How to make a canopy to house

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A shed is a useful human invention. If there is no garage, it will save you the sun. It is a fungus. To make the canopy quite easily, it is quite possible to do yourself. How can you do it yourself canopy

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You will need Beam 100 mm × 100 mm, boards with a minimum thickness of 30 mm, roofing material, engine oil, hammer, nails, polyethylene, shovel, paint.



Find out what you need. If you can, it’s not really a problem. Lubricate the wrinkles. This will prevent the rack from rotting. Then you can check the vertical position. Then fill up the cement stands. When it comes to cement and the earth around. How can you do it yourself canopy


Mark the position of the rafters. Shear beam. Mark, where will be the rafters, aligning the boards with their ends. The beam is left behind at the rack. The value of this output should be the same as the gutter.
Of holes. Bolts and nuts. Bangs and nuts. Put them on the rails and fasten them with nails. Better to do it using metal plates. Rafters should not be positioned. It is not necessary to accumulate water. How can you do it yourself canopy


If you’re looking for a haircut You can also make the upper struts. It is beautiful, besides, they can affect plants, which are subsequently put down. Now you can stow the roof. Roof can be made of metal and translucent roof sheets or other material. They should not be attached to the roof frame. So you can be painted or covered with a special waterproof impregnation. How can you do it yourself canopy

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How to do it yourself canopy


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