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How to build an accurate sight tape for bowhunting

Building a bow for a hunting tape

Bowhunters live for. It’s not a season to get it, it’s not. In recent years, moving or sliding sights have become an increasing number of moving options, many hunters are moving.

The basis of these moving sights is the installation. Archery in Montana as a general manager, I sell many of these sights every year. I wanted to provide some insight into your options. What materials / programs are needed?

Using Archers Advantage to build an accurate sight tape

The materials are very basic. You will need the following: az hunting hunting az az az az az az az az az az az az az az az az az optional optional meter meter meter (optional)

The biggest decision will be declining. There are several programs to choose from. If you have several buddies, you can’t split it up. Generally speaking, it will provide excellent results. Some of the available options are:

There are some programs that can be used to read “click” on the screen. Some new phone apps are also available, but they are only up to 60 to 80 yards. Getting started

I will be using Archer's Advantage. This is a program for a few years. It can be used to correct the measurements. Spending some time exploring options prior to building a tape. Need to be measured once again? The table below will be the general measurements. Exact measurement decimal points Units 1/2 inch 1/4 inch 1/8 inch 1/16 inch 1 .50 .25 .125 .0625 2 1.0 .50 .250 .1250 3 - .75 .375 .1875 4 - 1.0. 500 .2500 5 - - .625 .3125 6 - - .750 .3750 7 - - .875 .4375 8 - - 1.00 .5000 9 - - - .5625 10 - - - .6250 11 - - - .6875 12 - - - .7500 13 - - - .8215 14 - - - .8750 15 - - - .9370 16 - - - 1.000
Step 1

Archers Advantage for the building a bowhunting sightseeing tape

The first step is fairly straightforward. Archer’s Advantage icon (or whichever program you’ve decided to use). Archers Advantage is also available online. Step 2

Manage bow records using Archers Advantage

Once the program has been set up, click on “Setup” and then “Manage Records.” You are working on (e.g., 2016 Elite Synergy Vias).

Manage bow records using Archers Advantage_2

To do this, click on “Add record” and simply type your bow. Step 3

Entering arrow shaft details using Archers

Now we can begin inputting our bow and arrow data into the program. From the “Manage Records” tab and select the “Shaft Details.” It is your choice. remaining info such as spine and diameter: Select shaft manufacturer. Select shaft model. Select shaft size. Enter arrow length (carbon length only - not include insert or nock).

It can be calculated. These numbers will change. Double-check all of the entered information before moving on. It is necessary to select “generic” for the specific shaft. Step 4

Entering Point details using Archers Advantage

Click here for the arrow. From here you can now enter vital information on the point. Enter point weight. Select point adapter (insert) manufacturer. Select point adapter model.

At this point, the adapter adapter model will be autofill. If you are using a set of specials, it is necessary to select the “generic” menu. For this example, I am using a standard .246 ”series Gold Tip. Step 5

Entering nock details using Archers Advantage

After you have completed your information, navigate to the “Nock Details” tab. Select nock manufacturer. Select nock model.

This will be autofill. You can select generic and enter your information by hand. Step 6

Entering Fletching details using Archers Advantage

After finalizing your “Fletch Details” tab. In this tab, you will input all of your information regarding your fletching. Select fletching manufacturer. Select fletching model. Select fletch size (if more than one option is available). Enter the number of fletchings (e.g., three or four).

As always, you can select generic and enter your information by hand. Step 7

Entering arrow wrap info using Archers Advantage

To finalize your arrow setup, click on the “Arrow Wrap” tab. If you simply click on “none.” Select wrap manufacturer. Select wrap model. Select wrap length.

It can be a little bit different in weight. Continued below.

Find out what you want gossip promo promo code gear Step 8

Entering arrow shaft details using Archers Advantage

Now go back to the “Shaft Details” tab and enter your total arrow weight. The calculated weight should not be close but not dead on. If you’re losing weight, you’ll find your weight on the grain scale. The pattern of my finished arrow can be seen below. Step 9

Measuring bow for an accurate sight setup

At this point, your information arrow has been entered. It can be a lifesaver.

Bow sight configuration using Archers Advantage

While under setup select the “Sight Configuration” box. Select sight type. I want you to get a touch of light on your car. “Inch.” Select the “Inch.” Measure from the sight of the sight of the horizonally to the center of the peep sight. The peep height measurement needs. The arrow shaft in a vertical line.

These measurements are to be exact and precise. Measure twice if needed and enter your information. Step 10

It is measured and entered into the bow information. Navigate to the “Bow Configuration” tab and then click on the “Select Bow From List” sub tab. Select bow manufacturer from drop down menu. Select bow model from drop down menu. Click “Transfer Data to Current Setup.”

