Frame bar your hands

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We offer you wooden houses of the manual cabin of any sizes and complexity, and also houses from a bar and the rounded log. You can choose one of the finished projects, or we can help you develop and implement your own architectural idea. Popular projects: D-2
The area of ​​202 sq. M.
Price from 1 351 284 rub. D-6
The area is 127 sq.m.
Price from 988 676 rub. D-8
The area of ​​168 sq. M.
Price from 929 926 rub. Log house 6x6x2.2
The area of ​​36 sq.m.
Price from 42 700 rub. D-13
The area of ​​167 sq. M.
Price from 1 204 226 rub. D-16
The area of ​​139 sq. M.
Price from 998 614 rub. From 26 to 29 March 2015, the XI International Exhibition “WOODEN HOUSE” was held at the Crocus Expo IEC. Our advantages:

environmentally friendly materials

short time to build a house (from 2 months),

low prices (from 8000 rubles / sq.m.),

Affordable mortgage lending.

5 years warranty

large selection of finished projects,

development of an individual project,

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