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Ensuring the stable operation of the company is a whole range of activities, including competent selection of personnel, establishing contacts with other enterprises and much more. And for companies whose activities are related to the construction or installation, one of the main factors of dynamic development is the availability of high-quality equipment. The current pace of construction and production is placing ever increasing demands on technology, and therefore it is worth buying building and lifting equipment only from trusted manufacturers. This technique will last longer and in the long run will be a more profitable investment than budget counterparts.

LLC Lenstal (St. Petersburg) specializes in the sale of construction and lifting equipment, cooperating exclusively with those companies that have proven themselves in this field. No matter what equipment you need: a forklift, a crane, a hydraulic trolley, a tower tour, a vibrator for concrete, a laser level or a goniometer, with us you will find only the highest quality and reliable equipment.

Guarantees. One of the main advantages of cooperation with LLC Lenstal is the availability of certification. This is a guarantee that all the proposed equipment meets the norms and standards approved for logistics centers.

Order equipment. Contact the managers of LLC Lenstal - and you will receive advice from a competent specialist on the choice of equipment that best suits the needs of your business.

Delivery. We are aimed at long-term cooperation with any companies in St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia. Regardless of your location, we will deliver the order exactly on time.

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