How to make Christmas crafts with their hands

Photography: Annie Schlechter

It is easy to make a bunch quickly. Adding a small treat, such as a holiday note, candy, or trinket. How to Make the Matchbox Gifts

Kids will love counting the matchboxes. As a drawers are removed and reversed, a festive picture emerges. How to Make the Matchbox Advent Calendar

3 of 23 Peppermint Ornaments

Red winter snow stripes, red pepper stripes, red pepper stripes, wintermints Lay five or so peppermint candies in a circle to form a wreath; bond sides together with icing. Adorn front with cinnamon candies or mints. Let dry two hours before hanging. Loop twine around ornament; knot.

If you’re looking at the window. How to Make the Crystal Snowflake

Butterfly tree ornament. How To Make The Button Ornaments

These are the red scarves that get their caries from the fondant. How to Make the No-Melt Snowmen

Photography: Annie Schlechter

A hand-drawn decoration makes a practical gift precious. With fabric crayons, kids can draw on an ironed handkerchief. Follow the instructions on the crayon package.

It is a matter of fact that it can be used as a guideline. Holiday Gift Cards

Sprinkles on gumdrops and sweet gummy rings. It's easy to turn candy into lively decorations and ornaments. How to Make the Sweet Snails

Photography: William Abranowicz

Holiday cards make it impossible to break. How to Make the Recycled Ornaments

Photography: Sang An

11 of 23 Candy Jar

For teachers, neighbors, and baby-sitters, label jars of candy with a sweet illustration. How to Make the Candy Jars

Photography: Annie Schlechter

If you are a little boy, you will be rescued from their dusty corners. How to Make the Toy Ornaments

Kids can be a hand in holiday baking; inspired by their little palms. Get Recipe

Photography: Anna Williams

Who is the game for this challenging treat? Cut gingerbread while it's warm; after it cools, decorate with royal icing. Wrap pieces with a note: "Don't cheat: Solve the puzzle before you eat!" Here's the next slide.

Photography: Stephen Lewis

16 of 23 Card Garland

Give your cards more time to create a garland of disks cut from them.

Use craft punches (or trace a round object and cut out). Attach to heavy thread with stickers; rub with craft stick to secure.

Photography: Victoria Pearson

Household materials for inexpensive and delightful homemade gift wrap. Bows can be crafted from found items, too, such as thread or rickrack. How to Make the Homemade Gift Wrap

18 of 23 Snow Globes

It is always transfixing, whether it is outside your window or inside this classic toy. How to Make the Snow Globes

Photography: Annie Schlechter

To make a reindeer's head, turn a man on his. Melted chocolate chips, sanding sugar, gumdrops, and other candy. Get Recipe

20 of 23 Button Cards

Of folded card stock. It’s a little fun. (When they turned in the hole, it looks like buttons themselves.) Swipe here for next slide

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Call for cheerful cupcakes. There is no need to make a cup of coffee. How to Make the Snowman Cupcakes

With these edible snowflakes, only the cheese melts. Get Recipe

Gumdrops come to life as Santa, a snowman, and other icons of the season. How to Make the Gumdrop Pops

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