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How to make test cakes

How to make test cakes

This savory and very unusual dish today has gained incredible popularity in the world. Because many housewives ask themselves: how to make sushi at home? You can cook this delicacy without even having much experience in cooking, the main thing is to know a few secrets. How to cook rice for sushi

The main secret of delicious sushi is the proper preparation of rice. After all, this product is the basis and the taste of the dish ultimately depends on its quality. Detailed instructions will help to master this not difficult science. Rinse thoroughly in cold water at least 3-5 times.

How to cook rice for sushi Pour some clean water and leave an hour on the floor.

How to cook rice for sushi rolls Drain the water in which the rice is infused, and pour clean in the ratio of 1.25 cups per 1 cup of cereal. Put on the stove and bring to a boil over high heat. After that, boil for exactly one minute, and then another 15 minutes with gentle boiling, reducing the gas to medium. And do not forget to stir often.

How to cook rice on sushi Turn off the heat and leave the porridge on the stove under a tight lid for another 10 minutes. Sushi rice ready.

How to cook rice for sushi

Having mastered the basics of cooking rice cereal, you can safely take up the dish itself. Detailed recipes will tell how to make sushi at home, taking into account the basic Japanese traditions. And small variations on this topic will prompt with what and how you can experiment. Sushi for beginners

Sushi for beginners

If you decided to cook sushi for the first time in your life, then follow a simple recipe and you will get an excellent dish worthy of real samurai.

First, prepare the products: 200 g mackerel fillets; 200 grams of rice especially for sushi; 6 tbsp. rice vinegar and a little more for pickling fish; marinated ginger root; a generous handful of salt; 1-2 tablespoons Sahara; soy sauce.

Recipe: Cook the rice according to the method described above. While it is cooling, dissolve the salt and sugar in vinegar. Pour the mixture of porridge. While she insists, make the preparation of the filling. Divide fish fillets into fairly thick plates (1–2 cm) along the fibers. Liberally pour the pieces of rice vinegar. Marinate 15 minutes. Cover it with cling film. Lay out the strips of mackerel, on top of a uniform layer of rice. Cover with another layer of film and press down with something heavy. Under the pressure of sushi should spend at least 3 hours. Remove the top layer of the film and with a sharp knife cut the pressed semi-finished product into small squares. Serve with soy sauce and pickled ginger.

Tip: before slicing sushi and in the process, moisten the knife in cold water. This technique will help to get the perfect cubes, literally the size of one or two bites. Step-by-step recipe for classic sushi

How to make sushi at home

To cook sushi according to the classic recipe you will have to master the science of roll making. For the traditional recipe you will need a standard set of products.

According to traditions, the Japanese use sushi mainly from fresh fish. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find this high quality product in our stores. Therefore, before making sushi at home, stock up with a sufficient amount of salted, lightly salted or smoked fish.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp. Japanese rice; salted red fish (salmon, trout); 1 fresh cucumber; fetax cheese 150 grams or other soft varieties; 2 tbsp. rice vinegar; 2.5 tbsp. Sahara; 2 tsp. salts; wasabi sauce; pickled shredded ginger; nori seaweed

Cooking: Wash the rice in water until it becomes completely transparent.

Classic sushi step-by-step recipe After that, boil it the above method.

Classic Sushi Step-by-Step Recipe While it is still hot, prepare a dressing. Mix vinegar, sugar, salt and over low heat to warm the mixture, stirring well. Just do not bring to a boil. When the grains of sugar and salt dissolve, you need to remove from heat.

classic sushi recipe Put the rice in the cup. If it is too wet, then flip it in a colander to eliminate excess moisture.

Pour rice sauce. Stir and refrigerate for about 1 hour.

Preparation of other ingredients While rice is drawn, we cut the cucumber and fish in long slices 1 cm thick.

