How to make nunchucks

Nunchucks are a type of cold weapon that consists of two thin sticks connected by a chain, rope or leather strap. With the help of such weapons, crushing blows are carried out or choking actions are carried out. It is a subject used in martial arts. Exercises with nunchucks develop agility, coordination of movements, so they are popular all over the world both for training in the gym and for protection.

nunchuck with their own hands

This article describes how to make nunchucks with your own hands at home. After all, buying such a product in the store is expensive, and manufacturing is not particularly difficult. To start fit training nunchaku. They are lightweight and made of rubber or dense foam. At the initial stage, athletes often fall by themselves, so lightweight products will not cause injury to a person. Then, with the acquisition of the necessary skills, you will need products from more solid material for sparring with the enemy or performing a combat task. We will consider the option of making nunchacks with your own hands from wood. Material for work

Hardwoods such as oak, beech, ash or fruit trees are considered to be the best wood for work: plum, pear, cornel, apple. Such products will not crack when struck, and fastenings will hold on better. Since it will be necessary to make two thin sticks, the board has no reason to buy. It is possible to split two wood chips from the stump with an ax and trim them to size. In the extreme case, if the wood in general is in trouble, then you can buy a stick for a shovel or mop. Despite the fact that nunchucks are made mostly of birch, this material is also suitable.

nunchuck with their own hands from wood

Next you need to think about what type of connection you want to stick the sticks together. It can be a dense natural rope, a piece of a chain with a link of 3 mm, a leather cord. At the beginning of the sporting path, it is better to work out the techniques with nunchucks with rope joints in order not to injure the opponent. Subsequently, with sufficient experience, it will be possible to use products with a chain connection. Tools needed for work

To make a nunchuck with your own hands, you need to have an ax. It is useful in the event that the master will split the stump. For hewing need a chisel or a sharp knife. Using a sharply sharpened tool, it will be easy to cut off excess wood by sharpening sticks of a cylindrical or tapered shape. Nunchucks come in various configurations. For sanding you will need sandpaper. First you can take the number 80, and then - the number 120. It is advisable to glue it on a flat board for convenience. An electric drill is required to adapt the rope or cord. To install a chain connection, you will need to purchase metal fasteners. Parts Size

Before you make a nunchuck of wood with your own hands, you need to know what size to cut the sticks, and measure the length of the chain or laces. To calculate the size of the handles, the distance from the stone on a bent elbow to the middle of the palm is usually measured. This is a classic version for training. If the nunchaku will be used for protection, and they need to be placed in a pocket or purse, then the size can be equal to the length of two fists. In such cases, the connection is extended. There are also varieties of weapons that have sticks of different lengths. The choice is yours.

how to make nunchuck of wood with your own hands

Next you need to measure the length of the chain or lace. It is optimal to start training with a connection length of four fingers or a fist. This size will allow you to work out different techniques: clamps, mixed grip, squeezing and interception from hand to hand. Later you can try to make nunchucks with your own hands, using a short two-finger connection, which allows you to better control the movement of the free handle. There are also options with a long rope, well suited for the execution of blocks. The size of such a connection is two fists and more.

The shape of the arms for training - conical. Combat nunchaku have a faceted shape with exactly cut ends. The thickness in a narrow place is equal to the phalanx of the finger of the little finger, and in the thick - the phalanx of the index finger. Weight also varies - from simple wooden to specially weighted handles used for solving combat missions. Doing the job

We start making nunchacks with our own hands from weeding wooden handles. After giving the product the required shape, it is necessary to polish the tree thoroughly with emery paper glued to an even plank. Then begins the process of attaching the selected connection.

Nunchuck with their own hands at home

There are two possible options: If the choice is on the rope connection, then a 5 mm drill is taken and a hole is made in the thin end of the stick. After that, a 3 mm drill bit is taken and two holes for the future rope fastening are drilled from the side at a distance of 3-4 cm. Between the holes in the wood is made a groove so that the rope is hidden under the level of the stick. Instead of a rope, you can thread a metal mount, but from a strong blow, it is deformed, and a rough grip will restrict the movements of the athlete. If a chain is chosen as a connecting material, then the diameter of its links should be 3 mm. The first and last link choose a greater length. They are completely hidden in the cavity of the handle. A hole is made through the size of the link, and two are drilled from the side, for fastening. To fix the links inside, you can use a metal rod. Handle processing

After you have successfully made nunchucks with your own hands, rub them with vegetable oil - olive, sunflower or corn, wrap in a rag and wrap in foil, put in a dry place (not under direct sunlight) for a whole week. After that, you need to remove the entire winding and put in the oven for half an hour, periodically wiping with oil. Then the weapon is wrapped in a clean cloth and allowed to rest for several weeks. All nunchaku, made with their own hands at home, ready!

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