how much he hoped—this guy was not Jewish and promised to correct his copy and stop sending the lovelorn over here looking for Brendan.

(We will mis-spell it “Frasier” so the seach engine picks it up.) Brent Spiner - Best known as the lovable android “Data” on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Brian Austin Green - Oh, Aaron Spelling employs a lot of Jewish actors.

This guy played music buff David Silver on 90210.

Correction-He is not Jewish, the print source was in error.

Brian Benben - Best remembered for playing the lead character “Martin Tupper” in the very funny series “Dream On”.

Many other smaller roles.

Broncho Billy Anderson - The first Western Cowboy star.

His stage name was Gilbert Anderson.

Born Max Aaronson in Little Rock, Ark.

He produced, directed and wrote the first cowboy series “Broncho Billy” (1911 on.) Helped to establish the whole cowboy genre.

Honorary Oscar, ‘57.

Bruce Adler - Adler continues the tradition of being both a Broadway and Yiddish theater performer.

His uncle was Irving Jacobson.

He was nominated for a Tony for his role in the long-running Broadway musical “Girl Crazy” and appears in contemporary Yiddish theater productions.

Bruce Gordon - Heavy-set character actor best remembered for playing gangster “Frank Nitti” on the classic “Untouchables” television series.

Bruce Weitz - Actor best known for playing the (Jewish) police officer, Mike Belker, (who bit people), on “Hill Street Blues”.

Many character parts since.

Bruce Willis - NOT JEWISH.

Many people have asked.

We knew he wasn’t Jewish.

But we stumbled on the Lutheran equivalent of Jewhoo! He’s Lutheran.

If you want the URL—e-mail us.

Its not as extensive, but fun.

Dana Carvey, a guy so funny he should be Jewish, is also Lutheran.

Buck Henry - Comedy writer and actor.

Writer for “Get Smart”; screenplay for “The Graduate”.

Frequent guest on Saturday Night Live.

Born Buck Zuckerman Bud Abbott - See Comedians.

Buddy Ebsen - Well, enough have asked—his real name is “Christian Ebsen”.

He’s not Jewish, for the clueless.

By the way, “nice guy” Buddy had a big role in killing Nancy “Miss Hathaway” Kulp’s dream of being in Congress.

She ran as a moderate Democrat.

He recorded ads that said “Nancy I love you, but you are an idiot”.

She died of cancer a few years later.

Democrat or Republican, it was a disgusting thing to do to someone you worked with for fifteen years.

The “I Love You” part was devastating.

Buddy Hackett - Comedian and actor.

From Beach Blanket movies to dramatic roles.

Born Leonard Hacker.

Carl Ballantine - Ballantine really should be best known as one of the best and most entertaining magicians ever to perform.

But we suspect that far more people remember him as “Gruber” on “McHale’s Navy”.

He has made a number of other character appearances through the years.

Born Meyer Kessler.

Carl Reiner - Actor; writer; director.

Wrote the old Dick Van Dyke show and appeared as the star (Alan Brady) of the show within the show.

Recently told an interviewer that when growing up, his family would often discuss which performers were Jewish.

A favorite was a popular Irish tenor of the ‘30’s, John Calvin.

Calvin’s father knew Reiner’s father.

Calvin was a refugee from Austria who did a great brogue.

Cary Grant - The “controversy” over whether Grant was part Jewish is covered in the new Letters to the Editor section (April, 2000 letters).

HOWEVER, in a change of heart, we have to admit that this issue could drive anyone crazy.

One biographer, without citing any source, claimed that Grant was the illegitimate son of a Jewish mother.

This writer is a fraud.

And there is no documentary evidence that has ever been found to establish a Jewish parent or grandparent.

HOWEVER, Grant apparently drove people crazy his whole life with inconsistent stories.

Not only have visitors relayed such second hand stories—but we have done more research.

He denied he was Jewish to Walter Matthau.

He told some wives he was part Jewish.

In 1983, just before his death, he told a fan in a letter that his mother was not Jewish.

Caesar Romero, in a published interview, said that Grant told him he was Jewish on his mother’s side; but Romero said a mutual friend told him that Grant told the friend he was Jewish on his father’s side.

Romero said he then saw an interview in which Grant said he was not Jewish.

Romero put it this way: “strange man”.

We agree.

But he gave a lot of money to Jewish charities and he was charming, funny, and incredibly handsome.

Lets just be glad he existed.

Charles Busch - Actor and playwright.

Wrote & starred in “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” (a huge off-broadway hit), has written & starred in numerous other comedies, including “Swingtime Canteen”, “Flipping My Wig”, “The Green Heart”.

His play “Tale Of The Allergist’s Wife”, is currently playing off-Broadway (starring Linda Lavin and Michelle Lee)& has a lot of “Yiddishisms”.

Charles Grodin - Actor, writer, and talk-show host.

Star of “Midnight Run”; “Heartbreak Kid”; host of his own cable talk show for some time.

Charles Lane - Born Charles Levison.

Character actor who appeared in hundreds of movies starting in the 30’s.

Known for his horn-rimmed glasses and hatchet-like face.

Appeared in a number of “I Love Lucy’s” and played Homer Bedloe, the crabby railroad executive on “Petticoat Junction”.

Charlie Chaplin - Not Jewish.

His biographers have gone over his past and it is clear that Chaplin was not remotely Jewish.

He was, however, on a Nazi list of persons to be arrested immediately in the event of a successful WWII invasion.

“The Great Dictator”, Chaplin’s satire, ruffled some feathers.

Final word: Chaplin mentions no Jewish ancestry in his autobiography.

His recent biographers have found no such ancestry despite pretty massive digging.

Is it possible that he had some Jewish ancestry? Of course it is possible.

I have been cited a quote from one memoir in which he supposedly said “I’m Jewish”—this contrasts with a quote from another memoir in which he said he “wasn’t”.

So, what we are left with is one quote versus everything else.

Just look at this way—in the common sense of being Jewish—raised by a clearly Jewish parent(s)--with a sense of Jewishness—Chaplin was not Jewish.

Whether he had some Jewish ancestry will never be resolved to an absolute certainty.

And while it may seem odd in the context of Jewhoo, we find the debate beyond tedious at this point.

Chaplin was a staunch opponent of fascism and an enemy of predjudice.

Let’s just call him a citizen of the world and leave it at that.

Charlie Schlatter - Best known for playing Dr.

Jesse Travis on the long-running series “Diagnosis Murder”.

Charlton Heston - Not Jewish.

Although he did a pretty good Moses.

How come Moses never lisps in Biblical pictures as the Bible implies he did? Chico Marx - One of the Marx Brothers.

For more information, see comedians.

Chris Penn - Younger, somewhat beefier brother of actor/director Sean Penn.

His first big role was in the hit “Reservoir Dogs”.

Many roles since, especially in action filMs. His late father, the director Leo Penn, was Jewish.

His mother is not.

Cliff Gorman - Actor who created role of “Lenny” on Broadway.

In many movie and TV roles Including “Hoffa”.

Corey Allen - Actor and director.

Born Alan Cohen.

He is best remembered as “Buzz Gunderson”, the guy who competes in a “chickie run” with James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” (he dies when his car goes over a cliff).

We have read, without firm confirmation, that his father was the casino manager of the famous “Sands” hotel in Las Vegas when the mob dominated the casinos.

Which means Allen was familiar with fatal car rides.

Allen went on to be a top TV director, Including several “Star Trek Deep Space 9” episodes.

Corey Feldman - Was a hot teenage star in the ‘80’s w/roles in “Stand By Me” and “Goonies”.

His father, a member of the ‘60’s band “Strawberry Alarm Clock”, is Jewish.

Mother, not.

Feldman became addicted to heroin at 17.

While clean now, his career seems permanently mired in “B” movies.

Corey Haim - Former teenage lead in such films as “The Lost Boys” and Silver Bullet.

Cornel Wilde - Handsome actor and director who was of Czech-Hungarian (Jewish) background.

Nominated for Oscar for bio film about Chopin “A Song To Remember”.

Co-Star of “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

Wrote, produced, directed, and starred in action classic “The Naked Prey”.

Curly Howard - One of the Three Stooges.

Born Jerome Lester Horwitz.

The youngest of the brothers.

His “Nuck-nucks” probably came from the fact he couldn’t remember lines.

Cyril Magnin - Department store magnate whose family owned the high-end “I.

Magnin” West Coast dept.

store chain.

A legend in San Francisco society, he was referred to jokingly as “The Pope”.

Art imitated life in ‘78 when Magnin played THE Pope in the hit comedy “Foul Play”.

Dan Futterman - Young actor who is currently starring in the series “Judging Amy” as Vincent Gray, the Judge’s brother.

Says he comes from a family of “Jewish New Yorkers..our family dinners are pretty loud and obnoxious.” Sounds like fun.

Dan Hedaya - Best known for playing.

Nick Tortelli, Carla the waitress’ no-good ex-husband in “Cheers”.Many other roles, including Alicia Silverstone’s father in “Clueless”.

Sephardic Jew, grew up in Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish community.

Dane Clark - 1940’s movie actor who never quite reached stardom.

In “Destination Tokyo” and other war movies.

Born Bernard Zanville.

Daniel Benzali - Star of the well-publicized, but unsuccessful series “Murder One’, on the tube a few seasons ago.

Born in Brazil of Jewish parents.

Daniel Day-Lewis - A frequent visitor to Jhoo submitted his name.

Jhoo has determined that his mother was half-Jewish or Jewish and his father was Catholic.

Lewis was christened.

He is married to Arthur Miller’s daughter who is Jewish or half-Jewish (we do not know which).

You, the viewer, decide what he is.

Daniel Stern - The tall guy in “City Slickers”, “Diner”, “Home Alone”.

Uncredited narrator of “The Wonder Years”.

Danny Kaye - Actor and Singer.

“Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and many other comedies.

Born Daniel Kaminsky.

Dave Bean - Co-starred in cult classic films “Psycho Cop Returns (Psycho Cop 2)” and “Prison Planet”, among others.

David Arquette - Actor currently best known as star of “Scream”.

Brother of Patricia and Rosanna.

Mother, Jewish.

Not raised Jewish.

Recently married Courtney Cox in an Episcopal ceremony.

A glass was stepped on in “tribute” to his deceased Jewish mother.

David Charvet - Major “Bay Watch” hunk.

A visitor submitted his name.

This is what we know.

His father’s name is Paul Guez and Guez is without question a Tunisian Jewish name.

His mother is Christiane.

Not too Jewish.

His stepfather is “Dov Haddad”.

It is pretty obvious he is probably at least partially Jewish.

But we dont know more.

Update: A correspondent whom we trust informs us that Charvet mentioned being bar mitzvah on a talk show.

David Duchovny - Mulder on “The X-Files”.

His father is Jewish, his mother is not.

His father was a publicist for the American Jewish Committee.

David Groh - Best known for playing Rhoda’s (non-Jewish) husband on “Rhoda”.

Rhoda’s wedding remains one of the highest rated shows ever on TV (Valerie Harper, who played Rhoda, is not Jewish) Groh’s other roles Including a hasidic/kabbalist on the “X-Files” & several roles on “Law and Order” (Including a character closely modeled on famous child abuser Joel Steinberg; whom most Jews-even anti-death penalty ones-wanted to strangle with their own hands) David Horovitch - Well-known English character actor who often plays police officers.

Starred in recent Jewish oriented film set in Wales entitled “Solomon and Gaenor”.

David Janssen - Played Dr.

Richard Kimble on “The “Fugitive” T.V.


Born David Meyers.

His father was Jewish, his mother was not.

Possible correction: We have received information that we believe is correct that Janssen’s mother was Jewish, too.

He is buried in a Los Angeles Jewish cemetery.

David Ladd - Actor who is more interesting for his connections than his career.

His father was Alan Ladd, star of “Shane”, not Jewish.

Mother, Sue Carol, actress and agent, born Evelyn Lederer, Jewish.

David starred as a child w/Alan in “The Proud Rebel”, other minor filMs. Husband of actress Cheryl Ladd.

His half-brother is Alan Ladd, Jr., leading producer, who is not Jewish at all.

His full sister is Alana Ladd.

She has long been married to very popular L.A.

talk show host Michael Jackson, who is Jewish.

David Margulies - Currently plays Neil Mink, Tony’s lawyer on HBO’s “The Sopranos”.

Margulies has also narrated Jewish short stories for broadcast on NPR; played rabbis a few times; & starred in a film w/a great title we know nothing about “Melvyn Schmatzmann: Freudian Dentist”.

His cousin wants us to add that Margulies’ played the mayor of New York in both “Ghostbusters” movies.


David Opatoshu - Actor who almost always played Jewish parts; esp.

TV guest shots.

Most memorable film role: head of Jewish terrorist gang in “Exodus” (played Paul Newman’s uncle).

David Paymer - TV and movie character actor who often plays Jewish parts: both “City Slickers” movies; “Mr. Saturday Night” w/Billy Crystal.

David Rappaport - English Jewish actor who was a “little person”, commonly referred to as a dwarf.

Appeared in “Time Bandits”, several other pictures.

In several episodes of “LA Law” he appeared as a dwarf attorney who drove Jimmy Smits crazy by using his disability as an advantage in the court room.

Sadly, Rappaport committed suicide.

David Schwimmer - Best known as “Ross” on “Friends.

He and Lisa Kudrow are the Jewish members of the “Friends” cast.

We saw an interesting interview with him in which he noted that he had a hard time getting work before “Friends” because his look was “too ethnic”.

Apparently the huge “Friends” viewing audience is more broad minded than some producers.

And for the gossip: People magazine (5/2000) reports that he and Israeli actress Mili Avital are still very much a couple.

Dick Shawn - Mostly a stand-up comedian; but great role as hippie singer-Lorenzo St.

Dubois (“LSD”) in “The Producers”.

Born Richard Schulefand.

Don Adams - Best known as Maxwell Smart on classic TV series “ Get Smart”.

Father, Jewish.

Mother, not.

Raised Catholic.

Don Diamont - Very handsome actor who plays “Brad Carlton” on Soap “The Young and the Restless”.

Named to People’s Magazine’s 50 “Most Beautiful” people list in 1990.

Mentioned in an interview he had his bar mitzvah at 29, not 13.

Well, better late...

(Don has a fanatic fan who features him in his Speedos; promise to click on an ad & the URL is yours).

Donny Most - Actor who is best known for his role as “Ralph” on “Happy Days”.

One of our most reliable correspondents confirmed his Jewishness based on personal acquaintance.

So, Mr. C., Potsie, Ralph, and “da Fonz” were Jewish.

How come they never had a Happy Days Chanukah show? Donovan Leitch - Young actor and musician whose father is “Donovan”, famous ‘60’s folk rocker.

Mr. Leitch’s mother is Jewish; the elder Donovan is not.

Mr. Leitch been in many films, mostly indys (“Gas, Food, Lodging”, “Who Shot Andy Warhol”).

He is also a model & rock musician w/the group “Nancy Boy”.

His sister is actress Ione Skye.

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

- The original swashbuckling hero of the silent pictures.

Father, Jewish.

Mother, not.

Born Douglas Ullman.

(His son, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., was in “Gunga Din” and other action classics).

Fairbanks, Sr.

was not raised Jewish.

Douglas Sills - Broadway actor.

A smash as the lead in the current production of “The Scarlet Pimpernel”.

Dustin Hoffman - Twice Best Actor Oscar (“Kramer v.

Kramer”; “The Rain Man”).

Emmy for “Death of a Salesman”.

