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Head doll with his own hands

Head doll with his own hands

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary Jump to navigation Jump to search Contents English [edit] Etymology [edit]

From Proto-Slavic golva. Doublet of Chapter (glavá) (Church Slavonicism). Pronunciation [edit] Noun [edit]

head • (golová) f inan (genitive head, nominative plural, genitive plural head) head

from head to foot - s golový do nóg - from head to foot

from head to finger - s golový do pját - from head to toe mind; brains

I didn’t even have it in my head. - U menjá étovo dáže i v golové né bylo. - I didn’t have it on my mind either. Declension [edit] Noun [edit]

head • (golová) m anim (genitive head, nominative plural, genitive plural head) head; chief; master Declension [edit] Related terms [edit] See also [edit] Ukrainian [edit] Etymology [edit]

From Proto-Slavic golva. Cognates include Belarusian galava (halavá) and Polish głowa. Pronunciation [edit] IPA (key): [ɦɔlɔˈu̯ɑ] head Noun [edit]

head • (holová) f inan (genitive heads, nominative plural) (anatomy) head from head to neck z holový do nih from head to foot (together with the verb of greatness) headache in me to have a headache. u méne bolýtʹ holová. I have a headache. Declension [edit] Noun [edit]

head • (holová) m anim, f anim (genitive heads, nominative plural) (of a meeting) chair, chairperson (of a board, etc.) chairman, chairperson of a president (of an organization) or town) mayor Head of the Cabinette Ministry Holová Kabinétu Minístriv Prime Minister Declension [edit] Derived terms [edit] References [edit] Bilodid IK, editor (1970–1980), “head”

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