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 Red and Yellow Soap Probably, every hostess has a certain supply of various household chemicals. It is really convenient, no need to run after a pack of powder or other detergent to the store every time it comes to an end. The same situation with soap. And if this is not the usual 72% economic, and a work of art handmade, then it is even a pity to use it. But despite the fact that soap is not a perishable product, there are certain rules for its storage. Moreover, for different types of products, they are somewhat different. Today I will tell you about the shelf life of toilet soap, the nuances of storing handicrafts and other useful details of the soap business.

Content Variety of soap products

Now on the shelves you can see a huge variety of soap products of various shapes and colors. Soap can be solid and liquid, household or toilet, natural and with the addition of chemical elements, depending on the base. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages related to the destination.

Consider the types of soap that are most in demand among buyers. Toilet soap

Toilet soap is intended for body care. It is based on salts of fatty acids, which provide a cleansing effect, animal and vegetable fats and numerous additives: vegetable oils, glycerin, herbal extracts. The content of fatty acids in the product is from 73 to 80%.

This soap can be solid, in the form of bars, and liquid, produced in plastic packages with dispensers. In addition, it can be perfumed, childish and special. Solid toilet soap can be both in packaging and without it.

On the surface of the product should be indicated its weight, group and trademark of the manufacturer.


laundry soap

The laundry soap consists of natural vegetable and animal fats, as well as sodium salt. Depending on the content of fatty acids there are 3 groups of this product: I group is characterized by the number 72 on the product. This means that the level of fatty acids is above 70%. The second group of soap contains about 69% of acids and is designated as 70. In group III, the number of acids does not exceed 64%, and 65 is on the surface.

Laundry soap 72 is usually used for washing products from any fabric, cleaning various contaminated surfaces.

 Economic Handmade Soap Products

Now in the stores appeared a huge amount of handmade soap, in addition, you can make it yourself. A distinctive feature of such a product is its naturalness and variety of functions performed.

Real handmade soap is not made from a ready-made base, but from vegetable oils with various natural additives. This product does not contain synthetic components. All sorts of colors and aromas are formed by the addition of natural essential oils, plant extracts and natural dyes to the composition of the product. Of course, such a product is much more useful than industrial due to its naturalness.

 Pieces of handmade soap

You can also make handmade soap yourself using a soap base. The basis is a semi-finished product consisting of oils, glycerin and surfactants, due to which foaming occurs. Further, with the help of various natural additives, you can get a cosmetic product with a variety of properties and effects.

Choosing the right

Since soap is used as a means of personal hygiene, you need to choose it very carefully and take into account the following points: Soap should be sold in a specialty store. On the packaging of the product must be indicated its composition, which should not be synthetic additives and dyes. Quality soap can not be cheap. The shelf life of the product must be indicated on the packaging. The soap should be firm and not sticky with a uniform color without stains and salt deposits. There should be no smell of rancid fat and other unpleasant smells. Store toilet and laundry soap correctly

Solid soap must be stored in a dry ventilated place. At the same time, the air temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees, and the humidity should not exceed 75%.

The shelf life of natural toilet soap is 1 year from the date of manufacture. If the product has chemical elements, the duration of its storage is increased to three years.

The product that is not used is best kept in the original packaging, if not, then wrapped in a sheet of paper or parchment.

 Soap Dish Soap that is already in use should be kept clean in a dry soap dish or stand.

Liquid soap should be stored in a closed vial to avoid oxidation in air of the active components that make up its composition. The shelf life of such a product is one year.

The expiration date of the packed laundry soap 65, 70 and 72 makes 2 years, open - 1 year. It is recommended to store it in a ventilated room at a temperature not lower than 0 degrees. You should also avoid high humidity, which can lead to melting of the product. Too high a temperature, on the contrary, can lead to the fact that the soap begins to dry and crack. The quality characteristics of the product will not change, but it will be less convenient to use it. If your soap is still dry and start to crumble, it is best to rub it on a large grater and store in any container with a lid. As necessary, such chips can be added to the water or washing machine tray when washing clothes. Handmade soap storage

The shelf life of soap, made independently, depends primarily on those ingredients that are included in its composition.

Soap "from scratch" retains its properties for several years.

A product made from a soap base should be stored no more than 1 year, but this period can be differentiated depending on the additives. If there are such natural additives in the soap as dried flowers or decoctions of herbs, the duration of its storage should not exceed 2 months. If only base oils are added to the product, then it should be stored for no more than two years.

The room in which the handmade soap is stored should be dry and well ventilated. High humidity and temperature contribute to the change in color and smell of the product. Soap that is not used? It is best to wrap a sheet of parchment, and keep it in use in a soap box without stagnant water.

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