He broke into public notice with “The Graduate”.

Hoffman was almost 30 when the film was made.

We saw one of those Hollywood blurbs that Hoffman rented out the LA Hard Rock Cafe for his son’s bar mitvzah.

(Note this is not a new entry; but was accidentally deleted recently).

Ed Ames - Actor and singer.

Best known for role as “Mingo”, Daniel Boone’s Native American friend on 60’s TV show, “Daniel Boone”.

Mingo’s tribe not specified, was it the “White Fish”? Ed Asner - Political activist and star of the “Lou Grant Show” and the “Mary Tyler Moore” show (No, Mary is not Jewish; but her physician husband is).

Ed Wynn - Funny voiced and looking character actor big in the ‘30’s thru ‘50’s.

In a few Twilight Zones.

Big on Radio.

Son was actor Keenan Wynn.

Born Isaiah Leopold.

Eddie Cantor - Singer and actor and vaudevillian performer Edward G.

Robinson - Legendary screen tough guy, born Emmanuel Goldenberg.

Robinson was an extremely cultured man who at one time owned one of the greatest collections of impressionist art in the world.

Perhaps his favorite role was the title role in “Dr.

Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet”, which depicts the life of Paul Ehrlich, a German Jewish scientist who developed the first successful treatment for syphillis & was a founder of chemotherapy.

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

- Star of “FBI” series in ‘60’s.

Jewish born, born again Christian.

Real God; J.

Edgar Hoover.

Worshipped at the foot of his dress.

(Daughter is Stephanie Zimbalist of “Remington Steele”.

She was raised a religious Christian).

Eli Wallach - Character actor who appeared in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, “The Magnificent Seven”; “Baby Doll”.

Elliot Gould - Star of original MASH movie.

First husband of Barbara Streisand.

Born Elliot Goldstein.

Re-current role as Courtney Cox’s father, Jack, on “Friends”.

Elon Gold - Young actor who just appeared as Mary Tyler Moore’s boss in the “Mary and Rhoda” reunion movie.

Several other starring roles.

His name is kind of a “give-away”.

But, in an interview, he said he was Jewish in response to the question “what movies affected you most?” (he cited “Schindler’s List”).

Erich Von Stroheim - Actor and director.

Best known as servant in “Sunset Blvd.”.

Son of Prussian hatter, added “Von” to name.

See also: “Grand Illusion”, the great film in which he plays a Prussian aristocrat.

Erland Josephson - Swedish Jewish actor and screenwriter who is a descendant of one of the first Jewish families to settle in Sweden.

He has starred in several Bergman films, including “Scenes From A Marriage” and as the Jewish character in “Fanny and Alexander”.

Josephson is also an acclaimed novelist.

Ernest Borgnine - Best known as the star of “McHale’s Navy” and “Airwolf”.

Best actor Oscar for “Marty”.

Co-star of the “Wild Bunch” and many other filMs. Borgnine was born the son of poor Italian immigrants.

We have received very credible information that he converted to Judaism when he married his second wife, a Jewish woman, back in the ‘50s.

To be frank, the source tells us this was a conversion motivated by marriage.

We do not know if Borgnine considers himself Jewish at this time.

His present wife, Tova, sometimes reported to be Jewish—is not.

Eugene Levy - Best remembered as star of “Second City TV”.

Thick black glasses, many character roles.

Most recently he played the understanding father in “American Pie”.

Canadian, he is a good friend of fellow Canadian Martin Short, who is of Irish Catholic background.

(Levy is reportedly quite religious.

Short says he occasionally attended Friday night services with his friend.

Which, he says, inspired him to be a better Catholic) Evan Handler - Character actor who battled back from cancer.

Played the villain in movie “Ransom” and Shrug on recent sitcom “It’s Like You Know”.

Handler is also a playwright and journalist whose work has appeared in many major magazines.

Ezra Stone - Actor and director.

Was a big radio star in the title role of the series “Henry Aldrich”.

TV sitcom director.

Born Ezra Feldstone.

Felix Bressart - German born actor who played many middle-European characters in films in the 1930’s and 1940s, including such classics as “Ninotchka” and “Shop Around the Corner”.

Fisher Stevens - Co-star until recently of the TV show “Early Edition”.

Born Steven Fisher.

According to many published reports, Michelle Pfeiffer left him b/c he was cheating on her.

And they lock Robt.

Downey up for bizzare behavior? Frank Oz - Actor, director, master puppeteer.

Oz was Jim Henson’s right hand man as they worked on “Sesame Street” and “The Muppet” movies/television shows.

He has been the voice of “Grover”, “Miss Piggy”, “Fossie the Bear”, others.

He directed or co-directed most of the Muppets filMs. He was also the voice of “Yoda” in Star Wars and appeared in small roles in several John Landis filMs. He has also directed such “adult” hits as “What’s The Matter with Bob?” and “In and Out”.

His father, Isador (“Mike”) Oznowitz, fought in the Belgian army during WWII and fled to North Africa with Oz’s mother when Belgium fell.

Oz was born in England.

They family relocated to California and the whole family gave puppet shows while he was growing up.

Frank was recruited by Henson out of high school.

Update: A journalist who says he interviewed Oz says Oz’s mother was not Jewish.

Frankie Vaughan - Popular British singer and actor.

Most popular in the ‘50’s as a cabaret/recording artist.

He made a number of English films and co-starred with Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand in “Let’s Make Love”.

He was an active supporter of Jewish charities.

Born Frank Abelson.

Fred Savage - Child star of the “Wonder Years”.

Adult star of series “Working”.

See update on his brother, Ben Savage.

Freddie Prinze, Sr.

- We had long heard that Freddie’s father was a Hungarian Jew, but it was confirmed by a recent television special.

His mother was Puerto Rican and not Jewish.

Freddie was the star of the hit series “Chico and the Man” and was a very successful stand-up.

Suffering from depression and drug addiction, he committed suicide.

We are not positive, but we believe that the mother of his famous son, actor Freddie Prinze, Jr., was not Jewish.

Fritz Feld - Born Fritz Feilchenfeld in Germany in 1900.

Made over one hundred movies—almost always playing a pompous maitre’d or aristocrat.

His trademark was a popping sound he made by slapping the side of his face with his hand.

The sound was like a champange bottle opening.

Appears in Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie” and “History of the World”.

His wife was Virgina Christine, “Mrs.

Olsen” of the Folger’s ads.

We presume she was not Jewish, but she is buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Fyvush Finkel - Star of TV’s “Picket Fences” as crusty old attorney.

Yiddish film and theater star.

Gabriel Kaplan - Stand-up comedian and actor.Star of “Welcome Back, Kotter”, 70’s TV show.

Gary Shandling - Actor and comedian.

Best known for the innovative satire, The Larry Sanders show, on HBO.

Gene Barry - Star of TV’s “Bat Masterson” and “Burke’s Law”.

Born Eugene Klass.

Special note: The “real” Bat Masterston, western lawman and NY sports writer, was not Jewish.

But the wife of the most famous Western lawman, Wyatt Earp, was.

See entry on Josephine Marcus Earp under authors.

Gene Wilder - Star of the” Producers”, “Silver Streak”, and “Young Frankenstein”.

Born Jerry Silberman.

He has been active in work against ovarian cancer since his wife, Gilda Radner, died of the disease.

George Burns - Born Nathan Birnbaum.

Star of Vaudeville, Radio, and TV.

Became movie star late in life with “Oh, God”.

Jack Benny’s best friend.

Gracie Allen, his partner and wife, was Irish Catholic.

When George died he left a lot of money to Jewish charities and to the Catholic High School Gracie went to.

George Segal - Dramatic actor in the ‘60’s (“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” and “King Rat”).

Switched to comedy in the 70’s (“Owl and the Pussycat}, others).

Made a much deserved comeback in the hit TV show, “Just Shoot Me”.

George Sidney - Born Sidney Greenfield.

Virtually always played Jewish characters in 20s and 30s comedy filMs. Including a series of films called “The Cohens and the Kelleys”.

George Tobias - Veteran character actor who is best remembered as the harried neighbor “Abner Kravitz” on the hit television series “Bewitched”.

Greg Grunberg - Plays character Shawn Blumberg on TV series “Felicity”.

Gregory Peck - He’s NOT Jewish, but people ask.

He played a Gentile pretending to be a Jew in “Gentleman’s Agreement” (Best Picture, 1947), that’s all.

One reason why he got this role is because few Jewish men were cast as leading men back in the thirties through fifties.

Why? Because the studios, rightly or wrongly, thought the public wouldn’t accept Jews in leading man/woman roles.

And it was no accident that this film (about anti-Semitism) was made by Darryl Zanuck, the leading NON-Jewish Hollywood mogul.

The Jewish “moguls” were afraid to touch the issue of anti-Semitism for fear of a negative public reaction.

Groucho (Julius) Marx - Actor; writer; comedian; pen-pal of Geo.

Bernard Shaw.

Rent “Animal Crackers” and hear Groucho slip a Yiddish word into the lyrics of his theme song “Capt.


Haim Topol - Israeli actor who played “Tevye” in movie of “Fiddler on the Roof”.

Not bad, but no Zero Mostel.

Hal Linden - Star of “Barney Miller” tv show.

Born Harold Lipschitz.

National spokesman for the Jewish National Fund.

A huge fan of the show tells us that Barney was indeed identified as Jewish in a number of episodes and the technical advisor on the show was a NYC Jewish police officer.

Hank Azaria - Played the silly waiter in “Birdcage”.

Re-current role on “Mad About You”.

Voice of many “Simpsons” characters.

Married to actress Helen Hunt (who is, inquiring minds will now know, one-quarter Jewish).

Azaria told TV Guide that he is a Sephardic Jew, his parents were from Greece.

His mother, he said, speaks Ladino (the Sephardic “Yiddish”, a mixture of Spanish and Hebrew).

A rabbi married the Azaria & Hunt in what the press called a Jewish ceremony with bits of Buddhist and Hawaiian tradition thrown in.

Harold Gould - Best known for playing Rhoda’s father on “Rhoda”; and “Miles”, Rose’s boyfriend on “The Golden Girls”.

Harold J.

Stone - Veteran character actor who appeared as a guest star on many television shows.

Starred in “The Goldbergs” and “Bridget Loves Bernie”.

In many films, Including the Hitchcock classic “The Wrong Man”.

Harold Ramis - Actor/Director, acted in/or directed such films as “Ghostbusters”, “Caddyshack”, “Stripes” and “Groundhog Day” and “Analyze This”.

Ramis is usually the co-screenwriter on his filMs. A funny and talented guy.

Harpo Marx - Born Arthur Marx.

The nicest of the famous Marx Brothers.

Everyone loved Harpo.

Harris Yulin - Constantly shows up in character roles from the ‘70’s until today.

None stand out as extremely memorable.

Harrison Ford - Since he is such a big star, a little longer entry is in order.

His father was Irish, his mother “fully” Jewish.

His mother, Dorothy Niedelman, was a radio actress in Chicago where she met Ford’s father.

He was named after Harry, his maternal grandfather, who emigrated from Russia.

Ford was raised in a hybrid religious situation in which he was exposed to both Judaism and Christianity.

In interviews, he has said that he is well aware that he is Jewish by religious law.

He does not appear to maintain any connection to organized Judaism.

But he’s not a yutz; while being interviewed, he paused to ask his religious neighbor if the construction on his apartment would disturb him on the “shabbos”.

Harry Baur - French actor who was known in the 1930’s as the “king of character actors”.

He was arrested in 1943 for having forged his “Aryan” identification papers.

He was tortured to death by the Gestapo.

Harry Connick, Jr.

- Best known as a singer.

Connick has acted in a number of films including “Memphis Belle”.

Father, long-serving New Orleans D.A., Harry Connick, Sr., not Jewish.

Mother, Jewish.

Harry Landis - English Jewish actor who plays Jewish character “Felix Kawalski” on British mega-soap “East End’ers” It is shown on some American

PBS stations.

Harry Reems - Famous star of adult filMs. One of the few stars of such films that Jhoo could verify as Jewish.

His mother said in an interview “No matter what you do, you might as well be the best.” Harry Shearer - Spinal Tap; Sat.Night Live.

Was Eddie Haskell in pilot for “Leave it to Beaver”.

Voice of several characters on “The Simpsons”.

Host of “Le Show” on Public Radio.

Hart Bochner - Handsome actor who appeared in the lead role of “Byron Henry” in “War and Rembrance”.

Many roles since, but none as memorable.

Son of Lloyd Bochner.

Harvey Atkin - Jhoo must admit our source is unusual.

Atkin, who appeared as the desk sgt.

on “Cagney and Lacey”, used to speak “real” Yiddish (on the show) with fellow character actor Al Waxman.

Played the “very” Jewish “Morty”, head counselor in “Meatballs”.

If he isn’t Jewish, he deserves a Yiddish speaking award.

Update: Mr. Atkin contacted us, and yes, he is a Jewish guy who is proud of being both Jewish and Canadian.

Harvey Fierstein - Playwright of and actor in “Torch Song Trilogy”.

Its too bad he’s not straight and married to Fran Drescher.

Now that’s two voices we would like to hear in juxtaposition.

Harvey Keitel - Star of “Smoke”; “Reservoir Dogs”; “The Piano”.

A very good actor who, for some reason, shows his tushy a lot in his movies.

Keitel, the son of poor immigrants, was raised Orthodox.

(He is from Avenue “X” in Brooklyn, for you Brooklyn geography nuts.) After a stint in the Marines, Keitel decided to become an actor and met his “alter-ego” Martin Scorcese.

Together they made such classics as “Mean Streets”, “Taxi Driver”, and “Alice, Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”.

He is probably the best Jewish actor in film today and a worthy heir of such “tough” Jewish actors as John Garfield.

Harvey Korman - Star of the Carol Burnett TV Show; Mel Brooks’ movies.

Harvey Lembeck - Co-star on Sgt.

Bilko as Phil Silver’s Corporal and was “Eric Von Zipper” in Beach Blanket movies Henry Daniell - English Jewish actor who carved out a very long Hollywood movie career.He usually either played English characters or upper-class Americans (the latter in “The Philadelphia Story” and “Holiday”-both with Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn).

He also appeared in Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”.

Henry Winkler - The Fonz from TV’s “Happy Days”.

Now directing and producing, but still acts (Coach Klein in “The Water Boy”, etc.) Herb Edelman - Character actor best known as police chief on “Murder, She Wrote”.

Also on “Golden Girls” as Bea Arthur’s ex-husband, Stan.

Herb Vigran - Veteran character actor whose face you would probably recognize.

Made hundreds of appearances as character actor from the ‘40’s to the ‘80’s on radio and television.

Played the “bad guy” on a number of Superman TV show episodes; in several “I Love Lucy”’s.

Herbert Lom - Czech-born character actor best known as Peter Sellers’long-suffering boss, Inspector Dreyfus, in the Pink Panther movies.

Herschel Bernardi - Constantly working character actor in the fifties thru eighties.

He had a fine voice and was reported to be a great “Tevye” in various “Fiddler on the Roof” productions.

Appeared in a number of Yiddish language films as a child.

Herschel Savage - Well here’s another adult film star.

We were referred to a biography by a fellow thespian.

Born Harvey Savage, in Brooklyn.

There is something almost “WoodyAllenesque” about a Jewish porno star with the name Herschel Savage.

We guess with this name it had to be porn or professional wrestling.

Howard Caine - Born Howard Cohen.

Veteran character actor best remembered for playing(!) Gestapo Major Hochstetter on “Hogan’s Heroes”.

