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Garage made of aerated concrete with their hands

Garage made of aerated concrete with their hands

Aerostone’s full range of building materials are extremely easy to use. For our molding molds offer a great deal of value. If you’re looking for what you’re looking for?

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

It’s a smart decision to make your choice. Because we use autoclaved aerated concrete, our molding products offer a 30% lower environmental impact.

Plus, aerated concrete products produce 55% less greenhouse emissions compared to building materials.

Why Aerostone?

It can be customized and you can customize your design. That’s just the beginning, DIYers and builders choose Aerostone because it is ... Value for Money: Aerostone, for our architectural moldings Durable: By choosing Hebel, you’re getting a 7-year warranty. Quick to supply: using an exclusive machine, we’re able to shape and supply external moldings within industry-leading times.

Aerostone moldings

It’s harsh environmental conditions. This is why Aerostone’s decorative moldings have been designed to withstand harsh conditions over time.

A Customizable Solution

Aerostone's standard decorative moldings can be used for our team. capping and more. You can have it.

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