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Glass shelves with their hands

Glass shelves with their hands

The kitchen is a very important place in any home, it is here that so much time is spent in the family circle. In addition, each housewife will confirm that cooking takes time and precious time, so it's good if everything in the kitchen is thought out to the smallest detail.

The optimal solution is to buy a kitchen to order, then all personal wishes of customers and individual features of the room will be taken into account. You can choose absolutely everything: materials of facades, table-top, accessories, dimensions of cabinets and drawers, equipment layout. There is a situation when you need to hide from prying eyes, for example, a boiler or unsuccessfully located pipes. In this case, to make a kitchen to order is the best of all possible solutions.

The location of the work points in the kitchens

If you decide to make a kitchen on an individual project, you must consider the question of its planning. A very important issue is the location of the three main operating points: the sink, stove and refrigerator. Best of all, they visually form a triangle, then it will take a minimum of time to move around the kitchen. It is proved that these three items are the basis of the whole cooking process. This is especially true when the cooking zone is quite large, in which case it is highly desirable to buy a kitchen under the order.

It is also important where the working surface will be and what size it will be. Usually the hostess argue that it is very convenient when the work area is located between the sink and stove. All these points need to be considered in the process of choosing a kitchen to order. Built-in appliances - the advantage of custom-made kitchens

It is always pleasant when household appliances harmoniously fit into the interior, occupy a minimum of space and at the same time are convenient to use. All this can be achieved by deciding to purchase a kitchen to order. In this case, you can think over in all details and draw the placement of the microwave oven, oven, meat grinder, blender, toaster, hood, dishwasher and other equipment.

The oven is usually placed under the hob, although this is not an axiom. In new projects, they often resort to placing the oven above the side: it is more convenient and safe for families with small children.

Kitchens made to individual sizes may include the presence of very small and non-standard drawers and pedestals, which, however, it is so convenient to use. For example, a narrow drawer under the oven, in which you can store instructions and warranty cards. Or a sliding cabinet with a bottle holder with sunflower oil, vinegar, sauces. A beautiful facade can be closed and the hood, making in front of it narrow shelves for glasses and glasses. Excellent space saving.

The production of kitchens to order provides for a constant communication between the manager and the customer, during which all the wishes of the latter are taken into account. Thus, you can leave room for such a desired item as a dishwasher, which will become an indispensable assistant for many housewives. The choice of materials and accessories

Kitchens to order from the manufacturer - it is an opportunity to choose exactly those facades and accessories that you want, and not that are available. After all, the catalog can be ordered material that is suitable for texture and color. Based on the style in which the kitchen will be decorated, wooden facades are chosen, or made from laminated MDF. So, for the classic style, the best choice would be natural materials, and for a high-tech or modern room - something bright, non-standard, with elements of glass and metal. All these questions can be adjusted by placing the order of the kitchen.

Accessories occupy a special place in individual projects, which should be given a lot of attention. For example, the handles must be in harmony with the facades. Gilded figured handles and colored laminated facades will look ridiculous. The quality of the fittings is the main advantage of the kitchen to order, the price of which largely depends on the wishes of the customer. Recently, much attention has been paid to closers, thanks to which the drawers and doors close easily, smoothly and silently. Very useful, but not cheap thing, which is chosen by no means all. In an individually designed kitchen, you can take into account such moments and make a choice based on the price-quality ratio. The cost of kitchens to order and the possibility of their acquisition

Of course, custom-made kitchens will be more expensive than standard modular ones. For convenience, which they provide, definitely need to pay. However, it is necessary to do this only once, after which for many years to enjoy the comfort of a well-designed room and enjoy his decision.

You can buy a kitchen at completely different prices, because its size will be affected by the size, number of elements, quality of the material and accessories. In addition, corner models will always be more expensive, it is believed that it is more difficult to work with them.

Kitchens on order for today are sold in all large cities, and, of course, in such cities, as St. Petersburg or Moscow. Although in small towns, furniture sales managers are already successfully working, who cooperate with factories and are ready to provide their customers with a quality product.

It is not difficult to buy a kitchen in St. Petersburg, it can be done in one of the many furniture centers, conveniently located in the city, mainly near metro stations. It also simplifies the choice of the development of Internet resources, with the help of which, before going to the salon, you can already create for yourself a general scheme of what you want to get in the end.

Furniture made to order - it is always very convenient, although in some cases more expensive than standard. However, this is a very good investment, which will provide comfort for many years. As for the kitchen, often an individual project is the only possible correct solution in the process of its arrangement.

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