Many Broadway and television appearances.

Howard Da Silva - Character actor who played mostly bad guys in the ‘40’s thru ‘70’s.

Blacklisted for some time.

His most famous role was as “Ben Franklin” in the hit movie musical “1776”.

Born Howard Silverblatt.

Howard Morris - Actor and writer.

Wrote for and appeared in “Your Show of Shows”.

But best remembered as Ernest T.

Bass, the crazy little guy who threw rocks on the Andy Griffith Show.

Howard Stern - broadcaster and actor.

Sometimes funny; sometimes so stupidly offensive that Lenny Bruce’s ghost would want to kill him.

A JEWHOO EXCLUSIVE: A visitor tells us that an investigative piece in a NY Jewish Newspaper reveals Stern has lied: he claims on the radio to be half-Jewish but is fully Jewish! Howard is “outed”!Oy.

Howie Mandel - Canadian Jewish comedian and actor who starred in TV’s “St.


Ian Ziering - Played “Steve” the blond, academically challenged, “always a frat boy” character on B.H.


Maybe they could do a telethon for people with these probleMs. Married Nikki Schieler, Playboy Playmate (9/97)and Playboy’s 1998 Video Centerfold of the Year.

She reportedly converted and they were married in a Jewish ceremony.

She has studied method acting and moved on to being a “spokesmodel” on the “Price Is Right”.

Okay, we are joking about the method acting part.

Irving Jacobson - Character actor who was a Yiddish theater star and a well-known Broadway performer.

He was the original “Sancho Panza” (to Richard Kiley’s Don Quixote) in the first production of “Man of La Mancha”.

Afficiandos consider the original pairing to be the best despite many “Man of La Mancha” revivals.

Jack Albertson - Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “The Subject Was Roses”.

Also co-starred in 70’s TV show “Chico and the Man”.

Jack Axelrod - Character actor who is best known for his role as gangster “Victor Jerome” on soap “General Hospital”.

First cousin of actress Lee Grant.

Jack Benny - Real name Benjamin Kubelsky.

Very generous in real life.

A great comic actor who invented a whole persona to laugh at—not jokes.

In interviews, everyone who worked with Benny says they loved him-he was kind, a good boss, a good father and husband.

Jack Black - Actor and rock musician who has had a number of smaller roles and broke into public notice as “Barry”-the mean record store clerk who quizzed customers in “High Fidelity”, (the hit starring John Cusack).

He is set to star in “Saving Silverman”.

He is also known for his satirical rock duo “Tenacious D”—they appeared on HBO in several short filMs. Jack Gilford - Born Jacob Gellman.

Well remembered for his roles in “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum”; “Catch-22”; “Cocoon”.

Jack Klugman - Best known as Oscar on TV’s Odd Couple.

Also as Quincy, the Medical Examiner.

Jack Kruschen - Veteran character actor who has made scores of films, often playing an ethnic patriarch.

He was nominated for best supporting actor for his real nice performance as the understanding Jewish doctor in “The Apartment”.

He played the character “Papa Papodopolis” on ‘80’s sit-com “Webster”.


Jack Larson - Best-known for playing “Jimmy Olsen” on the original “Superman” television series that was broadcast in the ‘50’s and was re-run for decades.

Larson’s mother was Jewish.

His father was not.

Jack Plotnick - Character actor who is a regular on Showtime’s “Rude Awakening”; also played “Barrett”, a regular character on the “Ellen” ; & Mayor Allan Finch on “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”; also in the upcoming Farelly Bros.

movie “Say It Ain’t So”.

Mr. Plotnick told us that he was impressed by Jewhoo & “his mother would be happy” to see him listed.

Several other celebs have told us the same thing.

Jack Weston - Born Jack Weinstein.

Well remembered for his comic parts in “The Ritz”; “Short Circuit”, others.

Weston’s brother is Sam Weinstein, aka Armand Weston, aka Anthony Spinelli.

He is mostly a director/producer of “better” adult films, but has produced or directed a few pretty good non-porn movies.

The name “Armand” is reserved for these efforts.

Jackie Cooper - Actor, Director, and Producer.

As a child, he appeared as one of the “Little Rascals”.

As an adult was star of ‘50’s TV shows “The People’s Choice” and “Hennesey”.

Directed many TV shows, Including “MASH” episodes.

Was “Perry White” in Superman movies.

Father, Jewish.

Mother, not.

Jake Steinfeld - Actor with an asterisk, but defintely Jewish.

Star and producer of his own “Body by Jake” video series.

James Caan - Son of a kosher meat dealer.

Best known as Sonny Coreleone in “The Godfather”.

Other films include “Comes a Horseman”, “Roller Ball”, many others.

His parents were refugees from Germany.

“Caan” is his real name, apparently it is a common Dutch variant of “Cahn” or “Kahn” and his family probably had a Dutch Jewish ancestor.

Jason Alexander - Best known as “George” on Seinfeld.

Born Jason Greenspan.

His wife is Jewish; his wife’s sister is Stacy Title, screenwriter and producer.

She is married to actor/producer Jonathan Penner.

Jason Hervey - Played Fred Savage’s very annoying older brother “Wayne” on “The Wonder Years”.

Now apparently moving into producing and directing.

Jason Issacs - English Jewish actor who is starring in Mel Gibson’s big budget film,”The Patriot”, as the British villian, Colonel William Tavington.

In an interview with the LA Jewish Journal, he noted that his parents and one of his brothers have moved to Israel.

Jason Schwartzman - Star of the film “Rushmore” with Bill Murphy.

His father was Hollywood producer Jack Schwartzman, Jewish.

His mother is Talia Shire, Francis Coppola’s sister, who is not Jewish.

Jean Gaspard Debrau - Legendary actor of the French Stage (1796-1846).

Created the well-known character of Pierrot.

Jean Pierre Aumont - Born Jean Salomons.

French actor who made appeared in a small number of American movies in the ‘40’s while in Hollywood Exile.

Still working at near 90.

Very popular in France.

Jeff Chandler - Handsome, action-star of the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s.

Played “Cochise” in film “Broken Arrow”.

Born Ira Grossel.

According to actress Esther Williams, he was a heterosexual who liked to wear women’s clothing.

Nobody’s perfect.

Jeff Goldblum - Popular actor whose first notable role was in the “Big Chill”.

Became a star with roles in “The Fly”, “Jurassic Park”, and as the Jewish computer nerd who helps save the world in “Independence Day”.

Curious that Judd Hirsch was cast as his father in “Independence Day”; Judd would been 17 in real life if he really was Goldblum’s father.

Jeffrey Tambor - Co-star of the “Larry Sanders” show; many TV and film character roles—including playing Alan Rachins’ brother on “L.A.

Law” (there is a passing resemblance).

Recently co-starred in “Girl, Interrupted”.

Jeremy Miller - Actor who is best known for his role as “Ben Seaver” in ‘80’s hit series “Growing Pains”.

Appeared as the guest host on the Hebrew version of “Sesame Street”.

Jeremy Piven - Actor on the television shows “Ellen” and “Cupid”.

Grew up in the Chicago area.

Jeroen Krabbe - Pronounced “Yaroon Krabbay” (Rhymes with spoon or moon; accent on second syllable) Dutch actor has appeared in many films, Including “The Fugitive” (played doctor who tried to frame Richard Kimble).

Mother, Jewish.

Father, not.

Also Dir.

of Holocaust film, “Left Luggage”.

Jerry Adler - A frequent Jhoo visitor alerted us.

Adler is a guy w/a Jewish name who almost always plays Jews.

What goes on in casting-do they say-got a Jew; get Adler? Among others: Rabbi Schulman (Joel’s rabbi) in “Northern Exposure”; Hesh Rabkin on the “Sopranos”; Lt.

Al Teischler on “Hudson Street”.

Jerry Douglas - Actor who has played the character of “John Abbott” on the popular American soap “The Young and the Restless”.

Douglas has been playing this character since 1982.

Born Gerald Rubenstein.

Jerry Orbach - Now known as “Lenny”, one of the two starring cops on “Law and Order”.

This character has the same background as Orbach in real life—father, Jewish; mother, Italian-Catholic; raised Catholic.

Leading Broadway Musical star.

Jerry Seinfeld - Well, of course we know him.

But, if you think about it, he was the only person on “Seinfeld” (other than his parents) who was identified as Jewish.

Update: Jerry’s new wife, Jessica Sklar is Jewish.

The conservative rabbi who performed the ceremony said the marriage was all done according to religious law and that Ms. Sklar had the foresight to obtain a “get”, a religious divorce, from her previous husband.

In a new Jerry bio, it is noted that his mother is of Syrian Jewish background—his father is Jewish, too.

Jerry Stiller - Best known as George Constanza’s father on “Seinfeld”.

Part of the comedy team of Stiller and Meara.

Father of Ben Stiller.

Jesse Eisenberg - Young actor who stars as “Kenny Green” in the Fox series “Get Real”.

His sister is Hallie Eisenberg, a child actress best known for her titanic temper when she does not get a Pepsi in the recent popular commercials.

Jesse White - Character actor who played in many roles.

But best known as the “lonely” Maytag repairman in the ads that ran for years.

A visitor who knew his family tells us that his real name is Jesse Weidenfeld and that every year he would attend a picnic for Akron, Ohio area Jewish people who lived in Los Angeles.

Joaquin Phoenix - Well, Joaquin appears to be breaking into the big time.

He is co-starring in the big budget film “Gladiators” as Commodus.

His mother is Jewish.

Joaquin is his birth name, but he acted under the name “Leaf Phoenix” for a while (as “Leaf” he played Diane Wiest’s son in “Parenthood”).

See entry on River Phoenix for the strange details.

Joe Besser - Joe Besser was real name.

Joined The Three Stooges (Larry, Moe) in the late ‘50’s following the death of Curly and Shemp.

Joe Silver - Veteran character actor who appeared in many small roles from the 60’s until the ‘90’s.

Including a role in “Duddy Kravitz”.

Joel Brooks - Character actor who co-starred in sit-coms “My Sister Sam” and the short-lived “Private Benjamin” series.

Many smallish roles in films and many television guest shots.

Joel Grey - Broadway and movie actor best known as the emcee in “Cabaret”.

Born Joe Katz.

His father Mickey was a popular entertainer in the Jewish community—he specialized in Yiddish or Jewish themed parodies of popular songs.

Joey Bishop - Popular in the ‘60’s; w/Sammy Davis was Jewish part of the “Rat Pack”.

He is the sole surviving member of the “Pack” (probably because he didn’t drink much with the boys).

He was the star of 60’s sit-com “The Joey Bishop Show”, in which he played a talk show host.

Then he had his own talk show on ABC.

His second banana? None other than Regis Philbin.

Regis is, of course, Irish.

(Regis Francis Xavier Philbin).

Oops, we just found out Philbin’s mother is an Italian Catholic.

Well, that’s America.

Joey Slotnick - Played “Sam” on television series “The Single Guy”.

John Banner - Best known as “Sgt.

Schultz” on “Hogan’s Heroes”.

We had posted him w/reservations.

We have corresponded w/a family member and not only is he Jewish (born in Austria) but his mother was killed in the Holocaust.

John Brown - Played the popular role of “Digger O’Dell” on the very popular “Life of Riley” radio and television series in the ‘40s and ‘50s.

Not a Jewish name, but a Jewish guy.

John Garfield - Handsome, tough guy star of classic movies “Body and Soul and “The Postman Always Ring Twice”.

Also the Jewish soldier in “Gentlemen’s Agreement”.

Born Julius Garfinkle.

On edge of being blacklisted, died at 38.

John Houseman - Rumanian born actor and director was Jewish on his father’s side.

Orson Welles indispensable aide in the Mercury Theater.

Personification of stuffy WASP law professor in The Paper Chase.

And, of course, said that Smith Barney makes money the old fashioned way, they earn it.

John Marley - Born John Marlieb.

Veteran character actor who is undoubtly best remembered as Hollywood producer Jack Woltz, the character who ended up with a horse’s head in his bed in the “Godfather”.

Can’t you hear him saying “Johnny Fontaine will never get that part....” John Randolph - Veteran character actor.

You probably know his face.

Played Tom Hanks grandfather in “You’ve Got Mail”.

Played Chevy Chase’s father in “Nat.

Lampoon’s XMAS Vacation”.

Born Emanuel Hirsch Cohen.

May be the last famous American actor still associated w/ the Communist Party.

John Rubinstein - Son of famous classical pianist, Arthur Rubinstein.

Actor and Composer.

Tony as actor in “Children of A Lesser God”, also appeared in TV’s “Crazy As a Fox”, composed music for “China Beach’, others.

Currently starring on Broadway as “Tateh” in musical “Ragtime”.

His mother is not Jewish.

Jon Favreau - Favreau is best known as the writer and star of the hit indy movie “Swingers”.

He also appeared as Pete Becker, Monica’s rich boyfriend, in a number of “Friends” espisodes.

He is popping up in a lot of films, lately.

His father is Jewish, his mother is not.

Jon Lovitz - Comedic actor who became known for his wonderful characters on Saturday Night Live, Including “The Critic” and “The Liar”.

Nice performances in a number of films Including “A League of Their Own”.

Jon Stewart - Actor and comedian.

Now hosting the daily show on the Comedy Channel.

Born Jon Leibowitz.

A very talented guy who writes most of his own material.

Jon Tenney - First came to public attention playing “Sgt.

Francis Donovan” on “Brooklyn South”.

Currently starring as the father in the Fox teen oriented comedy, “Get Real” ( (His character is supposed to be Jewish).

Married to actress Teri Hatcher, of “Lois and Clark” fame.

She is not Jewish.

Jonathan Lipnicki - The child star who played Jerry McGuire’s girlfriend’s child in “Jerry McGuire”.

The Jewish Exponent, a Philadelphia Jewish paper, reported that Jonathan quit Hebrew school because he was not getting enough snacks.

(Maybe he went back since this report.

We don’t know).

Jonathan Lynn - English Jewish Director, actor, screewriter.

Directed “Ferris Buller’s Day Off”, others.

Actor in “Greedy” (directed, too.) Many English tv character roles.

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban’s nephew.

Jonathan Penner - Actor, producer, writer.

As an actor he appears in the TV series “Rude Awakening” and “The Naked Truth”.

Featured in film “Wedding Bell Blues”.


and star of upcoming film “Let The Devil Wear Black”.

Jason Alexander’s brother-in-law.

Jonathan Silverman - Star of the “Single Guy” TV show.

A Jhoo visitor tells us that his father, Hillel Silverman, is a conservative Rabbi.

His family owns the “Prayer Book Press.” Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Young star of “Home Improvement”.

Born Jonathan Taylor Weiss.

Unclear if half or fully Jewish.

Update: One source said Jewish; but we are increasing of the opinion that he may not be Jewish at all.

Comments in interviews, etc.

As we know more, we will let you know.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Best known as “Tommy Solomon” on TV hit sit-com “Third Rock From The Sun”.

In response to a USA Today question about his favorite “pig-out” food (ironic, given the reply), he stated “I would have to go with herring.

I was raised Jewish.

Why would I make that up.

I really like it.” In an early series episode, the space alien family,”The Solomons”, decided they would tell humans that they were Jewish.

So Gordon-Levitt is a Jewish actor pretending to be a space alien pretending to be a Jewish human.

(Please see full profile of Gordon-Levitt, the link is in our editorial section) Joseph Schildkraut - Austrian -born character actor who came from an acting family.

His film and television career lasted over thirty years.

