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- hype when launching a browser.

If you are not lucky to pick it up, then in this article you will be offered ways to remove manually and with the help of special programs.


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start page

As mentioned above, the advertising virus, the so-called "browser hijacker", which is registered in your computer, regardless of your desire.

He also changes the start page and inserts various annoying ads.

The search engines you are used to are replaced by completely unfamiliar ones: pop-up ads, clicking on which you not only open a new tab, distracting from the main goal of your search, but also run the risk of making even greater problems for your personal computer.

The hijackers are programmed to collect the history of your requests, as well as the history of the pages you visit.

This is done in order to find advertising that may be of any interest to you. Every click on a pop-up window becomes a profit in the developers wallet.

There are an infinite number of such hijackers and an even greater number of them are created every day.

What is it done for? These programs are designed to promote services, products, sites.

And if it seems to you that, in principle, this is not such a big problem, then, unfortunately, you will have to disappoint.

This program can make your computer more vulnerable to other viruses, and also copy your data, passwords from social networks, email and passwords from credit cards.

Most often the installation takes place when downloading various content such as mods, games, torrents or other free programs from unreliable resources. back to menu ↑ back to menu ↑ Is the virus  Is the Virus?

Is it a virus?

In the classical understanding of the term "viral program" - no.

This software cannot be installed on your personal computer as more serious and real trojans or spyware.

The program is installed only under the condition of your carelessness when downloading any files from unreliable sources.

Also, you could just forget to uncheck when installing any program. This is due to the not quite transparent distribution of such programs.

These are the so-called bundles of two or even more programs.

There is one main program in the package that you download, and then hijackers of type browsers or adware are attached to the installation wizard. back to menu ↑ back to menu ↑ How to remove from the browser  How to remove from browser

How to remove from browser

In order to clear the browser from, you need to remove from it all the extensions with the same name. But, as a rule, this is not enough.

In most cases, after the first restart of the computer, the start page will again be.

In order to avoid this, it is also necessary to remove from the program registry all the branches and keys mentioned. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑ Clear browser shortcuts

In order to get rid of the pop-up start page in your browser, you need to change the properties of the shortcut. It is not difficult at all.

1Right-click on the shortcut of the browser used (the example shows the algorithm of actions with the Google Chrome browser). In most cases, the shortcut is on the desktop or in the Start menu.

2You will see the context menu, select the "Properties" item in it. Shortcut menu of the shortcut. Properties button> <p> Shortcut menu shortcut. Properties Button </ p> <p> 3In the line “Object” the address is http: ///? 6. The value of the last digit may vary, but the main thing is that it is this address, added in the object is responsible for opening the start page. </ p> <p> 4All that is written in the line “Object” after quotation marks and space is the source of your problems. This data must be deleted. </ p> <img src =

Change label properties

5Press the “Apply” button to save the corrected properties.

6 Click the OK button to save the corrections.

In order to permanently remove completely from the computer, it is necessary to delete the keys mentioning the name from the registry.

A detailed step-by-step description of the necessary actions is described in the article below. return to the menu ↑ return to the menu удалить How to completely remove from the computer

It is worth recalling that if you perform this operation yourself, then do it at your own peril and risk.

1To protect your operating system in case of unexpected failures, you need to create a restore point. It is necessary in order to restore the system.

2Right mouse button you need to click on "Computer", and then on the button "Properties" Property Button

Property button

3In the pop-up window, select the item "System Protection" (the penultimate right), in the same place we are looking for the "Create" button. System Protection Button

System Protection Button New button

"Create" button

4 It remained to come up with the name of the recovery point.

5 Now everything is ready to start working with the registry. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑ Delete files

Go to "My Computer", at the top, find the button "Delete or change the program."

In the list of installed programs you need to find and delete it. return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑ Remove extensions from browsers

Each browser has its own way of removing extensions and add-ons.

GoogleChrome. Open the browser, go to the menu (the button is located on the top right) of the “Settings”, click on the “Extensions” ,, find and delete it.

Mozilla Firefox. In the upper right corner of the screen, find the menu, in it the “Add-ons” button, search, delete. return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑ Delete from registry

Hold down the key combination on the keyboard to bring up the registry - Win + R, then hold down the following key combination: Ctrl + F.

In the search box, enter the name of the malicious program, enter using the Enter button. We leave on the same key and delete it.

Further search continue with the F3 button. It is necessary to delete all keys, as the virus can be recovered from the smallest remnants of its code.

After you have deleted the last key, you need to restart the computer. Important!

If the operating system does not boot up, you need to press the F8 and F9 buttons as quickly as possible while the screen is black. This will allow you to enter safe mode. In the window that opens after this action, you must click the following Start - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore. Next, select the previously created access point. Sometimes it happens that the safe mode is not loaded. Then you need to select the first line and restore the system according to the provided hints, or contact the specialists.

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