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as • (kak) as how Conjunction [edit]

as • (kak) as Russian [edit] Pronunciation [edit] Etymology 1 [edit]

From Proto-Slavic kako. Adverb [edit]

as • (kak) how

How did he do this? - Kak on éto sdélal? - How did he do it?

How are you? - How are you? - How are things?

How to get to the post? - Kak projtí na póčtu? - Can you tell me the way to the post office? what

What's your last name? - Kak váša famílija? - What is your surname?

What is your name? - Kak vas zovút? - What is your name?

How did he say? - Kak on skazál? - What did he say? as

no matter how smart he is - kak on ni umjón - clever as he is suddenly, all of a sudden

How he will rise! - Kak on vskóčit! - All of a sudden he jumped up!

just - kak raz - just; just in time like, as

No matter how! - Kak by ne ták! - Not likely! Nothing of the sort! Conjunction [edit]

as • (kak) how

I don’t know how he did it - Ja ne znáju, kak on éto sdélal - I don’t know how it did. what like, as

wide as the sea - širókij kak móre - as wide as the sea

Be at home - Budʹte kak doma - Make yourself at home. Derived terms [edit] Related terms [edit] Etymology 2 [edit] Noun [edit]

as • (kak) f inan pl, m inan pl genitive plural of Kaka (káka)

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