Including an impt.

part in “Shop Around the Corner” and as Otto Frank in the film version of the Diary of Anne Frank.

Joseph Wiseman - Stage and film actor.

Title role in “Dr.


Also in “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz” (Duddy’s Uncle).Check out “Bye, Bye, Braverman”, comedy about 4 Jewish intellectuals going to a funeral.

Not great, but fun in parts.

Josh Mostel - Actor son of Zero Mostel.

Heavy set character player of stage, TV and films Josh Saviano - Former co-star of “The Wonder Years”.

Played Fred Savage’s (Jewish) best friend.

Jewish in real life.

Joshua Malina - Actor who starred as “Jeremy Goodwin” on the sit-com “Sports Night”.

Many small film roles.

He was raised Orthodox according to our source.

Judd Hirsch - Best known as Alex on “Taxi”.

Hirsch won two Emmys playing Alex.

He has also won a Tony award and was nominated for best supporting actor for his performance in “Ordinary People”.

Judd Nelson - Member of the Hollywood Brat Pack (“The Breakfast Club”,etc.) and former co-star of “Suddenly Susan”.

Update: Nelson is Jewish.We had information that led us to post him with reservations.

We have recently corresponded with someone who knows his family.

He’s a nice Jewish guy who went home this year to attend high holiday services.

Jules Munshin - Delightful, zany actor and singer who starred as the third sailor in film version of “On The Town” and had a supporting role in “Silk Stockings” w/ Fred Astaire.

Always lit up the screen.

Keenan Wynn - Son of Ed Wynn.

Constantly working character actor from the ‘40’s thru ‘80s.

Most notably as a gangster in “Kiss Me Kate”, “Col.

Bat Guano” in “Dr.

Strangelove”, and in “Dallas”, the television series.

His mother was not Jewish.

Ken Olin - Played “Michael Steadman” the Jewish character on “thirtysomething”.

Kevin Costner - Jewhoo has reviewed the transcript of the 1998 50th Anniversary salute to Israel television special which Costner hosted.

It seems quite clear that he stated that his mother is Jewish—that was the obvious implication of his remarks.

Interestingly, this has hardly been noted in the major news media outlets.

Kevin Kline - Brilliant actor who starred in “A Fish Called Wanda”, many others.

Mother Irish, father Jewish; full name Kevin Delaney Kline.

His wife is Phoebe Cates, whose father is also Jewish.

Kline was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic high school.

A visitor who lives in Kline’s home town recalls his father as a rather ill-tempered fellow who ran the local toy & record store.

Kevin Pollak - Stand-up comedian who successfully moved into acting in “Avalon”, “Willow”, “A Few Good Men”, others.

In the film “Deterrence”, he played a character who is supposed to be the first Jewish president of the US.

Funny as a kid, he says his “bar mitzvah speech was a monologue with applause breaks and that the rabbi was the straight man at his haftorah—not something most people can say”.

Kirk Douglas - Actor in and producer of such classics as “Paths of Glory” and “Spartacus”.

Born Issur Danielovitch.

His father later changed the family name to Demsky.

In 1999, Kirk celebrated his “second” bar mitzvah and has become quite religious.

His most famous son, Michael, seems to self-identify as Jewish.

However, according to his mother’s autobiography, she and Kirk agreed to raise the kids “nothing”.

Kurt Gerron - German Jewish actor who appeared in the 1st production of the “Threepenny Opera”.

Also the magician in “The Blue Angel”.

He fled Ger., but was captured in Holland and deported to Theresienstadt, the “model” camp, where he directed a propaganda film about the camp in hope of saving the lives of his actors.

He and his wife were deported and killed at Auschwitz shortly after making the film.

Larry Blyden - Actor & game show host.

Appeared as a guest star on a number of television shows.

But he is best remembered as the host of the second version of “What’s My Line” that ran between 1969 and 1972.

Blyden’s main acting credits were on Broadway where he specialized in musical comedy, including a Tony for Best Supporting Actor in the ‘72 revival of “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum”.

Born Ivan Lawrence Blieden, he died in an auto accident in ‘75.


Larry Fine - Born Larry Feinberg.

One of Three Stooges.

Larry Gelman - Character actor who played the role of “Vinny” (one of Oscar and Felix’s card playing cronies) on the “Odd Couple” and “Bernie Tupperman” on the “Bob Newhart Show”.

Larry Parks - Best known for playing Al Jolson in bio.

filMs. Born Samuel Klausman.

Correction: We recently confirmed what we had heard—while listed all the time as Jewish (because his only notable roles were as Jolson)--he was not Jewish.

Egg cream on our face.

Larry Storch - Comedian and actor best-remembered for playing “Cpl.

Agarn” in the silly ‘60’s TV Western “F Troop”.

Laurence Harvey - Born in Lithuania, he grew up in South Africa.

Handsome leading man who appeared in both Hollywood and English filMs. Best known for his starring roles in “Butterfield 8”,”The Manchurian Candidate”, and his Oscar-nominated role in “Room At The Top”.

Born Laruschka Mischa Skikne.

Lee J.

Cobb - Great as corrupt union boss leader in “On the Waterfront”.

Also in “Twelve Angry Men”.

Born Lee Jacobs.

After two years of intense pressure, he gave up “names” to avoid the blacklist.

The bastards had the names already.

Lee Phillips - Handsome actor who co-starred as “Dr.

Michael Rossi” in the movie version of “Peyton Place” with Lana Turner.

He went on to be a television series/movie director.

Born Leon Friedman.

Lee Strasberg - Head of the Actors Studio school in NYC.

Only notable film role was as Hyman Roth, Al Pacino’s rival in the Godfather, II, in which he played a character closely modeled on legendary Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky.

Leo Fuchs - Character actor who was best known for his Yiddish stage and screen work.

He has a supporting role in “Avalon” and appears as the Chief Rabbi in the quite funny Jewish-oriented western “The Frisco Kid” (w/Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder).

Leo Gorcey - One of the original “Dead End Kids” (“Mugs” in some movies).

Later the star of the “Bowery Boys” (‘Slip’).

Jhoo has est.

his father, Bernard, was Jewish.

It is likely his mother was, too.

Leo basically drank himself to death.

(Huntz Hall, his most prominent co-star, was not Jewish).

Leon Askin - Best known as General Burkhalter on the ultra-bizzare series “Hogan’s Heroes”.

Askin was born in Austria.

His parents were killed in the Holocaust.

Askin frequently plays bad guys in American filMs. He has also made a number of German language films/tv shows & is a strong Shakespearean actor.

Leonard Frey - Created role of “Motel” in Broadway version of “Fiddler on the Roof” (also in movie).

In “Boys in the Band”.

Died of AIDS.

Leonard Nimoy - Mr. Spock of Star Trek.

Nimoy says that he introduced the Vulcan greeting (fingers in “V” form); taking it from the gesture rabbis (or kohanim) make while blessing congregants.

Nimoy is very active in the Jewish community.

He recently narrated an award winning animated film on the life of Rashi, the great medieval Jewish scholar.

Order or find out more at this URL: Leslie Howard - 1930s actor best remembered for playing Ashley Wilkes in “Gone With The Wind.” Born Leslie Stainer.

He was killed during WWII when his plane was shot down by the Nazis.

Howard, born of Hungarian parents who immigrated to England, also played the personfication of “Englishness” in the title role of the “Scarlet Pimpernel” (which was written by a Hungarian).

Note: Howard was unquestionably Jewish ‘only’ on his father’s side.

He is usually listed as Jewish without qualification.

But these facts are stated in his son’s book on Howard and a yet unpublished biography.

Sorry, sports fans.

Lewis J.

Stadlen - Character actor who 1st made his name on Broadway doing Groucho in “Minny’s Boys”.

Regular on “Benson”.

Many guest appearances.

Liev Schreiber - Actor whose career is now taking off.

In “Jakob the Liar”, Orson Welles in recent Showtime film about Welles and Hearst; and as “Marty Kantrowitz” in “A Walk on the Moon”, a film Jhoo gives four Jewish stars—rent it.

Lionel Stander - Gruff-voiced character actor who is best known today as “Max” the chauffeur in ‘80’s TV show “Hart to Hart”.

He played similar characters in “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”, “A Star is Born”, and many “B” movies.

His testimony before the House Un-American Activities committee was legendary for its funny combativeness.

Blacklisted, he made a good living on Wall Street where, he said, they didnt care about his politics, just if he could make money.

Lloyd Bochner - Canadian born character actor who has worked almost constantly since the ‘40’s.

Played “Cecil Colby” on “Dynasty” and “Channing Creighton” on “Santa Barbara”.

Father of actor Hart Bochner.

Lorne Greene - Ben Cartwright on “Bonanza”; “Space 1999”, was a top newscaster in his native Canada before becoming an actor.

Lou Jacobi - Born in Toronto.

Plays “father figures”.

Films include “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex...”.

Ludwig Stossel - Austrian Jewish refugee who escaped to the United States where he played minor character roles.

But he hit financial security with his role as the “little old winemaker” in the Italian Swiss Colony commercials which ran for decades.

Luther Adler - Member of the most famous of Jewish acting families.

His father, Jacob, was a huge star of the Yiddish theater.

His sister Stella was a famous dramatic coach.

Luther was in many TV shows and “The Last Angry Man”.

Mala - Sometimes billed as “Ray Mala”.

Born Ray Wise.

Perhaps the most unusual background of any actor on this list.

His father was Jewish, mother Eskimo (or “Inuit”) Known for his fabulous physique, he played mostly Indians in Hollywood “B” movies of the ‘30s & ‘40s.

Played a South Seas Islander in the “A” movie “Son of Fury”.

(Thanks to Marty Greenberg for this one) Mandy Patinkin - Starred in “Chicago Hope”, left, and now has come back.

Broadway star, recording artist (latest Yiddish songs).

Marc Kudisch - Broadway musical actor who has appeared as Gaston in “Beauty and the Beast,” Chauvelin in “The Scarlet Pimpernel; and other roles.

Soon to appear in the “The Wild Party.” Grew up in Conservative home.

Our visitor relates he has said: “I’m a Jew.

I’ll always be a Jew.

There’s nothing that will ever change that.

It’s who I am...” Marc Lawrence - Character actor remarkable for his longevity.

Born Max Goldsmith, he was a member of the famous left-wing “Group Theater”.

Played the bad guy (known for his heavily scarred face) in over one hundred movies, Including “The Ox-Bow Incident”.

Now 90, his first film was made in 1932.

Recently played Carlo Gambino in the movie “Gotti” and guested last year on a Star Trek/Deep Space 9.

Marc Singer - Best known as the star of “Beastmaster” movies and mini-series “V”.

Brother of actress Lori Singer.

Marcel Dalio - French Jewish actor best known for his appearances in two of Jean Renoir’s classics and in “Casablanca”.

He is the Jewish prisoner of War in “Grand Illusion”, the benevolent aristocrat in “Rules of the Game”.

He escaped France, and appeared as the croupier in “Casablanca”.

His mother and father died in the Holocaust.

Marcel Marceau - This great French mime has long been up in our entertainment other category, but people miss him and ask.

Yes, he is Jewish and frequently talks about being Jewish (not during a performance, of course).

In fact, his father was captured and killed at Auschwitz.

Marceau fled (with his brother and sister) to the South of France.

Masquerading as a boy scout leader, he lead hundreds of Jewish children to safety in Switzerland.

When the Allies landed, he joined the Free French Forces and was made liasion to Patton’s Army.

Marceau’s only talking role is in Mel Brooks “Silent Movie”.

(Actress Sophie Marceau is not related to him and she is not Jewish).

Mark Feuerstein - Star of short-lived TV series “Conrad Bloom”.

Appears in Albert Brooks’ movie, “The Muse”.

Mark Frankel - English Jewish actor whose promising career was cut short by his death in a motorcycle accident in 1996.

Appeared in comedy film “Leon, the Pig Farmer” and several English television series.

Mark Lenard - Best known as Spock’s father, Ambassador Sarek, on Star Trek.

Born Lenard Rosenson.

Since Leonard Nimoy is also Jewish; are Vulcans one of the ten lost tribes of Israel? Mark Wahlberg - Not Jewish.

Born and raised Catholic.

Reportedly devout.

Martin Balsam - Extremely good character actor.

Appeared as Archie’s partner in “Archie Bunker’s Place” on TV.

Police officer murdered in “Psycho”.

Many other roles.

Martin Gabel - Acted in about thirty films & TV shows.

But best remembered as a regular panelist on the “What’s My Line” in the ‘60’s (black glasses, bow-tie).

Now deceased, his wife was regular panelist Arlene Francis, who is not Jewish.

Martin Landau - Star of “Mission Impossible”; “Space 1999”.

Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “Ed Wood”.

Ex-Husband of actress Barbara Bain, who is also Jewish.

They were married for over twenty years and co-starred in Mission Impossible.

Marty Feldman - English Jewish actor best remembered for his role as “Igor” in “Young Frankenstein”.

His bulging eyes were a result of a medical condition.

He died of a massive heart attack that, according to one report, was brought on by eating poisoned shellfish.

Now if he had only kept kosher...

Marty Ingels - Stand-up and comedic actor best known for his roles in 60’s sit-coms “I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster” and “The Pruitts of Southampton”.

Ingels has appeared in guest roles on many TV programs and had supporting roles in a number of movies.

Born Marty Ingerman, his uncle-by-marriage was Abe Beame, late mayor of NYC.

Oops, Beame is very much still alive and is in his mid-90’s.

Hang in there, Abe.

Marvin Kaplan - Another character actor whose face you probably know.

Was “Henry” the steady customer w/a round face and glasses in “Alice”; “Irwin” in “Its A Mad...Mad World”.

Matt Stone - Co-creator of South Park cartoon series; inspired Jewish character “Kyle”—he is the voice of Kyle and many other characters.

Matthew Broderick - Actor who starred in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Biloxi Blues”, many others.

His mother is Jewish.

Father, late actor James Broderick, was not Jewish.

Married to Sarah Jessica Parker, whose mother is Jewish, father is not.

The couple apparently had an “official” Jewish ceremony and an “unofficial” Episcopalian ceremony presided over by Broderick’s sister, an Episcopal priest.

Matthew Laurance - Identical twin brother of Mitchell Laurance.

Matthew seems to have edged Mitchell out in credits.

He was “Dr.

Mel Silver” in BH 90210, a Sat.

Nite Live regular for one season, a lead in “Eddie and the Cruisers” Matthieu Kassovitz - French actor and director.

He makes edgy films about tough subjects like anti-semitism and anti-arab predjudice in France.

His father, Peter, is also an actor and director (“Jakob the Liar”).

Maury Chaykin - Heavy set actor character actor who has appeared in many films Including “The Mask of Zorro”, “Unstrung Heroes” (he plays one of the two sweetly crazy Jewish brothers who take care of their nephew.

Michael Richards plays the other one) and “The Sweet Hereafter”.

Lest you think that his name is our only source—a very reliable visitor tells us she knew him in college and he is both Jewish & a nice guy.

Max Linder - Born Gabriel Levielle.

Great French comedian of the silent cinema.

Mel Blanc - Was a semi-regular actor on the Jack Benny TV show; but most famous as the voice of countless cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny; Porky Pig; Yosemite Sam, etc.

Mel Brooks - Actor, director, writer: “The Producers”, “Young Frankenstein”, many others.

Married for many years to Anne Bancroft, who is not Jewish.

Mel explains his origins “I was born in Brooklyn on June 28, 1926, the 12th anniversary of the blowing up of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria.

