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How to find out what video card is on the computer? The question, though primitive, but frequently asked. Actually see what the video card installed in your computer simply. The first way is more professional is to use the program EVEREST. In the tab "Menu", select "Device – Device" Windows. Right click on the icon "display Adapters" see picture: At the bottom of the window we can even observe the main parameters of our graphics card: If you don't really want to install this program, you can use standard Windows tools. To do this, click start – control Panel – System. Go to the tab "Hardware" and click on the "device Manager" then click on the label "display Adapters" and seeing the name of our graphics card. By the way using the program EVEREST to find out information not only about the graphics card, and about almost all components of your computer. If the video card drivers are not installed, you can know the model and manufacturer, after reading the article "How to find the driver code device instance" Addition from 01.05.17 I wrote this article in 2010. It's been seven years and during that time have read more than a million people. In this regard, I decided to give this publication a new life. As long as the information contained here is mainly for Windows XP, I add two more points for Windows 7 and for Windows 10. Find out your graphics card in Windows 7 Method 1. Using the system information Go "start – All programs": Find system tools and click "system Information" In the opened window, open the item "Components" and select "Display" We have all the parameters that relate to our video. This type, and description. But most importantly, this way we can see the amount of graphics memory in MB. The screenshot below shows that my graphics card is 512 MB. Method 2. Using the DirectX diagnostic tool Press the key combination Win+R to popped up window "Run" and in it, enter the command dxdiag and then click OK. In the opened window go to the tab "Screen", where you can see the name and manufacturer of your video card: Method 3. Through the device Manager. Using this method we can figure out what your video card even if drivers not installed. Go "start – control Panel". Set the "View by: Small icons" and select "System": In the opened window, in the upper left corner select "device Manager": Find "display Adapters" and seeing his card. If your video card is an unknown device, then most likely it is not installed the driver. This can be corrected by knowing the instance ID of this device, and it will already find the driver. To do this directly in device Manager, click the right mouse button and from the drop-down menu, select the item "Properties": In the opened window go to the tab "Information". Under "Property" select "hardware IDS". A copiable value. This is the instance ID of our device. It is possible to use some service to search for a driver on the code. alt="hardware ID"> It may be or Type in the code field, find the driver and install. After installing the driver you have, of course you will see the name of your video card in device Manager. Find out the video card, if installed Windows 10 In principle, all the above methods are suitable for operating system Windows 10, just need to know that in order to get into the control panel you need to click the right mouse button on Start-up. And in order to open system information, click on "start – All apps – Windows administrative Tools": Method, which is only available in Windows 10 Click "Start – Parameters" Then in the next window select "System" In the tab "Display" click the link "advanced display settings" And in the next window, click "display adapter Properties" Here we displayed information about our video: That's all dear friends. I tried to submit information in a very accessible and compact, I hope you found the answer to your question. Watch the video on the topic: Share this article with your friends: Author: Kaminsky, Oleg| Date: 2010-09-02| Viewed:(1388563)| Comments(83) Similar records on the website Date:2011-03-30 Date:2010-07-24 Date:2011-04-05 Date:2016-01-20 That's exactly primitive.To install the update noen the full card number,and there is only a series number.What kind of work. Tonik, go control Panel - administrative tools. Click on the icon of the system Information. Expand Components, then click Display. There should be displayed information. Does not determine(( I don't know what video card on the laptop (Noot not mine) Shows Standard VGA adapter what to do??? vi vroyte I have system unit 297, ATI AGP R9600Pro broke. What video card can be replaced? mene is written in the video Adapter Radmin Mirror Driver V3 NVIDIA GEFORCE 7025/ NVIDIA nFORCE 630a Now I have a graphics card tell me how it is 1 gig or 512 or how? How do I know which content filter is on the computer good day to all,I have graphics card ATI RADEON HD 2600 XT(RV 630), and many of the games do not pull ,well, as it pulls only the quality is very poor I want to replace it with please tell me what is the best substitute ,but I don't know much require the advice of knowledgeable people I have the name of the graphics card driver unknown and it is not present what to do? Who needs help write! how do I know what my vidyuhi and zvukova map and Nai for their driver 1.96 is the norm for a laptop? All found! Thank you!