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Working with brands is a goal for many bloggers. I remember the feeling I felt when the first brand reached out to me wanting me to talk about their product on my blog. I felt like I had finally arrived – what I had been pouring my blood, sweat and tears into was finally being noticed. But how do you go from being sent some free products to try, to writing a sponsored post, to being a brand ambassador? Well first, let’s discuss what it means to be a brand ambassador.
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A brand ambassador is a person who advocates for a brand’s products or services. Brand ambassadorship programs vary as to what duties are involved, and what benefits are included. Some may be paid opportunities, while others offer ambassadors free or discounted products and services from the brand. Short-term programs may only last for a few months, while long-term programs can last a year or more. The brand may require a certain amount of posts within your ambassadorship, as well as representing the brand at events.

If you are considering becoming a brand ambassador, here are five steps you should take before you start:

#1 – Solidify your own brand.

Before you agree to be an ambassador for someone else’s brand, have you solidified your own brand? Often times, new bloggers are in a rush to work with brands, before building their own brand. Invest that time and energy into building your blog first. You don’t have to have huge numbers, but you do need to show that you have great content, post consistently, and engage regularly with your audience on your blog and social media. Brands want to see that you’re producing quality content that they can simply insert their product or service into. Also, determine what your blog’s brand is – and what it isn’t – so you ensure that the brand you choose to represent is a good match.
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#2 – Find a brand that you genuinely like.

Authenticity is so key when it comes to blogging and connecting with your readers and viewers. Be sure that the brand you represent as an ambassador is truly one that you like, and that you would talk about whether you were working with the brand or not. Also, whatever brand you represent will reflect on your own brand, good or bad, so choose wisely.

#3 – Talk about the brand on your platform.

Once you’ve built your platform, and you’ve found a brand you are totally in to, talk about them. And when you do, be sure to let the brand know that you did. Tag the brand on social media, and share any pictures, videos and blog posts about them. This is a great way to let brands know who you are and that you are interested in what they have to offer. From there, build a relationship with the brand online.
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#4 – Contact the brand about ambassadorship.

Now that the brand knows who you are, and that you like what they do, see if they offer ambassadorship opportunities. Some brands actively solicit brand ambassadors, so visit to their website to see if they are accepting applications. If you don’t see anything on their website that specifically mentions ambassadorship, find their contact information and contact the brand that way. Send an email briefly outlining who you are and why you are interested in being a brand ambassador, along with your blog’s media kit. Show them that you are the right person to represent their brand.

#5 – Make sure you can meet the requirements.

If ambassadorship opportunities are available, really take the time to ensure that you can fulfill the roles and responsibilities. While working with a brand is exciting, you don’t want to commit to something that you are not able to follow through with. It is important to determine what commitment you are willing and able to make before agreeing to become a brand ambassador. Also, ensure that you are comfortable with whatever compensation is being offered. If not, feel free to negotiate the terms, but understand that the brand may not be willing to be flexible.
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Being a brand ambassador can be a great opportunity if you find an awesome brand that fits your blog’s niche to work with. Don’t let the size of your platform intimidate you. By focusing on creating great content, and engaging with brands in a genuine way, you just might land an opportunity as an ambassador for one of your favorite brands.

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