Install the trim with your hands

Favorable prices from the manufacturer. We produce windows in our own factory, using the most modern equipment, high-quality profiles, double-glazed windows and fittings. Your benefits: Cooperation with the manufacturer is always more profitable: lower prices, faster production, more opportunities for the production of non-standard windows and reliable quality control of windows at all stages of production.

Careful delivery on time. After production and inspection, your windows will be prepared for transportation and loaded onto specially equipped cars. Your advantages: Ready-made windows will be delivered by special transport on time. We are 100% guaranteed safety windows during transportation and lifting to the apartment. When ordering from two windows and more - delivery is free!

Professional dismantling of old windows. Our experts carefully remove all unnecessary from the window opening, this work requires the right approach and responsibility from our performers. Your advantages: The risks of problems with the opening and further operation of new plastic windows are reduced to zero. You get a neat dismantling of old windows, made by our employees.

Installation of plastic windows in 1 day. Installers use a special technology of installation of windows, which is adapted for our climate zone and complies with the State Standard. Your advantages: Quality materials and accessories provide additional tightness of the window. We give a guarantee of well-executed installation and high installation speed - you get ready-made windows in 1 day!

Finishing of openings, installation of low tides Final finishing and sealing of window openings excludes freezing. Low tides protect the room from the penetration of rain and snow. Your advantages: The neat appearance of the structure and practicality guarantee an increase in the service life of the window and additional comfort in operation. You exclude freezing, penetration of moisture and fungus into your home.

Mandatory warranty and post-warranty service We provide mandatory warranty and post-warranty service for all products and services. Your advantages: Product warranty: PVC windows - 10 years, aluminum structures - 2 years.
Warranty on works: installation of PVC windows - 5 years, finishing of balconies and loggias - 5 years, finishing of openings - 5 years.

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