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What is esoteric?

We are the goal and the highest peak of the whole Universe.
We are the best beauty of the mortal void.
Kol Mirozdaniya circle is a kind of ring In it, without a doubt, we are a precious stone!

Omar Khayyam and the laws of the Universe What is esoteric?

Family, children, work - what else? What is my individual contribution to this Life ?!

This question comes to many today. Many begin to look for the answer, and do not find it, and it begins - stress, disbelief in today and tomorrow, in bliss, in happiness. Everything seems so far-fetched, untrue ... It seems that everyone is just talking about a bright "tomorrow", but what today ?!

And begins your search for the Way. Ways to higher truths, spirituality, self-awareness. And many people stray in the vast sea of ​​information, advertising and literature for a very long time. I want to find a really miracle, but for some reason it is not ...

When a person does not find a way out of a difficult situation, having tried many official means, he comes to esoteric teachings. And, having shown persistence, by all means receives result.

Often a person comes to the esoteric when he is desperately trying to extract help from conventional medicine. He is looking for something more. And, if fate allows him, he really finds help here. In fact, it is in esoteric practices that the occupation goes not only with the physical body, not only with the consequences, but also with the subtle bodies of the person, with the reasons, with the soul.

Also, very often people come to the esoteric for new sensations. Sooner or later, the world begins to lose color, it bothers the everyday life, the soul is ready to step one step higher, and the consciousness to unite with the soul. Esoteric practices can present to a person those feelings and experiences that he will never achieve in material life. But the esoteric is not a toy, to join it is to change your life. Free up the place of spirituality, upward movement, meaningfulness and the Highest. The whole worldview often changes if a person enters the path of esotericism. The esoteric is a different world view of the world, not limited to materiality, but also having an infinite spiritual in itself. That really is forever.

The term "esoteric" appeared in the Hellenistic era (4—3 in. BC). Historically, he designated secret science, the “internal doctrine” of religious, philosophical or other doctrine, which was accessible only to those who had passed the rites of higher initiations, as opposed to the exoteric, “external”, the study of which was not only publicly available, but also charged to everyone. It is enough to mention the secret teachings of Pythagoras and his “general education program,” Christian sacraments, of which only seven are available only in the Orthodox Church and the priests and the laity. In Catholic, this right is only for priests, different degrees of dedication (“degrees”) for masons (from first to third in the French rite and to thirty-third in the Scottish).

Esoterics is a word whose origin we owe to Pythagoras. Literally, esoterics means “inner territory“. Accordingly, esoteric knowledge is information and technologies built on an internal or, more correctly, deep-seated principle. This knowledge, as a rule, is transmitted from mouth to mouth, and it is possible to use it only after passing through a period of adaptation in consciousness. Esoteric knowledge naturally appeared long before Pythagoras and was present among all peoples inhabiting the Earth, without exception.

Esoteric is not just a worldview and lifestyle. Not just learning and practicing. Esoteric is conscious life. Comprehension of the world. Living in harmony with others and yourself, zoterika - this is not just an opportunity, but also a duty. Responsibilities to keep track of your thoughts, in fact, the thought on the subtle plane works as well as the act on the physical. And how, it goes without saying, of the reasons, our thoughts, the effects are creeping out, which also manifest themselves on the physical plane. In esoteric thoughts are much more powerful than in ordinary people. And the more the esoteric develops, the more powerful the subtle becomes in him. Thoughts, desires, intentions.

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Esoteric in its essence refers to magic. knowledge, etc.

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All these are systems of closed, carefully guarded secret knowledge, the truth and rejected by official science (besides astrology), which, however, are of great interest to ordinary people. Because esoterics has a wide scope of practical applications in real life.
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In a narrower sense, to define what the esoteric is is the doctrine of the inner nature of man.

The person has incredible hidden abilities that can be developed and feel confident in all situations. usluga_1

The purpose of esoteric - a conscious change in a person’s personality. Esoterica offers a whole range of methods for change that are sustainable, in contrast to the so-called “altered states of consciousness” achieved by followers of many religions or psychocults. The basis of these changes are the Elevated States of Consciousness.

In the world of esotericism, thoughts, intentions, desires - this is something that should be given considerable attention, as thoughts manifest themselves on the physical plane.

