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Business crafts with their hands

Business crafts with their hands

Ladder Written by Anya Loit March 12, 2012

Once we had a Ladder, dedicated to the question, How to become an eco-friendly-mom, where community members shared posts about how they educate nature in their children. The topic of waste, in particular, their sorting, was also a little affected.

Crafts from trash and waste

Crafts from plastic bottles - here we have collected for you the Top-40 ideas of the most creative handicrafts from empty plastic bottles, which we constantly encounter in everyday life. And here about crafts from disks - 25 original ideas.

Today we invite you to share your experience of the practical use of garbage and various wastes in your work with children. Recently, such an eco-friendly creative is actively gaining momentum, blogs regularly come up with original handicrafts made from rolls of paper, disposable tableware, all kinds of jars and boxes and much more. And this is really great - after all, such an activity with a child combines a creative and ecological “circle” and, since childhood, instills a love of nature.

Do you do something similar with your children? Please share with your ideas how you can give a second life to things that are unnecessary at first glance. Tell and show what crafts from the garbage and waste with your own hands you can create with the children.

Leave in the comments to the "ladder" links to posts in which you talk about your experience in the use of garbage for creative purposes.

Immediately after the publication, the new “Ladder” will be added to the list of the Big Mother's Encyclopedia so that everyone can find out what the community members have written on this topic in their blogs, as well as add links to their posts at any time.

Photo: How To Instructions

Tags: eco-friendly, crafts, handicrafts, creativity

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