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Homemade furnace oil video

Homemade furnace oil video

The main purpose of the burner in any heating equipment is to prepare the mixture and its combustion. There are a large number of different burners. Some are used in solid fuel boilers, others work with liquid fuel. We will talk about the latter. Let's understand what a diesel burner is, where it is used and what its key features are. diesel burner General Information

Diesel burner is installed in the heating equipment, which uses liquid fuel. In particular, we are talking about heavy oils, for example, mining or diesel. Typically, these burners are paired with floor equipment for domestic and industrial use. Often this type of heating is installed where there is no gas line. This is due to the fact that diesel fuel is much more expensive than natural gas, which, in fact, limits its scope and prevalence. In general, diesel boilers are no worse than ordinary gas. They have high efficiency, efficiency, good heat dissipation and can be fully automated. In order for the burner to work efficiently, a constant pressure must be maintained in the system. Therefore, a compressor is installed, and it is important for it to provide a stable source of energy, which is quite difficult for a number of reasons. Diesel burner for the boiler: principle of operation

Let's take a quick look at how the burner works. Diesel from the tank enters the burner. To ensure fuel supply, a special pump is used, which is equipped with a return line, which is necessary for the circulation of fuel between the pump and the tank. In this case, the burner uses as much fuel as it needs, and the remains are returned back to the tank. But, before the diesel reaches, it must pass through the filter and the heating element. At the first stage, the cleaning of mechanical elements is carried out, at the second - the fuel is heated to the optimum temperature.

diesel burner for the boiler Spraying in the combustion chamber is carried out using a nozzle. At the same time, air is being forced through the burner tube. The shape of the torch is controlled with the help of special blades that create an air whirl. Immediately in front of the nozzle, electrodes are installed to ignite the mixture. This is how the diesel burner for the boiler works. The whole process is controlled with the help of automation devices. Briefly about the classification of burners

Currently, manufacturers offer consumers three types of burners. All of them have design features and differ in cost. Therefore, all burners can be divided into the following groups: single-stage - operate in the mode of 100% power without the possibility of adjustment; two-stage - you can set the operation mode to 100 or 50%; modulated - there are ample opportunities for power control, usually in the range from 10 to 100%.

setting up diesel burners

The last option is most preferred. This is due to the fact that it is possible to smoothly adjust the temperature of the coolant. But along with this, such devices are quite expensive and complicated, because their repairs must be performed by professionals. However, you will no longer need to adjust the diesel burners. And this is very important. Setting up diesel burners

Often, the adjustment is carried out by experts, but with the proper desire adjustment work can be done with your own hands. If a single-stage burner is used, the work is carried out fairly quickly and simply. All manipulations are reduced to the fact that the air and fuel supply is regulated to ensure normal combustion. The mixture must be enriched. The quality of the flame is determined by eye. If the setting is done, then a gas analyzer can be used to determine the content of CO and CO2 in the smoke. If the burner is “standing”, then first of all it is necessary to check the contacts and the operation of the nodes as a whole and each separately. But the setting of diesel burners with the ability to adjust power (modulated) is quite difficult, and for this you will need special equipment. burners for diesel fuel How to start a new burner

If your old diesel burner has failed and can not be repaired, it will require full replacement. Such work is quite possible to do it yourself. To do this, remove the old burner and check the integrity and quality of the nozzle. If it is clogged, it must be cleaned with compressed air or a thin metal object. Next is checked the preliminary position of the electrodes and the impeller performance. The fan is checked manually. During the work there should not be any excess noise (friction, whistling) that will signal normal operation. Do not forget to tighten the pin on the impeller. The next step is to inspect the boiler furnace. The burner is mounted on the door. All work must be performed in sequential order according to the instructions. Do not forget that when you first start the burner on diesel fuel, you must remove the fuel hose and run it at idle. Well, now let's go further. Making the burner do it yourself

Usually homemade burners are less economical than those made by professionals, so be prepared to increase fuel consumption by 5-10%. Before taking into account, sketch a sketch and be sure not to forget the dimensions of the firebox and the blower. If you make a single-stage diesel burner with your own hands, the monoblock design is first done with supercharging. It is advisable to purchase a package of mounting accessories with a housing and a lid for the burner. In this case, be sure to consider the compatibility of the burner with the generator. diesel burner with your own hands

Making a burner with a compressor is more complicated but effective. As a compressor, an ordinary Chinese-made spray gun is suitable. So the fuel will be spent economically, and the quality of the mixture will be at the proper level, and you will be able to adjust the power of the equipment. If the diesel burner is made with high quality and reliable hands, then it will not pose any danger to others. Diesel burner repair

If you decide to carry out repair work with your own hands, then stock up with rags, since this is not the cleanest work. First, make sure that oxygen passes through the nozzle. It often happens that it becomes clogged, and the mixture is not enriched, as a result of which the quality of the torch is reduced. If the nozzles are clean, look at the filter. If it needs to be replaced, do so. In addition, if used waste oil, it is quite possible contamination of the channel. It is necessary to blow it with compressed air, pre-drain the fuel from a hose. In principle, this is limited to the repair of diesel burners. Sometimes it makes sense to check the condition of the electrodes. If mechanical damage or wear is noticed, it is better to change the part or assembly. repair of diesel burners A few important details.

Many experts advise to pay attention to the burner when buying them. In particular, their power is important, which should exceed the boiler's firing capacity. In addition, it makes sense to pay attention to the type of adjustment. For domestic use, one- and two-stage burners are sufficient. But for a small boiler room better modulated options. Some burners may not work on several types of fuel. That is why when buying it is desirable to take care of the backup fuel. Therefore, the burner should work equally well on diesel and waste oil. For example, a good choice would be a Lamborghini diesel burner, which is famous not only for its high reliability, but also for the ability to use the most diverse fuel. diesel burner adjustment Conclusion

So we talked to you about the features of diesel burners. As you can see, if necessary, they can be made by hand. If necessary, always on sale you will find a large assortment of equipment that interests you. The burner diesel “Lamborghini” of the ECO series allows not only to heat the room efficiently, but also to take care of the environment. In general, it is possible to speak of diesel heating as expedient only if you have access to used oil. That is why such equipment is often installed in engineering and other enterprises.

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