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How to make a pompon Useful tips

Beautiful and magnificent pompons can be made of threads, paper and even fur.

These pompoms can decorate clothes, home or gift wrapping.

There are several ways to make pompons yourself.

Here, the most popular and simple ways to make pompons from yarn, paper and fur do it yourself:

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How to make pompons with your own hands. Option 1.


You will need:

- thread for knitting

- scissors

1. Cut the knitting thread about 30 cm long and lay it on a flat surface.

2. Take a ball of yarn and start winding the thread around your fingers. Do not rewind too tightly, because then you have to take it off your arm.

1.jpg 1-1.jpg

You can make small, medium and large pompon. For small ones, it is necessary to wind around one finger from 75 to 100 times, for the middle one, around two or three fingers 100-125 times, for the large one, around 3-4 fingers 125-150 times.

3. Remove the thread from the fingers and gently place in the middle of the cut piece of thread. Wind this thread tightly around the removed shred and tie it over the knot, then turn and tie the knot on the reverse side.

1-3.jpg 1-4.jpg

4. Use scissors to cut the loops on the left and right. Just slip the scissors into the loops.

1-5.jpg 1-6.jpg

5. To make a pom-pom round, use a pair of scissors to cut it.

1-7.jpg 1-8.jpg

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Pompom wrapped around fingers (video) How to make a pompon from yarn. Option 2.


You will need:

- yarn

- thread for knitting

- scissors

1. Cut a piece of knitting yarn and tie a yarn, tie a knot on one and the other side.


2. Make the first cut along the yarn. The notch should be about 1/3 long.


3. Slide your fingers through the yarn to straighten the yarn. Further you will notice several loops - they also need to be cut.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the opposite side.


5. Carefully cut the threads so that you get a round and fluffy pom-pom.

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2.jpg How to make a pom-pom from threads. Option 3.


You will need:

- yarn

- fork

- scissors.


1. Thread the end of the thread between the teeth of the plug. Start wrapping the yarn around the fork until you get a small ball. Next, cut the thread.

2. Cut a small piece of thread and tie it around a wound yarn.

3. Remove the yarn from the fork and use scissors to cut the loops at both ends.

4. Make the pom-pom round by trimming the ends of the thread with scissors.

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To make one pompon you need:

- corrugated paper

- tape, strong thread or wire.

1. Prepare 8 sheets of corrugated paper (50x75 cm) and put them in one stack.

2. Begin by folding up the stack of sheets. One fold has a width of 2.5-3.5 cm.

4-1.jpg 4-2.jpg

3. Bind the center of the paper accordion with a string or wire. You can leave a small loop to hang the future pompom.

4. Round the accordion ends.

5. Begin to carefully divide layers of accordion.

4-3.jpg 4-4.jpg Pompons from paper (video instruction) Pompons from corrugated paper. Option 5.


You will need:

- corrugated paper of several colors (in this example 7 colors are used)

- scissors

- thin wire, strong thread or fishing line.


1. Select 3 colors and prepare 4 sheets of paper for each color. In this example, used: 4 red sheets on top, 4 orange in the middle, 4 yellow from the bottom. Only 12 sheets.


2. Lay out these sheets in the following order: 3 red, 1 orange, 1 red, 2 orange, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 3 yellow.

If necessary, trim the sheets so that they are all the same size.

3. Begin to fold the sheets with the harmonica. The width of one fold is 2.5 cm.


4. Take a thread or wire 15 cm long and tie it around your paper accordion, in the middle. You can make a small loop of wire.




5. Use scissors to round off the ends.

6. Begin carefully separating each paper layer. Try to pull the layers out of the folds as far as you can. If there are small cliffs - do not worry, they will be invisible in a magnificent pom-pom.



7. You can make a few more pompons in the same way and then connect them. Get a festive decoration for the house.


8. In the loop of wire, you can thread a thread so that the craft can be hung. How to make a pompon on a hat How to make a pompon from fur How to make a pompon (video)

Useful tips:

Try using multiple colors. Wrap one half of the thread of one color, and the other - the other. You can even use 3 colors.

You can add braid. First wrap your fingers with a braid, and wind the thread over the top. When you cut the loop of the wound thread and ribbon, you will see how beautiful the handicraft will look.

Pompons can be used to decorate hats and scarves. In addition, they can be added to other crafts.

As soon as you gain experience in creating pompons, you can experiment with colors and shapes to create original artwork.

Author: Filipenko D.S.

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