It is necessary to make your choice. If your bow can’t be located in the drop down menu Step 11

Entering Bow configuration using Archers Advantage

You will now have to enter the “Bow Details.” Enter the bow's peak weight. Enter the bow’s draw length.

If you are not in the world, then you can’t find it. Can be found on the manufacturer's website. The current Arrow Speed ​​box is defined as the “current Arrow Speed” box. The number measured in the next step. Step 12

Bow sight in chronograph

Having been completed sight tape. When you click on the “Sight In” tab with the “Calculate Speed” and “Chronograph” sub tabs. There is a list of speeds that have been placed. It is a rule that you can’t focus on your chronograph.

Shooting bow through the chronograph for sight tape

For this step, a chronograph is needed and it may be necessary to borrow one from a friend or head to your local shop. Chronograph your bow. Enter your information in the “Chronograph Speed” box. Click “Sight In.”

Sight in calculation using Archers Advantage Step 13

Arrow shaft selector using Archers Advantage

To double-check everything, I will click on the “Shaft Selector” tab. You’ve just entered into the program. It’s a clear idea. It can be used if you are using it. It’s correct that it’s been entered correctly. Step 14

Entering custom sight tape tape print using Archers Advantage

Now you can enter your program, you can now customize your information. This is a list of options for customization. Maximum range: This tape will read out. In my experience, most bows will not have sight clearance past 120 yards with some reaching 140 yards on the extreme end. I like to leave it off. This is not the case. But some (HHA) will start from the bottom. It is important to check with the manufacturer if you are unsure. You can read every yard (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). I have selected a jumbled mess, I always select the 10 yard increment option. Line widths: This line dictates how far the lines will extend from the range numbers. It is clear that I can give you a clear picture of how to dial the dial. Font type. This is the cleanest and easiest to read. Font size: This is a range of numbers. It will be possible to easily adjustments in the field. Some experimenting may need to be done here as larger numbers means a bigger tape and you may have issues getting the tape to fit properly on the sight. Line spacing: This will control the black lines found between the major yardage markers (green and blue in the example). Again, this will take some playing to get your desired effect. Faster bows will lead to closer lines which can appear crowded and messy at shorter distances. I prefer dialing, especially at long distance. Justification: This will be determined by your design. By changing the justification, the numbers will appear to left of the scale, right of the scale, or on both sides of the scale. Line weight: This refers to your yardage marks. This is a combo for your setup. I prefer the “light” It doesn’t take much effort to read while it’s in the field. The line size will be increased. This is a fairly self explanatory line, but often overlooked, especially for those who use single pin sights. In less than ideal conditions while hunting, For your eyes, what’s the best thing for you. Step 15

Printing your own bow sight tape using Archers Advantage

It was time to print. Navigate to the “Print” tab. Ensure “Sight Tapes” is selected. Choose yards or meters. Click on “Print.” Installing the tape

Installing the bow tape

It is time to install on the sight. There are no ways or choos. I usually have to cut it. It is important that you try it. There are no rules for a single pin of a pin. ).

how to build a track

Once the tape has been inserted, it has been taken to be clear. Sewn up There is no need to be able to run. Trim any excess tape and you’re finished. It is not always the case. Are there other tools I should be using?

The short answer is yes! It has been shown that it can be cut down. Uphill-Downhill

Creating an uphill and downhill cut it for bowhunting

“Uphill-Downhill” tab, select your angle of shot (“Target Angle” box), and then adjust the range (“Adjusted Range "Box). This is a very useful way to do this. It is a time when it is presented. Trajectory

Arrow trajectory plot on Archers Advantage

Now we can really geek out! With the “Trajectory” tab, you can click the arrow path for your setup. In the example below, you can see that I’m set to 35 yards I will be approximately 6 ”high at 25 yards and about 6” low at 40 yards. It is needed while hunting. I cannabis caring for a trajectory curve. It is clear that there is no doubt that it will be possible to make a statement. Preview Marks

Entering preview marks using Archers Advantage

If you are heading to the range. This can be used. Click on the “Preview Marks” tab. Select yard or metric ranges. Highlight the “Range” box and enter your begining range (most will start with 20). Seeing the “Sight Setting” box.

Now, for all intents and purposes, we are going to consider 10,000 ”. I’m looking at 10.135 ″ pin yard will be 10.135 ”. Set a micrometer to .135 ”and set your pin gap from the 20 to 30 yard pin to match this measurement. This is your zero yardstick. If you’re not sure, you’ll be able to make your choice. Now go shoot!

You can’t make it clear. With these programs, you must be able to tailor yourself. You need to get it. In the case of a bag, it is not a bad idea. Because of the fact that she wants to get out of the window.

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