We lived at 515 Powell Street, in a tenement.

I was born on the kitchen table.

We were so poor my mother couldn’t afford to have me; the lady next door gave birth to me.

My real name was Melvin Kaminsky.

I changed it to Brooks because Kaminsky wouldn’t fit on a drum.” Melvyn Douglas - Star of many stylish ‘30’s comedies.

Kept working until 1970’s.

His wife was Helen Gahagan Douglas, California Senator red-baited by winning candidate, Richard Nixon.

Born Melvyn Hesselberg.

Twice Oscar winner for best supporting actor (“Hud”, “Being There”).

A great actor.

(His granddaughter is actress Illeana Douglas) Michael Brandon - He got his start as the co-star of the hit film “Lovers and Other Strangers” (playing the groom).

But his career seems mostly limited to guest shots and TV movies.

Played Dempsey in the shortlived series “Dempsey and Makepeace”.

Has a recurring role as District Atty.

Dawson on “The Practice”.

Born Michael Feldman.

Michael Buchman Silver - Handsome young actor who plays Dr.

Myers on “ER” and Asst.DA Leo Cohen on “NYPD Blue”.

(Silver is the “Royal Flush” of prospective Jewish husbands: a “lawyer”, a “doctor”, handsome, a TV star, and Jewish).

Michael Degen - German Jewish television and film actor well-known in Germany.

He just published his autobiography.

Michael Douglas - Son of Kirk Douglas.

Star of “Romancing the Stone”, “Wall Street”.

Producer of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

His mother is not Jewish.

Update: There was a report that Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael’s new wife, was thinking of converting.

He has denied this report and says she will remain Catholic.

Michael says their child (she is pregnant) will be “raised the same as him”.

We presume, but are not sure this means Jewish.

Michael Fishman - Played “D.J.”, Roseanne’s son, on the long-running television series “Roseanne”.

Michael J. Fox - NOT JEWISH.

see entry on Tracy Pollan (actresses).

Michael Landon - Born Eugene Orowitz.

His father was Jewish, his mother not.

He was raised Jewish, which was a source of friction btw.

his parents.

Star of “Bonanza” & “Little House...”.

So, both Pa Cartwright (Lorne Greene) and Little Joe were Jewish-may explain why the cook, Hop Sing, referred to won tons as “kreplach” in a lost episode of Bonanza (joke).

Note: Landon is buried in a Los Angeles area Jewish cemetery.

Michael Lembeck - Actor and director.

Son of Harvey Lembeck.

Appeared as character “Max Horvath” in “One Day At a Time”.

Now constantly working TV sitcom director, Including “Mad About You”, “Veronica’s Closet”.

Unclear, but likely that his mother is Jewish.

Michael Meyers - No, not Mike Myers.

An actor who falls more into “the what ever happened to” category.

He played Ron, Ali McGraw’s good-natured, but rather stupid older brother in “Goodbye, Columbus”.

A visitor tells us he has actually written a book.

Meyers only role was in “Goodbye, Columbus.

He went on to be a successful physician.

Michael Rapaport - Most recently appeared as Phoebe’s cop boyfriend on “Friends”.

A number of character roles including the role of a skinhead in John Singleton’s “Higher Learning”.

Michael Richards - NOT JEWISH.

We were assisted in our research by Kenny Kramer, who was the model for Seinfeld’s Kramer, and gives guided tours of Seinfeld spots in NYC.

His web-site is Kenny Kramer is Jewish.

So the definitive answer is that Michael Richards is not a Jew, he just played one on TV.

Michael Spound - Actor who had a leading role in the television series “Hotel”.

Other lesser roles.

His mother was an American Jewish Committee leader.

Michael T.

Weiss - Star of the television series “The Pretender”.

Michael Tucker - Star of TV’s “L.A.

Law”, played “Stuart” the Jewish lawyer.

In the series, he married his co-star, Jill Eikenberry.

He is married to her in real life.

She is not Jewish.

Michael Zaslow - Top soap opera actor who starred for many years on “One Life to Live” and “The Guiding Light”.

Died recently of “Lou Gehrig’s disease” (ALS).

Mickey Freeman - Played Private Fielding Zimmerman on the “Sgt.

Bilko” show.

Before and after the show he was a stand-up comedian and he still perforMs. He just co-wrote an excellent book on the show called “Bilko Behind the Lines”, that is available through UK Amazon and will be published in the US in a few months.

Mike Kellin - Veteran character actor who appeared in a lot of roles between the ‘50’s and ‘80’s.

Appeared in both the film and TV series “The Wackiest Ship in the Army”.

Also Brad Davis’s father in the hit film “Midnight Express”.

Mike Myers - NOT JEWISH.



(There was a Michael Myers who was Jewish and Chief Justice of the New Zealand Supreme Court—no relation—what and you thought there were no Jews in New Zealand?) Milton Berle - Berle has long been up under “comedians”.

Born Mendel Berlinger, he was the biggest star of early TV.

Milton is now 92, and still very much on top of things.

Our favorite Milton story: As a kid vaudeville actor he heard actor Frank Fay (Fay, not Faylen) make an anti-Semitic remark about him.

Milton put him in the hospital for a month.

Mitchell Laurance - Identical twin brother of actor Matthew.

Many character roles.

The Laurances are not the only Jewish identical twins to appear on film.

Rent “I Love You, Alice B.

Toklas”-60’s comedy w/Jewish flavor—the “twin cantors” appear at Peter Sellers’ wedding.

In real life, they were a hit on the Bar Mitzvah/Wedding circuit.

Moe Howard - Moe of Three Stooges.

Born Moses Horwitz.

Brother of Shemp and Curly Horwitz/Howard.

Moishe Oysher - Known as the “Yiddish Clark Gable”.

Born in Rumania, he emigrated to Canada.

Oysher joined a Yiddish theatrical company, appeared in New York, & led his own company in Buenos Aires, 1932.

Returning to New York 1934, he decided to become a cantor like his father and grandfather.

He conducted services in New York, & was noted for hasidic interpretations of the traditional prayers.

He starred in Yiddish films, “The Cantor’s Son”, “Yankel the Blacksmith”, and “Der Vilna Balebesel”.

Morey Amsterdam - Best known as Buddy, the comedy writer, on the old Dick Van Dyke show.

Morris Carnovsky - One of the best Shakespearean actors of the 20th century.

His “Shylock”, among other roles, was highly praised.

Carnovsky’s promising film career was cut short when he was blacklisted in the early ‘50’s.

Two of his larger roles were in “Dead Reckoning” w/Bogart and “Cyrano De Bergerac” starring Jose Ferrer.

Much later he starred in a television adaptation of Issac Bashevis Singer’s story “The Cafeteria”.

Nathan Lane - Not Jewish (as is often assumed).

The chubby actor who starred in “La Cage Aux Folles” is Irish Catholic.

Lane is set to play the role originally played by Zero Mostel in the upcoming Broadway version of “The Producers”.

He said it was nice he got the role since he isn’t “even” Jewish.

Nathan Teibloom - The new editor of this site’s grandfather.

Any Teiblooms (other than my relatives) anywhere in the world reading this should contact me via e-mail via the web master e-mail listed.

Not an actor.

But he acted really well in his life and this is the sub-site most persons visit first.

Thanks everybody for reading through this.

Ned Glass - Veteran character actor whose career went from the ‘30s to the ‘80’s.

Series regular in “Julia” TV series.

Glass was blacklisted from the early ‘50’s until the early ‘60’s.

Nehemiah Persoff - Character actor from Israel.

“Voyage of the Damned” among many roles.

Neil Diamond - Singer and actor (Jazz Singer).

Diamond starred in the second re-make of the Jazz Singer.

Danny Thomas (not Jewish; Christian Arab) in first re-make.

Nicholas Worth - Character actor who has appeared in over forty filMs. Mostly in small parts.

Recurring role on “Star Trek, Deep Space 9”.

Our source, who knows him, says his given name is “Nickel Worth”.

He has a twin sister named “Penny”.

We guess they learned the value of a dollar early in life.

Noah Wyle - Plays Dr.

John Carter on “ER”.

One report had him half-Jewish on his father’s side.

In a 1995 interview, Wyle merely describes himself as “Jewish”, raised in a Reform home, and states that Mandy Patinkin of Chicago Hope is his godfather.

Nice they both went into medicine.

Norman Fell - Supporting Actor in a million roles.

You know his face.

Was “Stanley Roper” on “3’s Company spin-off “The Ropers”.

Born Norman Feld.

Oded Fehr - Israeli actor who appeared in “The Mummy” and is shortly scheduled to be in several big movies.

He appears as a newcomer in the recent “sexiest man” alive “People” mag.

issue.In piece, claims “all Israelis look like him”.

Yeah, right.

Omri Katz - Child actor who played J.R.

Ewing III in “Dallas” and was in short-lived series, “Eerie, Indiana”.

Born Omri Haim Katz, he lived in Israel for a time.

Update: A very funny English Jewish site has a feature they call “Jewrassic Park”—dedicated to spotting flash in the pan young Jewish stars whose careers have seemed to go extinct.

They say the Katz may be in Israel playing basketball.

Can Jewhoo visitors help out our British friends? Any other candidates for “Jewrassic Park”? Oscar Homolka - Character actor born in Austria.

Known for his raspy voice and interesting European accent.

Worked constantly from the 30’s thru the 60’s.

Best supporting actor Oscar in 1949 for his role as “Uncle Chris” in “I Remember Mama”.

(A great character in a very good movie).

Oscar Levant - Actor, musician, composer, wit, and famous neurotic.

Levant co-stars in “An American in Paris”, “Rhapsody in Blue”, “Bandwagon”, and a few other filMs. He was famous for his witty apperances w/Jack Paar.

Levant said: “There is a thin line between genius and insanity, and I have erased that line” and “Underneath this flabby exterior is an enormous lack of character”.

Otto Preminger - actor and director.

Made part of his living playing Nazis like a lot of refugees (“Stalag 17”).

Born in Austria.

Hated Austrians for their behavior for rest of his life.

Paul Ben-Victor - Starred as Moe Howard in the recent big budget television film on the “Three Stooges”.

Many smaller supporting roles, Including a recurring role on “NYPD Blue”.

Paul Hecht - Character actor who has appeared in many roles.

Series regular on “As The World Turns” and “Kate and Allie”.

Paul Lukas - Hungarian-born actor who won the 1943 Best Actor Oscar for “Watch on the Rhine”.

He was a big theater star in his native Hungary before immigrating.

He mostly worked in theater in the 1950’s and ‘60’s.

His cousin was Edward Lukas, who was counsel for the American

Jewish Committee for many years.

Edward’s son was J.

Anthony Lukas, Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times reporter.

Paul Michael Glaser - Co-star of “Starsky and Hutch”.

Wife, Elizabeth Glaser, got AIDS thru transfusion and spoke movingly about AIDS funding at the ‘92 Democratic Convention.

She has since died.

Paul Muni - Great actor.

Star of the screen, Broadway, and Yiddish theatre.

Nominated five times for the best actor Oscar.

Won for “The Life of Louis Pasteur”.

His performance in the original “Scarface” was probably better than Pacino’s and more interesting.

Also gave great performances in “I Am a Prisoner From a Chain Gang”;in the title role in “Juraez”; and in his last performance as a Jewish doctor in “The Last Angry Man”.

Paul Newman - Newman has been a star since the 1950’s.

His most famous Jewish role was the hero in “Exodus” (a film he won’t talk about b/c director Otto Preminger mis-treated his actors.) Other credits Including “The Hustler”, “Hud”, “Butch Cassidy...”.

Paul’s father was Jewish; his mother Christian Scientist.

His mother was devout & sent him to Sunday school for about 2 years.

But he says “it did not take”.

When asked, Newman will describe himself as a Jew “because it is more of a challenge”.

But he is not practicing—unless his amazing charity work is, in some cosmic sense, practicing.

Paul Reiser - Star of “Mad About You”.

Most famous graduate of the State Univ.

Of NY at Binghamton.

Paul Reubens - aka Pee Wee Herman.

Career took a nose dive w/ arrest for pleasuring himself in public.

Perhaps he read Portnoy’s Complaint too closely.

Paul Rudd - Actor who recently co-starred in the comedy “Object Of My Affection”; played the handsome stepbrother in “Clueless”.

States in an interview that he had a hard time being “the” Jewish kid in a high school in Kansas.

Well, he’s not in Kansas anymore.

Paul Sand - Comedic actor who began his career “on top” with ‘70’s show “Paul Sand’s Friends and Lovers”.

The show wasn’t the success that it was anticipated to be.

Since then Sand has continued to work quite regularly, but has never had a really big role.

He was a single season cast regular on “St.

Elsewhere” and “Gimme A Break”.

Lots of guest shots on TV.

Born Paul Sanchez.

Father, Mexican and not Jewish.

Mother, Jewish.

Paul Shaffer - Best known as the Bandleader for “Letterman”; has also acted in Sat.

Nite Live and “Spinal Tap”.


Paul Stewart - Character actor whose face, again, film buffs will recognize.

He was an original member of Orson Welles’ famous Mercury Theater.

He appears as the butler, Raymond, in “Citizen Kane” (one of two people who heard Kane say “Rosebud”).

Many roles until the late ‘80’s.

Born Paul Sternberg.

Paul Thomas - Well, we didn’t plan to post too many more adult stars but this one is too weird to pass up.

As Phillip Toubus, he played St.

Peter in the film version of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

He then goes out and spreads the good news as an actor in, and director of hundreds of X-rated filMs. Pauly Shore - Comedian and actor whose star almost inexplicably soared in the early 90’s, but he has come down to earth.

Son of Sammy Shore, moderately popular ‘60s comedian.

(Oh, why don’t they produce more great flicks like “Bio-Dome”.) Peter Berg - Up with an asterisk.

Played Dr.

Billy Kronk on “Chicago Hope”.

A Jewish entertainment reporter said “No” and then “Yes”.

But we are unsure.

Any help appreciated.

(The writers must be Jewish, “Kronk” is sick in Yiddish and must be an inside joke).

Peter Coyote - Handsome actor who was in “Outrageous Fortune” and “Jagged Edge”.

Born Peter Cohon (yes, Cohon).

Peter Falk - Star of “Columbo”.

Made series of great urban films with buddies John Cassavettes and Ben Gazzara in “70’s (“Husbands”)--One Jew; One Greek; One Italian.

Peter Friedman - Movie and Theatre Actor.

Created role of “Tateh” in Broadway Musical “Ragtime”.

Peter Lorre - Born Laszlo Loewenstein in Hungary.

His first big role was as the child killer in Fritz Lang’s “M”.

He fled Germany and starred in such classics as “Casablanca” and “The Maltese Falcon”.

Peter Riegert - Very good character actor best known as “Boone” in “Animal House”.

Best Jewish role is pickle salesman in charming movie, “Crossing Delancey”.

Peter Sellers - Mother, Jewish.

Father, not.

Maybe this hybrid background explains his amazing ability to assume any role.

Pink Panther films okay; but look for the ‘50’s English comedies and, of course, “Dr.


Sellers was, by every account, a world class loon.

Incredibly talented, often charming, but absolutely loony tunes.

Check out director Paul Mazursky’s autobiography for some details.

Peter Strauss - Actor who seems to specialize in mini-series: “Masada”; “Rich Man, Poor Man”.

He is married to actress Rachel Ticotin, whose father is Jewish and whose mother is not.

Phil Foster - Comedian and actor, best known as the father in TV’s “Laverne and Shirley”.

