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If you are in search of a responsible and reliable supplier of hats, you wish to purchase a quality product at the best possible price and are interested in long-term cooperation, then FERZ is what you need! Scarves and hats produced in Moscow are presented in a wide range and undoubtedly will suit modern fashionistas and fashionistas.

The company's activity is aimed at wholesale sales of own production, therefore the pricing policy is formed without taking into account intermediary margins. Own production base, design bureau, modernized equipment and qualified employees are the key to high quality of manufactured goods, which has already been appreciated by millions of consumers.

In production, only environmentally friendly materials are used, which do not contain substances harmful to health, are recommended for everyday wear and have a long service life (subject to careful use).

Stable and profitable production (hats) in Moscow allowed FERZ to take a stable position in the textile market and regularly replenish the range with new models of hats for children and adults. Wholesale hats made by a Russian manufacturer - the best choice for you!

The constant need of people for fashionable and beautiful clothes is due to the rules of capricious and changeable fashion. Designers from around the world tirelessly develop new collections of clothes, taking into account the preferences of the modern consumer and newfangled trends. The main dilemma of buyers is to choose a manufacturer - buy hats in bulk from a manufacturer in Russia or give preference to foreign goods.

It is not a secret for anybody that the main trendsetters are foreign countries, which actively import their products in all directions. Clothing and accessories of foreign trademarks have an unreasonably high cost, since several factors are involved in the formation of prices: the name of the manufacturer, transportation abroad, intermediary mark-up, etc.

Despite the high quality of foreign goods, their purchase is economically unjustified, since the buyer pays 80% of the cost for the big name of the manufacturer.

To date, domestic production has gone far ahead. The quality of Russian goods in no way inferior to foreign counterparts, and in some cases even surpasses. Production of hats by FERZ production facilities is a clear confirmation of this.

At present, buying caps (made in Russia) is much more profitable, since an established production base allows producing durable and high-quality goods, and their cost is several times lower than that of import suppliers.

In addition, Russian designers are in some ways superior to their foreign counterparts, and this has been repeatedly confirmed by the universal recognition of their work in the international market and participation in world high fashion shows.

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