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In fact, pompons (buboes) made of yarn are not only a decorative addition to a knitted hat. Scarves, stoles, socks, knitted slippers, socks and sweaters can be decorated with buboes of various shapes, sizes and colors. You can even make an original blanket with these fluffy balls or decorate with them cushions. You have already understood that this is an excellent element of decor, and it is time to learn how to make it yourself, because there is nothing complicated about it. How to do it

We offer you a few step-by-step instructions on how to make beautiful pompons from yarn in various ways and with a minimum of accessories. How to make a pom-pom from yarn with your own hands

In order to make such a bubo, you only need yarn and scissors. On the four fingers of your left hand, wind the thread in a sufficiently thick layer (refer to the photo). Carefully remove the coiling from the left hand. Holding it in the middle with your fingers, measure 20-25 cm of thread and cut it with scissors from a ball. Wind this thread several times around the middle of the coiling and tie it over the knot with an air loop. You got two loops that need to be cut in the middle with scissors. Now fluff the tips of the threads so that you get the ball.

The more winding, the more fluffy and bulky your ball will be.

how to make a pompon of yarn per cap How to make a fluffy pompon out of yarn

This production version is a classic, and it needs extras. Cut two rings 2-2.5 cm wide from thin cardboard. Prepare threading up to 1 meter. Fingertip the tip of the thread onto the cardboard rings taken together and wrap the cardboard around the entire circumference. Winding make a dense and multi-layered, as in the photo. Cut all the threads on the outer end of the ring. Tie an additional thread up to 1 meter in length on the knot between two cardboard rings, and then remove them. Fan the tips of the threads with your hands and form a ball.

make a pompon of yarn do it yourself How to quickly make small pompons of yarn on a fork

Do not believe it, but with the help of a fork you can make very small bubonchiki in minutes. Wind the thread around the teeth of the fork with a thick layer. Another piece of thread tie a knot between the second and third cloves. Remove the coiling from the plug and cut the loops formed on both sides in half. Fan the tips of the yarn and form a ball.

how to make a big pompon out of yarn How to make a beautiful pompon of yarn

And with this method you can form curly buboes with a pattern. First try to make it in the form of a lemon. Make two horseshoe-shaped blanks from cardboard. Use white and yellow yarn, as well as the winding scheme in the photo. Cut the thread at the end of the winding and tie a knot with an additional thread on the lower bend of the winding. Now you can remove the cardboard blanks and fluff the thread.

How to make a beautiful pompon out of yarn Video with master class lessons

We offer you a selection of videos with master class lessons that will show you how you can quickly make pompons from the yarn yourself. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a large and voluminous pom-pom out of yarn. If you do not know how to make a beautiful pom-pom from yarn on a hat, then watch this short video. Video on how to make bubo yarns in five different ways. In this video tutorial you will learn another way to create a volumetric bubo Video tutorial on how to quickly make a bubo with one hand. Video on how to make a bubo on a finished plastic template in the shape of a fork. If you have already learned how to make buboes in different ways, then we offer you a master class on making a plaid of them. And in this video an example of weaving a rug of multi-colored buboes is shown, which can decorate both a children's bedroom and a bathroom room and living room. This master class will not leave anyone indifferent, because with the help of it you will learn how to make bright and original buboes in the form of fruits and berries. In this video you will learn how to form a kubalo bubo, which will be appreciated by young children.

If you are fond of knitting, then we bring to your attention two more video lessons on knitting — knitted yarn products — that will be useful to you: In this video you will learn the knitting pattern — bags of knitting yarn—.

We would like to share with you another useful information that will tell you about alpaca yarn. By the way, pompons from it turn out especially beautiful and fluffy.

We hope that these skills will definitely be useful to you when creating knitted items. And if you show imagination, you can make very creative things from buboes. Perhaps you know other ways to create pompons, then share them in the comments.

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