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soap base from scratch, soap base at home, soap foundation do it yourself Friends, hello!

I can not touch on the topic of the end of the old era in my blog (now known in the news as “the end of the world”).

What do I think about this? I believe that the old era (or the light) is ending, and what ??, right, the new one begins.

A great time of new opportunities begins, a new "light". soap base from scratch, transparent soap from scratch

And, just in the topic of new opportunities, I want to give you a recipe that really opens up a new "era" in the era of soap making from scratch :)

I will tell you today how to make a soap base from scratch. Such a foundation, which melts in a microwave, easily flows and takes any form, and even show a video about how it melts :). The basis is completely natural, or as many now like to say, organic.

Oh yes. It is also transparent :)

A soap base with your own hands is more than real!


Every soap maker, who started with a soap base, cannot deny how convenient it is to use - rrraz, cut into cubes, two - melted in a microwave (or water bath), three - added oils, fragrances, dye and - poured into forms. Now you can only wait for freezing. The whole process can take from 5 to 15 minutes.

However, we also know that the soap base contains all sorts of biak.

Another thing - soap from scratch, which involves working with alkali (scary). And if you digest what is already prepared, it requires some effort and time, you never want to fit into a form normally, but completely natural.

Which of you didn’t think about how to make a soap base with your own hands and from scratch? So easy to use? And even better - to cook a transparent soap from scratch ... so natural and beautiful ...

Here, I tell you, the output is found :)

I recently found a presentation from a conference of soap makers from the USA, where Dr. Kevin Dunn, chemistry professor, author of the book Scientific Soapmaking (cool!), Talked about his experiences on this topic.

And you know, I tried, and I got a beautiful, almost perfectly transparent soap. I am delighted: a soap base at home is possible and is possible so easily from completely available ingredients! You can throw away all your (and mine) records about the preparation of glycerin soap from scratch. I definitely will not return to them :) I know (and you too will soon learn a better way).

Yes, we will use alcohol. But not ethyl, which is so hard to get, and which is prohibited for sale. And not propylene glycol, which, although allowed, is scary for many.

We will use glycerin :) The recipe for a natural soap base is simple, we need only three ingredients: oils, alkali, water and glycerin. You won't need anything else!

The recipe for soap base from scratch:

50% coconut oil 50% castor oil
overfilling 3% (SF 3%) we put alkalis in the calculator (you can put any, the less, the more transparent, but 0, as always, I do not recommend) alkali NaOH and water, calculate it yourself using an alkali calculator water-oil ratio - I had 33 %
+ 100% by weight of soap (!!!!!) glycerin (the weight of glycerin is equal to the weight of soap)

do not be afraid of a large amount of castorca, soap perfectly freezes overnight.

glycerol can be added from 25% to 100%, the more, the soap will be more transparent and the better the soap will melt.

But! soap can "sweat", like a soap base. The more glycerol, the more intense.

The process of making soap base is similar to making soap from scratch in a hot way. It took me 3.5 hours.

If you have never made soap from scratch, please read the articles in the encyclopedia of soap making

We weigh the oils first.

And drown them in a water bath. Or in the microwave

Weigh the water.

Remember about safety!

Weigh alkali sodium hydroxide.

And dissolve it in water. Be sure to take the heat-resistant dishes for the preparation of alkaline solution.

We are waiting for the oil and alkali to reach the same temperature.

Mix the alkaline solution and oil. I just in case filter through the strainer

Stir the mixture with an immersion blender until a trace appears.

We can make a trace and thick :)

Now we cook this soap in a hot way in a water bath under the lid. Or, if you want, in the oven.

Soap should be completely cooked. Do not pluck the tongue.

In the ready soap pour the measured glycerol. At 900 grams of soap I had about 740 grams of glycerin :)


The consistency immediately changed !!! Now close the lid and cook until full transparency.

First melts bottom

Then gradually all the lumps disappear.

At that moment I decided to test for transparency - I took a transparent mass with a spoon and poured it onto a plastic napkin

Cool, yeah?

Oh yeah! Cry, lovers of glycerin soap! Which one of you also looked like ???

At this stage, the soap is poured into the form

If bubbles come out on the surface, use them with alcohol.

Soap I got dofiga. I did not calculate :) 1700 grams.

Another container.

But the beauty of it is that such a soap can be melted as many times as you like. And on the nose - the new year :) and February 23. And March 8th. Catching ????

In the morning I got this bar.

Pieces of it - transparent, although not perfect.

soap base with scratch, soap base at home, a soap base with his own hands

But this is not an industrial soap base with all sorts of bjakami, it is an absolutely natural soap from scratch. Yes! It also melts in the microwave. Or in a water bath.

I decided to show you on the video. True, the video color brighter about the base looks yellower than it actually is.


Just a couple of photos about transparency.

Soap base from scratch. How to cook a transparent soap from scratch.

Such a framework takes any form. And that's cool.

Abandoned the use of plastic forms, because cook only soap from scratch ???

Not worth it :)))

This soap comes from the forms not worse than the industrial soap base.

Are there any drawbacks to the soap base, prepared by our own hands ???

Yes there is.

Soap made from it, "sweats" as well as industrial soap base due to the high content of glycerin. The soapiness and foaminess are not too high, unlike the options with laureth sodium sulfate.

But naturally :)

Is there any way to fix the "sweating" or not inconvenience?

Of course! Wrap this soap in the film immediately after preparation. Without air access, nothing will happen to it.

WHEN it will be used - the top layer of glycerin will be washed off and more soap will not sweat.

You can also reduce the amount of glycerin and use laureth sodium sulfate. Soap will sweat less and foam better.

But for me it is not an option :)

Like this!

Be sure to cook this wonderful natural soap foundation with your own hands!

You can make from it a sea of ​​New Year's gifts!

Upcoming holidays!

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