Clove napkins master class

Good day, dear needlewomen!

In our past classes, we learned to make roses from paper, they are suitable for a gift to mother, teacher, sister. And what to give to dad, grandmother or grandfather for February 23 or May 9? And for them there are suitable flowers - carnations.

Carnation is a symbol, after the Second World War, this flower began to personify the victory of the Soviet Union. Carnations are presented to veterans, defenders of the fatherland.

How to make a paper stud?

In our article you will find two master classes on how to gradually make a clove out of paper or napkins with your own hands: The first version of a carnation of corrugated paper, and the second option - the application of carnations from a napkin for a postcard on March 8, February 23 or May 9 Carnation of corrugated paper with your own hands

In order to make flowers carnation of corrugated paper, cut out a strip of paper 6-7 centimeters.

The strip should be approximately 40 centimeters in length.

How to cut a strip of corrugated paper, stretch the corrugation.

If there is a curly scissors, process the edges of the corrugated paper with them.

Now fold the tape accordion.

We make several cuts with scissors.

Paste on the stick paper, form a clove.

When the carnation flower is wound on a stick, we fix it with a thread.

For the stalk cut a strip of corrugated paper green.

Glue into place the sepal and the stem.

Straighten the corrugated paper cloves.

Carnation of pink paper with your own hands is ready! Present a bouquet to your father's defender - dad or grandfather for February 23 or May 9!

Corrugated paper carnation looks very realistic, and its petals look real! For the master class we thank the channel Hykanush.

Video: How to make a carnation out of paper with your own hands Carnation of napkins with your own hands (card appliqué)

In order to make a flower carnation for application on a card, we will need the following materials: scissors glue colored napkins white paper or a base for postcards

So, we make flowers a carnation from napkins with our own hands - an application for a postcard on February 23. Bend the color napkin in half.

Cut it with scissors along the fold line.

We get 4 squares.

Let's bend each of the squares separately.

Then we form the petals of each triangle.

We make cuts with scissors

That's how it should turn out.

We twist the ends of a petal of a carnation from a napkin.

Here is a finished petal of carnation.

The same is repeated with all the petals of the clove.

To form the stem of a carnation, we cut a rectangle like this from a green napkin.

Twist it.

Here is our stalk.

In order to make the leaves of the flower, cut a rectangle from the green napkin.

At the bottom and at the top we twist, forming leaves of a flower from a napkin.

Next, paste our application on a sheet of paper.

First the stem of the carnation,

Then the carnation petals,

From the green napkin form sepals.

The final stage - glue the leaves to the flower. Clove of napkins in the form of an application is ready!

Such an application on paper in the form of a postcard made with your own hands can be presented to mother, grandfather, grandmother for any holiday - March 8, February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day.

We thank channel “Favorite Lesson” for the master class. Also watch the video master class with step by step description. Video: how to make a paper stud

Text prepared by: Veronica

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