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Canopy over the house with his hands

Canopy over the house with his hands

Home chemistry

5-9 class

2) a quick acting medicine
3) rapidly changing world
4) five minutes fast
5) come quickly
6) the fast growth of the oil industry don't know9603 July 21, 2014, 10:35:59 PM (4 years ago) Rating

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+ 0 - LimOnKaZ

July 21, 2014, 11:07:40 PM (4 years ago)

2.He took a quick acting medication. 6.
it was in our country.

+ 0 - Aikodiko86

July 22, 2014, 0:17:47 (4 years ago)

2. When I had a quick acting medicine.
3. Since 2000, the World is changing rapidly.
4. Why he can't come for five minures faster.
5. Success doesn't come quickly.
6. In the USA, the fastest growth of the oil industry.

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Denis8945 / July 20, 2014, 2:47:18 Translate into English using verbs in Present Simple or Future Simple.1. He will do an exercise in English, if he does not

there will be other things to do. 2. If I do not help him, he will not write a quiz tomorrow. 3. He will not go to the library tonight. 4. If he does not go to the library, he will be at home. 5. We will be at home tomorrow. 6. If we are at home tomorrow, we will watch this program on TV. 7. She will not be home tomorrow. 8. If she is not home tomorrow, leave her a note. 9. The weather will be good tomorrow. 10. If tomorrow the weather is good, we will go out of town. 11. When she comes to school, she takes off her coat. 12. When she comes to school, she will take off her coat. 13. As soon as he remembers this funny scene, he starts laughing. 14. As soon as he remembers this funny scene, he will start laughing. 15. I will come home at six o'clock. 16. When I come home, I will call you. 17. She will call us in the evening. 18. If she calls you, ask her to bring me a book. 19. I will see Tom tomorrow. 20. As soon as I see Tom, I will tell him about it. 21. I will go to Paris next week. 22. Before I go to Paris, I will call you. URGENT HELP PLEASE

5-9 grade english language answers 1

Andrews / July 19, 2014, 21:01:07 1.COMPLETE THE CHECK QUESTIONS 1.Brazilians speak portuguese, ..............? 2.A lot of people have climbed

Everest, ......................?

3.Artyom is not by eat sea, .......................... &

4. Englesh people donot eat a lot of spaghetti, ........?

5.The journey from London to Paris by train doesnot take two hours, ......?

1.The secretary__to her new boss yesterday (introdudced, was introdudced)

2.Our plan__by the members of the committee (being being considered, is considered)

3.He ___ responsible for the accedent (was holding, was held)

4.A prize__to whoever solves this equation (will be giving? Will be givinen

5.When the manager arrived, the problem __ (had already been solved, had already solved)

5-9 grade english language answers 1

Calrghd / July 17, 2014 0:48:18 which English words can be composed (u, b, c, s, j, t, e.) and (i, n, f, m, o, o, t, r, a, i, n.)

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Saashenka / March 29, 2014, 20:19:44 Help make sentences with phrases:

1 A rapid growth of population
2 Quick with his hands
3 Fast music
4 A quick acting medicine
5 Rapidly changing world
6 A quick look
7 Five minutes fast
8 Come quickly
9 The Fast Growth of the Oil Industry
10 To make a rapid recovery

5-9 grade english language answers 1

Alexandro200121 / 08 Oct 2013 12:41:57 It is necessary to correctly make sentences of English words. Naturally with the addition of additional words in which the sentence will become normal. For example:

These words are: Make, tidy, his room. According to these words you need to make a sentence. For example: Ann makes Steve tidy his room.
Exercise # 2
1) Want to make a mess, in the house, not.
2) Ask, turn the musik off.
3) Let, take, her things, not
4) Make, do the dishes.
5) Need, do the shopping.
6) Would like, walk the dog.

5-9 grade english language answers 1

Chart200308 / Oct 25 2014 8:02:36 She had to go to the school.

But after all, she was more than a course of course. if you chose to be a doctor, you could become an engineer.
sasha started at the school. It was clear that she had been completely abandoned. There is a little room for him there.
It is clear that there is no sign of it. sashenka, she said sorrowfully, get up, darling. it's time to go to school.
he sat up to breakfast. he was so little a cross. he was not going away for a long time. help to translate only not from the translator !!!

5-9 grade english language answers 1

Oishina / July 1, 2014, 1:14:08 How to make a proposal in English?

The UK is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
But I do not need a translator, I just do not know how to make a proposal of such a plan.

5-9 grade english language answers 1

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