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How to draw peasant gradually

How to draw peasant gradually

Hello, dear friends!

I am sure that almost all of you are interested in the theme of creating landscapes. Landscapes can be very different, showing beautiful and interesting views of different parts of our planet, in many of them you come into contact with the task of depicting trees. How to draw a tree alive, beautiful and natural - the theme of our lesson today.

Trees are easy to draw, only sometimes they come out too drawn or flat. Major mistakes

The main mistakes in drawing trees are: Lack of volume

The absence of volume in the drawing (in color or black and white) is achieved by using colors that are different in tone and intensity. Even on an overcast day, some part of the crown and trunk will be shaded more, and some less. In the thick of the foliage, the colors are always darker. Imagine a tree as a ball (crown) and a cylinder (trunk) to understand how shadows form on this complex shape.

Here are some examples: Too regular and unnatural forms

To avoid this mistake, trees are gently painted easily and quickly, and if your hand trembles somewhere, it will be more natural than when all the lines are very folding and dewy. In nature, you will not find completely identical trees, ideally symmetrical crown or trunk. Always something out of the general system. Something is always knocked out of the general system, and this is what gives the tree (plant) and your drawing more vitality and naturalness.

Naturally, this rule is not suitable for trees and shrubs, the shapes of which form gardeners.

Tip: Before you begin to draw a forest or a park alley, work out separately on a sheet to draw trees and bushes so that they can be easily and at ease with you. It is important that you can quickly plan trunks and branches, it will help to avoid "loneliness" in your work. After a workout, proceed to a more serious task.

Example: We draw in stages

In nature, there are a huge number of trees, each with its own character. Let's try to depict different types of trees step by step in order to better understand the process of creating such a drawing and some nuances. Determine the overall shape

The main thing is to determine the overall shape of the tree, its crown and trunk. If it is somehow tilted or turned, then at the very first stage it is important to note this direction.

The initial sketch may look very primitive, but it is important that you can already guess from it whether it is a tree or a bush. No details are needed or important now. Specify the silhouette

Understandable shape and correct direction (turning, bending or tilting), a good basis for some detail and clarification.

Now, we can clarify the silhouette of the crown, some small protrusions of the branches, show openings, clarify the location and direction of the branches on the trunk and among the foliage.

Remember that too smooth and symmetrical trees will not look natural. Add a general tone and color

The sketch is ready and now we can take paint or a pencil in our hands and give the tree more expressiveness and volume.

If you work with any paints (except watercolors), then the crown and trunk can be immediately painted with a common color, without showing light and shade.

At this stage, it is important to choose a good shade for the foliage and trunk, which is characteristic of this type of tree and corresponding to the lighting. Spots of light and shadow

After the basic paints are selected and applied, it is worth giving some volume. To do this, depending on the lighting, you need to show the shadow and light on the entire crown, not highlighting the branches and on the trunk.

Also now need to note the shadow on the trunk, depending on the location of the sun.

In the illustration above, we assumed that the sun is above and to the right. Accordingly, the shadows on the trunks formed on the left side. Small forms and details

When the total volume is shown, you can select individual branches, clusters of branches, indentations and openings between the leaves. If there is a need, you can select some leaves in the foreground, so there will be a feeling of stronger detail.

It is not necessary to draw every leaf, so the picture will look like a nursery. After all, when we look at the forest we see the big picture, and only by looking at, concentrating attention, we can look at the individual leaves. Trees without foliage

In the cold season, the trees are left without leaves, this is also interesting. Theme in art. Drawing dry branches is a good practice for any artist, since here you need to correctly show the volume, direction, shape, angle and perspective.

Each type of tree has a different arrangement of branches, it is necessary to take into account. Some trees have small twigs, with many bends, they are located close. For others, on the contrary, the branches are long and straight with a minimum of branches. Also note the shape of the crown without leaves. Video lesson

See the lesson how to draw a forest, a tree, trees step by step with a pencil: Examples for Inspiration

Claude Monet, Olive Trees in Moreno's Garden

Vincent van Gogh, landscape with trees

the author is unknown to me, but the work is wonderful

tree plot by Graham Gerken

I really like this triptych, I decided to show it to you. I hope the author will not be offended.

contemporary painting by Apazidis Dimitris

I hope this lesson was interesting and useful for you. Write comments and send photos of your work.

I wish you creative success!

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