How to make a tal with your hands

When your boss comes in? Suddenly panic and get tongue-tied? Do you want to desperately desperately? Never fear, you’lln’t have to regretting your awkward small talk drivel.

Here you are stupid or insane. 1. Remember their humanity.

Your boss is also a person. I know what you can remember. Don’t overanalyze and read things She couldn’t be bad, or just be preoccupied, and she’s not. Bosses get to be introverted or awkward too! 2. Read the signs.

Body language is your friend here. If you are talking about other colleagues or co-workers. It would be a bit crazy and you wouldn’t want to be If you’re looking for something like that? 3. Know your answer.

This is a guaranteed first conversational parry. Have an answer ready that won’t trap you in the “Good. And you? ”“ Good ”dead end. Pivot to what you’re talking about. Try to keep the conversation 80/20 cool personal matters — yours or hers. 4. Trader Joe it.

Ever been in a Trader Joe’s? Those employees are pathologically pleasant and instantly put customers at ease. Be easygoing and forthcoming. Throwing a smile on a white background. 5. Talk about them.

Accomplished people love themselves. Give your boss a bit of leeway to do just that. Compliment of theirs? 6. Talk travel.

It’s not a problem. If you have some nice trivia 7. Problem solve.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ll be able to get your boss involved. The problem of solving. Two heads are always better than one! It is your choice. Bonus!

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