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Cheap shed with his own hands

Cheap shed with his own hands

No-Shpa is a traditional anesthetic drug that can be used from the age of sixteen. It is distinguished by fairly good efficacy and easy portability. But because of the high cost, many patients prefer cheaper and more affordable counterparts of foreign drugs. Their names and dosages of the active substances are listed in the information provided.

 Cheaply No-Shpy

Content Drotaverine against pain

This medicine is a complete analogue of the French No-Shpy, produced in Russia. Available in the form of tablets, solution for intravenous infusion and intramuscular injection. Intravenous infusions are most often carried out to relieve colic, localized in the kidneys or liver, as well as to relax the uterus during pregnancy in the last stages of pregnancy.

 Cheap analogue of Noshpy Patients are recommended to use from 40 to 80 mg of the active substance up to three times a day. Without control of the doctor, it is possible to use the drug for no more than two days. If after this period the pain syndrome is not eliminated, you should immediately seek medical help.

With infusions during pregnancy, Drotaverine is used for 5-7 days, but only once a day. Children take the drug on an individually selected dose.

Of the side effects, most often patients indicate symptoms such as the appearance of headaches, nausea, and slight dizziness. Experts speak positively of Drotaverin, talking about its complete safety and efficacy with properly selected doses. The cost of tablets from 35 rubles.

Attention! The maximum period of taking the medication under the supervision of a specialist for anesthesia of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver is five days. If pain persists, more thorough and complete examination is necessary. spazmonet against pain

It is also a complete analogue of No-Shpy with the active substance Drotaverinum. The instruction allows, if necessary, to use the drug during pregnancy and lactation, but only if necessary. Used Spasmonet for relief of pain, localized in the digestive tract.

 Cheaply equivalent Noshpy in Russia For adult treatment Patients are recommended to take 1-2 tablets of the drug no more than three times a day. The maximum permissible daily dose is 240 mg. In exceptional cases, the doctor may allow an increase in dosage to 320 mg, but only with intense and sharp pain.

The average score of Spasmonet in patients is 4 points, which indicates its good efficacy and effectiveness. The best result showed the drug when relieving an attack of colic, spasmodic pain and preventing miscarriage due to a strong uterine tone.

Specialists also speak positively about these pills, indicating only that Spazmonet cannot be used without consultation in childhood, during the childbearing period, as well as in prostatic hyperplasia and hypotension. The cost of medication starts from 56 rubles.

Attention! When using Spasmonet in the first trimester of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage increases, if uterus tone is not observed, since the drug affects the smooth muscles of the body, causing its excessive relaxation. spasmol against pain

Another inexpensive analogue of No-Shpy. Also, tablets based on drotaverine, but in smaller concentrations. Available in Russia.

 Inexpensive equivalent Noshpy

Medicament assigned with pain syndrome, which is caused by excessive tension of smooth muscles or spasm. Also, the drug is good for spasms of cerebral vessels due to blood pressure surges.

It is allowed to use Spasmol in childhood, but only with the personal supervision of a pediatrician and with an individually selected dose.

The maximum dosage allowed for adults is 240 mg. It should be divided into three steps. The drug can be taken regardless of the meal, but it is necessary to drink it with water, so as not to disturb the absorption of the active ingredient.

The patients themselves do not speak very well about the use of Spasmol, it helped only in 45% of cases. This is because, despite the indicated dose of 40 mg of the active substance in one tablet, there is a little less Drotaverinum. This does not allow for accurate dosing and arresting severe attacks.

Experts also agree with the lower performance of Spasmol compared to No-Shpa and its counterparts. With intense and sharp pains, it is recommended to give your preference to more purified medicines with exact doses. The cost of medication starts from 13 rubles.

Attention! The drug is not used in patients with severe atherosclerosis of the arteries, prostatic hyperplasia and a number of eye diseases, including glaucoma. Pentalgin against pain

 Russian analogue of Noshpy title

Advertised on TV no less than No-Shpa herself. Complex drug, which includes paracetamol and drotaverin. It has a huge list of contraindications, including bronchial asthma, severe damage to the kidneys, liver, peptic ulcer and breathing problems.

Apply the drug according to the classical scheme, which involves the use of one tablet up to three times a day. In severe conditions of the patient, you can use four tablets, which are taken at the same time interval.

Patients speak well of Pentalgin, talking about its real effectiveness. Relief came within 15-60 minutes, it all depended on the seriousness of the patient's condition and his diagnosis. In rare cases during treatment, patients talked about severe headaches, diarrhea, and an allergic rash even after taking a single dose.

Experts recommend using Pentalgin only if the patient additionally has a high body temperature. Prescribe the drug most often to suppress headaches and menstrual pain. The cost of medication starts from 110 rubles.

Attention! It is also possible to use this medication as an antipyretic agent. Treatment in this case lasts no more than three days.

Before using any analogue of No-Shpy, you should first consult with your doctor about the possibility of treatment. This will prevent the development of side effects and overdose. If even the slightest side effects appear, you should immediately inform the doctor and, if necessary, completely relieve the painkiller.

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