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In the two years since the release of the version 3.2 card, Martin has not released new books to correct or supplement something, and yet here it is - one of the most extensive updates, the 4th version of the large map of Westeros and Essos. The new version implements all the functions that you have been asking for for many years: search, scale, normal operation on mobile devices, borders of kingdoms and kingdoms ... But let's get everything in order.

The first thing that catches your eye in the 4th version is the updated map view. I love cards since I saw one in the “Lord of the Rings” 1982 edition. To the level of Daniel Reeves, the cartographer of the “Lord of the Rings” film adaptation, to me as before Aschay on foot, but the progress in comparison with the third version is considerable. However, this is not the only and far from the main thing that appeared in the new version: Seven Kingdoms and Free Cities, fragment of the map of Westeros and Essos in an aged form (version 4.0.2, different from the latest version) Three scale options: 100% (main map view) and two smaller ones (50% - only with major cities and countries important for the plot, 25% - a map without inscriptions). Inserts (on a scale of 100%): the map of Valyria before the Doom, the map of Dorn's hand before it was destroyed, the hypothetical size of the Ultos and the plan of Royal Harbor Filtering icons by type. Search by name in various translations, in English and by owner. Just start typing the first few letters ... New movements of heroes and animation of movements: Davos Seawort, Myrcella Baratheon, Duncan the Tall, Queen Nimeria, Eddard Stark of the times of the uprising (you can offer someone else who traveled a lot, but not Corlis Velarion - this fellow traveled the whole world, and information about this, frankly, fragmentary). Total 24 curves. The borders of states, including those already destroyed, but often referred to in the text. New battle marks (Dance of the Dragons) and chronological numbering of marks. Several dozens of new inscriptions have been added - almost everything is marked with an approximate location, restored according to the text (in general, there is a certificate about the sources inside the card itself: in the lower right corner “About the Map”). Twice as many cards as compared with version 3.2 - 790 instead of 310. You no longer need to load the entire card — only what is required is loaded. Works on mobile devices, if they have a big enough screen.

The plans are to deal with the chronology of the wars of the main saga (as long as all conflicts are piled up) and to translate the inscriptions into English (ideally, everything else).

And now - the actual map. You can watch in expanded form (to do this, click on the icon at the top left) or in a separate window.

Use without permission outside of 7kingdoms.ru is prohibited.

Revision history: January 10, 2017 (4.0.0), 01/12/2017 (4.0.1), 01/26/2017 (4.0.2), 02/17/2017 (4.0.3), 03/03/2017 (4.0.4), 12.04. 2017 (4.0.5), 10/24/2017 (4.0.6), 11/22/2017 (4.0.7)

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