Born Fivel Feldman.

Phil Silvers - Star of the classic TV series “Sgt.


Silvers was a leading Broadway musical comedy star.

Like Bilko, he had a severe gambling problem.

“Bilko” was probably the most popular American comedy ever shown in the UK.

Silvers’ daughter is actress Cathy Silver.

Phillip Loeb - Star of the “Goldbergs” TV show in the early ‘50’s who was blacklisted and killed himself.

He was actually never a Communist, he just signed a few petitions.

Phillip Sterling - He’s another actor/member of the group one might call the Jewish film repertory troupe.

(One of those actors who shows up in Jewish -oriented films or a Jewish character in a “general” films).

Sterling played Gen.

Bar-Lev in “Victory at Entebbe”, Billy Crystal’s Uncle Max in “My Giant”, & lots of other characters with “Jewish sounding” names.

Ralph Gary - Stage and film actor whose career was cut-off by the Hollywood blacklist.

Appeared in a Los Angeles production of “The Cradle Will Rock”, which was shut down in the early ‘50’s—just like the NY one was (as depicted in the recent Tim Robbins film).

In the 60’s thru the 80’s he appeared in guest shots on many television shows & in a few filMs. Born Ralph Gerowitz.

Randall Batinkoff - Handsome young actor who starred as (the minister) David Grantland in the “Christy” television series.

He also starred as Hugh Hefner in a USA network 1999 movie about Hefner.

He also had a role in the short-lived “Relativity” series.

Randy Spelling - Actor on “Sunset Beach” and son of producer Aaron Spelling.

(Brother of Tori) Raymond Singer - Hard working character actor who appeared in Star Trek IV and in many bigger and smaller character parts in films/television.

Co-writing credit for “Mulan”.

Red Buttons - Comedian and Actor.

Winner of Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Sayonnara.

Born Aaron Chwatt.

In an interview, Buttons says he belongs to the very L.A.

“Creative Arts Temple”.

Ricardo Cortez - Rival to Valentino for the hearts of millions of women in the era of the silent screen.

Born Jacob Krantz.

The original Sam Spade in the early talkie original version of The Maltese Falcon.

Richard Belzer - Stand-up comedian for many years.

Was Det.

Munch (Jewish cop) on “Homicide”.

Homicide was cancelled and Belzer is reprising his role as Munch on the new series “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”.

Richard Benjamin - Actor who now directs.

Great Jewish role as the star of film “Goodbye Columbus”.

Richard Boone - Best known as “Paladin” in the classic T.V.

show “Have Gun Will Travel”.

Boone is the subject of a new biography and the story is interesting.

On his father’s side, he was a 7th generation descendant of Daniel Boone’s brother.

His mother was Jewish.

He was raised w/o religion.

Boone was a decorated WWII veteran and a classically trained actor.

He also starred in the acclaimed series “Medic”, “The Richard Boone Show”, “Hec Ramsey” & many filMs. In the late ‘60’s Boone went to Israel and spent some time trying to build-up the infant film industry in Israel.

(Jhoo wishes to thank Laurie, without doubt the top Boone fan in the world, for her help).

Richard Dreyfuss - Star of “Close Encounters”;”Jaws”; Check out Dreyfuss in two Jewish roles: “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz” and “The Big Fix”-a little known film in which he plays a Jewish private detective.

Richard Kind - Actor who appeared on “Mad About You” as Dr.

Mark Devanow and on “Spin City” as Paul Lassiter.

Many other roles in film.

It took a little while but we verified this entry through both a print and personal source (who was kind enough to also tell us that Mr. Kind just married a nice Jewish woman).

And another visitor tells us that Mr. Kind, a Trenton native, was locally bar mitzvah.

In a nice reflection on both men, he tells us that Geo.

Clooney made the long trip to his friend’s father’s funeral in Trenton.

Richard Kline - Best remembered for playing “Larry Dallas”, the swinging neighbor in “Three’s Company”.

He also appears in “Liberty Hgts.”, Barry Levinson’s newest film.

In ‘97, Kline toured in the one-man show “Boychik”, about tensions btw.

the secular and religious world.

Richard Lewis - Best known as a stand-up comedian expressing his Jewish agnst.

He was the star of the charming TV comedy “Anything But Love” w/ JamieLee Curtis.

Richard Masur - Well known character actor, usually bearded.

Played Bonnie Franklin’s main love interest in “One Day At A Time”, many other TV and movie appearances since.

Masur was, until recently, head of the Screen Actors’ Guild.

Richard Schiff - Up with an asterisk.

Actor who is currently appearing on the show “West Wing” as the Toby Ziegler, the White House Communications Director (who is supposed to be Jewish).

We could find nothing, but many people have asked.

Rick Jason - Handsome actor who is best-known for his role as Lieutenant Gil Hanley (the squad leader) in the popular ‘60s television show “Combat”.

Jason is a WWII veteran in real life.

He has just (7/00) published his autobiography, entitled “Scrapbooks of My Mind: A Hollywood Autobiography”.

Born Richard Jacobson.

Rick Moranis - Moranis was a former “SCTV” star, appeared in “Ghostbusters” and is the dad in the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” (etc) series of filMs. Moranis is from Canada, and several of our Canadian visitors have pointed out that he grew up in a Jewish neighborhood of Toronto and some believe they read he is Jewish, but are not sure.

UPDATE: We werent sure but our loyal visitors have given us wonderful sources.

Rick Moranis is Jewish.

Ricky Jay - Better known as one of the top magicians in the business, he has also appeared in several David Mamet films (as both an actor and technical advisor); also as “Henry Gupta” in the Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”; and as the uncredited narrator of the hit “Magnolia”.

Born Richard Porath.

River Phoenix - Excellent actor who starred in “Stand By Me” and “My Own Private Idaho”.

His career ended w/ his death from a drug overdose at 23.

A strange background: his mother, Arlyn Dunetz, was born to a Jewish family in the Bronx.

She now calls herself “Heart Phoenix”.

She became a hippie, moved West, met Phoenix’s father (not Jewish).

They were members of a Christian Cult group for awhile.

Phoenix’s siblings (Joaquin, Summer, Rain, and Liberty) all have lesser acting credits.

This info.

from the family’s web site.

Rob Morrow - He has long driven us at Jewhoo crazy.

This entry has been hard to verify.

Morrow, of course, played “Dr.

Joel Fleischman”, the most famous Jewish doctor since Jonas Salk, on “Northern Exposure”.

He also played Jewish lawyer Richard Goodwin on “Quiz Show”.

UPDATE: Well, he’s Jewish.

In an interview with the London Jewish Chronicle he said he had, like Dr.

Fleischman, “a middle-class” Jewish upbringing.

Rob Reiner - Actor and director.

Best remembered for his role as Michael, Archie Bunker’s liberal son-in-law on “All in the Family” (see also directors).

His father is Carl Reiner.

Special note: Penny Marshall, his first wife, is an Italian American, and not Jewish.

However, she once stated that her mother sent her to a Jewish summer camp with the express intent of meeting a Jewish guy.

Rob Schneider - Actor and comedian.

Former star of Sat.

Nite Live and TV series “Men Behaving Badly”.

Father, Jewish.

Mother, Filipino.

Robbie Benson - Very pretty young actor in many movies.

Best Jewish role in “The Chosen”.

Now directing.

Born Robin Segal.

Robert Clary - LeBeau from Hogan’s Heroes.

Actually was in a concentration camp.

Now lectures on Holocaust.

Born Robert Widerman.

Robert DeNiro - Up with a huge asterisk.

De Niro’s father was half-Italian Catholic and half Irish Catholic.

A respected Jewish columnist reported his mother as Jewish many years ago.

This information was second-hand.

UPDATE: In a quite good biography, his mother is rpted.

to be raised Protestant (but not observant).

De Niro looks like an urban Jewish legend.

Still if anyone knows anything else.

(We should add that DeNiro’s two principal acting teachers were Stella Adler & Lee Strasberg, who were both Jewish.

Read the bios of countless great actors, Jewish and not, and these names come up all the time).

Robert Klein - Best known as a stand-up.

Has done many TV guest shots and has frequently performed on Broadway.

Robert Lansing - Handsome leading man who constantly appeared on American television btw.

the ‘50’s and ‘80’s.

Played Brig.


Frank Savage on “12 O’Clock High”.

Born Robert Brown.

We would have never guessed it, but his funeral was held at a NYC synagogue.

Robert Q Lewis - Best known as a popular variety and game show host in the ‘50s and 60s, Lewis was also an actor who appeared in supporting roles in a number of films including “Good Neighbor Sam”.

Robert Strauss - Character actor whose face could make you laugh.

Best remembered for his role as “Animal” in the classic comedy “Stalag 17”.

Robert Walden - Best known as a co-star of “Lou Grant” as reporter Joe Rossi.

Many other roles, he is now mostly an acting teacher.

Walden provided us with a moment of great enjoyment years ago when those celebrity athletic meets were popular on TV.

He was up against a group of pretty boy actors who looked far more athletic.

He kicked all their tushies in the running event.

Turns out he was a high school track runner.

Robert Wuhl - Many supporting roles.

Perhaps best known as the coach in “Bull Durham”.

Stars as “Arliss” the sports agent on the HBO series of the same name.

Robin Williams - Funny guy.

But he’s not Jewish.

Rod Steiger - NOT JEWISH.

Although he has done a great job playing Jews.

Rodney Dangerfield - Stand-up and actor.

“Caddyshack”, “Easy Money”.

many others.

Born Jacob Cohen, known as Jack Cohen before he assumed the wonderful name of Rodney.

Roger C.

Carmel - Character actor who had a handle-bar mustache, a portly figure, and a big smile.

He frequently appeared on television.

Co-starred on “The Mothers-in-Law” and as “Harry Mudd” in 2 memorable Star Trek episodes.

His early death was brought on by a severe cocaine habit.

Roger Rees - English actor who had the title role in the stage and TV version of “Nicholas Nickleby” with the Royal Shakespeare Co.

He has appeared many times on the London and NY stage; also appeared as the Sheriff of Rottingham in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”.

Also Robin Colcord, Kirstie Alley’s rich boyfriend, in “Cheers”.

His conversion to Judaism was not associated with marriage.

He decided that Judaism was his spiritual choice.

Ron Jeremy - Well, a number of visitors have told us that this star of adult films is absolutely Jewish and frequently expresses his pride in his heritage.

This is a big addition to the actor list.

He was a waiter at several borscht belt hotels.

Gives what these hotels called the “American plan” (everything included) a whole new meaning.

Ron Leibman - Dramatic and comedy actor.

Most memorable Jewish role was as Jewish union organizer who goes South to organize workers in “Norma Rae”.

Ron Moody - British Actor.

Played Fagin in 1968 musical version of Oliver Twist—“Oliver”.

“Oliver” was written by Lionel Bart, who was also Jewish.

Ron Perlman - Film and TV actor best known for his role as “Vincent” (the lion-faced guy) on “Beauty and the Beast”.

Ron Rifkin - Character actor who has appeared in several Woody Allen films, Including “Husbands and Wives”.

Played Jewish D.A.

in “The Trials of Rosie O’Neill”; D.A.

in “LA Confidential”.

Raised in an orthodox home.

Ron Silver - Actor and director.

Re-current role in “Chicago Hope”; “Time Cop”; played Alan Dershowitz in “ Reversal of Fortune”.

Early role as Judy Kavner’s boyfriend on “Rhoda”.

Silver also starred in “Enemies: A Love Story”, from an Issac Bashevis Singer novel.

This is the only film taken from his work that Singer really liked.

It is excellent.

Ross Martin - Played Artemus Gordon on TV’s “Wild Wild West”.

Died a few years ago.

Reputed to be one of the nicest men in Hollywood.

Born Martin Rosenblatt.


(“Cuddles”) Sakall - Hungarian- born actor.

Fled Germany and became a well-known American

character actor.

Best known now for his role as the cute round-faced waiter in Rick’s Cafe in “Casablanca”.

His 3 sisters were killed in the Holocaust.

He kept his American citizenship papers on his mantle until he died.

Sam Behrens - Born Stanley Birnbaum.

Television actor who appeared in Gen’l Hosp from 1983-87.

Many other TV appearances.

Sam Jaffe - Well known character actor with a Don King shock of white hair.

Played title role in action classic “Gunga Din”.


Zorba in TV hit series “Ben Casey”.

Sam Levene - One of the few actors who had a Jewish name in the 30’s and 40’s.

Always played the Jewish guy in the Army company.

Most notably in the classic film “Purple Heart”.

“Purple Heart” was made during WWII and is about the trial, as “war criminals”, of an American bomber crew by the Japanese.

Most “white” ethnic groups are represented in the crew.

Levene (“Lt.

Greenbaum”) was supposed to be a lawyer in civilian life and does as good a job as he was allowed to do defending his crew mates.

Sam Wanamaker - Actor and Director.

“Private Benjamin”.

Prime mover behind the re-construction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

Sami Hori - Handsome, young Israeli actor who starred in the movie “Kadosh”, a co-French/Israeli production.

The film is by Amos Gitai, perhaps the most celebrated Israeli film maker outside Israel.

But apparently within the country his reputation is not as high.

Samm Levine - Plays the character “Neal” on the new TV series “Freaks and Geeks”.

Sammy Davis Jr.

- Actor, singer, impressionist, dancer.

Converted to Judaism as an adult, following a serious auto accident.

Sammy was reportedly mobbed when he visited Israel in 1969.

Along with Joey Bishop, he formed the Jewish part of the famous “Rat Pack” (they all appear in “Ocean’s Eleven”).

His Swedish born wife, actress Mai Britt, also converted.

We don’t know whether she “stayed” Jewish after the divorce.

Sandy Baron - Born Sanford Beresofsky.

Character actor who has worked regularly in TV since the ‘60’s.

Re-current role as “Jack Klompus” in Seinfeld.

Saveli Kramarov - Russian Jewish actor who gave up much for his faith.

He was a very popular actor in the Soviet Union—so popular that he was often mobbed in the Moscow subway for his autograph.

His most popular film was “Gentleman of Luck”, in which he played his signature character, a foolish little criminal.

His career ended when he applied to emigrate in 1979.

He came to the United States in 1981 and played small parts as a Russian in several films, most notably as KGB agent Boris in “Moscow on the Hudson”.

Kramakov became quite religious and refused to do several Hollywood parts because filming was on the sabbath.

He died in 1995.

Scott Caan - Hunky young actor who starred in recent film “Varsity Blues” and others.

Father, James Caan, actor, Jewish.

Mother, Sheilah Ryan, presumed not Jewish.

Scott Cohen - Handsome actor who broke into public notice when he starred in two television mini-series on American television early in 2000.

(“The 10th Kingdom” and “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town”).

Scott Jacoby - Actor who was hot in the early 1970’s playing sensitive teenagers (“That Certain Summer”).

But his career seems to have faded away.

Scott Wolf - Bailey Salinger on “Party of Five”.

We recently questioned this entry, based on conflicting reports.

But a correspondent whom we trust tells us he was a member of an overwhelmingly Jewish college fraternity.

And another reliable visitor tells us that she knows his father and he is Jewish (but does not know his mother).

Sean Gullette - Star and writer of the film “Pi”.

This film was an “indy” hit.

It concerns the maker of a powerful computer.

Among other sub-plots, there is hasidic kabbalist group which wishes to use the computer to unravel mathematical mysteries of the kabbalah.

Sean Penn - Tough guy actor (“Casualties of War”) and director (“The Crossing Guard”).

