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Mini tractors are becoming increasingly popular in the agricultural sector. This is understandable, since most models show fairly high power levels, which, together with the enviable characteristics of maneuverability, show the final quality standard.

For owners of small land holdings, such equipment becomes an indispensable assistant in work at all, because the use of large-sized units in such areas is inexpedient and rather expensive. However, not every farmer can afford to purchase a ready-made mini tractor in the store.

The reason for this is the rather high price of such equipment, which is made up of many factors. Therefore, it is increasingly possible to meet various home-made options for manufacturing mini tractors, based on the very different techniques.

The clear desire to save pushes people to certain constructive experiments, the final result of which will be a quite usable mini-tractor.

At the same time, as the base of such units there can be the most diverse equipment, which is quite often found in the household of many rural residents and farmers.

Content Applications

Due to the fact that self-made mini-tractors are in many respects identical to store-based options, such as Uralets, Kubota, Bulat 120, Uralets 160, Yanmar according to various criteria, their scope of use will also be quite similar. Scope Scope

Any such equipment is made exclusively for use in the agricultural sector, where the main requirement is the ergonomics and reliability of the units.

As for self-made mini tractors, then perhaps the most basic type of work that they do is various tillage for its further use. This area is quite extensive and includes a number of specific works: cultivation of the soil, as well as the removal of weeds and other vegetation from the ground; formation of beds; planting potatoes using special attachments; digging up potato tubers, etc.

As we see, with the help of improvised mini tractors, you can actually perform a full range of land works, the main purpose of which is to grow and harvest.

For the village it is the primary task, because it is the only way to feed themselves in these conditions, hence the indispensability of such technology, which many people point out. However, land works are not the only thing that self-made units are capable of.

If you work a little, having considered the use of additional attachments, you can significantly expand the scope of application of such equipment: mowing grass for the purpose of harvesting hay; transportation of various cargoes, as well as removal of construction and agricultural waste from the site; clearing of the territory from snow massifs, etc.

It is important to understand that additional equipment will cost some money, but you can make it yourself. The same snow blowers and grass mowers have a completely simple design that can be made from handy materials and tools. In construction In construction

Fortunately, there are a sufficient number of diagrams and drawings on the Internet that facilitate the task for the farmer. instructions

There is no single recommendation, from which to make a homemade mini tractor? This is influenced by many factors, the main of which is the presence of one or another equipment on the farm, which can be used as a basis for the future self-made unit.

Therefore, it would be advisable to consider a variety of manufacturing options at home, among which everyone can learn something useful specifically for themselves. Based on the Ural motorcycle

Self-made mini-tractor from the Ural motorcycle is a fairly common way due to the fact that such motorcycles have a sufficiently powerful engine that is quite suitable for use in a mini-tractor. Based on the Ural motorcycle Based on the Ural motorcycle

Similar homemade Products can take the most various forms reminding many factory tractors, but one thing is common in them - this is a rather large alteration of the frame of a motorcycle. This is understandable because the original motorcycle is not much like a mini-tractor as such.

The main work on reworking the frame is to raise the base, as well as the center of gravity to the center of the desired unit.

You also need to take care of an extra pair of wheels, because the rear wheels need a larger diameter than the front ones. Not be superfluous and the use of additional reduction gear, but you can get by with the factory transfer of the motorcycle.

As a steering, you can leave the factory version of a motorcycle, but you can also replace it with a car steering wheel from GAZ-53.

For more information about the homemade mini tractor on the basis of the Ural motorcycle, see the video: Based on LuAZ

It is clear that far from all components and spare parts will be taken from the LuAZ car, but the main components, such as the transmission, braking system, and also the gearbox, were taken from the desired car.

A homemade minitractor from LuAZ do it yourself will include several basic working units: Frame construction, welded from channel. If desired, the frame can be slightly lengthened if another engine is used. The rear axle is made independently, using axes from the tractor T-25. Wheels for wheels are made from the rim of the GAZ-21, using the internal parts of LuAZ disks. As the front axle, parts of the bridge from the T-25 were taken, on which self-made hubs and wheels from the tedders were installed. UD-25 is used as an engine, which connects to the gearbox through a pair of consecutive V-belt drives with a gear ratio of 3. The clutch, in this case, is activated by belt tension. Steering can be taken from the car VAZ 2105, or leave LuAZovsky option.

