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How to make seven

How to make seven

Mode of operation of the online store from 9:00 to 21:00 daily, tel .: 8 (800) 700-51-37 My city:  Products of the Month  Application Form of the Master Needle. Shopping Oct 10, 2018 October 20 - Day of the cook and chef

Meet the Day of the cook and the culinary specialist with new equipment and new dishes and come for shopping at the “Needle”. Happy holiday, cooks! Sep 17, 2018 October 6 - International Day of Felt (felting)

On the first Saturday of October, fans celebrate one of the oldest crafts - felting made of wool. Today it is in high esteem! Sep 07, 2018 Free consultations in Ufa

Since September, free consultations of “Needles” in Bashkiria will start! See the schedule of classes on the site and come to the Family Shopping and Entertainment Center “Family” to do beautiful hand-made things and improve your skills! Aug 27, 2018 September 12 - Crochet Day

This hobby is experiencing a real boom today! Update your collection of hooks, refresh your stock of yarn, find out a couple of new knitting recipes and create for your pleasure!

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