His mother is not Jewish.

His father, director and actor Leo Penn, was Jewish (he died in 1999).

Leo was blacklisted for a long time.

Seth Green - Co-star of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”.

Starring in “Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me”.

Seth Rogen - Plays the character “Ken” on the new TV series “Freaks and Geeks”.

Canadian Jew, raised in the Vancouver area.

Seymour Cassel - Character actor who works constantly and is most associated with the films of John Cassavettes.

He was nominated for best supporting actor for “Faces”.

Co-starred in “Minnie and Moscowitz” and “Trees Lounge”.

Most of his films are “indies”.

We always figured he was Jewish—but we finally found a source.

Shecky Greene - See comedians.

Sheldon Leonard - Character actor who played Runyonesque gangsters.

Produced: The Danny Thomas Show; Andy Griffith Show; Dick Van Dyke Show; I Spy (broke color line by casting Bill Cosby as the co-star; first black co-star in dramatic series).

Shelly Novack - Character actor who appeared in “Police Story” and the “Streets of San Francisco”, among other roles.

He also played pro football for the San Diego Chargers.

Died young.

Shemp Howard - Born Samuel Horwitz.

One of The Three Stooges.

Was original to the act; left it and came back when Curly became sick.

Nickname came from the way his immigrant mother pronounced the English name “Sam”.

Sid Caesar - Actor and comedian.

Best known as the star of your “Show of Shows”.

Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Larry Gelbart.

among other comedic greats wrote the show.

Episodes available on videotape.

Sid is amazingly strong and as Mel Brooks tells the tale, once told a surly cab driver that he would he would re-enact the guy’s birth by pulling him thru the cab’s wing window.

Sid James - South-African born star of “Carry-On” films, a very popular British series of films that were made btw.

the ‘50’s and ‘70’s.

In one poll, James was voted the man with the world’s “dirtiest laugh”.

James also appears as a Cockney millionare in the classic film “The Last Holiday”.

Sid Melton - Well known character actor who starred as “Charlie”, Danny Thomas’s agent on “Make Room For Daddy” and as one of the pair of dumb carpenters on “Green Acres”.

Born Sid Meltzer.

Simone Basileo - Italian Jewish actor.

In 1611, Grand Duke Cosimo II d’Medici of Florence was so pleased by his performances that he issued him a document granting him the right to travel without having to wear an “identifying hat or badge”.

This was one of the documents found by the “Medici Project” a scholarly research group exploring the archives for Renaissance Jewish life.

Solomon Mikhoels - Famous Russian Jewish actor who was head of the Moscow State Yiddish theater in the 1930’s and ‘40s.

He was made head of the Jewish Anti-Fascist committee during the War and urged Western Jews to support aid to the Soviet Union.

His reward? On Stalin’s orders he was murdered in 1948 (an auto accident was given as the excuse).

His death marked the beginning of Stalin’s destruction of the Yiddish language theater and literature the regime had previously allowed to exist.

Sorrell Booke - Best known for his role as “Boss Hogg” (Jefferson Davis Hogg, formally) on the good ol’boys series “The Dukes Of Hazard”, also in “Bye, Bye, Braverman”, “What’s Up Doc?”, many others.

Jhoo loves this verified addition.

“Boss Hogg” is Jewish.


Speed Levitch - Well, we really didn’t know where to put Timothy “Speed” Levitch.

A visitor picked actor, so that’s where he is.

This guy is a legendary NYC tour guide with his own web site.

He is the subject of the widely distributed film “Cruise”.

Click on his name and you will find the site as the first Alta Vista link.

Its interesting.

Stanley Kamel - Character actor whose face you might recognize.

Played a lot of minor roles.

Perhaps his most memorable role was as the client who taught Michael Tucker the devastating “Venus Butterfly” sexual technique on “L.A.


Correction: He actually played the another lawyer in this episode and appeared in three other LA Law episodes as a gay attorney.

Stephen Dorff - This young actor was the co-star of the hit Wesley Snipes’ film “Blade”.

He has appeared in many other roles, mostly in “indy” filMs. A visitor tells us that Dorff said he was “half-Jewish” on “Politically Incorrect” (during a discussion of Senator Leiberman).

Our guess is that his Jewish parent is Steve Dorff, a movie composer.

(Notice they have the same name, but a different spelling.

This is one way some Jewish folks “get around” the Ashkenazi Jewish custom of not naming a child after a living person).

Stephen Fry - British Actor, Writer, Director.

Star of the “Black Adder” TV Series; recent film “Wilde” (as in Oscar).

Widely known as Gay, before he came out of the closet as Jewish.

(Actually only his mother is Jewish).

Stephen Keats - A quite good actor who had important roles in quite a number of films in the 70’s thru the early ‘90’s.

He was the co-star of “Hester Street”.

The reporter in “The Executioner’s Song”; important roles in “Black Sunday” and “Death Wish”.

In several short-lived TV series.

He committed suicide in 1994 and, according to his obituary, he was of Danish Jewish background.

Stephen Young - Born Stephen Levy.


He co-starred in the excellent ‘60’s television show “Judd for the Defense”.

He has appeared mostly in television movies and guest roles since.

Steve Bond - Born Shlomo Goldberg in Israel.

Starred as “boy” in yet another Tarzan re-make.

Went on to starring roles in “General Hospital” and “Santa Barbara”.

Posed nude in Playgirl magazine.

Steve Guttenberg - His first memorable role was in “Diner”, which also launched the careers of Paul Reiser, Daniel Stern, and Ellen Barkin (all Jewish), as well as Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, and Tim Daly (who are not).

Hit it big with “Cocoon”, “Police Academy”, and “Three Men and A Baby”.

Steve Landesberg - Former stand-up who played quirky Sgt.

Dietrich on Barney Miller TV show.

Steve Lawrence - Best known as a singer.

Almost always paired with his wife, Edyie Gorme (who is a Sephardic Jew).

Appears as “Morty Fine” on the “Nanny”.

Also as music promoter “Maury Sline” in both “Blues Brothers” movies.

Born Sidney Leibowitz.

Steven Berkoff - British actor, director, and writer.

Many character parts including the leader of the bad guys in “Beverly Hills Cop”.

Steven Hill - Plays the wise old District Attorney on “Law and Order”.

Only character to be in series from the beginning.

Born Solomon Krakovsky.

Hill is one of the few Orthodox Jews in acting.

He was the “Mission: Impossible” team leader during the first year of the series (later played by Peter Graves).

We have heard, without firm confirmation, that he was dropped from this role because of his refusal to work on the Sabbath.

(Special note: Sam Waterston, his co-star, is NOT Jewish).

Steven Segal - To the many people who ask, we have been in touch with someone who knew someone in his family.

We know he has some Jewish ancestry.

At this point, we still have not been able to determine “how” Jewish he is.

He is a devout Buddhist, by the way.

Special note: Jean Claude Van Daam, his rival in the action genre, claims to have a Jewish grandmother.

Steven Weber - Best known for playing “Brian Hackett”, the co-starring role on the hit television sit-com “Wings” (the younger brother of the two pilots).

Stuart Damon - Television actor who has played “Dr.

Alan Quartermaine” on soaps “General Hospital” and “Port Charles”.

Damon was the “Prince” to Leslie Anne Warren’s (also Jewish) Cinderella in the celebrated television prod.

of the musical version of the story.

Born Stu Zonis.

Stuart Margolin - Acted in the Rockford Files TV series as “Angel Martin” (the less than honorable guy who was always causing trouble for his friend Jim Rockford).

Margolin has directed many TV shows.

His late sister was actress Janet Margolin.

Stubby Kaye - Up with an asterisk.

Stubby gave out very little personal information during his life, including his real name.

However, he is listed as Jewish in several sources.

We assume these are based on friends’ information.

Stubby was, of course, the delightful star of Broadway and movie musicals.

He defined “stopping the show” when he sang “Sit Down Your Rockin’ The Boat”, in “Guys and Dolls”.

Taylor Negron - Stand-up comedian and actor.

He has appeared in a lot of films in supporting comedic roles.

Few are blockbusters, with the exception of “The Last Boy Scout”.

His father is Puerto Rican and not Jewish.

His mother is Jewish.

The Ritz Brothers - Harry, Al, and Jimmy Ritz were a popular stage and film comedy trio in the ‘30s and ‘40s.

Their films get little air-play, unfortunately.

Harry, the most famous of the three, had a role in Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie”.

Joachim was the real family last name.

Theodore Bikel - Multi-talented actor who was born in Israel.

Created the role of “Baron Von Trapp” in the Broadway prod.

of “The Sound of Music”; Oscar nomination for “The Defiant Ones”; many TV guest shots incl.”Law and Order’; popular folk singer.

Tom Arnold - Converted to Judaism when he married Roseanne.

Also claims to have come from Jewish lineage.

We don’t know if Tom still considers himself Jewish after his nasty divorce.

We assume that they had the matching tattoos on their tushies removed.

UPDATE: Well, we are glad to report that Tom is still very much Jewish.

A reliable visitor tells us Tom read a haftorah at his synagogue during last year’s high holidays and is very much involved.

Tom Bosley - Best known as the father in “Happy Days”.

He was a Tony winner in the title role of the musical “Fiorello”.

In an interview, he stated he had many rabbis in his family and it was amusing that he was cast as a priest in “Father Dowling Mysteries”.

Tom Hanks - Well, here’s one more to stop the letters.


Raised Roman Catholic.

Now a member of the Greek Orthodox church (the faith of his wife, actress Rita Wilson).

Steven Spielberg is godfather to one of his children.

Tommy Rettig - Baby boomers will remember him.

He was Jeff, in the original “Lassie” series on TV.

Re-runs ran for decades, & are on the “Animal Planet” channel.

Jeff was a whole lot less white bread than Timmy, (his successor) & a lot better actor.

Rettig also was in “River of No Return” w/ Marilyn Monroe.

Rettig had a rough life as an adult, but straightened himself out before his premature death.

His father was Jewish, his mother not.

Tony Curtis - Star of “Some Like it Hot”; “Sweet Smell of Success”, many others.

Born Bernie Schwartz.

Father of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Tony grew up in the Bronx and is of Hungarian Jewish background.(He speaks fluent Hungarian) He once said “I was the best looking Jewish kid ever”.

In his autobiography, he says that Edward G.

Robinson came up to him shortly after he came to Hollywood.

Robinson, he said, was very happy to see a handsome Jewish kid from NY break into the business—he patted Tony on the back and said in Yiddish “beautiful face”.

Tony Goldwyn - Best known as the “bad guy” in “Ghost”.

Grandson of legendary producer Samuel Goldwyn.

Director of “A Walk on the Moon”, a critically acclaimed story about a Jewish family.

Correction: Goldwyn is only one-quarter Jewish.

According to an interview, he did not even know his grandfather was Jewish until, as a child, he attended his funeral.

Tony Martin - Born Alvin Morris in San Francisco.

1940’s heart throb was a singer, actor, bandleader, and WWII hero.

Married to dancer Cyd Charrise (who, despite her somewhat Jewish-sounding real last name, is not Jewish).

Tony Randall - Star of TV’s “The Odd Couple”, as Felix Unger.

Tony had a long film career before this role and appears frequently on the stage.

As most people know, Tony became a first-time father in his middle seventies (he is now 80).

His first wife died after 50 yrs of marriage.

He now has a son and daughter with his second wife.

Born Leonard Rosenberg.

Tony Roberts - A stalwart of Woody Allen films, usually playing Woody’s friend/business associate.

Tall, with very curly hair.

Played Diane Keaton’s husband in “Play It Again, Sam”; In “Annie Hall” (as the depraved Calif.

film producer who says “I was in bed with twins last night, twins!”).

Also frequently appears on the stage.

Vic Morrow - Best remembered as “Sgt.

Chip Saunders” on ‘60’s TV show “Combat”.

“Combat” ran for four seasons and was the longest running WWII show ever on American television.

(Shecky Greene played a soldier in the company during the first season) Morrow was killed during the filming of a segment of “Twilight Zone: The Movie”.

Father of actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Vitttorio Gassman - One of the most important stars of the Italian cinema.

He has made a number of American films, but his roles were far less important.

Married at one time to Shelly Winters, who is also Jewish.

Correction: Based on obituary reports, it appears that we relied on an erroneous source and that Gassman—who died in June, 2000--was not Jewish.

Wallace Shawn - Funny voiced/looking actor and playwright.

Among other credits he played the social studies teacher in “Clueless” (movie and series); co-wrote and appeared in “My Dinner With Andre” and “Vanya on 42nd St”; and is the voice of “Rex” in “Toy Story”.

His father was Wm.

Shawn, legendary editor of the New Yorker.

His sister-in-law is Jamaica Kincaid, a well known novelist from the West Indies who is a convert to Judaism.

Walter Koenig - Best known as “Chekov” on Star Trek.

He also had a recurring role as the bad guy “Bester” on the Star Trek spin-off “Babylon 5”.

His wife, Judy Levitt, appears in a number of small Trek related roles.

His son, Andrew, played Richard “Boner” Stabone in the 80’s sit com “Growing Pains”.

Walter Matthau - Much missed star of “Grumpy Old Men”, “The Odd Couple” (movie), and many others.

His mother was born in Lithuania and his father in the Ukraine.

His father deserted the family when Matthau was a child and his mother eked out a living as a sweat shop seamstress.

Matthau was a Yiddish theater actor as a child, an outstanding high school athlete, and a decorated WWII combat veteran.

He was by all accounts a great guy.

His death is a reminder that we are rapidly seeing the end of a generation of Jewish American performers and writers who had a strong Jewish background, served in WWII, and exploded on the American cultural landscape after the war.

It was/is an extraordinary development and will be remembered as a highlight in the history of the Jewish people.

Warren Berlinger - Actor who began as a teenager in the early 60’s (“Blue Denim”).

Mostly seen in comedic roles, including “That Girl”, TV series.

Warren Mitchell - Born Warren Miell.

English Jewish actor who played “Alf Garnett”, the bigoted leading character in the hugely successful British series “Til Death Us Do Part”.

This series was the direct model for “All In the Family” (see All in the Family credits).

So the original “Archie Bunker” was played by a Jewish actor.

Werner Klemperer - Col. Klink on “Hogan’s Heroes”. Son of Otto Klemperer, famous Ger. Jewish conductor, who fled Germany w/his family in ‘33. So, the “funny” commandant was a refugee; and one of the prisoners (R. Clary) was really in a concentration camp. How bizzare, how bizzare.

Will Lee - Played the character of “Mr. Hooper” on Sesame Street for many years. Also had a supporting role in “Playing For Time”, a truely excellent film (Arthur Miller screenplay) about the female prisoner orchestra at Auschwitz. Lee, too, was blacklisted for many years.

William Shatner - Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk. Canadian Jew. Shatner was once quoted as saying that “we were all Jewish on Star Trek, except for Roddenberry, we wouldn’t let him in”. Shatner was, of course, joking-but it is true, Star Trek creator Roddenberry was not Jewish. Update 6/00: Boldly going where few have gone before, Shatner confirms he is working on a film tenatively called the “Shiva Club”, a “light-hearted” look at a widower’s reaction to his wife’s accidental death. Shatner’s wife drowned in 1999 and he says that the idea came to him while sitting “Shiva” (ie, the week long Jewish mourning period). If this film is a success, Shatner may open up the long neglected field of “shiva” humor.

