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Having no financial opportunities to attract professional builders, you can be armed with special literature and patience to build a house yourself. In practice, this requires effort, but allows you to save up to half the cost of construction.

Many independent builders offer to familiarize others with their projects and provide detailed reports, accompanying the process of building a house with detailed photos. Features of the layout of the house

The efforts of two men built a cheap house for permanent residence with an attached garage. Initially, the project did not include a garage and was attached at the completion of the house. ready frame house ready frame house  Attached Garage Attached Garage

In general, the project has changed on the advice of other builders and the requests of the spouse. Initially, the layout of the house included 6 rooms on two floors. dom-deshevo-4  dom-deshevo-3

During construction, it was decided to equip two bathrooms, while on the first floor the toilet and bath should be separate. Also changed the area of ​​the living room and the location of the stairs. Regarding the initial project, the living room was too narrow and elongated. The staircase was also planned uncomfortable and steep. After the changes, these shortcomings are eliminated. house layout 6 by 6 house layout 6 by 6
to content ↑ Do-it-yourself home construction cost

In May 2010, the father of a small family planned to cheaply build a house with his own hands in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. This sum included expenses not only on materials, but also on connection of gas and electricity. According to the estimate, the following expenses were incurred: Concrete - 20,700. Edged and unedged wood - 70,000. Polyfoam - 31,200. Plywood - 8023. Metal profiles - 16,200. Siding - 22,052. Used windows - 4,000. Nails, self-tapping screws, etc. . - 15 000. Delivery of material and services of an excavator - 5200. Septic tank - 10000. Plumbing, radiators - 35 660. State plasterboard and finishing costs - 21280. Gas pipeline design and installation, connection fee - 37 000. Gas equipment (stove, boiler) - 29 000. Connection of electricity with materials - 3000. Connection of water supply - 2000.

In the opinion of the builder himself, in the estimate there is no number of items on trivia. However, it also requires additional costs. It should also be noted that part of the windows were received from friends and did not require financial expenses. In total, 327,315 rubles were spent on the construction of a house without trifles. This amount excludes attached garage. He was attached later on a separate estimate. Additionally, the construction of the garage required an amount of about 34,000 rubles. Taking into account the unspecified expenses, the house cost no more than 400 thousand rubles. to the content ↑ Installation of shallow strip foundations

A pre-planned foundation is 35 cm wide and 25 cm high and 20 cm above the ground above the ground. As a reinforcing element, a die-cutting section of 2.5x100 mm was chosen. Reinforcement of the tape was planned in 2 layers, top and bottom, with three coupled cut-out sheets in each.

According to the advice of experienced builders, vertical elements were added, and the number of sheets to be bound was increased to 5 pieces. Additionally, the height of the foundation above the ground increased to 45 cm. carving reinforcement - do not do this! carving reinforcement - do so can't! pseudo reinforcement pseudo reinforcement  the foundation is ready for pouring the foundation is ready for casting

After the foundation has been poured into the concrete, 20 anchor bolts are installed for mounting the bottom trim. foundation is poured foundation is poured  mortgages mortgages Mortgages Mounted Mortgages Mounted
to content ↑ Construction of the first floor

Before mounting the walls of the first floor, a platform was installed and insulated, and sewage pipes were laid. The bottom of the platform is left open, the insulation is fixed by fixed scraps of boards. As a platform heater, 3 layers of foam plastic, 15 cm thick, are used. The draft floor is made of a board 150x50 mm. warming the platform with foam warming the platform with foam  rough floor is sewn up rough floor is sewn

Installation of walls was carried out in a horizontal position. Between the racks are laid foam and protection plywood 8 mm, also installed windows. Windows in the project were used. Installation of the assembled wall in a vertical position was carried out by two men. In the design of the walls, it was decided to abandon the installation of strings. The builder suggested that the rigidity of the frame will be sufficient because of the plywood trim. frame wall assembly frame wall assembly  insulation of external walls with foam insulation of external walls with foam
wall frame wall frame  windows are installed windows are installed
wall on temporary braces wall on temporary braces