Separate consideration should be given to the mechanism for attaching additional attachments, without which the range of work of the mini-tractor is rather limited.

Here is a detailed list of all the manipulations on the manufacture of this mechanism: The hydraulic cylinder from old agricultural equipment was used as a base. It cannot be used in the required form, therefore it needs to be shortened slightly. The hydraulic cylinder must be located slightly to the right of the center of the structure. This allows you to make a hole in the rear of the frame structure, through which the rear axle drive to the additional equipment, i.e. the power take-off shaft, will go. Below the photo shows all in more detail. Oka-based

The self-made mini-tractor from the Oka is virtually no different from similar home-made units made from other Soviet cars. The manufacturing process will be as follows: At the initial stage, you need to make a frame structure. For these purposes, suitable sheet metal, as well as metal beams channel. The design itself is a standard rectangular shape, welded from metal corners. The structures of the rear and front axle will be made of the components of the Oka, which is also quite convenient.

The self-made unit will be built with the Oka engine, which is a half engine, quite suitable for use in the construction of a mini-tractor, so you do not need to think about purchasing another motor. However, using it, you need to additionally provide for a few nuances: it is necessary to increase the wheel clearance of the unit for better throughput; strengthen the front and rear spars, because they will be the main burden in the work; it is also necessary to provide a coupling mechanism to which additional attachments would be installed.

A do-it-yourself mini-tractor from Oka do-it-yourself, whose drawings are presented above, is a rather optimal solution not only for making a high-quality home-made unit, but also for selling a failed Oka.

In principle, if you do not have this car, you can buy it for quite some small money. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a car “on the go”, because in the construction of a mini-tractor only individual components of the car will be used, so you can save a lot on the purchase. With engine DO 2

The self-made mini tractor with engine UD 2 is capable of performing not only agricultural work, but also work on the transportation of various goods. As The clutch uses a pair of V-belts that transmit the rotation to the pulley located on the gearbox shaft. With UD2 engine With UD2 engine

The UD 2 engine itself has an output of 8 hp, which, together with air-cooled and 4-stroke system, becomes the optimal solution for a home-made mini-tractor. In addition, this unit has in its presence several main working units: Gearbox from GAZ-51. Rear axle, also taken from the GAZ-51. It needs to be shortened slightly, in accordance with the parameters of the mini-tractor. The gearbox and rear axle are connected with a 19 mm roller chain. Asterisks can be used from old agricultural machinery. The drive sprocket is connected to the gearbox output shaft flange and the brake disc using four M8 bolts. As for the driven sprocket, it is connected to the flange gear of the bridge with the help of four M10 bolts. As the front axle, you can use components from the T-16, which also need to be slightly adjusted to the size of the mini-tractor. The steering column, gearbox and tie rods can be taken from the old Moskvich car. The frame structure itself is fairly standard, welded from metal corners 5 × 5 cm. The fuel tank, muffler and filter are used from the UD 2 engine. The central disc brake is made of steel using a plastic ball located at the end of the handle. Its radius should be about 7 mm. As the rear wheelbase, you can use similar ones from the UAZ-452, while the front ones can be taken from a motor-block or other similar equipment. It is important to remember that the diameter of the front wheels should be smaller than that of the rear wheels. On the basis of Moskvich

The self-made mini tractor from Moskvich is a fairly standard design. In this case, the Moskvich car will be borrowed directly from the car engine itself, as well as from the gearbox and steering. In addition, this homemade unit includes several working units: The engine used will be mounted on the frame of the T-16. As the wheels used are similar, taken from the ZIL-130. They wear tires from the front wheelbase of the tractor MTZ-82. From the old combine you need to take the rear beam, which is necessary to cut the half-line. Next, we weld to it through hub extensions taken from ZAZ. The beam itself needs to be slightly shortened so that the track is 1.3 m flat. The resulting beam is fixed to the frame through the mount located on the front beam of the T-16 frame. Then we bring the chain back from the gearbox shaft through the PTO shaft. On the basis of Zhiguli

A self-made mini tractor from the Zhiguli can be made with your own hands, using the same manipulations as with other cars designed for reworking into a mini tractor.

