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 how to properly diversify sexual relationships in a family. Today we will talk about how to have sex. After all, sex as a physical component of love and harmony is an important part of relationships, and sometimes even determines their course. Dissatisfaction in bed can lead to a deterioration, and sometimes even to a rupture of relations and the collapse of the family: one of the partners may well begin to look for connections on the side, someone simply begins to make trouble or blame his soul mate.

And, of course, every person is interested in, is it possible to learn to make love perfectly, delivering maximum pleasure both to a partner and to yourself? Is it possible to become a perfect lover? And if so, how to do it? Where did the complexes in sex come from - teaser ads Many people seriously complex about their skills in bed and attach great importance to this issue. Still, how can we not start complexes, when today almost every advertising poster, billboard and TV screen look half-naked beauties and beauties with perfect figures, and the pages of magazines are full of articles about what skills a perfect lover should possess.

While people, having gained access to the previously “forbidden topic”, constantly discuss sex, building some new rules, stereotypes, drawing the ideal lover in their heads.

Hence, half of the complexes in sexual relations are taken, because this situation contributes not to sexual education and emancipation, but on the contrary - squeezing, the development of fears and increased tension.

The head of almost every person who is concerned with the question “how to have sex correctly” is occupied with thoughts of this kind: “Do I look good enough? Do I move well? Does it correspond to the image drawn by millions of books and articles? ”

As a result, sex is perceived by people as a kind of testing, an exam where everyone should squeeze the maximum out of themselves so that, God forbid, do not expose themselves to be inexperienced, inexperienced or ugly looking. The best rule is the absence of rules.

Therefore, the first thing to do to improve the quality of sexual relations is to relax. Each person is individual, so no rules set by anyone can work with everyone.

Sex is not an assembly of a mechanism that is best carried out strictly according to the instructions; it is a skill given to us by nature itself. And nature is not so stupid as not to “supply” our body with “built-in instructions”, which can only be studied intuitively, instinctively.

Therefore, I advise you to throw away all the magazines, videos and other materials that teach you “how to do it right” - they are unlikely to be able to give you something really useful.

They will only embarrass you, because if you want something that, in the opinion of some author, is not correct, you will complex and clamp, be ashamed of yourself and your desires and, as a result, will not get any pleasure.

Do not get hung up on someone else's rules. Instead, try to listen to yourself and your desires, as well as the desires of your partner. This can only be done intuitively, fully concentrating on the process, but certainly not being distracted by extraneous thoughts in the style of “what if I look somehow wrong” or “what if I do not correspond to what was written in the book.”

After all, it often happens that a person, having learned somewhere a certain trick from which, as the source guarantees, the partner will receive the highest pleasure, began eagerly to embody this trick into reality and became so fixated on the action that he simply did not notice how his partner with horror looks at him and frowns. Relax and have fun

Today, sex is primarily a tool of advertising, an appeal to the basic instinct of mankind. This tool is used solely to sell a product or service, make money, and is used successfully.

As advertisers, and, in fact, advertisers, it doesn’t matter how happy the population will be and how much it will be satisfied with sex, therefore quietly spreads a variety of stereotypes. Give up the hooks, generously scattered by advertisers and businessmen. Understand that sex is a game in which you make the rules. The most important thing here is a relaxed state and concentration on the process and the partner.

Making love should bring you and your partner pleasure, so what happens in your bed is just your business. And many today behave as if their every sex is broadcast to the whole country, and the people sitting in front of the screens evaluate and criticize, so that later they can walk and point their fingers at those who, in their opinion, were “weak” in bed.

And in fact, you are never obliged to report to anyone how you prefer to make love. There are no examiners who will give you a deuce or refuse to issue a certificate!

So just have sex so as to get maximum pleasure and happiness from this process. This will be your ideal option. Send “far away for a long time” all the myths and stereotypes about it, throw away most of the “educational” books and magazines in the trash and try to trust your own nature. Sex, pleasure and yoga

By the way, a good way to improve the quality of sex - yoga. There is nothing surprising in this, because yoga is primarily taught meditation, that is, the ability to focus on the current moment, to fully feel every cell of your body and not be distracted by extraneous affairs and thoughts.

It is this skill - consciously existing and being here and now - that can help you get the most pleasure from sex with your partner, and also give him pleasure.

Indeed, in an ideal relationship, both of you should be here and now and do what you like, and not remember how the actors did in the respective films. How to diversify?

Especially if you practice yoga, you can do something that these actors never even dreamed of. This will help to diversify your sexual relationship.

And, of course, do not forget to get enough sleep, eat right and play sports. After all, only a healthy person can get the most pleasure from sex.

Our portal of self-development wishes each of you, dear readers, to abandon stereotypes and begin to live by their own rules, at least in the area of ​​relations with a loved one.

Believe me, only you know how to make love properly, because only you are able to understand yourself and your closest person. Stay with us and wait for new educational materials on this topic as well as topics of harmonious family relationships, love and marriage. For example, if you do not have a permanent good partner, then we have a whole book “Love: instructions for use”, which you can download for free.

We also have an interesting article for men, about how to properly bring your girlfriend to orgasm, and if you have been living with your partner for a long time, then I advise you to read about the problems of sexual relationships in families after marriage, and also how to fall in love in yourself any man and how to fall in love with a woman and dozens of other interesting and useful articles on the topic of sex and relationships.

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