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How to redirect SMS to MegaFon

How to redirect SMS to MegaFon

90% of people heard about formaldehyde only on TV and while it didn’t touch it personally, they didn’t think that formaldehyde products were widely spread.

Formaldehyde is used in the medical, chemical and forestry industries, formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of plastics, chipboard and finishing materials. In chipboard phenolic-formaldehyde resin is 6-18% by weight of the chips.

This composition reduces the cost of furniture, and makes it affordable for everyone. But, what do we get in return, saving on price?
In the load of furniture from sawdust, we get 10-20 kg of phenol-formaldehyde resin, which constantly releases gas - formaldehyde.

What is formaldehyde?
What is the effect of formaldehyde on a person?
Formaldehyde (chemical formula CH2 = O) is a colorless gas with a pungent smell. Other names: methane (international), ant aldehyde (obsolete). Toxic, has a negative effect on genetics, respiratory, vision and skin. It has a strong effect on the nervous system. Formaldehyde is listed as a carcinogen.

The apartment has a formaldehyde level high enough to measure it. At the same time, MPC of formaldehyde is low 0.5 mg / cubic meter.
Furniture for the kitchen or in the hall, MDF panels raise the level of formaldehyde in the living room to 0.1 mg / m³ and above. Furniture made of solid wood, linoleum, laminate - formaldehyde is also evaporated due to paints and varnishes.

The evaporation rate of formaldehyde depends on the air temperature, and is maximum in warm and hot weather. Be sure to ventilate the room in which there is a specific smell (from furniture, finishing materials), and better install an air purifier.

1. Why are small concentrations of formaldehyde dangerous?
Symptoms of chronic formaldehyde poisoning (when there is always a high concentration of formaldehyde in the room): pallor, fatigue, depression, headache, cramps at night.

2. What is the impact on the human body with long-term exposure?
It has a negative effect on genetics, reproductive organs, respiratory tract, eyes, skin. It has an effect on the central nervous system.

3. What can happen if inhaling large concentrations of formaldehyde?
Inhalation of formaldehyde concentrations above the MPC - the risk of swelling and spasm of the throat.

4. At what concentration will formaldehyde in residential areas be safe?
There is no such data, and the danger of formaldehyde for a particular person depends on the state of the protective forces of the human body. But, the lower the concentration of formaldehyde, the lower the risk of negative health effects.

5. Is there a way to remove formaldehyde from our apartments completely and how?

Throw out cabinet furniture and replace finishing materials with environmentally friendly ones.
Buy an air purifier!

Moreover, formaldehyde can not be filtered in an ordinary air purifier, only filterless natural technologies are able to remove chemistry.

Laboratory and research in real conditions, showed the effectiveness of air purifiers (see Shop) in the elimination of phenol-formaldehyde, as well as other chemical compounds.
An air purifier triggers a natural reaction to oxidize formaldehyde to safe components: oxygen, carbon dioxide and water, that is, something that is already safe for humans.

The chemical reaction is:
HCHO + 2O3 = CO2 + H2O + 2O2

This is something that happens every minute in nature and does not occur in our homes, since we are fenced off from nature behind iron doors and plastic windows.

Air cleaner reduces formaldehyde concentration,
several times in 2 hours.

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