Preparing ingredients for sushi We also cut cheese.

cut the cheese into rolls

How to make rolls

The next step is one of the most responsible. Actually, turning the rolls is not difficult, you just need to practice a little. The main thing is to buy a special bamboo mat, which is called makisa. It consists of individual straws, reinforced among themselves by threads, which allows you to twist the tubes of different sizes and mold the finished product at its discretion. So, put a piece of nori on the makisa with the pimply side up. Dry algae is very fragile, but rather quickly softened, because a big problem with torsion of the rolls does not arise.

nori sheet Dampen your hands with water, pick up rice in handfuls and distribute evenly on the surface of the algae. At the same time, do not forget that on each side of the base you need to leave an empty space of about 1–1.5 cm.

How to make rolls Once the rice layer has been formed, brush the center of it with wasabi sauce. Do not forget that it has too sharp taste, so you should not overdo it with its quantity. If you do not want spiciness in the dish, then skip this item.

make sushi at home Fish, cheese and cucumbers, pre-cut into thin slices, randomly spread over the entire rice base.

How to make rolls at home Now go on to twisting, helping yourself with a rug. Twist should be tight enough to not form voids in the layers. The edge of the nori is sure to moisten with water so that it is well fixed.

roll twisting Cut the resulting "sausage" with a knife into small pieces. If done correctly, the rolls will be tight and will not fall apart when serving.

How to make rolls correctly Homemade sushi with herring

How else to make sushi at home - recipes tell you what variations on this topic can be prepared in your own kitchen. For example, a very tasty Japanese dish can be obtained from rice and herring.

Ingredients: 100 g of suitable rice; 100 g salted herring fillet; 1 cucumber; soft cheese; nori sheets; 1 tbsp. rice vinegar; 1 tbsp. sesame seeds.

How to cook: Boil rice. If the special can not be obtained, you can use the usual one. The main thing is not to overdo it on the stove. While the porridge is warm, fill it with rice vinegar and cool a little. At this time, chop the herring fillet into thin slices, and the cucumber with cheese cubes. On the bamboo mat, lay a sheet of nori with the smooth side down. Spread rice in a thick layer, sprinkle with sesame seeds, put slices of herring, cheese and cucumbers on top. Twist the using a thick sausage mat and cut it into separate rolls. Serve with any sauce to your taste: mayonnaise, soy, wasabi, etc. Chicken Sushi

Chicken Sushi

By the way, sushi can be cooked not only with various kinds of fish, but also with any seafood: squids, shrimps, crab sticks. If desired, traditional fish can even be replaced with chicken. The taste will be unusual and very interesting.

Ingredients: 1 chicken fillet; to taste olive and sesame oil; 200 g of boiled rice; soft cheese; ½ part avocado; fresh cucumber.

Cooking: Mix olive and sesame oil in a pan and fry chicken fillet in it until done. Its previously worth cutting into several long slices. Cover the bamboo mat with cling film, spread on the top with a layer of boiled rice and vinegar seasoned to taste. Cover with a layer of nori. Put in the middle slices of fried chicken and long cubes of cucumbers and cheese. Lay the avocado peeled and sliced ​​on top. Roll up the straw. Cut the finished sushi into tiny cubes and serve with any suitable sauce. Lenten sushi with mushrooms

Lenten Sushi with Mushrooms

On days of diet or fasting, you can cook a dish completely without fish or meat. The following recipe will tell you how to make lean sushi at home.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp. finished rice; 2 tbsp. rice vinegar; 2 tbsp. brown sugar; no more than 1 tsp salts; 400 g fresh mushrooms; nori; 200 g of lettuce, such as arugula; 3 tbsp. soy sauce; a couple of pieces of pickled ginger.

Cooking: In the ready yet warm rice, add a mixture of vinegar with sugar and salt. While it is infused, fry the mushrooms into small portions of vegetable oil. Arugula narvite hands. Put a thin layer of rice on a bamboo mat, on top of arugula and mushrooms. Form a tight sausage and cut it into small rolls. Step-by-step instructions on how to make homemade sushi (video)

As the latest recipes show, sushi can be cooked entirely from various products. Taking the traditional method as a basis, you can experiment with combinations and forms. The main thing is that cooking brings pleasure and then the dish will always be a great success.

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