Woody Allen - Not much of a surprise. Woody was born Allen Stewart Konigsberg. Since he is so well known-a few lesser known facts are of more interest. “Radio Days” is probably his most autobiographical film. Like the father in “Radio Days”, Woody’s father had a hard time making a living. Woody was still a teenager when he began writing comedy professionally. He is not nearly as un-athletic as the character he usually plays. Woody’s films do more business overseas than in the States, although about half the jokes get lost in the translation.

Yaphet Kotto - Best known as the star of “Homicide: Life on the Street”, as the squad commander. Kotto’s background is fascinating and he is an interesting spokesman on what it means to be both black and Jewish. (Soon Jewhoo will have tailored hyperlinks and not have to post addresses).

The following article is the best we have seen on his background Yves Montand - NOT JEWISH.

However, his real name of Ivo Livi almost cost him his life several times.

Please see the Jewhoo Editor’s column for the details.

Zeppo Marx - Born Herbert Marx.

Reputed to be funny in real life.

He played the straight man in the movies.

(See web-site for SPAZ-Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Zeppo).

Zero Mostel - Born Samuel Joel Mostel. Created role of Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” on Broadway. Blacklisted after a few film roles; he came back in ‘60’s w/”The Producers”, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Forum”, others. If younger site visitors do not know what the “blacklist” was, rent “The Front” w/Mostel and Woody Allen.

Zvee Scooler - This site’s editor just saw “Hester Street” again and the Rabbi’s face was familiar. It turns out Scooler, a former Yiddish theater star, has played rabbis/rebbes at least four times. Also Duddy Kravitz’s grandfather. Incredibly Jewish looking—he was in the last big American Yiddish film (great title—“Monticello Here We Come”). Also the Rebbe in “Over the Brooklyn Bridge”—which has the absurd alternate title of “My Darling Shiksa”.

Corbin Bernsen - Up with a big asterisk. Actor best known for his role as Arnie, the dapper lothario divorce attorney on “LA Law”. Our best guess is that his father, Hollywood producer Harry Bernsen is Jewish and his mother, actress Jeanne Cooper, is not.

We throw it out to our loyal visitors for their help

Robert Weinert


Dual Citizenship - where does the loyalty lie? UK Telegraph blog

Posted by metamagic Anti-EU Jedi at 13:43 on 17 May 2008

In this increasingly mobile world more and more people are acquiring
dual citizenship.

Usually it's simply their adopted country and their native country but
in some cases, particularly in the USA, there is another motive for duality.

Take a look at these people who currently or have recently held
positions of great influence and power in the American administration
and ask yourself where do their loyalties lie?

Puzzling too is the fact that under US law if you take up the
citizenship of another country you relinquish your US citizenship. So
how do these people achieve the impossible?
If you are a supporter of the Israeli state how do you feel about the
USA being infiltrated and usurped by its friend ‘ally’?

(With all acknowledgements to Dan Eden who has produced a very
comprehensive and revealing article here:

Michael Mukasey

Recently appointed as US Attorney General. Mukasey also was the judge in
the litigation between developer Larry Silverstein and several insurance
companies arising from the destruction of the World Trade Center on

Michael Chertoff

Former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, at the
Justice Department; now head of Homeland Security.

Richard Perle

One of Bush's foreign policy advisors, he is the chairman of the
Pentagon's Defense Policy Board. A very likely Israeli government agent,
Perle was expelled from Senator Henry Jackson's office in the 1970's
after the National Security Agency (NSA) caught him passing
Highly-Classified (National Security) documents to the Israeli Embassy.
He later worked for the Israeli weapons firm, Soltam. Perle came from
one the above mentioned pro-Israel thinktanks, the AEI. Perle is one of
the leading pro-Israeli fanatics leading this Iraq war mongering within
the administration and now in the media.

Paul Wolfowitz

Former Deputy Defense Secretary, and member of Perle's Defense Policy
Board, in the Pentagon. Wolfowitz is a close associate of Perle, and
reportedly has close ties to the Israeli military. His sister lives in
Israel. Wolfowitz came from the above mentioned Jewish thinktank, JINSA.
Wolfowitz was the number two leader within the administration behind
this Iraq war mongering. He later was appointed head of the World Bank
but resigned under pressure from World Bank members over a scandal
involving his misuse of power.

Lawrence (Larry) Franklin

The former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst with expertise in Iranian
policy issues who worked in the office of Undersecretary of Defense for
Policy Douglas Feith and reported directly to Feith's deputy, William
Luti, was sentenced January 20, 2006, "to more than 12 years in prison
for giving classified information to an Israeli diplomat" and members of
the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Franklin will "remain free while the government continues with the wider
case" and his "prison time could be sharply reduced in return for his
help in prosecuting" former AIPAC members Steven J. Rosen and Keith
Weissman, [who] are scheduled to go on trial in April [2006]. Franklin
admitted that he met periodically with Rosen and Weissman between 2002
and 2004 and discussed classified information, including information
about potential attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq. Rosen and Weissman would
later share what they learned with reporters and Israeli officials."

Douglas Feith

Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor at the Pentagon. He is a
close associate of Perle and served as his Special Counsel. Like Perle
and the others, Feith is a pro-Israel extremist, who has advocated
anti-Arab policies in the past. He is closely associated with the
extremist group, the Zionist Organization of America, which even attacks
Jews that don't agree with its extremist views. Feith frequently speaks
at ZOA conferences. Feith runs a small law firm, Feith and Zell, which
only has one International office, in Israel. The majority of their
legal work is representing Israeli interests. His firm's own website
stated, prior to his appointment, that Feith "represents Israeli
Armaments Manufacturer." Feith basically represents the Israeli War
Machine. Feith also came from the Jewish thinktank JINSA. Feith, like
Perle and Wolfowitz, are campaigning hard for this Israeli proxy war
against Iraq.

Feith was investigated by the FBI under suspicion of leaking classified
information to Israel, being that he was Larry Franklin's boss when
Franklin leaked those documents to Rosen and Weissman of AIPAC. For that
he was forced to leave the National Security Council. Feith was also
investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee for sexing up
'intelligence' that was used to justify invading Iraq.

Edward Luttwak

Member of the National Security Study Group of the Department of Defence
at the Pentagon. Luttwak is reportedly an Israeli citizen and has taught
in Israel. He frequently writes for Israeli and pro-Israeli newspapers
and journals. Luttwak is an Israeli extremist whose main theme in many
of his articles is the necessity of the U.S. waging war against Iraq and

Henry Kissinger

One of many Pentagon Advisors, Kissinger sits on the Pentagon's Defense
Policy Board under Perle. For detailed information about Kissinger's
evil past, read Seymour Hersch's book (Price of Power: Kissinger in the
Nixon White House). Kissinger likely had a part in the Watergate crimes,
Southeast Asia mass murders (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), Installing
Chilean mass murdering dictator Pinochet, Operation Condor's mass
killings in South America, and more recently served as Serbia's
Ex-Dictator Slobodan Milosevic's Advisor. He consistently advocated
going to war against Iraq. Kissinger is the Ariel Sharon of the U.S.
Unfortunately, President Bush nominated Kissinger as chairman of the
September 11 investigating commission. It's like picking a bank robber
to investigate a fraud scandal. He later declined this job under
enormous protests.

Dov Zakheim

Dov Zakheim is an ordained rabbi and reportedly holds Israeli
citizenship. Zakheim attended Jew's College in London and became an
ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in 1973. He was adjunct professor at New
York's Jewish Yeshiva University. Zakheim is close to the Israeli lobby.

Dov Zakheim is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and in
2000 a co-author of the Project for the New American Century's position
paper, Rebuilding America's Defenses, advocating the necessity for a
Pearl-Harbor-like incident to mobilize the country into war with its
enemies, mostly Middle Eastern Muslim nations.
He was appointed by Bush as Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001 to
March 10, 2004. At that time he was unable to explain the disappearance
of trillion dollars. Actually, nearly three years earlier, Donald
Rumsfeld announced on September 10, 2001 that an audit discovered.3
trillion was also missing from the Pentagon books. That story, as
mentioned, was buried under 9-11's rubble. The two sums disappeared on
Zakheim's watch. We can only guess where that cash went.

Despite these suspicions, on May 6, 2004, Zakheim took a lucrative
position at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the most prestigious strategy
consulting firms in the world. One of its clients then was Blessed
Relief, a charity said to be a front for Osama bin Laden. Booz, Allen &
Hamilton then also worked closely with DARPA, the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency, which is the research arm of the Department of
Judicial Inc's bio of Dov tells us Zakheim is a dual Israeli/American
citizen and has been tracking the halls of US government for 25 years,
casting defense policy and influence on Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush
Sr. and Bush Jr. Judicial Inc points out that most of Israel's armaments
were gotten thanks to him. Squads of US F-16 and F-15 were classified
military surplus and sold to Israel at a fraction of their value.

Kenneth Adelman

One of many Pentagon Advisors, Adelman also sits on the Pentagon's
Defense Policy Board under Perle, and is another extremist pro-Israel
advisor, who supported going to war against Iraq. Adelman frequently is
a guest on Fox News, and often expresses extremist and often ridiculus
anti-Arab and anti-Muslim views. Through his racism or ignorance, he
actually called Arabs "anti-Semitic" on Fox News (11/28/2001), when he
could have looked it up in the dictionary to find out that Arabs by
definition are Semites.

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby

Vice President Dick Cheney's ex-Chief of Staff. As chief pro-Israel
Jewish advisor to Cheney, it helps explains why Cheney is so gun-ho to
invade Iran. Libby is longtime associate of Wolfowitz. Libby was also a
lawyer for convicted felon and Israeli spy Marc Rich, whom Clinton
pardoned, in his last days as president. Libby was recently found guilty
of lying to Federal investigators in the Valerie Plame affair, in which
Plame, a covert CIA agent, was exposed for political revenge by the Bush
administration following her husband's revelations about the lies
leading to the Iraq War.

Robert Satloff

U.S. National Security Council Advisor, Satloff was the executive
director of the Israeli lobby's "think tank," Washington Institute for
Near East Policy. Many of the Israeli lobby's "experts" come from this
front group, like Martin Indyk.

Elliott Abrams

National Security Council Advisor. He previously worked at
Washington-based "Think Tank" Ethics and Public Policy Center. During
the Reagan Adminstration, Abrams was the Assistant Secretary of State,
handling, for the most part, Latin American affairs. He played an
important role in the Iran-Contra Scandal, which involved illegally
selling U.S. weapons to Iran to fight Iraq, and illegally funding the
contra rebels fighting to overthrow Nicaragua's Sandinista government.
He also actively deceived three congressional committees about his
involvement and thereby faced felony charges based on his testimony.
Abrams pled guilty in 1991 to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to a
year's probation and 100 hours of community service. A year later,
former President Bush (Senior) granted Abrams a full pardon. He was one
of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the Reagan Administration's State

Marc Grossman

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. He was Director General
of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department
of State. Grossman is one of many of the pro-Israel Jewish officials
from the Clinton Administration that Bush has promoted to higher posts.

Richard Haass

Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Ambassador at
large. He is also Director of National Security Programs and Senior
Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He was one of the more
hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the first Bush (Sr) Administration who sat on
the National Security Council, and who consistently advocated going to
war against Iraq. Haass is also a member of the Defense Department's
National Security Study Group, at the Pentagon.

Robert Zoellick

U.S. Trade Representative, a cabinet-level position. He is also one of
the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the Bush (Jr) Administration who
advocated invading Iraq and occupying a portion of the country in order
to set up a Vichy-style puppet government. He consistently advocates
going to war against Iran.
{now head of the World Bank - Peter M.}

Ari Fleischer

Ex- White House Spokesman for the Bush (Jr) Administration. Prominent in
the Jewish community, some reports state that he holds Israeli
citizenship. Fleischer is closely connected to the extremist Jewish
group called the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, who follow the Qabala, and
hold very extremist and insulting views of non-Jews. Fleischer was the
co-president of Chabad's Capitol Jewish Forum. He received the Young
Leadership Award from the American Friends of Lubavitch in October, 2001.

James Schlesinger

One of many Pentagon Advisors, Schlesinger also sits on the Pentagon's
Defense Policy Board under Perle and is another extremist pro-Israel
advisor, who supported going to war against Iraq. Schlesinger is also a
commissioner of the Defense Department's National Security Study Group,
at the Pentagon.

David Frum

White House speechwriter behind the "Axis of Evil" label. He lumped
together all the lies and accusations against Iraq for Bush to justify
the war.

Joshua Bolten

White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Bolten was previously a banker,
former legislative aide, and prominent in the Jewish community.

John Bolton

Former UN Representative and Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control
and International Security. Bolton is also a Senior Advisor to President
Bush. Prior to this position, Bolton was Senior Vice President of the
above mentioned pro-Israel thinktank, AEI. He recently (October 2002)
accused Syria of having a nuclear program, so that they can attack Syria
after Iraq. He must have forgotten that Israel has 400 nuclear warheads,
some of which are thermonuclear weapons (according to a recent U.S. Air
Force report).

David Wurmser

Special Assistant to John Bolton (above), the under-secretary for arms
control and international security. Wurmser also worked at the AEI with
Perle and Bolton. His wife, Meyrav Wurmser, along with Colonel Yigal
Carmon, formerly of Israeli military intelligence, co-founded the Middle
East Media Research Institute (Memri),a Washington-based Israeli outfit
which distributes articles translated from Arabic newspapers portraying
Arabs in a bad light.

Eliot Cohen

Member of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle and is another
extremist pro-Israel advisor. Like Adelman, he often expresses extremist
and often ridiculus anti-Arab and anti-Muslim views. More recently, he
wrote an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal openly admitting his
rascist hatred of Islam claiming that Islam should be the enemy, not

Mel Sembler

President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. A Prominent
Jewish Republican and Former National Finance Chairman of the Republican
National Committee. The Export-Import Bank facilitates trade
relationships between U.S. businesses and foreign countries,
specifically those with financial problems.

Steve Goldsmith

Senior Advisor to the President, and Bush's Jewish domestic policy
advisor. He also served as liaison in the White House Office of
Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (White House OFBCI) within the
Executive Office of the President. He was the former mayor of
Indianapolis. He is also friends with Israeli Jerusalem Mayor Ehud
Olmert and often visits Israel to coach mayors on privatization initiatives.

Adam Goldman

White House's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.

Joseph Gildenhorn

Bush Campaign's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community. He was the DC
finance chairman for the Bush campaign, as well as campaign coordinator,
and former ambassador to Switzerland.

Christopher Gersten

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and
Families at HHS. Gersten was the former Executive Director of the
Republican Jewish Coalition, Husband of Labor Secretary.

Mark Weinberger
Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs.

Samuel Bodman
Deputy Secretary of Commerce. He was the Chairman and CEO of Cabot
Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bonnie Cohen
Under Secretary of State for Management.

Ruth Davis

Director of Foreign Service Institute, who reports to the Office of
Under Secretary for Management. This Office is responsible for training
all Department of State staff (including ambassadors).

Daniel Kurtzer
Ambassador to Israel.

Cliff Sobel
Ambassador to the Netherlands.

Stuart Bernstein
Ambassador to Denmark.

Nancy Brinker
Ambassador to Hungary

Frank Lavin
Ambassador to Singapore.

Ron Weiser
Ambassador to Slovakia.

Mel Sembler
Ambassador to Italy.

Martin Silverstein
Ambassador to Uruguay.

Lincoln Bloomfield
Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs.

Jay Lefkowitz
Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy

Ken Melman
White House Political Director.

Brad Blakeman
White House Director of Scheduling.

With all acknowledgements to Dan Eden who has produced a very
comprehensive and revealing article here:




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