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It somehow happened that in our post-Soviet countries the mountain bike became popular. As I recall, since the beginning of the 90s the dream of any kid was great with thick, toothed tires.

So it went on. For some reason, it began to be considered that our roads will withstand only mtb, that in our Palestinians any other type of bicycle will simply collapse in a month. At least, I am judging even on this site: many still hold such an opinion.

Then, when the road workers began to quickly gain the sympathy of cyclists, it turned out that our roads are quite suitable for them - thin and light. But all the same, even nowadays almost every novice amateur, who is suitable for choosing the type of his future iron horse, prefers the mountain bar.

Today I will discuss hybrids in more detail. I’m doing this not for the purpose of convincing my readers to turn away from mtb, by no means the mountain bike is actually a very versatile machine, where you can drive through the forest and go on a hike. I just wanted to note a little that the light did not converge on one MTB.

In the article about the Niners, I somewhat abruptly walked through the hybrids, and now my conscience torments me. 🙂 After all, I myself have been the owner of such a bike for seven years, and since he is still with me, it means something in them ... In addition, it is possible that they will suit your riding style more than mtb.

We call hybrids several very different types of bicycles. The fact is that this class was formed under the influence of marketing, and at the peak of interest in it, the producers tried to cross a hedgehog with a snake, to call the resulting mutant the buzzword “hybrid”. MTB hybrid

In my opinion, the appearance of this species made the class of hybrids so popular at the time (sometimes they are called the cross bike, causing confusion with cyclocrosters). In essence, the idea was win-win. We take the usual mtb frame, slightly lower the carriage knot, slightly stretch the rear feathers. We put durable 28 ″ wheels and dress not too toothy 30-40mm rubber.

The body kit is left of the mountain bike, the front stars with a slightly larger gear ratio. We shift the geometry to a more vertical one; we make the ETT shortened. In the fork problem, because the manufacturers depreciation for some reason did not rush to produce quality options for hybrids. Therefore, we put elastomeric trash of third-class manufacturers, in the hope that the owners will eventually come up with something themselves.


What happened? It turned out in the truest sense of the word - a hybrid. Not mtb, but not a road builder, not a city bike, not a touring. The concept of this machine immediately began to be discussed on the forums, she had a lot of ardent fans and angry haters.

In essence, a universal device came out. Thanks to its mtb half, it is strong, withstands heavy loads, there are enough gear ratios to climb into any reasonable climb. The road half allows the bike to be fast, the big wheels have a great reel, long distances are much easier to drive through.

Landing is something between mtb and road, it is quite comfortable for most cyclists. Easily installed luggage, means cycling without problems, and not only asphalt, but also dirt.

It is not surprising that in 2005-2006, hybrids advised almost all beginners in the forums, and I got under this wave. I purchased an orange beast - Focus Cariboo Peak, on a Deore / XT transmission, and for the first few months I was happy with versatility.


Over time, I realized that because of this universality both sides of the bike suffer greatly: both the mountain and the road. Because of the thin tires and nikakuschey fork, I could not fully ride along the forest paths in Scotland, replete with stony slopes. On the highway, because of the high profile of the rider and relatively toothy rubber, I did not enjoy the swiftness.

I’ve already decided that I’m more attracted to long distances and asphalt, so I put on a hybrid thin road tires (as they are called on the forums - clinchers), a road cassette and a sunbed (a device on the steering wheel to lie on his elbows and reduce aerodynamic resistance ). As a result, a mutant came out - a low-pitched mountain frame.

It took a little more time, and I already got a separate mountain bike, then a scoser was added to it, and a crocodile on the basis of a hybrid was demoted in turingi. But in this incarnation he was not very successful, because of his semi-MTB geometry, a poor elastomer fork and a direct steering wheel.

What can I say, based on the considerable operating experience of the hybrid mtb (after all, in seven years I hit almost 25 000 km on it). This type of bike is most likely suitable for a person who definitely can not contain several bikes at the same time. Further, he should not be too keen on cross-country, he may be interested in cycling trips and driving through the city.

Perhaps mtb-hybrid can be compared with a parquet jeep. Because of its features, it gives a bit more comfort on bad city roads, and at the same time, if you don’t get too carried away, you can go off-road.

If you are faced with a choice, then consider in what proportions you are going to ride. Very many beginners rarely go beyond the limits of well-rolled primers and asphalt, and in such conditions the hybrid will definitely go easier and faster than the mountain. highway hybrid

Another incarnation of hybrid bikes was born to close a niche on the other side. If they had crossed a road builder and a mountain bike, then why not take the shosser and not put the steering wheel on it. A hybrid!

I will not argue that I do not like the resulting great, apparently the car came out very beautiful, judge for yourself.


But I definitely do not understand what it is for. Here are its differences from the roadmaker: the brakes of the vibraka instead of the tick-borne (and even then not always), 28mm tires instead of 23, slightly longer frame feathers and a straight steering wheel. I do not see the reason. why I could prefer this option to the usual canonical road race.

After all, the shosser, thanks to his steering wheel, is very convenient, the wealth of grabs simply saves at long distances. Probably, only a person who, for whatever reason, hates a bent steering wheel, can make a choice in favor of this hybrid.

Maybe I do not understand something, tell me then. So far for myself, I have marked this type of bike as an absolutely marketing option that exploits the “hybrid” trend. Trekking bikes

This category appeared long before the introduction of mtb and road hybrids to the market, but for some reason they are also enrolled in this class. Trekking bike is a very broad concept, varying from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In general, it means - a bicycle, already prepared and adapted for cycling trips, but also not touring. Classic touring is a long steel frame and always a curved steering wheel. Trekking also cost direct rudders or butterflies.


The degree of preparedness to travel can vary from just the installed trunk, to complete equipment, up to the dynamo bushings.

Does it make sense to buy this option if you are preparing for a cycling trip? Yes and no. Yes, because often trekkings install very resource-intensive equipment, No, because because of this equipment the bike will be decently heavier than a mountain bike or a hybrid. At least I personally prefer the usual mtb groups of shimano.

If we were talking about a serious event for which I needed a separate lead, then I would have collected a steel tour for myself on Shimano XT level equipment, possibly a carbon fork and necessarily Brooks leather saddle. Other hybrids

In addition to these three types, which I would call the main types of hybrid bikes, many others may fall under this same name. What is there just not there: and citybikes with some elements of mountain burners: and strange creatures of Dutch-style ladies' bikes ... I even notice that in some stores electric bikes are called to call a hybrid bike, probably based on associations with cars.

It is hardly necessary for an ordinary Catalan who wants to roll further and faster. Choose your bike according to your style of riding, do not dwell only on MTB. There is no perfect bike: both universality and clarity for specific tasks are not always in demand and relevant.

The main thing to remember - this is not the last great, so do not need to choose him as a wife. 🙂 Faster choose, start rolling faster.

What they think about my hybrids dear readers? Do you agree with my opinion that lately interest in this class has cooled down a lot, and in the range of manufacturers they will become less and less?

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