Dicas de moda beleza e comportamento

  • All the trimmings

    All the trimmings

    Offset the exuberant charms of an embellished collar with normcore tracksuit pants and standard-issue trainers.

    Jonathan Daniel Pryce
  • Missing link

    Missing link

    The chain necklace is back and super primed for summer - nothing updates a crunchy white shirt faster, whether you're beach- or city-bound.

    Jonathan Daniel Pryce
  • Sheer force

    Sheer force

    Sheer shirts are having a moment, but masculine shapes suit the new louche mood best. Go tonal - it's chicer - and add a must-have beaded bag for good measure.

    Jonathan Daniel Pryce
  • Short story

    Short story

    Time to rethink running shorts. Rendered in softest satin and paired with clean, lean Nineties-hued sandals, they're a natural partner for oversized crisp cotton.

    Jonathan Daniel Pryce
  • True blue

    True blue

    Don't underestimate the refreshing lack of formality that comes with a make-up free visage, unadorned ears and a crisp striped shirt, unbuttoned to expose the clavicle.

    Jonathan Daniel Pryce
  • Smart set

    Smart set

    Shirt-tails flying is a good look, but tucking in your printed cotton has elevated cache. Take the smartening act dicas de moda beleza e comportamento further with a whip-thin belt and a Seventies shoulder bag.

    Jonathan Daniel Pryce


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