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a) change the thermostat of the refrigerator. For this you will need a screwdriver and a multimeter.

Signs of a defect in the thermostat: the refrigeration unit does not work, the compressor does not start, when the thermostat knob is turned clockwise, the situation does not change or when the thermostat is set to the maximum cooling mode, the compressor works with a small working time factor, the temperature in the refrigerator is increased. In the refrigerator, the illumination lamp of the refrigerator compartment is on.

The thermostat is designed to turn off the refrigeration compressor when the set temperature is reached. The thermostat bellows and the capillary are filled with freon, as the temperature decreases, the pressure in the bellows drops, it compresses and opens the contacts “3” - “4” - through which the compressor is powered. If there is a defect - the freon leak from the thermostat's bellows is the same effect - the refrigerator will turn off only now forever, it will also occur if there is a defect in the contact group of the thermostat.

How to get to the body of the thermostat? It is located directly behind the temperature control knob, depending on the model of the refrigerator, you will need to remove a certain amount of plastic parts. Be careful not to damage them (the one who designs the refrigerators never repaired them).

If the body of the thermostat has become available, call the contacts “3” - “4” with a multimeter - if there is no circuit, the thermostat must be changed. For greater certainty, you can put scutes (with a cross section of the working wiring) between the wires on the contacts "3" and "4" if the refrigeration unit turns on - everything needs to be replaced with the thermostat.

Marking is indicated on the instrument case. For single-compressor refrigerators with two doors, this is usually TAM 1331M, K59, Danfoss 07786496 for freezers - TAM145, K57, K56, for single-door (single-chamber) refrigerators with a freezer compartment - TAM -112, K50

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