On the Russian market of agricultural products there are quite a lot of models of cultivators of foreign and domestic production from various firms. Cultivator Texas - real European quality for many years.

KamAZ is a powerful modern machine, produced at the KamAZ plant, which is able to transport a large number of cubes of various building materials at a time. Here you will learn how many cubic meters of various cargoes fit into the body of Kamaz.

The shopping trolley provides comfort to the buyer at the time of collection and transportation of purchases, and the seller brings additional profit. Clicking on the link will get acquainted with the characteristics of the shopping trolley.

Conventionally, you can divide the whole process of work into several steps: Development of the kinetic scheme, which takes into account the stability and equilibrium of the whole structure. Making a frame structure using metal corners and pipes. Here it is extremely important to correctly install the plug and sleeve, ensuring the correct rotation of the hook mechanism. The body structure is made of ordinary sheet iron, the height of the sides should not exceed 300 mm. As an engine, you can use the factory from the Zhiguli, or any one you have. Thanks to the chain connection, torque will be transmitted from the engine to the gearbox and then to the rear axle. In the design of homemade mini tractors, the rear wheels are leading. The steering and driver's seat can be left of the Zhiguli. Based on the VAZ 2106

Homemade mini tractor, which is based on the engine, taken from the VAZ 2106, will be a loyal assistant to any farmer. As the rest of the working units used components from other cars, long out of service. In particular, we are talking about the following components: The gearbox is taken from GAZ-53. Rear and front axle can be taken from the old Lada. At the same time, they need to be shortened a little under the parameters of the future minitractor. As a steering and seat, you can use the factory from the VAZ 2106.

As for the wheelbase, the rear wheels can be taken from the MTZ-82, and the front wheels can be taken from motor mowers or motoblock. With Zid 4.5 engine

A self-made mini tractor with a Zid 4.5 engine is no different from similar ones made using other types of engines. The whole assembly process can be divided into several stages: Production of frame construction using metal channel. With the help of metal corners, a rectangular frame is welded, on which the remaining working units of the structure will be installed. Special problems in the engine Zid is not noticed, because it is quite organically fit into the overall design of the unit. Through it transmitted torque to the gearbox, which drives the rear wheelbase, which is leading. As a wheel, you can use any wheel pair from MTZ tractors, and for front wheels you can use similar ones from old Soviet cars. Gearbox can be taken from the GAZ-51 or GAZ-53. As the rear axle, you can use the bridge from the UAZ. The steering and seat can be taken from the Oka, Moskvich or other similar cars. With diesel engine

Also very popular are homemade mini tractor with a diesel engine. They are made in the same way as gasoline counterparts, but in the process, there is a more economical fuel consumption.

For these purposes, diesel engines from powerboilers that are purchased separately on the Internet or in specialized stores are perfect. In particular, the Sadko DE-300 engine, as well as other similar models, shows good performance. Additional Tips & Warnings

Before you start making a homemade mini tractor, you need to make sure that you have the necessary materials and tools. It is clear that without a welding machine, as well as a sufficiently large amount of metal and various steel angles and channels, you simply can not do.

If you do not have this available, you can visit the nearest rural landfill, where you can get enough material. Finally, the most loyal and important advice is the initial preparation for the design. This is an independent production of a detailed drawing of a future mini-tractor.

Even a schematically depicted unit will help you to more accurately determine all the dimensions and parameters, so as not to customize the parts and spare parts of them during the assembly process. Conclusion

Assembling homemade mini tractors is becoming increasingly important for rural residents, because with this approach you can significantly save your money. In addition, you can adapt your old equipment, which you have not used for a long time, to give it a real “second life” in the form of a self-made mini-tractor.

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