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We carry out the sale, installation, commissioning, calibration and servicing of the whole range of medical equipment, instruments, consumables and furniture.

Medtekhnika OJSC is an organization that has been dealing with issues related to the supply of medical equipment and instruments to various medical institutions of the city and region, as well as other regions of Russia and the CIS, its installation, repair and maintenance services for more than 30 years.

Our organization has highly qualified specialists who have received the necessary training and experience in the relevant areas.

The company has a sales department that has product managers, marketing engineers, and freight forwarders.

We carry out both one-time deliveries, and complex equipment of medical institutions, the conclusion of long-term contracts.
Possible sale of goods on credit, the implementation of leasing operations. Installation and repair is carried out both on a one-time application, and on the basis of long-term contracts for maintenance and support.

You can get acquainted with the supplied equipment and its characteristics in the Catalog section or select the corresponding item in the Equipment menu.

Learn more about our company in the Company section, location, phone numbers, addresses of stores and branches in the Contacts section.

Find out the prices of the products offered in the Price section.

We will be glad to see you in our showroom of the central office, we will answer your questions and accept your order by phone or e-mail.

The head office of our organization is located at:
443041, Samara,
Sadovaya St., 156
(at the intersection of Sadovaya and Rabochaya streets, at the building of the Regional Museum of Local Lore named after Albin / former memorial of V.Lenin).
Here are all the basic services with which you can choose and order the goods you need: the sales department, accounting, a permanent exhibition of medical equipment in the halls of the store, salon, storage rooms, the service department.

Tel / Fax.
(846) 242-79-38, 242-79-30

Instruments for the operational control of blood sugar (blood glucose meters) are necessary to ensure a normal life in diabetes.

We supply blood glucose meters from manufacturers such as LifeScan - Johnson and Johnson, Roche, Elta Satellite; accessories and consumables for them.

See the section Glucometers >>>

Modern strategy for the treatment of respiratory diseases

associated with the maximum use of inhaled forms of drugs with inhalers - steam, compressor, ultrasound. JSC "Medtekhnika" offers you a wide range of domestic and imported inhalation systems.

See section Inhalers >>>

The offered massagers are widely used and have proven themselves

as physiotherapeutic agents for home and professional use, helping to resist various diseases and overweight.

See section Massagers >>>

Effective treatment of a large number of diseases nowadays involves the widespread use of home physiotherapy.

We offer a wide range of magnetic and magnetoacoustic therapy, thermotherapy devices, applicators stimulating, respiratory simulators, heat-heaters and much more.

See section Home Physiotherapy >>>

Instruments for measuring pressure - tonometers - a necessary element of any home and hiking first-aid kit.

Mechanical and electronic devices, semi-automatic and automatic.
We offer a wide range of mechanical, electronic, automatic and semi-automatic devices of both domestic and leading foreign manufacturers.

See section Tonometers >>>

Electronic thermometers have long been rightfully taken the place of the necessary component of each medical kit - from a medical institution and a health center to a camping or home kit.

They compare favorably with their mercury counterparts by the absence of dangerous elements - breakable glass and mercury, a shock-resistant and moisture-proof casing, the advantage of using the latest electronic technologies: displays, memory, audible alarm, and short measurement times.

See section Thermometers >>>

Stethoscopes and stethophonendoscopes are essential tools

modern models which have high-quality components from the most modern materials and excellent acoustic characteristics.

See section Stethoscopes >>>

With the help of modern scales you can not only measure weight, but also determine the content of adipose tissue of your body at home.

Control over these parameters is not only a necessary element in the treatment of a number of diseases, but also a daily requirement for a healthy lifestyle.

See section Scales >>>

We offer medical equipment supplied by companies:

OMRON - one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment for home use represents its line of blood pressure monitors, inhalers and electronic thermometers

AnD is one of the leading companies in the field of measuring equipment and high-precision modern electronics and is the developer of the latest technologies in the production of tonometers and electronic thermometers
and specializes in the development of both professional and household blood pressure meters.

Microlife is high-precision blood pressure measurement instruments, stethoscopes and electronic thermometers that implement the most advanced technologies.

Lifescan blood glucose meters - Lifescans from Johnson and Johnson are one of the exemplary standards for diabetes. Appliances One Touch Basic, Ultra, SmartScan

Roche is one of the oldest developers of laboratory equipment. Glucometers Akku-chek Aktiv and Accutrend is a quick and accurate analysis of glucose and cholesterol in the blood.

Nissay tonometer is a product of a Japanese company that not only manufactures high-tech modern electronic equipment, but also supplies components for world-famous manufacturers such as SONY, Omron, Canon, Sanyo, Seiko, Samsung, Fuji, Philips, Nippon, Panasonic, JVC .

Little Doctor is a well-known manufacturer in Russia, whose tonometers and stethoscopes of the LD series are of traditionally high quality and wide range.

TANITA scale

Tanita - manufacturer of accurate and high-quality electronic and mechanical scales

See this section:
• floor scales
• kitchen scales
• baby scales
• health products

Contact your questions to the stores-salons Medtehnika.

There you can clarify the presence of the device or consumables you are interested in at the moment on sale or the terms of its delivery, the price, as well as get advice on the use.

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