Homemade well drilling

Self-made hand drill for drilling a well: a spiral and a spoon construction

Drilling shallow wells in soft soils can be performed using improvised tools. The maximum possible depth of the borehole at the same time may be 20 meters. One of the components of the design is a detachable drill pipe, the length of which increases with the depth of the well. Another important element is considered to be a handle that allows you to rotate the pipe to one person or two with an assistant manually with the application of physical effort. The main element of the hand tool is, of course, the borer, which can be made in several ways. But if you decide to make a drill for the well with your own hands, then you must make it necessarily from metal, so the master must have welding equipment and skills to work with it.

This video shows how to make a drill for a well in a couple of hours. Judging by the reviews, many beginner self-made masters, the tips of the author of the video helped in practice.

Content Self-fabricated spiral drill

In the simplest embodiment, the spiral drill is made in the form of a metal rod with a well-pointed end. A pair of knives is welded 200 mm from the tip of the tip. For the manufacture of knives are taken halves of a steel disk with a thickness of 100-150 mm. Welding knives to a metal rod is made at a small angle, the value of which is no more than 20 degrees to the horizontal. In this case, the halves of the steel disk should be located opposite each other. As a result, the angle between the welded knives is 40 degrees.

The lower edges of the cutting elements of the hand drill for drilling wells are also well sharpened. The speed and ease of inserting the tool into the ground depends on how sharp the knives are. Factory-made spiral drill

The factory-made spiral drill is made from special tool steel, which is heated and then twisted into a spiral and hardened.

Industrial models of drills of this type are manufactured in the factory from a strip of tool steel heated and twisted into a spiral. The spiral pitch is equal to their diameter. After tightening, the steel is hardened. How to work spiral coil?

Self-made tool during the rotational movement, produced by the worker with the help of the handle, cuts through the sharpened knives into the soil layer. Then the drill for wells is pulled out along with the cut soil to the top. The earth is poured away from the place of drilling. The operation is repeated again. Cleansing of a hand-held drill from a raised hoist

The cleaning of a homemade spiral drill from the soil lifted from the wellbore to the top is performed near the work site and removed from the site on the trolley

With an increase in the depth of the structure, an instrument bar is built up. In this case, the constituent elements are fixed with each other by means of threaded or stub type connections. To secure against separation of the components of the rod, their connections are additionally fixed with cotter pins.

Raising the lengthened tool to the top, the additional links of the rod are removed. Spiral drill perfectly copes with clay soils, as well as small gravel, falling into the way of its progress into the depths of the mine. Features of the device spool type drill

In resistant to crumbling soils (loams, wet sand, etc.) it is more convenient to use borax spoons. A homemade spoon drill for wells is made in the form of a cylinder, in the side surface of which a longitudinal slot is made. Sometimes the shape of this slot takes a spiral shape. The length of a spoon-spoon is usually not more than 700 mm. Removable rock is held in the cavity of the cylinder due to its compression and adhesion. The loose soil, the already should be a cut in the tool. To obtain a cylinder, you can take sheet steel and roll it to a predetermined diameter. The easiest way is to choose a suitable piece of pipe, initially having a cylindrical form. Homemade bottle spoon

Home-made hand drill-spoon is made of a piece of pipe of a suitable cross-section, in the side surface of which a longitudinal or spiral-shaped slit is made for excavating the side walls of the well.

A spoon spoon makes excavation not only with its horizontal lower edges, but also with a vertical edge. In this case, the soil accumulates in the cavity of the cylinder. In some cases, the usual metal drill is welded to the lower part of the structure and must be positioned strictly along the axis of the rod.

The main feature of the drill-spoon lies in the fact that the axes of the drill and the rod are the same, whereas the line of the axis of the manual drill body, together with the cutting longitudinal edge, is displaced a millimeter and a half relative to the central axial line. Due to this mutual arrangement of the axes, the tool manages to drill a well of a larger diameter than the drill itself. This is possible due to the removal of soil from the side walls of the shaft with a longitudinal cutting edge. To clean the tool from the removed soil, the auger is periodically raised to the top.

It is important to note that the spoon drill quietly passes inside the casing, which is installed to prevent the collapse of the well shaft. Is it necessary to do manual drilling?

The advantages of the manual method of drilling wells include: low cost of work; the possibility of operating a hand pump during power outages; preservation of the landscape area, because the arrival of special equipment is not provided.

The disadvantages include the existing limitations on the possible depth of the structure. In addition, the operation of a home-made drill is almost impossible in dense soils.

Self-made drills for drilling can also be used in the construction of fences, planting plants, installation of pile foundations and many other types of gardening and construction works. As you can see, to build such a good "assistant" under the force of any artisan man who is used to using the tools of their own making in the household.

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