How to draw peasant gradually

Why create art schools? No, not to make painters out of all students. The bottom line is to develop in the child the ability to depict objects on paper that he sees correctly, and if necessary, he could draw from nature a curious view of the terrain, or any other object. The ability to draw develops in a person the ability to properly evaluate the fine arts, delivering great pleasure. It also follows from this that teaching this kind of art should differ from the ordinary way of teaching, based on copying only from ready-made drawings, or originals. It is necessary to develop an eye, to assimilate the properties of different lines and their mutual compatibility, to distinguish the forms that are depicted by hand, without using a ruler and compass. What can I draw with a pencil?

If there is no opportunity, or desire to attend art school, all this can be learned by yourself. But remember, this will require much more effort to study the necessary literature. Remember that you should start with a small one, gradually moving towards a more complex one (learn to draw in stages). Books on drawing are recommended to familiarize yourself first with such positions: Lines, their equality, connection and drawing of figures Drawing rectilinear images Curved figures, perspective rules About light and shadows About regular bodies Image of complex bodies from nature

And only after that, proceed to drawing full pictures. You can not think of what to draw in pencil? Take a look around! There are so many things: streets, houses, people, trees, animals, objects. Do not you find anything worthy of your brush? You can copy pictures from books (this is the simplest thing you can think of). And just draw a mom and dad! On our site you will find a lot of useful step-by-step lessons, for example, you will learn how to draw: sky; Sea; Autumn landscape; Red sunset; Nature (lake, forest, sky); Lake; The mountains; A small river in the forest; Waterfall; A park; Mysterious forest; Field; Brunette Matilda from x / f Leon Killer; Johnny Depp; Angelina Jolie (the lesson is a woman's face - long and hard!);

And much more! How many total we have ready-made lessons can be viewed in the right column above. And I picked up some interesting pictures that will help your imagination. See below! Drawings for boys:

what you can draw with a simple pencil Draw a mummy  Draw a Zombie See my drawing lesson with a zombie pencil. Draw a robot with a pencil This is a complex picture in the style of Anime. I made the lesson a lot easier, drawing a robot Bender from futurama. Ship in pencil A lesson about the ship. Draw a pirate Draw a Water Dragon Another lesson about the dragon. Draw a piranha Here is a small selection of what the boys can draw. To enlarge the image just click on it. In the next lesson will be a selection of pictures for girls. Do you want to do a drawing lesson especially for you? Then offer your ideas for writing here on this page. I look forward to your comments. Thank!


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