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How to remove from the browser

It happens that when you start the browser, users automatically load the site page. This site is an analogue of Yandex and Mail.ru services. Oddly enough, most often gets to the computer due to the actions of the user. For example, it can penetrate the PC when installing any applications, that is, the site can be included in the boot package and thus installed. Let's see what are the options for deleting from the browser.


This site can be set up as the start page of a web browser, not just by changing the properties of the shortcut, it is also registered in the registry, installed with other programs, which leads to a large flow of advertising, PC braking, etc. Next, we will sort the points of removal. For example, actions will be performed in Google Chrome, but in the same way everything is done in other well-known browsers. Stage 1: Check the shortcut and change settings

You should first try to make changes in the browser's shortcut, and then try to go to the settings and remove the start page. So, let's begin. Launch Google Chrome and right-click on the shortcut in the taskbar, and then “Google Chrome” - “Properties”.

Opening a shortcut in Google Chrome In the open frame we draw attention to the data in the item “Object”. If there is a site at the end of the line, for example, http: ///? 10, then you need to remove it and click “OK”. However, you need to be careful not to unintentionally remove the excess, quotes should be left at the end of the link.

The data in the item object in Google Chrome Now open in the browser “Menu” - “Settings”.

Opening the settings menu in Google Chrome In the "On Start" section, click "Add."

Specified pages in Google Chrome Delete the specified page http: ///? 10.

Deleting Google Chrome virus page Stage 2: Uninstall Programs

If the above actions did not help, then go to the next instruction. Go to "My Computer" - "Uninstall a program."

In the computer, removing or changing programs In the list you need to find virus applications. We remove all suspicious programs, except those that we installed, system and known, that is, those that have a known developer (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.).

Search for virus programs in the PC Stage 3: Cleaning the Registry and Extensions

After the removal of virus programs, it is necessary to simultaneously perform a comprehensive cleaning of the registry, extensions and browser shortcut. It is important to do this at one time, otherwise data recovery will occur and there will be no result. You need to start AdwCleaner and click "Scan". The application checks, scanning certain disk locations, and then goes through the main registry keys. Scans where the Adw class viruses are located, that is, our case falls into this category.

Scanning a PC with AdwCleaner The application offers to delete unnecessary, click "Clear".

Cleaning the threats in AdwCleaner Run Google Chrome and go to Settings,

Open in the settings menu in Google Chrome

and then "Expansion".

Virus extensions in Google Chrome We need to check whether the add-ons have retired, if not, then we do it ourselves.

Remove a malicious extension in Google Chrome Now we are looking at the information of the browser by clicking on the shortcut with the right button and selecting “Properties”.

Opening Google Chrome shortcut properties We check the string “Object”, if necessary, then delete the page http: ///? 10 and click “OK”.

Delete data on a page in Google Chrome

Now your PC, including the web browser, will be cleared of. We are glad that we could help you in solving the problem.
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