After the assembly of the walls of the first floor, the internal partitions were mounted. Foam plastic was also used as insulation. external walls are sheathed with plywood external walls are sheathed with plywood assembly of interior walls assembly of interior walls
internal walls are raised internal walls are raised  first floor assembled first floor assembled
to content ↑ The principle of assembly of the second floor

After the installation of the trim, the temporary floor of the unedged board was partially laid and the walls were horizontally assembled and installed vertically. The windows for the second floor were also used. installation of floors installation of floors  build the walls of the second floor build the walls of the second floor
gables are raised gables are raised  insulation of the walls of the attic insulation of the walls of the attic
attic walls raised attic walls raised

In order to increase sound insulation in the interfloor overlap, nonwoven cloth was laid on the floor under the boards. This allows you to partially dampen the vibration from the steps. lagging on the substrate to reduce vibration lining on lags for vibration reduction
to content ↑ Installation of rafters and roofs

At the end of the assembly of the walls of the attic floor was installed truss system. Overhangs rafters are not lengthened. As the batten was used board-inch. The roof was covered with a professional sheet 4 m long. build truss system build truss system  rafters rafters
professional sheets on the roof professional sheets on the roof  ready roof ready roof
to content ↑ Exterior finish of the building

For exterior decoration of the building used siding. It was mounted with a ventilation gap of 25 mm. Also at the stage of exterior decoration made vestibule. The foundation for the vestibule was not mounted; the structure was installed on pieces of concrete and pavement curbs laid on the ground. the house is sheathed with inexpensive siding the house is sheathed with inexpensive siding facade of a cheap house facade of a cheap house  add a vestibule add a vestibule
to content ↑ Features of the stairs and its installation

The location of the stairs in the project has caused much controversy. Initially, its location assumed excessive emphasis on the attic ceiling. After changing the location and design of the stairs, it was made without a platform with small turns.

The staircase is made of 50x150 mm planks., The width of the step is 30 cm. The installation of the stairs was carried out after the rough finishing of the first floor. Under the upper span space is left for equipment there toilet. According to personal feelings, the staircase turned out to be comfortable and compact. do-it-yourself staircase to the second floor do-it-yourself staircase to the second floor the space under the stairs to the second floor is sewn the space under the stairs to the second floor is sewn
rail installation rail installation  stairs stairs
to content ↑ Interior decoration of the house

Before the finishing of the premises, the flooring was insulated and the flooring of the second floor was laid. To increase the level of noise insulation between logs and floor boards, felt is nailed. After that, the interior was finished on both floors of a cheap house.

The rough finish included three points: Installation of fiberboard as a windscreen. GVL installation. Putty joints and chips GVL.

In the finishing work, water-emulsion coloring was used predominantly. The living room, kitchen and bedrooms are painted in different colors. The floor in the rooms is covered with linoleum, the ceilings are decorated with foam polystyrene tiles. almost complete staircase almost complete staircase  made the hatch into the subfloor made the hatch into the subfloor  old sofa old sofa

In the kitchen, the owner built a homemade wardrobe into the wall, and painted the bedrooms in different colors. homemade shelves 1 homemade shelves 1  homemade shelves 2 homemade shelves 2
mounted gas boiler mounted gas boiler  repair on the attic floor repair on the attic floor
the walls are simply painted the walls are simply  it was better to install the radiator under the window it was better to install the radiator under the window
did not hide the electrical wiring in the Sena did not hide the electrical wiring in the Sena other bedroom another bedroom
interior door interior door

Toilets and bathroom ceilings are covered with plastic panels. The floor and walls in the bathroom - tile. budget toilet budget toilet  toilet is sheathed in plastic panels the toilet is covered with plastic panels
small sink in the toilet small sink in the toilet  tile bath tile bath

the space under the bath is sewn with plastic panels the space under the bath is sewn with plastic panels
to content ↑ Comments by other builders on project implementation

Serious distrust experienced builders caused the use of cutting to strengthen the foundation instead of reinforcement. In order to save a little with a low foundation height, it is undesirable to use such material for reinforcement, especially without vertical binders.

Another serious drawback of the builder is recognized poor-quality distribution of concrete when pouring the foundation. As a result, this required the establishment of supports to align the bottom trim. it is better not to save on the foundation on the foundation it is better not to save

Also, when installing rafters for inexperience, excessively deep gash was performed.

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