()))))))) Respect the site!0) how to update please tell me I have vidio card AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series,and I have a mouse not working in game GTA.what to do?need to get another video card. all nonsense can so easily go search search typed dxdiag and OK and all the data there Can read this article: It will help to know what video card you have. ATP pomogli tell me after reinstalling Windows written hardware uskarenye disabled or not supported by your video driver .I have a kind of chip is nvidia standard vga How to check whether the burned video card And Radeon 6400 normally pull the game? I agree with Sponge-ohms. Actually, I need to know what my map and not the video card. The author doesn't answer the question posed. please tell me how to change the video card I have is the standard vga I want it all to change nvidiа.... and when I install, NVIDIA I wrote that no what to do? pliz tell me this is my Skype pitbull_x77 that is, I know how to change but I can't pitBUll_x7 answer in Skype because I won't frequently visit this website SFOR all helped Balo will pay as agreed hahahahahahahhahahahaha well I humorist zvonite ya vam pamojem I don't have the line video card and there are videocontroller Tell me, please, what do I do if the computer sees a local disk C and disk D does not find? Did not help me I have this can't.My current videocontroller there is nothing more naschot viduh! thanks, I too helped)) Thank you) Good people to play Left 4 Dead, how to tell play how would we look at Fig fuzzy model depends on what?! All game space is blurred, stretched! Installed Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT! THANK you in advance ! what drivers need to be installed on the game id 79456-640-2394127-23295 kak mne naiti draiver na video kartu ja daze neznaju kokuju pozalusta pomogite mne nado Completely agree with Lyudmyla Yagodkina! Thank You very much Oleg! Good for you, and a great person! Your help is a big plus to You as a person! I have a video card in question and does not show which driver need to install Respect this site People like to know what motherboard is on the computer using Everest pliz write on the box! or thanks in Advance!!! thank you very much how to understand it is possible to change videokart or not?. I have documents where the components says that it is not,what does that mean? Thank you damn.using Everest I even have the item"display adapters"nope!!!!!!!=(( How to determine the type of video card your computer nothing useful!!! How to know which model video card I have on the laptop? and I do in device Manager there is no item display adapters, how to find it, please tell me. I wrote the controller, and not the name. to Dmitry. Read here: Hello anyone can tell me what I vidyuhi reset the system the driver is not installed on the forums I read nothing of this is my to model driver? When I turn it on it goes a short beep and all the black ikran but a monitor because the other computer works and tell me what I don't understand?????????? I don't know how to find sakriti letter. Thank you! I absolutely don't understand it, but it worked out! For me it is very helpful information)). Why I have written the standard vga graphics adapter? Thank you...very helpful!!) to WEBpersonaj. At the end of the article I gave a link to the manual: how to find the driver code for instance. There is just told what to do, if you don't have drivers and you don't know what you do card. This article is useful only in the case if the wood installed on the device Use on health!!! (I think it's the easiest thing, and some prog is not necessary) Here busplatnym files how do I know what power supply is on the computer not opening. thank you very much, helped) CPU and Qty of RAM, you can see in the BIOS System. To find out the Video card and the motherboard model - open the system unit and read the sticker on the parts of your computer. and how do you know whether the driver needs to be updated or not? I have a problem,my parents bought me a computer BOO,but there's no video card,they tell me that it is necessary to know the nomar PC,sleduushii day, I was told that this is unnecessary!what to do??? SPS helped!) what do I do if there is no line "display Adapters" ? in computers the full zero,but I think with these tips even cope... and my bar management only device Manager thanks,really helped!!!!!!!continue in the same spirit!!!!!!))) Thank you very much helped the program Everest ! Sapsibo,all found) I have WRITTEN CHIPSET family Intel(R)G33/G31 Expres(MICROSOFT CORPORATION-WPDM1.0) I have not see the video card((( why I have is there standard VGA graphics adapter??? don't need to do anything. just start-run-in string to write dxdiag and everything! Well anyway spacep) Did not help( LOL!!! LOL!!!! then the moron will understand what the card is, and how to find out what card is installed without the OS and drivers...!huh? help how to find out what my video card After unsheathed demolished Axis no one will tell you what Board you have! I have after reinstalling the machine put a standard VGA driver!!!!!!! Don't want you to say what I have is a standard VGA driver without their flag and banner!!!!! In General, it is very a problem! If you consider that a driver disk lost and set the other axis (not the one that had stood before for example was XP and now Win 7). In short, if there is information about how simple way neustanovena no extra money to understand that is inserted in your PC then upload Tovarisch))) ATP very useful information Olezhka!Right, that illuminate the so-called "primitive" questions. In the world everything is relative.And so the primitive of the problem cannot be determined.Someone who is already aware of the question seems primitive, but someone-it's just the thing. THANK you very much for Your work and Your knowledge! The good.

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