Esoterics - is the hidden and secret knowledge collected by different nations over the centuries.

Esoterics - is the knowledge of oneself and the sacraments of the world.

The esoteric is most likely the revelation of the true self.

The esoteric is a sacred secret knowledge that organizes the life of the human soul.

The esoteric is the psycho-technology of self-tuning of the soul and its connection with the soul of a mentor.

Often, methods and practices related to the esoteric, can not be explained and understood, but they work! When “treating”, turn off your mental dialogue, one of the first necessary conditions. Esoteric beyond understanding the brain. Disable logic, disable evaluation factor and just do it. In most cases, the mind and intention work! It is consciousness that makes changes in the real world; this is the mechanism that triggers the process, which the “magic” ritual is directed to. There is no limit to consciousness! According to the Bible, man is created in the image and likeness of God, and even the impossible is possible for God. And a person just needs to remember who he is and act in accordance with this awareness.

Change the program of reality and gain access to hidden opportunities becomes possible and real. The more non-standard elements in the picture of a person’s world, the more variants of events, the wider the permissible limits of the possible reality of a particular person.

What is esoteric? Here is what Kryon says about this:

“Every human being is so linear and so used to it that neither of you is aware of how distorted your reality is. As three-dimensional linear human beings, you came to a seven-hour conference, where each speaker must deliver a message to you consistently. And your brain should take the words in turn, one by one. Your whole reality is like a narrow, small path; you walk along it only forward, never backward, up or down, left or right - only forward. It's like a thin string on which you are trying to maintain balance, and everything around you is built on the same principle. But you are used to it, so you do not think that it somehow limits you.

At first glance, there is nothing scientific about these things. But it seems so because your understanding of science is completely based on three-dimensional reality. As you gradually move away from the three-dimensional vision of the world, the day will come when science will recognize the esoteric. Since then all theories, postulates and rules will be interdimensional. So today's stupidity is tomorrow's science, and it has been so throughout the history of human existence. It would be fun to send you in a time machine to your ancestors, so that you could explain to them how you can talk to anyone on Earth with a small device in your hands, or send pictures somewhere in space and receive them in any corner of the Earth. You can hardly have time to explain it to them before they throw stones at you, burn them at the stake, or at least ignore you as “one of them” - the devil's henchman. Are there any examples?

Then some will say: “I will not believe until I see it. Let me deal with this issue first, as it often arises among you.

“I have to see this, some say. “Besides, Mr. New Era, do not talk about strange things in the air. Do not tell me about the muscular movement that you call kinesiology. Do not tell me about numerology, astrology and past lives. Do not talk about Lemurians. I do not see them because they do not exist. It's all fiction. ”

Invisible things exist everywhere, and you take them for granted, but they are part of your three-dimensional reality. For some reason you recognized them. The air is too small to see it, but under a microscope you can see it. Yeah! "So he is not so invisible," you will say. Love is an emotion that you feel but cannot see. It exists because you can experience it. The forces of magnetism and gravity are so significant that you can constantly observe their influence, which means that they also exist according to your three-dimensional mind. Thus, the three-dimensional mind considers everything that can be measured with instruments, or felt with the help of the body, as real. But I am talking about what will soon be available to you, since you can see and feel it only with the help of the intention of your heart ... slightly changing the rules of three-dimensional reality. ”

“Kryon - Esoterica for the full program”,

Shasta Canal Channeling, California, Kryon Summer Conference, June 16, 2007

Esoterics - this is a new updated feeling. Esoteric practices can give a person those experiences and sensations that he cannot achieve in material life. When a person takes a step into esotericism, his world view often changes, he sees the world in a new way, he begins to see eternal values. His life is changing, becoming more conscious. Harmony comes to life, both with himself and with the world around him.

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So what esoteric is - Development, Harmony, Healing, Awakening.

The difficulty of moving to a higher level of knowledge, to a more accurate perception of the world is the need to switch to pure consciousness, which is associated with a constant view of the surrounding situation as if from the outside.

If you are not only a physical body, and you are not indifferent to questions of immortality, freedom, if you analyze your real essence and touch the spiritual world, then perhaps the esoteric is for you!

author - Gilka I.N., site


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